July 21, 2020
I’m answering your questions today, and we’re covering everything from budgeting in your business to online haters, exercising, indecision, and so much more. These are questions listeners sent in from a survey and on social media. You might even hear your name on here! ;)    Here’s a sampling of the questions you’ll hear me answer on this episode: - How do you budget best when your income is inconsistent? - Do you ever get hateful messages online? How do you handle them?  - How do you market yourself well if you’re introverted, especially on Instagram stories? - Is your husband an entrepreneur too?? What does he do for work? … and a bunch more!    I get really real on this one, and I hope what I’m sharing helps encourage you to grow your business boldly! If you want to hear the previous “Ask Me Anything” episode, scroll back to episode #41!    For shownotes head to Connect with me on Instagram at Shop website templates:    This month, we’re doing a weekly business book giveaway! To enter just leave a review on Apple Podcasts. (Seriously that’s it.) And, if you’re already reviewed, share about the podcast to your Instagram stories! We are randomly selecting one winner each week of July!   
July 14, 2020
Today we’re talking about copywriting, but not just any ole copy — copy that is personality-packed, entertaining, and ultimately makes the sale. I’m chatting with my friend and copywriting expert, Brittany McBean about 8 specific tactics you can use to improve your copywriting. These tips apply to your whole website, your sales pages, and even your email marketing. You guys know I LOVE copywriting, I love helping you create more sales through your words, your designs, and everything in between, and this episode has so many tactical ways to do EXACTLY THAT.    What You’ll Learn: - How to include sensory details in your copywriting - The best way to talk about yourself in your copywriting - How to use market research to get a jumpstart on your copy  - How to use the 5 emotions to invoke deep feelings in the reader - What reading level you should be writing at and how to double-check yourself - How to create your very own “copy vault”  … and so much more!    Our lovely guest today, Brittany McBean, is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist who helps online educators and creatives stand out with crystal clear messaging and a laser-focused strategy—writing the words that get you seen by the right people so you can make a maximum impact and income.    To get the full show notes and links mentioned for this episode, head to    Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at Connect with Brittany on Instagram at   This month, we’re doing a weekly business book giveaway! To enter just leave a review on Apple Podcasts. (Seriously that’s it.) And, if you’re already reviewed, share about the podcast to your Instagram stories! We are randomly selecting one winner each week of July! Leave a rating and review to enter!
July 7, 2020
My goal for this episode is that it will inspire you to believe in yourself, see what’s possible for your business, and give you some practical tools to create the business of your dreams. We’re talking about visualization, mindset, goal setting, future self, and so much more!    What You’ll Learn in This Episode: - 3 reasons why visualization is key to creating your desired business  - 5 ways I use visualization and mindset to create success  - Real-life visualization and mindset examples that you can take and make your own - My absolute favorite journal prompt  - How to figure out what your crazy dream for your business is  Before I get into the topic, you’ll hear me struggle through talking about how my wonderful dad just recently passed away. I stumble through everything I say on the audio, as you can imagine the grieving process is weird and this is the first episode I’m recording since his passing away. I just wanted to note that this won’t be the last time I talk about this, but I wanted this to be the first thing I recorded since stepping back into the office because this topic is something my dad suggested I do an episode about. When I was interviewed on James Wedmore’s Podcast (episode #368), I talk about visualization and how it’s played a role in my business. My dad listened to that interview not once, but twice, and encouraged me to do a full episode on that piece of the conversation. I am missing my dad SO much as I type this, but I also feel a peace knowing that he is with the Lord in heaven. I appreciate your prayers and loving messages during this time. I’ve read every single one. Please keep praying for us during this strange time, and even though I felt a bit “off” as I recorded this, I hope you get something beautiful from the content in this episode!    Links Mentioned: - Get the full show notes and all links mentioned:  - Get the journal prompts download:  - Listen to my interview on James Wedmore’s podcast:  - Connect with me on Instagram: 
June 30, 2020
Do your potential clients know what life looks like AFTER they say yes to working with you? In your business, you might have a plan to combat buyer’s remorse or ensure a great client experience, but, are you doing anything to combat the reluctance someone might have to purchase? This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with my husband Adam that got my brain spinning with ways that you guys can increase certainty and speed up the sales process with your clients and customers.    In this episode, we’re talking about 5 ways to increase certainty in your customer’s minds around your offer. If you often have customers who are interested in your service or product, but they just can’t bring themselves to finally buy, they might need MORE proof of what’s on the other side. I believe that the tactics I’m sharing here will help speed up the customer journey, and, ultimately lead you to way more YESES!    These tactics could LITERALLY change your business for the better, and these are some of my favorite tips I’ve shared on this podcast yet. Get out your notebook, you’ll want to take notes for this one!  Links Mentioned In This Episode: Get the full show notes for this episode: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:  Shop website templates: Tune into episodes 19, 20, and 22 for tips on testimonials (all episodes are numbered in your podcast app)    Have you left a review yet? Reviews help more entrepreneurs like yourself discover the podcast. (And, it’s how you show your LOVE for the show!) I read every single review and so appreciate hearing from you! Leave a rating and/or review here:  (Scroll to the bottom where you’ll see other reviewers, click “Write a Review”, write your reviewing and rating, then hit send!)    Thank you for supporting the show! 
