I enjoy all this so much good topics.
Love this podcast!
I hope season 2 starts soon
Too much time spent on Lauren’s friendship with guest
Wish the podcasts would include more useful content and less time focusing on the relationships between Lauren and guest.
Well rounded
Mobile deposit is awesome
Love the episodes so far. I like how each one is an aspect of life that we can learn to improve. Would love to hear something on health/fitness/food.
My fave!
Lauren (Loey)
Lauren has always been my fave and I love everything she does. This is no different! Great show.
Great podcast - some feedback
This is a great podcast l love the concept and the topics and LC does a great job. I’d say the first few episodes were really great and informational. However, some of them have great topics with interesting people but weren’t as well executed. For example the “home edit” girls spent the whole time talking over each other and laughing - they were awful and gave no real advice, which is a bummer because I was really looking forward to that one. LC could have done more to get back on topic with them. Similar feed back on a few others - too much personal talk and inside jokes. Would like more substance. That said, really enjoying and still listening!!
Love this podcast
Love Lauren and this podcast! There’s lots of good, helpful info!
Best Podcast for Office Environment Listening!
Erika A Joyce
I have always been such a big Lauren Conrad fan and absolutely love her LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohls! I love listening to this podcast while at work. It’s so light and uplifting and makes you feel good no matter the topic! The topics are always so relatable and helpful!
Down to Earth and Lovely
I don’t have much experience with Lauren Conrad, other than a butternut squash ravioli recipe... but I love this podcast just as much! She is so relatable and down to earth and I love the conversations she’s had every week.
I love this podcast. It sounds beautiful.
Where’d you go?!
Lauren! Love your podcast. Topics that I’m genuinely interested in and Lauren’s voice is so comforting. Soft, yet captivating. I hope you are doing well and come back soon!!
Still love Lauren Conrad!
Erica from New York
Always loved Lauren Conrad and her podcast is no exception! Love how the topics are so human, especially when told by professionals. I look forward to seeing how it grows!
Absolutely LOVE!
I was never big into Hills in HS but I started listening on a whim and absolutely love this podcast — far more than I ever expected (JBH)! @LC- I hope episodes resume soon, I’ve been dying for another since the last one in July!✨✨
Interesting, lite and fun
I love this podcast because it has interesting creative information but she keeps it lite and fun. This is my go-to podcast for anytime I’m feeling the weight of work or life. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to hear more!
Great Little Chat
LC Fan 357
I’ve been a fan of LC since she was on The Hills and was delighted to listen to her podcast. I love following her career and I’m more interested in shopping at Kohl’s because they sell her line.
Well done!!!!
Horrible 2
LC. I love this!! Keep them coming:)
Lacks Depth
I am a huge LC fan and have a soft spot in my heart for her since her Laguna Beach days. I wanted to love this podcast and have (and will continue) to root for her and for this podcast to work, but it’s SO surface level and bland. It seems like no real advice is ever given and it’s just a bunch of inside jokes between her and her guests. Also, it’s hard to differentiate between LC’s voice and her guest’s voice (it’s so weird). I hope she dives deeper into the podcast world and has future episodes that actually offer some real advice. It’s fine as background noise but don’t expect to learn anything new.
Love it!
I was super late to the binge watching of The Hills, I just started and finished the show a few months ago - oops! Watching the show I always had a lot of respect for Lauren and enjoyed who she was as a person. I quickly found her on Instagram, found her fashion line and then found her podcast a couple of weeks ago! Love how it’s a podcast that varies in topics and not only shares Lauren’s professional view and/or experience, but another professional view as well!! I also enjoy how each episode features questions asked by the public! I’ve learned a lot and can’t wait for next season ❤️
Nice podcast but lacks authenticity
I’ve always liked Lauren Conrad and wanted to love this podcast but something is missing. I agree with a ton of folks about the interviews lacking depth and truly helpful advice. On top of that Lauren doesn’t come off genuine. She seems like a nice woman but has her wall up. Her tone of voice, personal stories, and etc... feels surface and inauthentic. I think this show can go to a whole other level if she did this: 1.) Interview people outside of her circle and make sure us listeners leave with accessible takeaway points (keeping in mind we’re not all wealthy) 2.) Manage the interview when people go off on irrelevant tangents. That’ll help us listeners stay engaged. 3.) Speak how she normally speaks because we don’t care if it’s too fast or too slow.. we want real. 4.) Have fun and share from the heart and not from the image she wants portrayed 5.) Maybe listen to podcasts like the Bella Twins or other popular folks to have an idea of what works for others and don’t. I’m not saying to imitate them but for research purposes. End of my two cents rant. Overall I’ll give the next season a chance and wish Lauren and team all the best.
