November 21, 2019
While the Runaways were recording their first album, Kim Fowley brought in Ann Boleyn to audition. In turning down the opportunity, she looked towards a life in heavy metal. Ann Boleyn was mentored by Ronnie James Dio; she fronted Hellion; and she founded New Renaissance Records.
April 17, 2019
In this episode, Cherie Currie and Jackie Fox join the Runaways, and co-founding member Kari Krome leaves. There's also some myth-busting of popular Runaways lore such as the origin of "Cherry Bomb,” an introduction to Hollywood punk icon Pleasant Gehman, and some exploration on the social and cultural obstacles that made/make taking a stand against abusive figures like Kim Fowley, difficult. Content warning: This episode discusses sexual violence.
April 2, 2019
At their inception, the Runaways were a trio of raw sound and teenage ambition. But Micki Steele, their original bassist and lead singer, was quickly pushed out of the band. Almost 10 years later, she found a home in the Bangles, a band that gave her more commercial success and creative satisfaction than the Runaways ever could. But what happened between leaving the Runaways and joining the Bangles?
March 26, 2019
The Runaways were the first all-female hard rock band to achieve mainstream success, but they had a famously abusive manager. How did this affect the band’s development, and where did women who refused to work with the Runaways’ manager… end up? In this first episode, we’ll start exploring these questions. You’ll also meet Kari Krome, Joan Jett, Sandy West, and Micki Steele — and get a taste for how their rock ambitions helped pave the way for Los Angeles punk.
March 13, 2019
This is a teaser for season one of Bad Reputation. The Runaways were the first all-female hard rock band to achieve notable recognition, but they were orchestrated by an abusive man. How did this influence their contributions to music? And where did the women who refused to work with the Runaways's manager end up? The Runaway Runaways is an ongoing series. Trailer music by Death Valley. Logo photo by Martin Crudo.
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