June 23, 2020
When someone fills out your contact form, you’re liking not the only person in your industry that they contacted. We often contact 5, 10, maybe even 15 people about the service needed. So, how do you stand out among the crowd once someone has said “I’m interested!” to you and a ton of other people?    I’m sharing ONE easy way to stay top of mind with a potential client in this episode. This easy touch point can take you from getting constantly ghosted by potential clients to QUICKLY turning them into REAL clients.    Get the full show notes for this episode and links mentioned here:   Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:  Visit the main website:
June 16, 2020
Today we’ve got a podcast about podcasting. How meta! Maybe you listen to this show, and sometimes think “Hey! I’d like to start a podcast too!”. Or, maybe you have your own podcast, YouTube channel, or another type of content yourself. If you’ve ever been curious about what it’s like behind the scenes of one of my episodes, then this episode is for you. I’m giving you an inside look into the recording process from the starting ideas to the saved and exported file.    Even if you have no desire to start a podcast, I want to encourage you to tune into this episode because much of what I’m sharing applies to ALL forms of content creation from podcasts to blog posts and in between.    PLUS! A NEW TEMPLATE JUST DROPPED!  Yesterday I released 2 new website templates to my shop! And, guess what? One of them is made for podcasters! I’ve found having webpages and a blog dedicated to this show extremely valuable. You asked, I listened, and now you can have a podcast website like mine! In the new Podcast Kit template, you’ll find a podcast landing page, media kit, guest information, and more! This is a website that you can use solo or add to your already existing Showit website. There are a couple of variations so that you can get exactly what you need.    Plus, the new Jena Template matches this podcast template, so you can actually purchase both together and get a giant 17-page template with all the podcasting pages and all the normal website pages I typically offer in a template. It’s the BIGGEST template I’ve offered yet.    Shop the Podcast Kit Template: Shop the Jena Template: Shop all templates: Get Elizabeth’s podcasting gear on Amazon here:    All templates are 15% off through tonight at midnight CST with the code “LAUNCHDAY15”! Shop now to save!    To get all links mentioned in this episode, head over to  To connect with Elizabeth on Instagram visit  Want to see my podcast landing page? Head to!   
