Megan Grayce J
So I’ve watched emma’s videos, and I love them! But may I just say that this podcast is amazing and I love it just as much if not more! It’s different, and ITS GREAT!!!! 1000000/10 recommend.
The best podcast!!
Emma really connects with her audience! She’s like a sister and a friend, who tells the best and funnies stories plus you get amazing advise. Thursday’s are my favorite day of the week!! 💕
love the podcast!!!!
stephanie and samantha
so good!! you give the best advice emma! love the longer episodes! would love to hear about your accutane experience!
Luna Montana
Where did all the episodes go?!!
Emma is so relatable & feels like you’re hearing your best friend talk
This podcast is my favorite. I love Emma’s YouTube videos for her iconic humor but the way she approaches this podcast is intimate and special. Anxious? Listen to this podcast. Sad? Listen to this podcast. Feeling alone? Listen to this podcast. You’ll end the podcast feeling like you not only have a friend in Emma but also with good vibrations from her contagious bright spirit.
Mars lizard
I love listening to emma’s podcast when i’m working out or driving. She’s so relatable like honestly i’m not just saying that. I binge listened to so many of her podcasts and now i just can’t wait for her upload day and then get so excited to listen to her podcast.
Love it
It was amazing to listen to in the car and was super entertaining !!
Love love love
This is my favorite podcast EVER. I wait for Thursdays every week!! Emma is so wise and well spoken, this podcast is more like a conversation which I love. So personal yet funny and educational
Frequently Oriented On “Boys”
Emma! I’m loving the podcast so far but have been disappointed with recent episodes, as they seem very boy/girl relationship oriented and not inclusive for your LGBTQ+ listeners or older listeners who aren’t fixated on chasing “boys”. I would really love to see some more deep and diverse conversations and topics that are more inclusive!
this podcast rocks
drew adrain
i am hooked to this podcasts. emma you are a wise, funny and entertaining icon. i enjoy listening to your input & your life. thank you for doing this. love you emma!♥️
Love love love
^ your podcast.
Mixed feelings
I really like Emma’s videos and her personality. In all her content it feels like you’re hanging out with a friend and I relate to her, but I have mixed feelings on this podcast. There are some episodes I like but others I can’t get through. I’m close in age to Emma yet I feel like this podcast is geared towards a much younger audience, especially in her questions and advice portions - like high school age. Which I do understand if she’s gearing it that way if that’s the majority of her fans. But for someone only a couple years older than her this pod feels too young for me. Plus some advice is concerning like just don’t talk about tough topics with your relatives? While a nationwide racial reckoning is going on? Boys should force themselves to be outgoing and energetic to get a girl’s attention? I dunno, I can’t help but feel disappointed.
Chefs kiss
Didn’t really like Emma on YouTube so I was recommended to her podcast and gave it a try and now I love her
idk what to title this
i’ve been binge watching all her vids lately and i love her sm. her personality is so real haha. does anyone else like just love her voice it’s so soothing idk. but yea i really like these emma love you!
Emma is such a queen and it is so relieving to find someone who is so relatable to ❤️ I feel like she is my best friend and I don’t even know her personally. I definitely recommend. She is so relatable and hilarious, you know what just listen to it and see for yourself. I definitely wouldn’t recommend to kids under 10 unless your ok with that then whatever floats your boat. Thanks for reading my review and hope you enjoy! Please stop hating on her. Let her do her thing and be herself, if you don’t like the podcast don’t be here. And to all of the people who think she is whatever you want to say for not saying her opinions in the blm movement, It is her personal life and she gets to control it. So don’t Down-rate her podcast because she hasn't talked about it on her podcast yet. She might not want the stress of accidentally saying something she didn’t mean to about the subject and everyone second guessing her. She has spoken about the blm movement on her twitter. Thank you. Happy late 4th of July. And happy quarantining to everyone. Good day
love this podcast :)
love you emma!
my favorite podcast :))
i love how real and genuine she is, and she’s like my therapist and just makes me feel so much better:)) love you emma
Advice #3 should be edited
A fan sent in a concern about how she can’t speak with her parents about certain topics, and Emma told her to avoid those topics altogether, including topics like BLM and Covid. This is unproductive and dangerous, and Emma shouldn’t be promoting silence on these issues, because they must be talked about, since we all have a responsibility to do anti-racist work. I know what it’s like to have a tough family life; it’s not easy to have these conversations in the first place, but especially with a broken family. However, these conversations still need to be had, and if Emma agrees, she should clarify her point.
I love it ❤️
It feels like ur in a room 1 on 1 with Emma, Shes so relatable and just real with everyone 1274722636/ 10 would reccomend
Your podcast are awesome. Their always so entertaining and I fall asleep to them almost every night!
so good
emma i love these
I feel like Emma is turning into my therapist and I love it! She gives such good advice she is like an older sister!! ❤️❤️❤️
swedish fish🐟❤️
I have watched Emma’s YouTube vids and listened to her podcasts and I just love it!!🤩 she is such an iconic queen and she has a way of words when she is giving advice to her fans❤️I just love how relatable she is and how she taught me a lesson of how u shouldn’t let people change ur life and or ur personality, u want to feel confident in yourself and shouldn’t let people judge u for trying to be yourself and nothing but yourself🥺❤️ Anyways I love Emma so so much and I am so thankful that she is in this world because without her I don’t know what kind of person I would be if she didn’t teach me a life lesson😃
Favorite YouTuber. Now favorite podcaster.