Thank you
I sincerely love this podcast. If not for the one that talks about dating apps, I would never have tried it again and I wouldn’t have met Kiersten! Thank you so much just for being!
I love her so much and she’s the best ever! I live for her and her advice!! Anything for LC
Something for Everyone!
Asking for a Friend is the reason I started listening to podcasts! As a new mom, I was drawn to her episode on Motherhood but I anxiously await the new topics that she covers. From dating to organizing there is truly something for everyone. Whether you’re single, married, etc!
Good podcast
Love it. Could you bring your friend Lo Bosworth on to talk about her company Love Wellness??? I would love to hear you two together!
Fun to listen to!
Tauntie ;)
I’ll admit, I’m late getting into the podcast game. So listening to Asking for a Friend is actually my first! I love it. I’m a big LC fan, and I love that each ep is something different. She’s fun and cute, and so easy to listen to!
relaxing and extremely enjoyable
after a long day of work as a speech language pathologist there is nothing more that I love than to turn on an Asking for a Friend podcast because she and her guests are so dang articulate! so many helpful tips + relaxing and stress free content... what more can you ask for :)
Boring - slow paced
Kellyn A
I love LC and most everything she does. She brings so much for young adult women who grew up with her. This podcast is a little slow and boring for me. The couple of episodes I’ve listened to are just a back and forth monotone interview with very little excitement. I was hoping for a little more. Her podcasts can definitely improve and I hope they do!
Pretty awful.
I actually really liked LC and her journey, been watching anything she does for years and happily follow along in her picture perfect life on Instagram - never bothered me. But this... this is actually awful. Unbelievably privileged. Banter amongst friends that's completely lacking any value to the audience. Her voice is SO DIFFERENT that i'm distracted constantly by it. Please reboot, rethink, reassess... She can do better. She's a very smart business woman but this podcast project seems like it tried so hard to be on-brand that it just completely missed any chance of being authentic.
It's me, I'm the friend!
I've been an LC fan since I was in middle school. As a 28-year-old young professional living in Houston, TX, I've enjoyed the experience of getting to hear from Lauren and her friends on topics that are constantly on my mind. There's so much information out there, it's nice to hear a simple and informative conversation between friends about something like a wedding or parenting. While I would love to hear more about Lauren's person experiences, I feel like she does a great job of starting a conversation and providing the listener with tips, questions and resources to take forward in life. It's sweet, refreshing and a perfect way to get through my morning routine.
Love her but made me feel bad about myself
I listened to the dating app advice and felt like the whole time she was talking down to people who are single and using dating apps. I understand you never used apps and your married but felt worse after listening.
Girly and educated LC style
I had an obsession with Lauren Conrad after Laguna beach and the hills and knew she was a great role model in all aspects such as fashion, love, and decor. She is the new younger Martha Stewart and I adore that. She’s positive but real and this podcast is very educating on girly girl every day things. She’s been kind of off the map for a while and I’ve read both of her books when I was younger (style) and (beauty). I listen at work and it’s like a newer version of her books. :) thank you for joining the podcast world!!
I tried listening to an episode thinking i was going to learn something about makeup, interesting projects LC is working on, or get tips from industry “expert” guests. Instead I found myself fast forwarding through chit chat and inside jokes between LC and her friends. I hope she turns it around!
Fake and Boring
Where do I start? Love LC. But. You could most definitely find a wayyyy more interesting podcast. She sounds so fake from the intro though the ads till the end where she asks the most irrelevant questions from her social media. She clearly has a cookie cutter privileged life where she’s been able to hire all these “experts” where they honestly sound like 1. They’re just her friends and 2. They’ve actually done a lot more work building their own businesses than she did because obvious she has money to pay people to do it for her. I root for her every day but these podcasts are You don’t actually LEARN anything from her “tips” she says you’ll get because she keeps the conversations very surfacey with more background on how she is best friends with the person. LOVED the Kristen Ess show though because she actually seemed so smart and interesting and actually built her business from the ground up. I think all the other guests had potential but LC didn’t let them get there to show it. Also... I do not CARE where you are recording and NO we can’t hear the birds or street traffic or whatever you think we can in the background. So much more to say but suffice to say, I agree with all the other comments about the fakeness and boring feel. She just seems out of touch with the every day girl struggling to get by. My fav convo was when she asked her wedding planner friend how much wine or liquor to buy for a home party and her friend responded “your caterer will know.” Sorry yeah, I don’t use a caterer; this is a self planned in administered party. Sooo yeah out of touch podcast host and guests at times. And her poor friend who had to talk about her dating life who is obviously the same age as Lauren Conrad and as LC giggled and said oh ha ha ha ha I’ve never had to date like this I’m married ha ha ha ha. To end on a positive note: LC: I know you must have some genuineness in there, let us see it! Have better smarter dialogue with your guests and let them speak more about specifics that you say we will get out of your podcast. Also please up the quality and design of your LC Kohl’s clothes’s gone downhill.
