September 2, 2019
Bryce, JD and Shane come to you LIVE from their hotel room for an epic Chicago Travelogue in 3 parts. We go all over Chicago (and the suburbs) for 3 days of mayhem, then recount it all for you! From Galloping Ghost Arcade, to Goldfinger at the HoB, to Starrcast and ALL OUT! Did you miss all out weekend with the boys? LET US TAKE YOU THERE! Twitter: @seeintheelite   TIMECODES: Day1: Start - 25:44 Day 2: 25:44 - 01:20:36 Day 3: 01:20:36 - finish
August 26, 2019
For the final time before All Out, Bryce and JD sit down and talk all things AEW, including BTE #166, Road To All Out #7, Moxley Out, PAC in, Schiavone, Goldenboy and so much more. Plus, we give our picks for All Out and talk major strategy heading into TV! Don't miss a second of it and come back next week for our wpic Chicago Travelogue + All Out review!If you see us in Chicago! Say Hello! Twitter: @seeintheelite - Pro Wrestling Scorecards for All Out will go up in discord on Wednesday at 2pm - be there, fill out the sheet, watch the show, beat the champ and win a free t-shirt from our current server champ Shaneomac84!   We will not be able to read results until the week after ALL OUT, but they will go live on discord before then!   TIMECODES: Apology 1:30 Quotes 8:30 BTE #166 19:00 News 38:20 Road To All Out #7 1:10:25 Bryce & JD Make Horrible Picks 1:35
August 19, 2019
Bryce & JD reunite to talk about A DOUBLE SELLOUT for TV #2 & #3, BTE #165, Road To All Out #5 & #6, Moxley's Contract, Starrcast and so much more in a huge week for AEW news. All Out Weekend is approaching and the pieces are beginning to fall into place. They land when wel land in Chicago - in just a few weeks time. 'til then, join us in breaking down this week in All Elite Wrestling. Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our amazing community of AEW fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD: TIMECODES: Quotes 5:20 BTE 164 8:10 Shawn Spears Attack 25:30 Britt Baker Cleared 28:30 Starrcast 35:40 Random News 57:44 Road To All Out 1:17:00   Intro/Outro courtesy of Sonic Libido:
August 12, 2019
Bryce & JD return to talk TV#1 selling out, TV#2 & 3 getting announced, BTE #164, Road To All Out #4, The signing of Teal Piper and all of the news from AEW this week - as we approach All Out in just a few week's time. Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our amazing community of AEW fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD:   TIMECODES: Quotes 2:10 BTE 164 7:55 AEW Tickets for shows 2/3 30:05 MJF On The Twitters 36:33 RIP JD’s Arrow Dreams 43:07 Random News 47:25 The Road To All Out 1:05   Intro/Outro courtesy of Sonic Libido
August 5, 2019
Four Weeks from chicago, #aewontnt number 1 already sold out, so much more to talk about on this week's episode of Seeing The Elite: An AEW Podcast - Including BTE #163 and RTAO #3! Plus, new signings (for AEW AND Starrcast) and events for All Out Weekend. All that and so much more on this very special TWENTIETH episode of Seeing The Elite! Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our amazing community of AEW fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD: TIMECODES: Quotes 5:45 BTE 163 14:40 AEW Debut on TNT Sell Out 41:10 All Out [Side] Party  1:00:05 Signings and other news 1:02:40 MJF and TripleMania 1:24:00 Road To All Out 1:34:00   Twenty episodes is truly amazing. we thank you all for being there with us... this is only the beginning. The best is, truly, yet to come.
