I love Billy Jensen in the First Degree so I started listening to Murder Squad and it DID NOT disappoint 👏🏼 I think Paul and Billy bring a really knowledgable and experienced POV (I could also listen to their voices all day long). PLUS it feels like we can actually make a difference!!
Excellent Podcast!
This is my favorite podcast. I really enjoy having the law enforcement perspective of Paul Holes. It really adds another element that you don’t get in some of the other podcasts. And Billy Jensen is great too! Together Billy and Paul have great chemistry and do an amazing job. Keep up the great work!
Get over yourself Billy
So sick of him promoting himself and thinking he’s charming and quirky. You’re not.
1000 percent
Amazing podcast, not only am I consistently intrigued but am left with action items to get involved! Love love love
Need better editing
I love the concept of the podcast but the editing is awful - maybe hire a professional to do it. The same segments/phrases are repeated multiple times - we got it the first time.
Yesssss! So good!
Love Paul Holes.
Cassie Watts
These two are safely venturing into active crimes and respectfully connecting with families in order to solve multiple cases at a time while bringing awareness to missing persons in the active areas. Everyone deserves a voice! Great job! All my best, Cass-arino W.
Great Listen
They started off a little shaken, but I think they’ve found their niche. If you’re into straight forward true crime this is for you. I love that they bring in guests and are actively trying to help some of the lesser known cases. Great dudes!
Excellent Concept
These guys aren't just talking about crime, they're doing something about it. Great job to Holes, Jensen, and the entire murder squad!
A podcast by experts
This podcast is refreshing in that Jensen and Holes are seasoned experts. They are meticulous with their facts which shows a true respect for the victims and their loved ones. There is nothing quite like this the knowledge and compassion of this program.
Absolute New Favorite
I love the format, the professionalism balanced with the laid back banter and the little rituals that Paul and Billy keep up with each episode! I truly admire and appreciate all of the hard work their entire team puts into this podcast. It’s not just another thrilling horror story to tell. They’re not open and shut cases being told for the sake of a good story and likes. You guys are actively putting in the work and recognizing how much the public and social media can help solve crimes, and also shed light on both highly publicized and not so publicized cases. Their focus on victims and their families is genuine.
Loving this podcast and the interviews!!
Not all reviews are posted?
I gave this podcast a detailed (and 1 star) review last week. It never got posted. I’m curious if I give it a higher review if it will post. Long and short conclusion: the podcast is something I want to love, but the hosts come off as arrogant, unprepared, and at times, just flat out insensitive to their guests and audience. Exactly what you’d imagine getting from the straight white, male version of MFM.
Murder Squad
Rip Knee
Ugh I mean Paul Holes AND Billy Jenson!!!
I love this podcast. I love the two of them. I love that they actually want to help try and solve cases and not just inform us about them. Just listen to it already!!!
Not another salacious podcast
I absolutely love that they are telling these stories and crowd sourcing for clues. They also have actual compassion for the victims and their families. It’s refreshing, and I know they will solve crimes.
Extra voice
Duchess is a cat
The female on the show is superfluos. She is kind of snarky in her commenting. Annoying!
More podcasts like this are needed
Tellers Mom
Maybe more crimes would be solved, missing persons found and names given back to Does if each state had their own Murder Squad podcast. Billy Jensen and Paul Holes do a great service to society.
Saint deVille
After reading ‘I’ll Be Gone in the Dark’ (Michele mcNamara) and following the GSK case here in California-to hear Paul Holes and Billy Jensen interact and talk about the cases they’ve worked on is 100% fascinating. Highly recommend!
This is a great podcast!
The insight and information and purpose of this podcast is the greatest. I am so stoked to get to listen. Paul Holes is the real deal and Jensen makes it an epic duo.
Changing the game
I have loved true crime for many years but the concept of this show is going to hopefully change so much about how the public wants view crime. It opens an opportunity to become involved like it has never previously been presented and the suggestion of an entire generation of retirees “silver tsunami” use their education and background combined with their newly found free time to help local law enforcement review, organize and revisit cold cases should start stream of funding to do so.
They are amazing
I adore these two! They are truly making a difference. They are good people ❤️
I feel like I’m a part of the Squad
I have always been into true crime but this show pulls me in, makes me search for info and want to help solve the cases.
Love Jensen and Holes
This is my favorite true crime podcast! The knowledge of cases and the true dedication that they have to solving the cases others have gave up on or has been deemed unsolvable is inspiring!! Brilliant that they are using crowd sourcing to help solve cases that may have just left to collect dust!! Don’t become an Irony!!
Great Concept
Great insight and a great duo to provide info of cases that you’ve heard of and some you have not . Going the extra mile to try and find possible more victims related to these monsters crimes .
Journalist and FBI agent is the perf combo
Billy and Paul each bring their own unique insights and perspectives and are so deeply invested in the victims and stories. I look forward to every Monday. It buffers my anxiety as a new work week begins!
MFMs Brother Podcast
If you like My Favorite Murder (like I do) this podcast will feel like a slightly more put-together extension of that show. It’s less dark humor and more emphasis on the crime. They do a good job of keeping a tough subject from getting too heavy. I read some less than enthusiastic reviews centered on the weekly distraction. I like the weekly distraction segment and it really allows for some play between the hosts’ very different personalities.
Love everything about this!!
Great podcast
Really good true crime podcast, well researched and informative.
Amazing Podcast
I will admit the reason I started listening to this podcast was because I saw Paul Holes name attached. I love what you folks are trying to accomplish. Yes I am a Crime Junkie. One night watching Oxygen I heard a voice I recognized & yes it was Billy Jensen. It was the Rebecca Zahau story. When I found out it was Billy & Paul I had to watch it. Hoping to making it to a crime con or somewhere you gentleman will be speaking. I look forward to my new Monday podcast each week. You folks are amazing.