Nothing wrong with vanilla
This pod is a little basic but that’s always been a part of Lauren’s image post-Hills, so I don’t mind. It’s very on brand for her. This is a good one to listen to in order to have some breathing room from heavier topics . I like the music and her calming voice. She seems so happy in her life in a very un-complicated way. Yes, she is guarded, and don’t expect any big reveals or vulnerability. But it’s sweet, concise, and brightens my day a bit.
Love this podcast!
I really look forwards to Wednesday’s now! Who knew that would be possible. Lots of really great information and you know it’s going to be stylish, smart and lovely coming from Lauren.
Thank you Lauren!
Love this podcast!! I look forward to it every week!
Nicole Summers
I love everything about Asking for a Friends Podcast! It is so well produced, the guests are so knowledgeable, and they stay on topic throughout each episodes. Even if they do go on a tangent, it is entertainining!
M3gan Ann
Love LC but super boring and g-rated
former fan number 1000000
Sorry but I gave this a solid few times listening.. As an old fan, I am realising Lauren's image/self is not same. Kind of a skeleton of her former self and everything feels very forced and fake. Sorry. Not really thigh
Do you need some tips?
Does your social media need some help? Haha. Are you okay with us talking to you for 40 minutes as if we are so sure that you respect and look up to us? Like, everyone should pick their colors and their “aesthetic,” it’s like, really something that is smart to think about. *insert condescending tone that likely stems from insecurities for which you probably should be in therapy* I grew up in California, love LA, and went to school there. I’ve also been rooting for Lauren for quite a long time. Her child is adorable. She’s clearly a good mother. I grew up watching her and have consistently rooted for her and supported as a consumer as she has built her brand in the women’s lifestyle realm. Need some tips? Haha. We all know that there is no genuine concern about giving you tips. It’s all about themselves and building their “brand” and getting to speak in a manner as if they are so sure that they have something figured out that the rest of us haven’t thought about. The truth is that there isn’t much depth to many of the episodes. If you’re a listener like me in your 30s and self-sufficient like Lauren, you likely don’t seek tips, you just hope for relatable women and a calming voice to pass the time on your commute or when working out. Offering tips and offering solutions is a way that men often address problems. Women many times don’t seek “tips” or a solution, being told what to do. Lauren Conrad is sweet and an easy listen to take your mind off of other things on a weekday morning at the gym. But with certain guests, the podcast misses a golden opportunity to be genuinely relatable. Hannah E. of The Little Market is a gem; a clearly educated and well spoken treat. Kristin E. Is a well known name with a passion for hair who is super funny and loves what she does, be could have delved in deeper sharing her knowledge. The Home Edit Ladies were fun, and said things that I remember and took away with me as being relatable. Lauren’s social media ladies are annoying. They also could work on their branding and presentation because, honestly, I don’t remember their names or their company! I think that Lauren could do well if she moved on from them and embraced the whole wide world beyond blush pink. The end!
Definitely a Favorite
Chrissina Williams
I was so excited to hear Lauren was coming out with a podcast but nervous it wouldn’t keep my interest just hearing what the topics would be. Needless to say, I’m obsessed and love listening. Everything has been super helpful. Lauren and her guests have extremely helpful tips. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts
Could be so great!
I started off listening and really enjoyed the first episode but then like others are saying, it got to be a bit much with the focus shifting on helping the audience to personal stories dominating the content. Some of the topics are not relatable and seem a bit self-serving or geared toward the “influencer” type. I have a lot of respect for LC and where she’s gone from her LB days... I hope the podcast content and topics shift a bit to help others more consistently
Boy, do I love this!
Ok it’s true. Sometimes this doesn’t sound like Lauren. But I’m sure it’s her. I’ve always admired her, her morals, her ethics, and to see her open up this way is all I’ve ever wanted! So far I’ve listened to the first 10 episodes and everything hits home (things you ask a friend). I really have learned something new with each episode and compared to other podcasts I listen to, I really enjoy how this one flows. I love the conversations with her friends! From the “sneak peak” in the introduction to a word from the sponsors (not a long ad or a weird pause that changes the volume or tone), I have enjoyed this podcast more than others. I do feel like they’re a little longer than I want it to be but I wouldn’t change it!!! All those extra little comments, laughs, sarcasm, makes it more genuine and it reminds us of all the reasons we love LC! Thank you for giving us this. If we could requests topics on the site that would be great! I look forward to many more!