July 29, 2019
as we rush headlong towards ALL OUT, with mere weeks remaining, JD and Bryce sit down to talk the REVEAL of All Elite Wrestling on TNT, CM Punk, Luke Perry, BTE #162, RTAO #2 and more! The best AEW show on the internet is gearing up to take it to chicago for the biggest wrestling event of the year! till then, we've got all the news you need right here! Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our awesome community of AEW fans from all over the world!   TIMECODES Quotes 2:35 BTE 162 19:53 Jungle Boy Article 52:02 AEW on TNT 57:15 Random news 1:05:04 Road To All Out 1:09:41
July 22, 2019
WE ARE OFFICIALLY ON THE ROAD TO ALL OUT. Chicago awaits, but we have lots to talk about RIGHT NOW, such as MJF's new contract, CM Punk coming to Starrcast, BTE 161, Road To All Out #1 and so much more! The best AEW show on the internet is gearing up to take it to chicago for the biggest wrestling event of the year! till then, we've got all the news you need right here! Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our awesome community of AEW fans from all over the world!   TIMECODES Jericho Quote 3:20 Fight for Fallen 10:30 BTE 161 25:00 Viewership 49:50 Jericho Quote 2 56:18 Punk 58:32 MJF 1:08:40 Road To All Out 1:10:45
July 15, 2019
Bryce and JD went on an adventure to Jacksonville, Florida - and saw Fight For The Fallen LIVE! Now, From their Air bnb at 2AM, they break down all the action, what we experienced live and call up Brother Tony for the community report! All the love we have to give goes to our loyal listeners and community members! Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our awesome community of AEW fans from all over the world!
July 8, 2019
Bryce and JD sit down for the last time before Fight For The Fallen - We discuss BTE #159, Road To Fight For The Fallen #2, Triplemania, Fyter Fest numbers and more! plus, we give our predictions (that we know of) for Fight For The Fallen! Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our awesome community of AEW fans from all over the world!
July 1, 2019
We're BACK for our FYTER FEST MEGASODE! With our Community results, BTE breakdown, The Road to Fight For The Fallen #1, TNT speculation and, finally, our recap and review of FYTER FEST! - help the community win a SUITE at All Out! Twitter: @seeintheelite Join our community of awesome fans from all over the world! TIMECODES: Scorecards/Predictions 0:00 Intro 5:15 BTE 158 14:05 AEW TV News 31:12 Road to… 34:40 WWE being WWE 42:54 Fyter Fest 57:16
June 24, 2019
BRYCE & JD return for another thrilling week of AEW news including BTE #157, Tony on The Steve Austin Show, Our Fyter Fest predictions and more!   Join our awesome community of wrestling fans: - help the community win a SUITE at All Out!
June 17, 2019
Bryce and JD are back in action for an absolutely MASSIVE week of ticket sales, match reveals, huge announcements and more!Twitter: @seeintheeliteFacebook: /seeingtheeliteJoin our comunity of awesome AEW fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD - -TIMECODES- Intro 0:00 Jericho Interview 3:55 Sold Out 14:45 BTE 156 31:02 New Matches 49:40 Fyter Fest Is Free 56:15 Fyter Fest Tweets 1:06:19 Road To… 1:13:00 Pharaoh 1:28:00thank you so much for listening!
June 10, 2019
Byce and JD kick back and discuss the first (relatively) slow news week in a LOOOONNGG time. Everyone's on vacation, but there's still some "good shit" to talk about. We go over it all JOIN OUR SQUAD!:   Time Codes Intro 0:00 Moxley Interview 7:40 BTE 155 21:15 Buyrate 39:50 Dustin on TIJ 46:33 NJPW News 49:10 Post DoN Footage 1:01:10 Road to Fyter 1:15:00
June 3, 2019
Bryce and JD return for another week of Elite wrestling news - Including a BTE Breakdown, The end of The Road To Double Or Nothing, TNT TV details, The Emancipation Of Jon Moxley and more!  JOIN the Community! us on twitter! @seeintheelite TIMESTAMPS: Intro: 0:00 Russo: 8:44 Mox: 10:42 BTE 23:35 STE Recommends 42:27 New matches 44:38 Joey Ryan 49:20 STE Recommends 54:22 Buy rate 56:10 TIJ 1:04:47 Reported tv details 1:13:02 Tony on Busted Open 1:19:17 Road to DoN 1:27:10   Huge shoutout to all of our new listeners! We're going to be making this show the best it can be every week for all of you!