June 9, 2020
Pinterest impressions and repins are great and all, but is it really worth the time and energy if no one is clicking over to your website and taking action? Today Vanessa Kynes is teaching us how to leverage our Pinterest traffic to actually get people to book our services or buy our products once they land on our website. And don’t worry, if getting Pinterest traffic to start with feels like a challenge, we talk plenty about Pinterest strategies to get you started!    It’s typically easy to understand why we should use something like Instagram or Facebook in our businesses, but many businesses are still ignoring Pinterest. Would you believe me if I told you that in the last 30 days, Pinterest accounted for 72% of all my “social” traffic to my website? Yep, I got more traffic from Pinterest than I do from Facebook or Instagram. And, people who come to my website from Pinterest are buying, are filling out the contact form, and are booking me. It’s time you made Pinterest work for you, too! Vanessa is going to get you started on the how.    Here are some questions you’ll get answered from this interview: How can I turn my Pinterest traffic into paying clients? What keywords are right for my industry? How do I discover my keywords?  Should I use hashtags on Pinterest? What makes for a powerful pin image?  How do you the pin description and title differ from the image?  How do I optimize my Pinterest bio and profile?  How are Pinterest and Google Search connected and mutually beneficial? What Pinterest analytics should I pay attention to?    … and so much more!    Get a $15 credit towards your Tailwind subscription:  To get all of the links mentioned in this episode head to this blog post: 
May 26, 2020
Your website’s navigation allows users to browse between pages on your website. But, what happens when your navigation is confusing or overwhelming? Uhhhh… people LEAVE and they don’t get to see your amazing offers.    I want you to have effective navigation on your website, and I’m teaching you how to in this episode. I’m sharing do’s and don’ts, best practices, and the psychology behind the user experience stuff that makes this so important.    If this sounds boring to you, I get it. But, it’s important! Seriously… this stuff could make or break your website’s user experience. You don’t need to hire a designer to spruce things up. I’m showing you how to have an effective menu all on your own.    Links mentioned in this episode: Shop website templates and see examples of this in action:  Visit Elizabeth’s website: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:   To get the full show notes visit
May 19, 2020
In this case study episode, I’m chatting with Kaylan Thompson. You’ve heard Kaylan in a past episode already (episode #51) where she teaches us how to hire your first team member. Now, she’s back and we’re talking about what it’s like to be an EM Shop customer! Kaylan uses the Nicole template from my shop for her gorgeous website. She’s had a lot of success in her business, and we’re talking here about how her website has played a role in that.  Highlights from this episode: How Kaylan got her website template live in under 5 days (with no prior Showit experience!)  Kaylan’s tips for customizing your template quickly and with ease  How to make your own brand from your website template (yep, without hiring a designer!)  Kaylan’s advice for using your website template as a guide for writing your website copy  Using tools like Canva to create graphics to match your brand How Kaylan’s sales page “did the work” of making the sale and allowed her to not have to sell on sales calls  How Kaylan’s new website helped her stop stressing out about booking clients     Shop website templates at   See Kaylan’s website template in action at   See even more website templates in action at  See the full show notes for this episode here:   Wondering how Showit compares to Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress? Check out episode 31, 32, and 33 of this podcast! 
May 12, 2020
Want to create shareable content? Content that compels people to comment, save, and engage? What works on Instagram is forever changing! So, what’s working now in 2020? That’s what we’re discussing in today’s episode.    If we think back to the early days of Instagram, we were all sharing super filtered iPhone photos with no captions. (Hello Valencia filter!) Stories, IGTV, and advertisements weren’t a thing, and the whole interface looked different. Instagram is an ever-evolving app, and as we all know what worked when it started in 2012 doesn’t work now. And, I’d even say things that created engagement in 2018 and 2019, won’t anymore.    In this short episode, you’ll learn 4 types of images that will stop the scroll and create engagement with your audience! If you’re stuck on what to share, consider this your guide!    Get the show notes for this episode at  Engage with Elizabeth on Instagram at Want more Instagram-related podcast episodes? Be sure to listen to these past episodes next! Episode 40: How to Create Your Best Instagram Stories EVER  Episode 14: How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Business When You Have Fewer Than 1,000 Followers Episode 43: How to Get Your Audience to Actually Engage with You on Instagram  (Just scroll back in your podcast feed to find them and tune in!) 
May 5, 2020
What if I told you that your thoughts and beliefs are actually what’s holding you back in many areas of your business? See, what you think determines how you feel and then how you show up in your business every day.    Today I’m chatting with Becky Hoschek. She’s a life coach for ambitious women doing all the things: marriage, motherhood, business and more. And, she’s helping us identify where our beliefs are keeping our businesses stuck. When we can identify these beliefs and consciously choose new thoughts, we can create the business we’re dreaming about.    Tune in to hear what these 5 beliefs are AND alternative thoughts you can try on instead!    We mention a lot of links in this episode, and we’ve put all of them on the blog here: 
April 28, 2020
It’s launch recap time! I just had a launch in my business of 2 new website templates, and these were a completely NEW type of product for me. Which means, who knows how it’s going to go, right? Spoiler alert: It was my biggest launch yet in every way. And, it was extremely far-reaching. We sold templates to women in 9 different countries and in over half of the states in the U.S. Amazing! And yes, it happened during the COVID-19 global pandemic, which I am so grateful to have had a successful product-release during.    I’m taking you behind the scenes of what it was like launching new products, what went well, and what didn’t go so great. This episode is full of great takeaways you can use in your own launches and in your business in general. I’m getting super specific and tactical as usual! So, let’s dive into recapping my biggest launch yet!!    Links mentioned in this episode: Shop all website templates: See the new website templates that I’m recapping launching: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:        Get the show notes for this episode at      Have you left a review yet? Reviews help more entrepreneurs like yourself discover the podcast. (And, it’s how you show your LOVE for the show!) I read every single review and so appreciate hearing from you! Leave a rating and/or review here:  (Scroll to the bottom where you’ll see other reviewers, click “Write a Review”, write your reviewing and rating, then hit send!)    Thank you for supporting the show!   