Love this!
Listened to the party planning podcast and I’m hooked. Please do part 2 for those of us who didn’t get enough.
Lovely podcast!
I’ve been a fan of LC since her Laguna Beach days because she’s always portrayed herself as smart, driven, and grounded, so I was really excited to learn she created a podcast! So far I’ve really enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to because they’re informative and just have a calming presence in my opinion. Highly recommend!
It started strong... but it’s going downhill
I was super excited about this podcast! I absolutely loved the first episode, shared it with my sister, told people this was the best. The second episode was also pretty good and interesting. The third meh. I lasted down to the 8th episode, when I abandoned it halfway through and asked myself why was I even listening to it. I honestly tried to like it. I think it went from Lauren inviting friends for informative interviews to Lauren inviting friends to discuss the things they’ve done for her (her house, her brands, her wedding, you get it) and share inside jokes. It got to the point where it just isn’t interesting anymore. It’s like overhearing two friends reminiscing at the grocery store’s line. It’s just boring and I wasn’t getting anything from it. Do yourself a favor: Listen to the first two episodes and skip the rest.
Wanted to like...
I really wanted to like this podcast. I had hoped it would be refreshing and informative. Unfortunately, the topics are not very relatable. After I listen, I couldn’t tell you what I gained from the podcast. It seems like Lauren is bringing on expert guests, but she controls the conversation and somehow always brings it back to herself. Let the expert speak and inform the audience! Isn’t that why you asked them to be on? Additionally, Lauren’s tone comes across as very fake and her discussions don’t seem to be very planned out in advance.
Vapid talk
I’ll pass
I wanted to love this podcast and I’m still going to give it a chance
I don’t write reviews on podcasts, I haven’t before the only reason I’m writing this is so that maybe they can make some changes to the podcast. The reality of that is super slim I get it, but maybe if the majority of Lauren’s fans have similar reviews they might make the second season even better. I like Lauren Conrad I think she’s great, she’s awesome and she has a great head on her shoulders. I trust her and want to hear what she has to say about interesting topics but this podcast so far (I’ve listen to every podcast as of July 2nd) seems like a personal conversation between friends that would be better left between those friends, the conversation tends to be less informative and more of rabbit trails that go on for so long you question why you still are listening. It becomes boring to listen to don’t get me wrong, It is really cool that she’s letting us hear from some of her friends, co workers and co founders of her brands, but I’d personally rather hear questions from her audience for the majority of the podcast, that is at the end and by then I’ve lost interest. That’s all really, more questions and answers less talking about old memories for so long. There’s just so much walking down memory lane too much to hold my attention. I think maybe it would be a better podcast if she wasn’t as close to the people she’s talking to. Just a thought. Side note the ads in the middle 🤦🏼‍♀️ the perfume ad... no I’ve never purchased expensive perfume and regretted it later. Am I the only one who finds that rhetorical question idiotic!?
Like.... like
Like like like like like like like... literally, like like like like like. I’m not gonna lie, like like like like like. It’s so like, like like like like like. Not like a like like like like like like like. It’s like cool. It’s like like so exciting. Like like like. But, seriously, like like, not like.
From a young listener
I don’t normally do reviews, but I wanted to offer some constructive criticism in the hopes that it might make a positive impact. I’m in my early twenties, and though I’ve listened to every episode so far, I keep being disappointed. After every episode, I look back on what I learned and honestly, it’s not much. I can tell you about Lauren’s difficult hair color or crafting closet, but I can’t tell you much about styling tips or organizing. Most of the time I feel like I’m intruding on a coffee break between friends or a post-meeting chit chat between business partners. It feels like it’s a lot more Lauren Conrad and a lot less asking for a friend. She continually brings the conversation back to herself and asks simple questions, making her seem unknowledgeable and like she doesn’t have a firm hand in her business (which I know is totally untrue! She always has amazing projects that are so inspiring!) I think what’s trying to come off as simple, probing questions that some listeners might have actually looks like Lauren doesn’t in fact do her own hair, clean her house or do social media (also I know is untrue, she does all of these things!) I wish Lauren would instead contribute and offer her own ideas and thoughts to the subject at hand. She is an incredible businesswoman, but this podcast feels out of touch for the average day just starting out woman. Right now I just feel like I’m listening to all of the people Lauren hires to set herself apart from the average woman. And because The Hills was before my time, there’s nothing compelling that I’ve found minus a wonderful aesthetic and great kohl’s decor. I was hoping this podcast would let me feel a deeper connection to an influencer and inspire me, but after every episode all I wonder is how I am going to be able to do it all myself.
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