June 9, 2020
On this week's episode, the crew (minus Corey—sorry, no #LawrenceHive report this week) breaks down the episode we've more or less all been waiting for, the one where Issa and Molly "talk." We see Lawrence and Issa trying to get that old thing back and did Condola catch the Judy Winslow treatment??? All that and more (including, finally, a "Looking for LaToya" update!) on Bourbon & Bouches!!!
June 2, 2020
On this week's podcast we discuss episode 8, "Lowkey Happy," which gives us all Lawrence and Issa all the time. They take a trip down memory lane and then an actual walk through ArtWalk, revisiting their relationship and discussing the what ifs. This means our LawrenceHive report is gon' be banoodles. So join us for this week's discussion; it's a good one for what was a very, very good episode of Insecure.
May 27, 2020
On this week's episode of Insecure, "Lowkey Trippin'" we get into eatin' ass with model minorities! The whole crew is locked and loaded! Corey's LawrenceHive report finally has an update as does Janay's "Looking For Latoya" report! Ultimately the crux of the episode is Andrew and Molly's trip to Mexico where both sparks, racism and fuckery fly. The discussion points were aplenty and the tangents were fresh, dressed like a million bucks! Enjoy and have a Black one with Bourbon and Bouches!
May 19, 2020
On this episode, the crew (Panama, Janay, Chaunece, Corey and Jibri) get right to it and let Corey mini-rant about the lack of Lawrence for his #LawrenceHive report. Plus talks about the mentions of PG County, Maryland, Issa's growth and how it impacts her and those around her, being a good samaritan and whether or not you should be talking to other folks in bathroom stalls! As always, we have our Advictions and an honorary shot of Bourbon. Have a Black one! Recorded/Mixed: Panama Jackson Music: Intro/Outro- J Ran "Longtime", from his Off The Deep End EP, used with permission Break - Panama Jackson
May 12, 2020
On this episode, the whole crew (Panama, Janay, Chaunece, Corey and Jibri) take full aim at Molly and her pettiness and the hateration she harbors all up and through the dancerie. Issa sees the Block Party come to fruition, quite successfully and then shit hits the fan. Have we seen the end of the Molly x Issa friendship? We all think so. Plus, a "Looking for Latoya" update...and who gets the shot of bourbon this week? Check us out and find out. Also, if you have any issue with anything Corey says, please send all correspondence to @cwilsonthegreat on IG. But don't take away our stars!!! Recorded/Mixed: Panama Jackson Music: Intro/Outro- J Ran "Longtime", from his Off The Deep End EP, used with permission Break - Panama Jackson
May 5, 2020
On this episode, the crew of Panama, Janay, Chaunece, Corey and Jibri recap episode 4, "Lowkey Losin' It," and somebody in the squad comes up with a hell of a theory about what Lawrence needs to tell Issa about the ghost of Condola! That alone kicked off a whole 20 minute convo. Was Molly wrong for not asking Andrew about booking a RocNation artist for Issa's block party? The crew dug in! Check us out and SUBSCRIBE!!! This podcast is Blaaaaaaaaacktastic!
April 28, 2020
The Bourbon & Bouches crew (Panama, Janay, Chaunece, Jibri and Corey) recaps episode 3 of season 4 ("Lowkey Thankful") and this episode did not disappoint. Lawrence and Condola were the gift that keeps on giving: did Lawrence invite himself to Condola's Friendsgiving or did she invite him? Is Lawrence over Issa? Is Condola getting the version of Lawrence that Issa was hoping for? What does Condola even want? All of these questions are discussed plus the Lawrence Hive Report, the update on Looking for Latoya and some Advictions!!! Issa good one y'all!