April 21, 2020
Ready to boost your visibility online? Public Relations isn’t just for massive companies. It’s for small businesses like you and me, too. Today, Courtney Love Gavin is teaching us how to use PR to grow our visibility in as little as 10 minutes per day. These strategies are rock solid.    We also dive into things like pitching yourself for podcasts, SEO, press kits, website design, and so much more. It’s a rock solid interview, and I’m also going to be using these strategies she’s teaching alongside all of you!    What You’ll Learn: How to align your business goals with your PR strategy and why not all PR is “equal” in your business How to find out who influences your audience and how to start engaging them How “stranger danger!” applies to your PR strategy  How to know what stories you can share will make an impact from a PR perspective How PR and a solid SEO strategy go hand in hand and my example of this in my business How your website plays a HUGE role in your PR strategy    Who’s Courtney? Here’s a little bit about our guest today! Courtney Love Gavin is an award-winning PR professional. She worked in the corporate PR world for 17 years before launching her creative business and transitioning to working with female entrepreneurs. Courtney is the creator of Who’s That Housewife?! — a game for Real Housewives and Bravo fans. Today, Courtney teaches her clients how to rapidly create visibility that builds trusted, sustainable brands. Her PR expertise has been praised by Forbes, Fast Company, BuzzFeed & People. And, she has worked with big brands like Nordstrom, Adobe, Dream Works, Netflix, Google, and HP. to name a few! Courtney lives in Santa Monica, CA with her rescue dog Chandler Bing!  Get the show notes and any links mentioned in today’s episode here: 
April 14, 2020
Ready to have a stellar way to welcome your audience to your mailing list? Your email welcome sequence is a couple of emails that come after someone signs up for something to get on your mailing list.    Instead of just giving them the freebie, and then waiting to email them again until you do your weekly or monthly (or however often) regular emails, I recommend sending them a couple of emails “onboarding” them into your community.    In my business, I send 2 emails over a 2 day period. The emails come after they sign up for anything on my website. So, everyone is getting these introductory emails!   In this short episode, I’m sharing 4 must-haves for your welcome sequence. There are a lot of different things you can put here depending on your industry, but these are 4 things that your online business should DEFINITELY include regardless of your specific niche!    To join my email list and get my welcome sequence sent straight to you, sign up for any freebie here:    If you’re thinking “Elizabeth, pick the freebie for me!”, here’s my pick:    Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:        Have you left a review yet? Reviews help more entrepreneurs like yourself discover the podcast. I read every single review and so appreciate hearing from you! Leave a rating and/or review here:  (Scroll to the bottom where you’ll see other reviewers, click “Write a Review”, write your reviewing and rating, then hit send!)    Thank you for supporting the show!   
April 7, 2020
Today I’m playing you a clip from the Compelling Copy Blueprint Course, which comes with the new Sales Funnel Kit templates! You’ll learn a bit about the most important piece of your sales page — the “above the fold” area (which is what people see before they scroll). We’re talking images, headlines, and call to action buttons!    Shop the Sales Funnel Kits NOW at!  And, I’ve got a freebie for you. Go to for some sales copy headline templates to get you started towards sales page success!    Get all the details mentioned in this episode and a full description of this offer here:   
March 31, 2020
My official 4 year business anniversary just passed. 4 YEARS — It feels both longer than that and shorter than that. When I realized this anniversary was coming up, I knew I wanted to record an episode reflecting on big things I’ve learned that YOU can learn from too. I’m just sharing 3 things, and I haven’t talked about any of them on this podcast before. (Yay for totally new content!) But seriously, I speak from the heart more than ever on this one, and I hope that it resonates with you.    Tune in to hear 3 pieces of advice I have for you. These are things I’ve learned over these last 4 years building a six-figure (in profits) a year website design business (with lots of transitions in between). Plus, you’ll get to hear an audio clip from an event I spoke at in 2018! I hope the content in this episode will encourage you in your business!  Get the show notes for this episode at  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:        Have you left a review yet? Reviews help more entrepreneurs like yourself discover the podcast. I read every single review and so appreciate hearing from you! Leave a rating and/or review here:  (Scroll to the bottom where you’ll see other reviewers, click “Write a Review”, write your reviewing and rating, then hit send!)    Thank you for supporting the show!   
