didn’t wanna be a farmer before listening to this i do
Keep them coming!
Listening to these podcast Will show you agriculture is so much more than you thought. I love how they bring the more unknown concepts of agriculture to light.
Jill Brandt
Love your podcast - so interesting!!
Excellent Podcast
I’ve really enjoyed the most recent post. I’ve actually wanted to start a home garden recently. Hearing the top tips was insightful to say the least. I think the hardest part to get a garden is to START. We get to caught up in what we WANT it to look like at the end, and we forget that we have to start small even if it’s one plant and scale up! Thanks guys!!
In-depth beyond what most get to see
Politically Awake
Love how creative farmers are, this podcast gives a voice to what is often just a stereotype in our country. So well done!
Connecting the gap
Mitchell Singleton
Phenomenal content that will Help bridge the agriculture literacy gap between producers and consumers!
Covers a Wide Range of Farming Topics
I love that you cover a wide range of topics relative to farming, whether it be marketing, production or the science behind it. Also covers more than just vegetable farming, including dairy and livestock.
A must listen podcast
cowboy hammerly
I love the podcasts I’ve been following mr sattin on YouTube and Instagram glad you had him on and being able to listen to two of the best in the industry.
Great Podcast
I really enjoy listening and learning about the Ag industry. Trevor does a wonderful job at covering all the different topics and areas within the field.
Better Consumer
Just when I think I’m learning a lot about agriculture and the farming industry, Trevor surprises with more stories and perspectives I’ve never heard from. This podcast definitely makes me a smarter consumer, and makes me think twice about how I purchase food and who I support! Thanks for educating us!
Looking forward to more!
Kassi Tom Rowland
What a great little podcast teaching the public about what farmers do to make sure we are fed, clothed, and able to produce fuel! As a 1% farmer there needs to be way more ways to tell our story! I call myself 1% because when most think of farmers it’s someone that drives a tractor, but I work for our multigenerational farm doing a lot of behind the scenes to help our farmers be productive! A podcast is a great way to share our story since so many folks listen to them so often. Great idea!
Bridging the Gap
Trevor does a great job with covering numerous aspects of Florida agriculture through this podcast! He has been thoughtful of his audience and have enjoyed using this as a resource! This helps bridge the gap between consumers and who grows their food!
Great information and variety of guests!
As someone who has never thought much about agriculture and how things get to me as a consumer this podcast has been fun to listen to! It’s helped me get an idea of what goes on and has given me more of an interest in agriculture.
Super informative
Learned a lot about agriculture that I didn’t even think, I needed to learn about Love you Trev! Miss you man -Austin
Very informative!
I’ve never really been one to focus on Agriculture, but after listening to the behind the works and from individuals who work in the industry, I see myself paying close attention to any ag news! Keep up the good work!
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