Great podcast for sensible people!
Love Shaun King, he is a national treasure. He speaks to the progressive intellect of a group of people in the us that want change. So thankful for him and his collective.
Fraud Alert
This white guy is a Marxist fraud. He’s nothing more than an opportunist, shakedown artist & virtue signaling provocateur. Who could possibly listen to this white guys endless Marxist dribble. This white guy will have his 15 minutes and end up in the trash-bin of Marxist history. Move along...
Incredibly informative!
1a FAN
Love, love love this podcast. What Shaun is doing to raise social awareness and make this world a safe and equitable place for ALL is truly phenomenal and groundbreaking! Nothing else like it out there. Not only is it informational and historically sound but it provides a means whereby everyday people can make a positive change in this world in regards to the many issues that plague our world and oppress its citizens. Keep doing what you do Sean, my friend. Your work is social justice at its finest!!
Thank you
Thank you Shaun King for being one of the people’s SUPER HEROs of Civil Rights, Justice and equality. I started listening to you on the Tom Joyner morning show and was at Aww of you in how you captured the attention of not only me but many. I haven’t stopped listening. Thank you and your Family for the sacrifices y’all make on our behalf.
Never paid attention to politics until this podcast has helped to open my eyes
Speaker of Truth
Thank you Shaun for all that you do! Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Please continue fighting for our people✊🏾
Thank you brother... To you and the staff... We love you and we support you. Please please please don’t stop
Thank You!
Vana B.
You MUST subscribe to this podcast. The host, Shaun King is incredibly knowledgeable. He dedicates his life to being an activist for Black Lives Matter. He talks about the injustice and inequality happening in America and the world. He’s provides us with 100% factual information on white privilege, systematic racism, and African American history. African Americans has been disconnected and cut-off from our own history, our own past, our own culture, and our own land. “THE WHITE MAN HAS PLANTED THE SEED OF HATE AND THE SEED VIOLENCE, HE HAS ALLOWED THOSE SEEDS TO GROW UP AND CHOKE THE LIVES OUT OF MILLIONS OF BLACK MEN AND WOMEN FOR OVER 500 YEARS”- X It’s essential we support and protect individuals like Shaun. He tells the traumatic TRUTH about complicity on racism and anti-black America. Thankfully now, because of social media, a lot of bigoted acts aren’t going unnoticed. The world is able to demand justice for our INNOCENT black men and women who are being targeted everyday in America. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. STILL WE RISE. BLACK LIVES MATTER!
A great way to educate yourself (especially if you’re white like me) and broaden your perspective. There’s a lot of love behind Shaun, Rai, and their beautiful family. A truly inspiring and intelligent podcast.
Move along nothing to see here folks...
Racist, evil propaganda
This is vial bigotry
Who in the hell do you think you are Mt millionaire. You have no right to say anything about tearing down Christian crosses. You insight violence while you try to be famous and collect money. Then you call white people racist. You are white and racist toward others. Cruelty
Thank you.
Thank you for what you do. My family and I have great dialogue while listening and I appreciate you for giving us that opportunity as well. We’re raising a teenager and making her aware of what’s out there became a bit easier through this podcast.
Long time Instagram follower, first time listener
This Podcast is incredible. I appreciate the span from activism to current events to action items to occasional dad advice. It’s a must to add to your subscription list.
Fighting the Goos fight
Shaun is an amazing role model and leader. He keeps it real, helps you see both sides and gives you the tools. So you can help be apart of the change and help teach the change ✊🏼
Hands down the best social action podcast
Jacqui R Brown
The Breakdown has taught me so much over the past year that I could never truly articulate how amazing it is. Thank you Shaun for all the research and action you put forth for equality and justice. You are a national treasure ,and I hope you know how much I appreciate/ love it all. Everyone should listen to this podcast!
Knowledge Is Power!
Extremely informative and well produced. Great topics that generate knowledge, reflection and topics for open dialogue with others.
Unlearn - learning
Thank you for making these deep rooted issues clearer and actionable for me.
Am I getting the full stories?