April 22, 2020
On this episode of Bourbon & Bouches, we analyze Insecure's season 4, episode 2 titled, "Lowkey Distant." Are Molly and Issa really headed towards splitsville? It sure loos like it. Corey gives us another hilarious report on the comings and goings of Lawrence, Janay breaks down the latest on "Looking for Latoya" and as always, Chaunece gives us the good, the bad and the Insecure. With Jibri and Panama rounding out the Quarantine Collective quintet, you know the entertainment is never far behind. Recorded/Edited/Mixed: Panama Jackson Music: JRan "Longtime" from his Off The Deep End album (used by permission)
April 14, 2020
The whole Bourbon & Bouches crew gathers to discuss episode 1 of season 4, titled "Lowkey Feelin' Myself." Corey comes through with the Lawrence Hive report, Chaunece tackles "The Good, The Bad and The Insecure," where we talk TSA Bae and Molly's hateration, giving Jibri an opportunity to defend his "Molly and Issa were never friends" theory. Janay gives us the "Looking for Latoya" recap/report, with a special shoutout for Panama's homie-in-his-head, Ray J, and then the crew gives some Advictions before giving the shot of bourbon for the week! Recording/Editing: Panama Jackson and Jibri Griffin Music: Intro/Outro: JRan "Longtime" from his Off The Deep End Album available on Apple Music/Spotify Break: Panama Jackson
April 12, 2020
The Bourbon and Bordelons crew has re-invented itself as the Bourbon and Bouches crew! The whole team of Panama, Janay, Chauenece, Jibri and Corey are lowkey locked and loaded and ready to recap and conversate about season 4 of Insecure. We chop it up about Issa, Lawrence, Molly, Nathan and Daniel through three seasons of bickin' back bein' bool. We talk predictions for the future. We ready ready for the season 4 premier! So join us this season on this Insecure journey here on the Blacktastic Podcast Network!! Recorded/Mixed: Panama Jackson Music: JRan "Longtime" (used with permission)
September 27, 2019
Take flight with us as we had our first ever live show! We held court at Busboys & Poets Anacostia in Washington, DC, to an engaged crowd who got the chance to take those famous shots of bourbon with us! We gave out awards including the Tevin Campbell Award for the best cameo, and the Earnest Bordelon Memorial Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon for the person who got the most ceremonial shots during the course of our podcast season! Panama, Chaunece, Janay, Jibri and Corey all wrapped up the season in hilarious fashion and are ready to go for next season! Take flight, y'all! Take flight!
September 12, 2019
It's the season finale of season 4 of Queen Sugar, y'all and the episode did not disappoint! That means the whole crew had to be in the building to talk the plot twists and turns and WHO IS THAT????? WHAT DID HE SAY??? LAWDHAFMERCY! We have Corey back on recap duty and even though its the season finale, we took a shot at "Advictions" for the next season. And we definitely gave out a shot of bourbon to somebody! Tune in and stay ready because news about our LIVE SHOW will be up soon!!! Thank you for taking flight with us at Bourbon & Bordelons for this 4th season of Queen Sugar! 0:00:00 - 0:02:43 Intro 0:02:43 - 0:7:10 Recap 0:07:20 - 0:55:08 The Good, The Bad & The Nova 0:55:18 - 1:04:10 Advictions 1:04:20 - 1:11:25 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon and Outro
September 5, 2019
The gang's all back for the second to last episode of season 4 of Queen Sugar and what a doozy it was! Micah is out here making grown up decisions on his own and Nova is trying to get back into folks' good graces. Will it work? We must wait and see. Jibri is on recap duty this week and Chaunece takes us through the good, the bad and the Nova! Janay drives the Advictions bus and you know we always give somebody a much needed ceremonial shot of that good brown liquor! So take flight with Bourbon and Bordelons and SUBSCRIBE! 0:00:00 - 0:09:45 Intro & Recap 0:09:55 - 1:21:40 The Good, The Bad & The Nova 1:21:50 - 1:27:00 Advictions 1:27:10 - 1:33:15 Ceremonial Shout of Bourbon & Outro
August 29, 2019
The crew is all back together for this week's episode! Panama, Janay, Chaunece, Jibri and Corey get right into the shenanigans as Corey is back on recap duty. The crew discusses everything from Jacob Boudreaux's lineage to Nova and Charley's thawing relationship! We've got "Advictions" and ceremonial shots of bourbon and there's even a duet that gets performed towards the end that comes out of nowhere. Take flight with Bourbon & Bordelons and SUBSCRIBE! 0:00:00 - 0:02:20 Intro 0:02:20 - 0:09:05 Recap 0:09:15 - 1:24:05 The Good, The Bad & The Nova 1:24:15 - 1:33:25 Advictions 1:33:35 - 1:41:35 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon + Outro