March 26, 2020
It’s time for a bonus episode! This episode was inspired by something I’ve been doing in my own business this past week that WORKS. I’m showing you 5 ways to boost your email subscribers using the power of Search Engine Optimization. And, (the best part) you don’t have to write new blog posts or new email content to do it! Plus, this is work you can do from your sofa in your pajamas if you want! It’s easy changes with a huge outcome. This is what I’ve been doing in my own business right now, and you can do it too.    If you’re listening to this episode live, then coronavirus probably has you stuck at home, and you might be thinking about ways you can enhance your business for the online space. If so, then this episode is for you, and don’t worry, if you’re sick of content about the virus, I won’t be talking about coronavirus here! We are focused on getting you email list growth.  Links mentioned in this episode: FREEBIE: How to Create the Perfect Opt-In Incentive to Grow Your Email List:  Episode 23: Morning Journal Prompts to Start Your Day with Intention:  EM Shop Showit Website Templates & Showit Blueprint Course:    Get all the links and resources mentioned in this episode in the blog post at    Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: Visit the main website: 
March 24, 2020
On last week’s episode, we talked about copywriting for your sales pages. Today we are talking about the DESIGN! I believe the design and copy work together to sell your course, membership, or coaching program. You need both to be strategic in order to convert. And, really I believe you need a design that lets the copywriting do the talking.    I’m covering some common design mistakes I see on sales pages that you need to avoid at ALL COSTS because these mistakes could be costing you serious money! These are easy fixes when you pay attention to the design with more focus and a conversion-oriented approach.    And remember the Sales Funnel Kit templates are coming soon! These babies launch into the online world on April 7th, 2020! What are they you ask? These are sales page designs that also come with other essential website pages you’ll need to sell your course. I’m talking about a webinar page, a tripwire page, a welcome page, lead magnet pages, and more! With your purchase, you’ll also get access to a new course that goes with these templates, the Compelling Copy Blueprint. This will guide you as you writing copy for the sales page. Stay tuned for this launch! If you have questions, please email us at! We are happy to help!    Sign up for our freebies here:  Shop website templates: Get the High-Converting Headlines Guide:
March 17, 2020
Today on the podcast, we are talking sales pages! Particularly sales page copywriting.  So often I see people create their course or membership site, and they are so excited and ready to sell it. But, then they have the big steps in the way — writing and designing their sales page. Unfortunately, it can be easy for people to just glaze over this step in the process. The course is awesome, so it’ll sell great, right? The truth is that the money’s in the marketing. If your sales page stinks, people won’t buy.    In this episode, I’m sharing 3 essential elements that I believe will make your sales page a success. Of course, there are more pieces to a sales page than these, but these are vital. And, they might totally not be what you’re expecting!  And, guess what? There is a new type of template in town starting April 7th, 2020.  Sales Funnel Kit Templates are coming to EM Shop! If you’re wondering what the heck that is, don’t worry I explain it in the episode and I totally made up the phrase myself. These are beautiful, conversion-oriented sales pages PLUS the other website pages you need to sell your stuff online. And, a training course on writing sales copy. So, the design help and the copywriting help = a successful course launch. I am so excited to be offering this! As a gal who loves sales funnels, the online education industry, and copywriting, it’s such a fun creation for me. And, I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it starting April 7th!    Links mentioned in this episode: - Get the High-Converting Headlines Guide:  - Shop all website templates: - Opt-in to any of these freebies to be added to our mailing list:
March 10, 2020
In this episode, we are answering the question, “Do I really need a website for my business?”. Short answer, YES! You might be thinking that a website is not that important for your type of business. Or maybe you know it can be beneficial but it isn’t at the top of your priority list. I get it. But I’m telling you, even if you are crushing sales or booking clients on other platforms like Etsy, Instagram, Facebook or Creative Market, this little slice of the internet is the home for your business that can take you to the next level.    I realize that I might sound biased because I am a website designer, but spoiler alert: I'm less biased than you might think!  Tune in as we walk through 5 reasons why you can't afford to NOT have a website. Plus, I'm answering some common questions like "What should I do if I can’t afford a website?" "When is the right time to get a website?" "What should go on my website when my business is new?" Wherever you are in the life of your business, this information is for you!  What you will learn: – What is the difference between using a website and social media account – Why 3rd party platforms are not a long term solution – How having a website gives you credibility in a client’s eyes – How to become a searchable brand using SEO – Why speaking to your ideal client is important  – Which pages you should start your website with Get the full show notes for this episode at Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:    Check out EM Shop Showit website templates at     Have you left a review yet? Leave a rating and/or review here:   Thank you for supporting the show! 