I am loving the new direction that this podcast has taken!! Feels so authentic and relatable.
pablitoooo :)
bruh, who doesn’t like emma’s voice? i listen to this until i literally fall to sleep. five starts fo sho.
I love hearing this side of Emma. Just started this podcast but her just being genuine and real about the world and her experiences in it makes me want to keep listening!!! So good and so proud of you Emma :)
Love it
Soo I’m on a road trip right know it’s like 15 hours so obviously I’m bored so I started listening to Emma’s podcasts it’s awesome she talks about real things that I wonder about and I’m glad other people wonder about it too I also get car sick so her podcast distracts me from my headaches too😊🤩✨❤️
♡︎O ʟ ɪ ᴠ ᴇ♡︎
I honestly feel like it’s just me and her sitting down having a conversation. It’s so nice to be able to have the choice to listen to her podcasts when either I’m in such a great mood, or I’m down and need something to listen to!
Such an inspiration❤️
Lauren Menker
Emma has really made an impact on my life and many others and I appreciate how much of her heart and soul goes into helping others:) She truly makes a difference every day and it inspires me to be the best person I can be.
fine I guess, just a few things to address tho
Book worm Central
hey emma, I really enjoy your podcast and getting to hear about your everyday life weekly. The whole reason I got into your yt channel is your personality and not caring about what anyone thinks. I’m just really disappointed that you haven’t addressed the blm movement. reposting on your story is not enough. in fact you didn’t even participate in black out tuesday. please take part on what is happening in the world, you have a very big influence on people so you should know what to do.
Great!! Love this and Emma
I listen to this when I have those moods when I don’t want to talk. It’s like I don’t want to be alone but I want to have a feel of social interaction. This podcast also helps me when I’m anxious or having a panic attack. I like to listen to this when I lay out to tan as well. Emma has this energy that makes you feel like she’s your friend. I’ve always loved that about her.
You always make m smile!
kimberly j p
Emma, I am 59 years old and I listen to you every chance I get. Your stories are hilarious. Especially the one about the toilet that didn’t get flushed. Your wise beyond your years and you make my lonely life happy!
Emma is my favorite YouTuber and i am so happy that she started this podcasted. It is so nice and refreshing to hear someone talk about things they care about. I can tell she is genuine with each podcast.
dont tell me therapist
xue hiao piao piao beig fen xiao xiao
🍪for Emma. Amazing podcast. I look forward to every Thursday 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪
i am a HUGE fan of emma and this podcast is very entertaining to listen to when your board.
Great advice
I love emma and I love that she can relate to a lot of people’s situations even if she hasn’t experienced them personally she knows what it’s like. She’s so right about everything and I love how she looks at things i’m definitely going to start listening to more of her podcasts.
amazing 🥳
she used my voicemail question! love her and love the pod! 💕 highly recommend
Love it
I just love this so much, she is so funny and makes you have a good time!! ❤️✨
Love it
Kay Kay jewelers
Amazing podcast
i luv it
this is one of the only podcasts i like:) and i’ve listened to a lot lol but a lot of the things she talks abt are relatable, funny and exciting and the ads don’t even bother me i just like listening to her but i do agree that she should mention blm!
karalynn mcvlure
emma is everything 👁👄👁
She is entertaining, relatable, and real. Emma is lit.
Emma is lit 👁️ 👄 👁️
I really love this podcast and Emma, but she needs to talk about where she stands as far as the BLM movement or she is gonna lose many black fans and many who support BLM.
tabitha danis
love to hear emma
Love this
Idk this podcast is just so entertaining and I love it
Amazing pod but address BLM
I have been listening to your podcast ever since Stupid Genius, the first episode I found and completely loved it, and I already knew who Emma was and I loved her Youtube channel, so I have been listening ever since first episode! I also love your new topic of Anything Goes, it's amazing. But I think you should address BLM. I see lots of reviews talking about it in a mean way but I have seen your videos and you address it on there, but not everyone watches those, so you should make an episode about BLM. I don't think you're racist ofc, but jut make an episode abt black lives matter. Anyways I love your content on Anything Goes keep going, but make an announcement about BLM or people might think you're racist! I don't though, but make BLM episode. Thanks for reading Emma if you did and anyone else!!
Emma is pretty chill.
Emma is pretty chill. yeww
i love ur honesty ur amazing
Suitable for kids
I feel like this podcast is targeted for kids because there are a lot of references to middle school, and all of her experiences are from when she was in high school. The topics are like “moving out for the first time”, “going on a first date”, etc and it’s just not relatable to people who usually listen to podcasts aka not kids
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