August 22, 2019
On this week's episode of Bourbon and Bordelon's Panama, Janay, Chaunece and Corey, minus Jibri who had a family commitment tackle a a heavy episode. Darla's struggle with addiction is front and center and she gets help from an unlikely source. And Nova and Charley try to regain that old relationship. Janay handles the recap and Chaunece leads us through The Good, The Bad & The Nova. We've got Advictions and the first time we all gave our ceremonial shot of bourbon to the same person! Take flight with Bourbon & Bordelons and SUBSCRIBE!!! 0:00:00 - 0:09:20 Intro and Recap 0:09:30 - 1:01:30 The Good, The Bad & The Nova 1:01:40 - 1:12:05 Advictions 1:12:15 - 1:18:00 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon and Outro
August 15, 2019
The crew is all together for this week's discussion of episode 9 of season 4 of Queen Sugar, "Stare at the Same Fires." Jibri stepped into recap duties, Chaunece led The Good, the Bad and The Nova, and Janay is handling Adviction duties. The convo got real this week as the episode brought to light very real conversations about manhood, triggers, and proper relationship protocol, all through the lenses of characters on the show. Take flight with Bourbon & Bordelons and SUBSCRIBE! 0:00:00 - 0:02:15 Intro 0:02:15 - 0:09:00 Recap 0:09:10 - 1:16:00 The Good, The Bad & The Nova 1:16:10 - 1:27:55 Advictions 1:28:05 - 1:37:05 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon/Outro
August 8, 2019
This week, the crew of Jibri, Chaunece, Janay and Corey (minus Panama) chop it up over the aftermath of Queen Sugar Mill being burned to the ground, including the return of Nova. Corey comes back on recap duty after his all-star showing last week and Chaunece takes us through the Good, the Bad and the Nova. We've got "Advictions" and share a ceremonial shot of bourbon for the week's "winner." And the crew shares a second shot in honor of the passing of iconic literary figure and black women, Toni Morrison. Take flight with the crew and SUBSCRIBE! 0:00:00 - 0:01:20 Intro 0:01:20 - 0:07:35 Recap 0:07:45 - 0:52:20 The Good, The Bad & The Nova 0:52:30 - 0:59:05 Advictions 0:59:15 - 1:07:48 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon/Outro
August 1, 2019
The crew's all here for this week's episode of Bourbon & Bordelons! Panama, Chaunece, Janay, Corey and Jibri are in full effect as the entire Bordelon clan grapples with intimidation tactics as a result of Charley's decision to run for City Council. Aunt Vi's restaurant gets vandalized, Ralph Angel's program gets put under a watchful eye, and the mill goes up in flames. And Hollywood is "at his mother's house." We have a hilarious recap this week and the good, the bad and the Nova is remarkably light on Nova slander! We've got Advictions and a first timer gets the ceremonial shot of bourbon! Take flight with Bourbon & Bordelons! #takeflight 0:00:00 - 00:2:11 Intro 0:02:11 - 00:09:20 Recap 00:09:30 - 00:57:50 The Good, The Bad and The Nova 00:58:00 - 01:05:50 Advictions 01:06:00 - 01:12:45 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon
July 25, 2019
On this week's episode we're back with the whole crew! Panama, Janay, Chaunece, Corey and Jibri sip on some brown liquor and thus the convo spans far and wide! We talk about what a break means in a marriage (and for Hollywood and Vi specifically), Charley's political goals, Prospers prospects, Nova's turn for the better and break down the petty bitterness that is one Dr. Octavia Laurent, played wonderfully by Cree Summer! We give you some "Advictions" and as usual, we give somebody a shot of bourbon, though one particular individual had a terrible, terrible suggestion! Take flight with Bourbon and Bordelons!! 00:00:00 - 00:02:20 Intro 00:02:20 - 00:09:55 Recap 00:10:05 - 01:21:00 The Good, The Bad, The Nova 01:21:00 - 01:29:35 Advictions 01:29:40 - 01:39:00 Ceremonial Shot of Bourbon
July 18, 2019
Since there's no episode of Queen Sugar to recap this week, the crew decided to take the opportunity to check in with Twitter and discuss our favorite tweets from our feed (@bbordelons) so far. We also award the inaugural Tweet of the Week and take a shot of bourbon for the MVP of Season 4 thus far! Take flight with us as we try our best not to get fired on our week off...Subscribe!!!
