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This is one great guy thinking about and analyzing anything human.
This is a very well produced and engaging podcast! I find very few podcasts that are so good that I don’t want to listen to all of them because then there won’t be any left! Highly recommended. I really hope there is a season 2
Although Lewis does some good whistle blowing reporting—loved ‘The Big Short’—while listening to the segment on Navient, I noticed a pattern about Lewis that reveals his ‘progressivist’ nature. Government bureaucracy and regulation is the answer to our every problem. Progressive as Lewis is—an MA in economics from the London School of Economics—not only made a capitalist fortune while profiting from working on Wall Street and later selling books and making a movie(!), all this and never a mention of Congress’ loosening up lending regulations for student loan borrowing that precipitated the dilemma OR the resulting university tuition money grab when the market has been flooded with students with money to spend! While interviewing his producer (a teacher who took out $77,000 in student loans) he never points out how her lack of personal responsibility in investigating payments and loan terms is just as much of an indictment as to the root of the problem. Instead, she is showcased as a victim who is scraping by with her kids, losing her teeth for lack of resources (?) Then we learn that teachers united to sue Navient, but never considered suing the Board of Education for a student curriculum all but absent of personal-economics teaching (instead of gender studies) that would make young people aware of how the game works. The poor producer-teacher is apparently ruined for life because of her student loans—money she spent (and profited from) that an investor provided. Michael is probably waiting for the student loan meltdown—and no-doubt will make a capitalist killing of the book and the movie. I can’t stay subscribed to hypocrite liberalism that is hugely profiting in the system they constantly rip down. The problem he discusses must be fixed to be sure, however let’s investigate holistically. Start with education and personal responsibility—then we can move on to government and big corporations. Teach your kids to consider carefully crossing the street instead of banning automobiles.
Excellent! Thank you Michael!
A well produced, edited, and of course written show. Worth a listen for anyone interested in the real world beyond what is shown on our screens. Thank you Michael, I look forward to season 2!
Fun listen
This is a fun podcast that really makes you think about the fairness in our world.
I listen to many podcasts. This series was the best of them all. The overarching theme of referee, or lack there of, presented through a broad array of situations. A novel concept with engaging human interest stories. Sophisticated yet easy to understand. A highly professional production, yet not “slick”. I finished the series having learned a great deal,wishing for more. The afterword tied a nice bow around the production. I sent it to a friend, an umpire, and he so enjoyed it he started the series. I will be listening to it again, something I’ve never done with a series. Bravo. And should you produce another series, how will we learn of it?
More Episodes Please
Loved this podcast. I hope Michael Lewis will do more. I now have several of your books and am looking forward to reading them.
Joshua Yang Justin
It's okay, but the Alex Kogan episode was hard to listen to. Having an ombudsman or public editor doesn't automatically mean that the articles are better. Anyway, the articles are very high quality.
Journalism isn’t dead after all. What a great way of looking at fairness in the modern day.
Podcast Journalism at Its Finest
ATX listener
Such a well-done piece of journalism in this medium! Well done Michael Lewis. Just what we need to hear more of these days.
If you like Michael Lewis you will love this podcast
Michael Lewis at this best. America‘s great crusader for truth and justice.
Super insightful, easy to digest and entertaining.
Smart and Compelling
The intelligent, articulate voice of reason in America.
Great podcast
Ak po
Insightful, well written and entertaining
The same wit and thoughtfulness from renowned journalist Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis is the best
Always breaking down unique topics
Can I give Six Stars!
Already listened to 3 episodes. Fascinating, insightful, thought provoking! Please give this podcast a try. It is not just about sports!
Don’t miss it!
Great traveling podcast while driving across Montana. Insightful, smart and funny. Loved it and anxiously waiting for season 2.
Please do it again!!
I compulsively check to see if there are any episodes I missed. I do the same for revisionist history. Love both soooo much. Please make more!!!
Possibly my favorite podcast of 2019
I really enjoyed this podcast and highly recommend it. I have read and enjoyed some of Michael's books, and I think he does well in the podcast format. The whole psychology of fairness and the changes to (and reduction of) referees in so many parts of life today is fascinating. While it starts off with basketball referees and fans, he covers a wide range of topics and areas of fairness and such. Great job, I'd give it 6 stars if I could!
Pod journey
An interesting vehicle for thinking about fairness and how it is assumed in so much of American life. I shouted. I laughed. I learned a lot. Had similar observation regarding Baby Judge episode and only once was a judge referred to with a female pronoun.
Outstanding and thought provoking
Peter Hanna
A wonderful and thoughtful podcast on par with the best of NPR. Thanks!
Great. Informative, interesting
Love it. Great job
Very interesting
Made something I thought would be uninteresting interesting and thought provoking. How many times have I assumed a ref got it wrong and a star player SHOULD say something?? Connects to everyday life in many ways.
Not that interesting
I keep waiting for something original and meaningful to happen in this podcast. But it never happens.
Thought provoking
I listened to the episode entitled Baby Judge School. As a judge, I was particularly interested. It was deeply disconcerting, however, that whenever the narrator talked about a judge in the abstract, that judge was always a “he”. Maybe you should do an episode on implicit bias.
So good.
The first episode was about NBA refs....I have 0 interest in the NBA, but loved the episode. He knows how to make subjects compelling by looking for what draws him (and the audience) in. I think Michael Lewis is one of the most important writers of our time and am deeply appreciative that he has started this podcast.