I understand that we are responsible to follow up with things we hear and learn in the media. I do get that. I’m brand new to this podcast, but not Shaun King or Grass Roots. Was excited to start this today and looked forward to real transparency and information that the general media hides from us. The first few were great, loved the information. But I just listened to the intro to episode 6. And while I definitely agree that things at Twin Peaks would’ve been different had the two MCs been black clubs, the information Shaun provided was significantly biased and not researched. I had many family members and friends at Waco that day. And one friend murdered, by police, as he unassumingly stepped off his bike, unaware to what was even going on. It was a Coalition of Club’s meeting where any bikers from 1%ER clubs to small, mom and pop clubs all come to discuss things that affect all bikers, not just bad ones. Legislation, fundraisers, the weather, whatever. The club that lost the most people that day was working with the police to set up the main club that was showing up. Police were not just openly patrolling all over the place. There were not uniformed officers just hanging out in the midst of the gathering. They had undercovers and patrol cars parked in other lots. The spark of the fight was a set up and most of the gunfire was from police or those knowingly cooperating with them. It was all used to prosecute bigger people in the MC world. Which worked, the two men targeted are currently serving life in prison for charges stemming from RICO, let’s note how that relates to the blanket charges at Twin Peaks of organized crime and that associates are now all involved. DA Abel Reyna was indiscriminately trying to prosecute everyone and anyone that day. From “big time” guys to old couples that like to ride and have no records. He cast a wide net and his attitude was they were all guilty because bikers are all criminals. All were hit with engaging in organized crime charges, among others, no matter who they were and what they were doing. They dropped those b.s. charges, eventually. And recharged only a handful of people. Not nearly all 177 people were even remotely engaged in any illegal anything, or ever had been in their lives. Just eating burgers and drinking tea. Men were murdered. Families lives were destroyed as providers lost jobs and houses because a DA wanted to advance his career. Sure, there were definitely bad guys there. Absolutely. That should not be overlooked. And it’s unfair they were treated much better than if it had been black clubs. No doubt. But most of the bad guys that day, usually wear uniforms and badges to work. The biased nature in which this story was used to demonstrate white privilege makes me question how much of any of the information that will be discussed in further episodes or is shared on IG, or anywhere else, is actually being investigated. Completely innocent and unarmed bystanders to this poorly executed set up were murdered for simply being there. Their murderers just went back to work. Most of the bikers killed actually came from the club that worked with the police. Guess their partnership didn’t pan out how they’d imagined. Please, please use the same care and investigative energy on getting all information you can, equally in all stories. I hope this was just a gross oversight. White privilege totally exists. It was apparent in the handling of those arrested at Waco. As well as in everyday life, constantly. This day is an example of POLICE privilege. Kill whomever and never gave any consequences. No bikers faced murder charges because the bikers didn’t murder each other. That was all swept under the rug. And not all 177 bikers (not even close) were doing anything wrong. Or were ever involved in any criminal activities at any point in their lives. Most of the bikers did get to sit around with only automatic weapons trained on them to keep them in line, and it worked. But they also watched people bleed out in the parking lot and were denied the ability to help them. No one helped them. The cops didn’t care. Nine people died and many families were financially devastated so they could put away two men who weren’t even there that day. I’m going to push through and continue to listen to the podcast, in the hopes that I can continue to receive education and insight to many things I was previously ignorant of. But, I will be much more cautious and won’t take anything at face value. I suppose that’s a good way to learn anyways. I hope to increase my rating later on. Thanks.
Thank you
Thank you for sharing this information. I found you on YouTube today and immediately came to podcast to follow. This was so informative. You are so educated and well spoken. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of your shows.
Thank you 💜👏👏 Sorry I accidentally rated this with 1 star and meant to give you 5 stars. I hit the 1st star to go down the stars and messed it up. THANK you for your courage & words of wisdom we all need 😢❤️
TL Ayers
True Leader... We Need You... PLEASE DON’T STOP... May God Bless and Protect You and Your Family...
One of the most important news podcasts
Spuds McGillicutty
Shaun King is a passionate fresh perspective on news. The story behind the story. Thank you!
Thank you
I am so glad there is someone as passionate as you out in this world fighting for justice. You give hope at a time when it’s pretty easy to feel hopeless.
Great podcast
Very informative podcast! Keep up the good work
It’s hard to resist the money
It’s hard to resist that kind of money. He lies about facts about his life. He’s a good writer He’s like a little Donald trump on the left.
Disappointed in Shaun King
I used to be an avid follower of Shaun King and what I believed to be his important anti-racist work. I devoured his social media posts and eventually this podcast. Then I found out that countless donations to him have gone Unaccounted for and undelivered to their intended parties - mostly families of black people murdered by police. Get some transparency, Shaun and then we’ll talk.