March 3, 2020
  Welcome to PART TWO of the “difficult client” conversation. Today I’m talking all about how to prevent difficult client situations from ever happening to begin with. Are you running into the same client problems on repeat? Maybe you’re wondering if there are warning signs you missed? Confused about what to put in your contract? Do you even have a contract? If you are looking for a great experience for you and your clients, these 10 tips will be a game-changer for your business.    You can use some of these tips before you ever book with a client, and you should! In this episode, I’m sharing some specific steps for you to take to help you set up a process that leaves everyone happy! I want you as the business owner to be just as happy with the experience as the client. Working with clients is tough and not everyone can be pleased. But, these tips have made a huge difference for me in my business and it shows when my clients compliment this process!  What you will learn: – How to spot the red flags of a challenging client – Who should lead a project, you or the client – When to communicate boundaries and expectations  – How to avoid an overcomplicated client experience  – Why contracts are key and what should be included – When it is okay ignore pieces of your contract – How to recognize what your client needs from you – What to do if every client is a “bad client”   And so much more! If you missed PART ONE, How to Deal with a Difficult or Angry Client where we talk about what to do if you are in the middle of a challenging situation, go check it out! Get the full show notes for this episode at  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:        Have you left a review yet? Leave a rating and/or review here:   Thank you for supporting the show! 
February 25, 2020
Today we are talking about a sensitive topic — difficult clients! What do you do when you’re dealing with a difficult client right now? Maybe they are angry? Maybe you are angry? And, you’re just defeated. If you’re struggling with the next steps and how to find a resolution, this episode is for you. I have been there, and in this episode, I’m going to teach you 10 specific (and practical) tips on how to deal with a difficult client situation.    If you’ve come here feeling defeated and ready to throw in the towel, then I want to tell you first EVERYTHING will be ok. You’ve got this. This isn’t the end of the world, and I’m here to help you through it! Maybe your situation is a really dramatic situation with lawsuits, refunds, and angry text messages. Or, maybe it’s more tamed, like the client being unsatisfied and frustrating you. There are many levels to a “difficult experience”, but no matter where you are you can manage this. And, this episode is full of advice to help you do just that.    What You’ll Learn: The first step towards resolution when things are heated or painful with a client How you can lead your client right now and set boundaries for your working relationship  3 steps for conflict resolution and making things right  Why you need to avoid confrontationally emailing and texting at all costs How to know when a refund is necessary    How to make sure you learn from this experience and apply what you’ve learned to future projects  A journaling exercise to work through any anger and pain  How having grace changes everything    And, stay tuned next week for PART TWO of this difficult client situation series! Next week, we’ll be chatting about how to prevent difficult client situations.  Get the full show notes for this episode at  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:        Have you left a review yet? Leave a rating and/or review here:   Thank you for supporting the show!