Great start
Just please stop eating/chewing while talking.
Love that this podcast has a point.
Even if I can’t help, I’ll listen.
Just doesn’t work for me.
The guys don’t compliment each other. Billy should just split off and do his own thing; he feels like a solo act. It would be great if Paul would team up with someone else in law enforcement for a podcast.
Great show, great research, great expertise
I like the straightforward nature of this show, the hosts’ banter and the proactive purpose behind it. The difference in Holes and Jensen’s experiences also propels the analysis and narrative of the cases in an interesting way. They also both have nice voices - conversational and not overly exaggerated like some other podcasts.
Great listen
This podcast is excellent! In depth, detailed, and super interesting. Highly recommend.
The best podcast ever!
xanna anna
I love Murder Squad I’ve been listening every single week since they first aired! Jensen and Holes are hilarious and so well educated about the true crime world. Also I love Polly’s girl power insights as well! 10/10 definitely recommend :)
The best pairing for any true crime podcast ever!
These two are fantastic. Billy, as with your book, I am so amazed by your never ending compassion for your victims and your persistent drive to see that they get justice. Your victims advocacy call to action has really inspired me. Paul, you are incredible in every way. You are the type of law man this country needs but may not deserve. If every cop- federal, local, otherwise, were like Paul? We’d be living in as close to utopia as possible Where this podcast succeeds for me is in the dichotomy of Paul and Billy and how well they bring their disparate backgrounds together to creat a really good true crime narrative. Billy delivers a compelling story and Paul gives his professional point of view on the case which stems from his stellar career as a cold case investigator. Paul helped get GSK, enough said. That makes this podcast unique. As the show goes on I love that we are starting to see some personal touches like Billy and Paul drinking their whiskies, lol. Only suggestion would be to maybe spruce up the story telling and make even MORE compelling. Billy you’d have to be the one to do that because Paul, oh Paul I adore you, but once a cop always a cop and your strength is definitely in giving us amazing, intelligent, insightful, and yet monotone information that is like actually getting to speak to an FBI agar this ourselves and I love you for that Paul, but the color for the podcast is gonna have to come from Billy. 😂 don’t hate me, I love you both and I love this podcast! Billy I love your book and Paul I can’t wait for yours! You guys are both so and incredible and inspiring. Doesn’t hurt that you’re both total hunks 😜 keep up the amazing work guys.
Coffee crisp
Love the podcast but coffee crisp is a Canadian delicacy!!!
Love it!
Good people doing important work. Thank you!
I’m a fan.
Love how straight to the point this podcast is. It’s like a press release with a punch. Here’s the tough facts, here’s what we can all do about it. 👍🏻
Great coverage!
Always good to hear from someone who has “been there done that”. Love hearing from Paul Holes and all blend nicely.
Love this podcast! Loved Billies book! Can’t wait for Paul’s book! ❤️
Love, love, love this podcast!
Every chance I get, I listen to these true crime podcast! Honestly, the best ever!
Good work being done
I love these guys, from different generations but both have the best attributes of fine men and humans They are true heroes doing good work. The cases they share are tragic yet they bring relatability to the listener, making me want to help solve the case too. They are also very personable and share their thoughts and vulnerabilities. Plus, their ads are awesome! They are so REAL!
I appreciate that it takes considerable effort and self exposure to compile and put together content, and for folks like me that appreciate and consume a lot of this fascinating macabre material, I don’t want to fully knock it down (hence, 3-stars). But as the season progresses, it’s obvious that this podcast is a thinly veiled marketing tool for the hosts. Which is fine, we all could use the $$$, but there’s a bit of an cringe factor, as its’ purpose seems to maintain exposure and capitalize on their very recent GSK fame. The supposed format and intent is to release the floodgates of amateur sleuths onto specific cases, but this should be treated as entertainment at best. Holes holds a supposed statue as a modern day Columbo, but he comes off often as aloof, disengaged and always ill prepared to discuss the material ( I guess that sort of does make him Columbo-like) and Jensen suffers from an acute case of verbal diarrhea when he’s off script. I was hoping to get more of the law enforcement perspective into real murder investigations, which there’s some, but too often Holes talks in canned circles that cops tend to do. And way, way to often it’s becomes the case of discussions about Jensen’s colorful socks and/or his favorite cereals or some sort nonsense he seems entirely too old for (he’s the worst type of hyper Gen-Xer, that you couldn’t get away from fast enough at a party). “Weekly Distractions” cannot be turned off fast enough when it appears, as there’s nothing of obvious interest about the lives, hobbies or personal interests of these hosts.
A MUST for any true crime enthusiast
Paul and Billy are true experts who handle every case they cover with a level of interest, dedication, and respect that’s rarely shown in the podcast world. You can tell that they care about each and every case and that they follow them long after the episode ends. I’m so impressed with these hosts as podcasters and human beings and a huge fan of the product they produce.
One of my fave’s
The Murder Squad is new.... and I love it. The hosts dig deep into pretty fascinating cases and are finding their footing. Both are extremely knowledgeable and seem to care a lot about the cases they present.
Paul’s Weekly Distractions 10/10
Cold cases have always fascinated me and this podcast makes you feel like you can do something to help in so many helpless situations. I am such fans of Billy and Paul individually so having them together in one place is great. They teach you about the crimes without boring you with details and with calls to action to help. Not to mention I’m obsessed with when Paul describes his usually traumatic weekly distractions. Great job on this podcast and as human beings in general!
Love these guys!
I love listening to these 2! They give so much insight into crime and how we as citizens can help law enforcement. My favorite part of the show though has to be the weekly distraction just to hear what Paul comes up with!
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