May 27, 2019
It's our Double Or Nothing MEGASODE! as we talk everything about the biggest week in AEW HISTORY! This episode is 3 JAM-PACKED hours of All Elite goodness brought to you by JD and Myself! For specific topics, please refer to our timecodes.   Join the party! - (please note, time codes were written pre-edit - so they may be off by just a minute or two) Time Codes: Intro: 0:00 BtE 152: 5:00 Hangman vs PAC: 25:30 Before the Bell: 29:06 Road to DoN Finale: 30:40 Full Gear Auction: 34:47 Cody interview with Van Vilet: 37:05 BtE 153: 42:15 Dean Malenko: 57:32 The Buy-In: 1:02:45 Casino Battle Royale: 1:06:46 Sabian vs Guevara: 1:18:09 Double or Nothing: 1:27:03 SCU vs Strong Hearts: 1:33:00 Rae vs Baker vs Rose: 1:40:58 Best Friends vs Angelico/Evans: 1:53:30 All Out Announcement: 2:02:00 Joshi Match: 2:04:13 Cody vs Dustin: 2:07:50 Title Reveal Presentation: 2:27:25 Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks: 2:34:05 Jericho vs Omega: 2:46:20 Discord Champion Reveal: 2:52:20 Post Match Event: 3:08:20   Brother Tony appears courtesy of Adventure Inc. ( )Congrats to THE CHAMP, equalscorpion1
May 20, 2019
Bryce and JD talk at great length about BTE #151, AEW's CONFIRMED TV deal with TNT, Trouble for PAC vs. PAGE and more! then, we give our predictions for Double Or Nothing ahead of saturday night's show! All the news from this massive week for AEW is discussed here, in this TWO HOUR MEGASODE!   Think you have what it takes to be the first ever STE CHAMPION?! PROVE IT, WIMP! Join our awesome community of AEW fans! -
May 13, 2019
Being The Elite #150, The Road To Double Or Nothing #15, a deal with ITV and SO MUCH MORE as Bryce and JD break down this massive week in our penultimate episode before Double Or Nothing!RIP Silver King.    Join our community!
May 6, 2019
Bryce and JD discuss MOX, BTE #149, The Incident at SHW and more in this enormous week for AEW!   Our discord is ON FIRE! come join the party for your shot at our championship & win some cool prizes!
April 29, 2019
Bryce & JD Lock up with another wild week of AEW content and announcements, including BTE #147, RtDoN #14, Starrcast II News and much more! OUR NEW DISCORD INVITE LINK IS:   Thank you all so much for your support. The lead up to Double Or Nothing gets shorter and shorter each week. We're ready. ARE YOU?!
April 22, 2019
Bryce and JD wrestle with another HUGE week for AEW, including new partnerships, TV rumors, Signings, BTE and TWO episodes of The Road to Double Or Nothing. We FINALLY hear who Cody's Double Or Nothing opponent will be and we scored some tickets to Fight For The Fallen!   JOIN THE PARTY ON OUR DISCORD
April 15, 2019
Bryce and JD talk through their biggest week yet, including new AEW TV details, Talent signings, FYREFEST, RtDoN #11, BTE #146 and more! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! Http://
April 8, 2019
Bryce and JD sit down to talk John Oliver, BTE #145, RTDON #10, all the new voice talents, and some bombshell news on AEW's TV deal. Another massive week for AEW and we're just getting started.JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! - -
April 1, 2019
Bryce and JD are back to talk about a massive week of AEW news, including C2E2, CEO, Being The Elite 144, Road To Double or Nothing 09, some rumblings in AAA, and more! Join our community and kick it with AEW fans all over the world:
March 24, 2019
For the very first time, Bryce and JD sit down to talk about All Elite Wrestling, starting here, at ALL IN. We talk all about the original birthplace of the hottest new promotion on the planet and the story behind it, while detailing our plans for this new show moving forward.  Are you ALL IN? join our discord!
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