Classic Michael Lewis
Excellent podcast with some great stories and hooks. Has a financial/economic bent to it like Moneyball and Liars Poker.
Another Great Non Fiction Podcast Must Listen!
I was late to the revision history podcast and by way of that found Michael Lewis’s podcast after moneyball and the big short this just shows how great Michael Lewis is at writing and telling stories. I can’t wait for the next season of the show and was sad it ended. If I think about almost all of his work is somewhat about things not being fair and shedding a light on those who want to make it fair or strike a balance there.
Perfect for everyone!
I don’t even watch sports often or even remotely have them as the center of my life but I am loving this podcast. It covers a broad spectrum of “fairness” with the focus of how we, as a society, treat and view our refs. Love it!
A C+ effort
If you’ve read Michael Lewis’ books you’ve experienced what he’s capable of when he digs deep into researching a topic. If you want to hear what it’s like when he doesn’t bother to bring a shovel to the worksite, then this is the podcast for you. Entertaining enough, but it’s apparent that other than in the two areas touched on which he has written and researched extensively (for the books Flash Boys and The Big Short), the storylines have been preset and there’s just enough work done to carry that story. Also, the “aww shucks” delivery style is a bit silly (“Why should I have to shred this document with my social security number on it? I look at my garbage cans all day and I’ve never seen anyone go through them”). Not a complete waste of time but don’t set your expectations too high.
Great podcast!
I hope this helps us wake up! Maybe future episodes will tie to what’s happened historically to cultures that crossed the tipping point of corruption?
scooter s tjimetson 888
It’s OK. Not really new information or even a new way of looking at things.
I couldn’t make it threw, nothing worse than a guy talking about something he has no knowledge on.
Great Concept, Well Done
Music 4 Danno
Lewis takes on the "invisible elephant" in the room. Ask anyone about whether life is fair and virtually all will agree it's not, but Lewis takes the question to another level few consider. Well done!
Favorite Podcast
Please make a Season 2.
Do you even watch b-ball?
After listening to the first few minutes of episode 1, I could tell that he didn’t watch much basketball. After listening to the full episode, I realized that not only was that true, but that he had hand picked details of the NBA experience that only supported his side of the story or his thesis. For example Klay Thompson doesn’t pound his chest and point at the sky after a three, Steph Curry does and even a casual viewer can observe that. I hope that this biased “reporting” wasn’t exemplary of future episodes.
Compelling Storyteller
Each program is masterfully produced and woven together to tell a very layered issue, affecting many aspects of our daily lives. Lewis is so engaging, easy to listen to and very authentic in this journey we take with him.
Queens Eater
I learned so much through this podcast. Thank you Micheal. Also, really liked the last episode with you and Malcolm at the 92nd st YMCA
Can’t wait for season 2
As an official in youth and adult soccer I get to see the demise of the referee from a close, personal vantage point. Mr. Lewis statement that what is happening to the referee, in all aspects of life, is a picture of what’s happening to us as a society is a powerful premise that highlights our obsession with “fairness”. The trouble is that fair is seen through the filter of your own experience, thus negating actual fairness. Keep it up Michael!
Extremely thought provoking, I found myself listening to each episode multiple times just to get as much as I could out of them. Thanks for your time and effort in putting together such a great listen.
Still So Insightful!!
Lewis brings his extraordinary insightfulness from his books to this podcast. Brilliantly takes you full circle in each episode. Only problem is that this latest endeavor is taking him away from further writing.
Everyone wants to be a victim
All of the new mortgage disclosures prescribed by CFPB and Dodd Frank in 2009... guess what, borrowers don’t read them. Just like they didn’t read them 10 years ago before the Mortgage crisis. People need to take responsibility for themselves and stop playing the victim card. Listening to Elizabeth Warren make me feel like I’m going to throw up in my mouth.
Wah...I don’t want to be a victim
Can’t believe this dribble. It’s one thing to look at something “in a new way”. It’s another thing to skirt your responsibility has a grown adult. Join Credit Karma or something, Mike. Take some responsibility for your own finances and credit identity. You are a victim, wah, even if you don’t want to be. And it’s because you weren’t responsible. Not because someone didn’t “ref” the situation correctly. Take care of yourselves people!!! We do not need government to be are referees.
guy who likes podcasts
Michael Lewis is a master storyteller. He finds storie that are so interesting, and important-in this case about the erosion of fairness in this country, because of the devolution of the referee in American society at all levels.
Show number 2
I had my ssn stolen, same thing happened to me...I had to do all the leg work myself to prove who I was
Michael pushes you to think of things in a new way and to question your old beliefs. We don’t always agree, but he’s compelling, entertaining and warm in a way that I didn’t expect.
Profound and witty
The first season of this episode is both fun to listen to and profound. Lewis has put his finger on a disturbing trend in society that was hard to put together before this show. It will make you laugh and smile, and then will stay with you for quite a while.
Just Misses the Mark
This podcast just misses mark. It has great info and exposes a lot of issues with the fairness of our lives. It misses the mark, however, when the host sometimes holds such strong reverence in his point of view he is unwilling to consider alternate views to the point of arrogance. It happens rarely enough that it still makes for a great show.
Michael Lewis books come to life
One of the best aspects of the podcast is when the characters from Michael Lewis' books (e.g. Ronin and Mike from Flash Boys) are interviewed on the show. I also like the overall theme about compromised referees. Now that I think about it, Michael has been our referee-of-referees for a long time. Keep up the good work!
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