February 18, 2020
On today’s episode, I have a very special guest, my sweet friend, Keleigh Lauermann! Keleigh is a creative gal from New Hampshire and is the owner of Anchor Design Co. She loves strategy about as much as I do, so we always have fun chatting business! Her business helps Mary Kay beauty consultants run sustainable, profitable businesses.    In this episode, Keleigh is teaching us all about how to take the amazing content you are already creating and repurposing it to get more out of your hard work and to reach more people. We are talking through why repurposing your “juicy” content is important, tips on exactly how to do this, and even walking through specific examples. Seriously, I learned so much from Keleigh in this episode, and I know you will too!    What you’ll learn:  Why you should repurpose your “juicy” content What it means to repurpose content 5 great tips for learning how to repurpose content A full example of over 15 ways to repurpose topic Plus, we talk about how you can build a team that helps you do this!  Links Mentioned in This Episode: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: Connect with Elizabeth on her website: Connect with Keleigh on Instagram: Connect with Keleigh on her website: Keleigh’s Workbook Freebie   Get the full show notes and links mentioned in this episode
February 11, 2020
Have you ever promoted companies as an affiliate? If so, chances are you’ve been in the position of wanting to send the link to someone, but obviously, you don’t remember the long link the company gave you. Right?   This short episode is going to teach you some tips to start sharing your affiliate links with more ease and strategy. Not sure what affiliate marketing is all about? We talk about that briefly too!    I love affiliate marketing, and my business brings in thousands a month in affiliate income. And, in 2019, we brought in multiple five-figures in affiliate income. (And yes, all without the “swipe up” feature on Instagram!) In this episode, I’m sharing one, very specific tip to help you get more out of your affiliate promotions too.    These tips are going to make promoting affiliates: - Easier for YOU to do - Easier for the person you’re sharing the link with - Better for the company you’re promoting  This episode has major time-savers in it, and I can’t wait for you to listen in!    To see affiliates I love to work with, head to  Get the full show notes from this episode at
February 4, 2020
Thinking about hiring your first team member, but not sure where to start? Today’s episode is for YOU. I’m chatting with leadership and hiring coach, Kaylan Thompson about how to prepare for and make your first hire. We talk about fears around hiring, how to not micromanage your team, who to hire first in your business, great interview questions and so much more!    Episode Highlights: - What to do when finances are the reason you can’t hire quite yet  - How to build a team that you don’t have to micromanage  - How do you know when it’s the “right time” to hire  - How to prepare your business for future hiring in advance  - Important job application questions to ask  - Important interview questions to ask    Maybe you think this episode isn’t for you because you don’t want to hire yet. I totally get it! Even if you’re not ready to hire yet, you can still start now in preparing your business for that future expansion and growth. We talk about exactly how in this episode, and I share an example of how I prepared to hire before actually doing the hiring.  P.S. Guess where I’ll be this week?! Listen to the intro to this episode to hear updates about the trip to Cabo I’ll be on with Showit this week! Follow along with me on Instagram for behind the scenes of our trip!  Get the full show notes and all links mentioned in this episode at  Visit Kaylan’s website at  Shop website templates at     
January 28, 2020
We are talking about naming your business! I’m walking you through specific mistakes to avoid when naming your business. Whether you have an established business name already or you’re a new business owner trying to figure out what to call yourself, this episode has something for you! If you already have your business name figured out, these same steps apply to naming your course, podcast, membership site, or really ANYTHING in your business that needs a name! And, you can listen to these 8 mistakes to make sure your current name isn’t making any of them.  Your brand name is just as important as your branding itself. But, most people don’t seek out a professional brand designer or business strategist on this step in the process. Typically as a designer, someone is coming to me with their name or just buying a template with their name already picked out. But, your NAME is so important. It’s worth naming with intention. I have named my business three times (which sounds ridiculous, I know. I’ll explain more in this episode), and I’ve helped many other entrepreneurs hone in on their perfect brand name — both as clients and through my “Name your Business” workbook. In this episode, I’m going to help YOU name your business or program in the same way and avoid all the common pitfalls along the way.    - Get the Name Your Business workbook here: - Get the full show notes here:   Be sure to enter our 50th episode giveaway over on Instagram this week! You’ll be entered to win a 1:1 coaching session with me! Directions are over on Instagram: 
January 21, 2020