July 11, 2019
We're down one bourbon drinker this episode, with Jibri having to tend to family matters, but Panama, Chaunece, Corey and Janay hit the microphones to discuss episode 5, "Face Speckled" and talk Cree Summer's guest appearance as Dr. Octavia Laurent (Nova's old flame), Davis' non-sense, Micah's non-sense, ICE Raids, drop some "Advictions" and share our bourbon with one person who had a great week! Who would you give your shot to this week? SUBSCRIBE and take flight with us on Bourbon and Bordelons! 0:00 - 03:48 Intro 03:48 - 17:22 Episode 5 Recap 17:29 - 1:03:00 The Good, The Bad, the Nova 1:03:00 - 1:10:00 Advictions 1:10:00 - 1:17:00 The Weekly Shot of Bourbon Wrapup
July 4, 2019
On this week's episode of Bourbon and Bordelons, the crew takes flight on Nova's attempt to level up her questionable behavior EVERY. WEEK. But she's not alone as Davis West makes a return and fights valiantly to wrest the "baby, what is you doing??" crown from Nova! Join us for a heated debate about appropriate behaviors and check our new segment, "Advictions," which is advice and predictions! As always, we give a shot of bourbon to the character with the best week, and this week was tough! Take flight!
June 27, 2019
On this week's episode of Bourbon and Bordelons, we take flight quickly as the convo gets heated. We give you an entertaining recap and then discuss the most important of questions: Is Nova really trash or just misunderstood? She brought Jimmy Dale back into the lives of the Bordelons and we aren't sure that's forgivable. After an episode of highs and lows, who ends up with the Shot of Bourbon? Listen to find out and makes sure you to subscribe to Bourbon and Bordelons and other shows on the Blacktastic Podast Network! Take flight!
June 20, 2019
On this episode of Bourbon and Bordelons, Janay, Chaunece, Corey and Jibri chop it up about the siblings confronting Nova about the book, Micah showing back up in St. Joe's with a new style and new purpose and the various dating storylines that are developing this season! Darla and Ralph Angel have new love interests! Plus David Allan Grier shows up as Jimmy Dale, the storied ex-husband of Aunt Vi! Who gets the shot of bourbon this week? You have to listen to find out! SUBSCRIBE TO BOURBON & BORDELONS on The Blacktastic Podcast Network!
June 13, 2019
The gang is all here! Panama, Chaunece, Janay, Corey and Jibri get down to business discussing the season 4 premier episode. The Bordelon family seems to be doing well until they get hit with the bombshell that is Nova's book and it looks like she's about to take out the whole family! We go indepth about the episode and there's even a surprise special guest! Who gets this week's MVP Shot of Bourbon? Check it out to find out! Take flight, y'all!
June 10, 2019
On this episode, we take flight with Charley Bordelon-West and what makes her tick and what hurts her in the long run. We talk predictions for season 4 and on a now recurring segment, we decide who would take a shot of that brown liquor with us in celebration of their awesomeness. Subscribe today!
June 5, 2019
Welcome to Bourbon & Bordelons, a podcast dedicated to all things Queen Sugar! Join Panama, Chaunece, Janay, Corey and JIbri every week as we recap each episode of season 4 and have fun doing it, adding a little bourbon into the mix to sweeten the pot! On this first episode, we let you into our personal opinions about most of the characters and the theme song. Take flight, y'all, and gimme some Queen Sugar!
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