Thank you
Keep doing what you’re doing. Your voice is so therapeutic. Your platform gives me hope. Thank you my brother
Great content
Great resource for understanding civil issues in our country, and this man is an incredible and selfless activist. We are lucky to have him. Great work! And he is incredible educated, and an outstanding role model.
An essential resource for justice and change
This podcast is profound. I’ve follows Shaun on social media for about a year now. His activism is an essential resource for everyone and and as white woman I have evolved from witness to practitioner under guidance of his words.
I’m changing my review after reading more about Shaun King because I believe women. Look up Campaign Zero if you want another source for action items.
Trying to cause a civil war
This guy is attempting to divide our country by inundating us with every and any story involving a perceived racial slant. Shaun King is what is wrong with this country, plain and simple.
New Listener
After my daughter shared a clip with me via Instagram, I Googled “The Breakdown” and discovered this podcast. I am hooked, I am interested, and I will support however I can. I appreciate how you “break it down” and present information I didn’t know but definitely need to know.
Thank you
This podcast is fantastic. Shaun puts his heart and soul into this podcast. Now, I see people writing on here and in the reviews, complaining that he has and shows biases. Great. He has conviction. He’s not making this podcast to be the ONLY voice in this world. He makes it to take part in this world.
Thank you!
Beautiful explanation on everything he teaches us! He’s my inspiration
Hands Down
I so appreciate the bravery and integrity in which you report!
Thank you ...
For educating all of us and doing such a wonderful job at it.
Transformational Work
Shaun King not only educates on civil rights topics and current events - he does so in an incredibly compelling, easy to follow way. Beyond education, this podcast (and other resources shared on social media by King, etc.) provides steps for action and change. This work is important - thank you for doing it so we can do our part.
fey Z
I came to subscribe and listen because of Shaun King and the insurmountable work he does for our community across the U.S- profoundly grateful for him, his team, his efforts in this broadcasting information to us, and the care in which he articulates it. Thank you, Shaun! SOO many of us love and appreciate you! Obviously this podcast is amazing!
Woke News
Thank you for sharing important news topics on disadvantaged groups that mainstream media won’t cover. I also appreciate the action steps after every episode so that we can also actively help to make change.
Essentially Needed
Thank you SK for the hard, thought provoking and heartfelt work that you do. Without you and your team I wouldn’t know about some of the issues that you address. So, keep doing what you do and please know that your are loved and appreciated.
Brain dead lunatic who pretends he’s black (?)
That’s about it !
We Need The Breakdown
I’ve been listening and have been part of the crew since day 1! I want to encourage new listeners to stay with us for this important news that is here to change the world. You and I get to be a part of history and take action steps for real change. In the fight, Phaeth
Activism in a podcast
The Breakdown helps me stay connected to one perspective on activism and racial justice work across the United States. Shaun King's perspective is just one perspective, of course, but I feel he helps to give me a sense of some different ideas than I may encounter elsewhere.
Informative and very Relevant especially now
Love!!! Keep up the great work!!
I personally do nit think it is okay to put out garbage on my digital front door
Shaun King
Farfalla -NZO
Thank You ! I will die helping and supporting the North Star - BreakDown. Appreciate you.
Bias. Only cares about blacks, not other races
Food admirer
Loved the podcast at first until I realized the only group Shaun represents is black people. He doesn’t acknowledge any other minority groups. I’m glad African Americans have representation but they aren’t the only group dealing with discrimination. Shaun has yet to discuss the rise of xenophobia and hate crimes against Asians during COVID. Asians have become a scapegoat for COVID when they had nothing to do with it. Hate crimes are happening daily in the US, Canada, Australia, and where ever Asians reside. In the episode, “Are You a Racist,” the description mentions racism towards Asians in only ONE SENTENCE. Shaun fails to discuss the real issues in this episode and doesn’t even mention the word, “Asian.” Why are you ignoring this issue, Shaun? Because of your biases, I unsubscribed to this podcast. I’ve been a listener since the beginning and followed you before this podcast started. But you’ve ready disappointed me. You don’t reply to my messages and failed to address issues that involve other minority groups.
Eye opening
Shaun has shown and taught me more about injustice in America than I ever knew existed. He does the work and this podcast is a huge part of that.
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