You’re in for a treat with Callie Ammons on this episode! Callie is an enneagram life coach for women, podcaster, writer, and speaker. Callie uses the enneagram to help her clients understand their God-given gifts and step into the abundant life that was carved out for them. Callie loves Jesus and is seriously just a LIGHT to learn from. She is wise beyond her years and has so much to teach us in this podcast.    On this episode, we are focusing on self-care based on your Enneagram type and specifically self-care for ambitious women! We discuss setting boundaries, how to avoid burnout, knowing your why, and how to simply live with intention.    What You’ll Walk Away With: Practical self-care ideas for your specific enneagram type  How you can avoid burnout as a business owner  How to set boundaries around time-consuming activities like social media  Advice for fellow life coaches on building your coaching business  Straight up JOY and motivation to get going today  Links Mentioned in This Episode: Get the full show notes and links mentioned in this episode: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram: Connect with Elizabeth on her website: Connect with Callie on her website:  Connect with Callie on Instagram:  Listen to Callie’s Podcast “Living Enneagram”:
January 14, 2020
Tips, tricks, and strategies to create your most effective and strategic contact page ever.    Today we are talking specifically about the contact page on your website. If that sounds boring, hear me out that this *might* actually be one of the most important pages on your website. For service-based businesses, this page is what stands between someone learning about your services and starting the booking process — that definitely matters.    Creating a more strategic contact page doesn’t require redesigning your website or any crazy design skills. Little changes will go a long way.    In this episode, we focus on: - How the contact page serves a different purpose depending on your business type - The 2 MUST-HAVES for the contact page - How many questions (and what questions) should be on your contact form  - What questions you need to stop asking immediately and instead save for later  - How to set up a contact form  - What else goes on this page — including the must-haves + some extra fun ideas - Why what happens after the contact page matters significantly too    Stay tuned for more episodes covering specific pages of your website!    Links Mentioned in this episode: - Showit website templates:  - Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:   - Try Dubsado: (Use code “ELIZABETH30” for 30% off!  - Full blog post for this episode:   Have you left a review yet? Leave a rating and/or review here:  Thank you for supporting the show!   
January 7, 2020
You may be reading that title and thinking “What the heck is Elizabeth talking about this week! Worst possible way?! What?!” Yep, you heard it right… say what you do in your business in the worst possible way.    I saw this in a private Facebook group I’m apart of months ago. It was supposed to just be a funny comment thread. But, as I read through the many comments I realized how valuable this exercise is for getting clarity on what you do and learning to talk about your business in a way that works.    Most business owners talk too lightly and infrequently about what problems they solve for their customers. But, this matters. If people don’t understand what problem you will solve for them, then they will not understand why they should pay you. So, start saying what problem you solve, and to actually answer that, you might need to think in the terms of humor, bluntness and a little sass too. I’m teaching you now on today’s short and sweet episode!  Links mentioned in this episode: Go comment your answer on this Instagram post: Get the full show notes: Tune into episode 26 for more on communicating what problem you solve:  Head to the main website:      
December 31, 2019
An entire week on a calendar? Yep, you read that title right! I schedule out everything I’m doing in a week, both personal and business, on my calendar, hour by hour for every weekday. And, I’m going to teach you how to do it too.    This has been such a highly requested episode after the many times I’ve showed you guys my calendar on Instagram stories. And you’re like “What the heck is this magic?!” Well, I’m sharing all the magic here! I’m covering how I take a handwritten to-do list and put each item into my calendar every week. This allows me to make decisions in advance, and therefore minimize how many small decisions I have to make in a day.    This process will help you increase productivity in the new year. So, if you’re ready to stop wasting so much time and start actually accomplish your big goals, let’s dive in! This episode has the power to really change things for you, PLUS give you the encouragement you need to really go after your goals.    What You’ll Learn: How your scheduling looks today versus how it could look for 2020 How I get so much done in so little time working  The exact process for scheduling your week in your calendar  An example from my day where I read you my calendar How to leave margin for yourself when planning How to overcome your excuses ahead of time to get what you really want  Links Mentioned in This Episode: Get the full show notes:  Visit Elizabeth’s website:  Connect with me on Instagram: Watch The Life Coach School Masterclass on this topic:   (Want to skip the intro and head straight to the step by step? Go to 14:00 minutes on the episode!)   Have you left a review yet? Leave a rating and/or review here: Thank you for supporting the show! 
December 17, 2019
I started 2019 with the goal to read the Bible all the way through in 1 year. Before this, I had read a lot of the Bible, but certainly not all of it, and definitely not many books in their entirety. I felt God calling me this goal when I set my 2019 goals, but I knew I didn’t want to approach it with stress and striving. I think it can, unfortunately, be easy for us to set well-meaning goals for our spiritual life, but then turn them into something else entirely — something striving, stressful, and even boring.    So, I approached reading the whole Bible as something I’m going to do, and it’s ok if it takes me longer than a year. And, it will end up taking me longer than a year! Real talk: the episode title feels a little off because I won’t end up finishing the whole Bible this year. But, I’m ok with that, it’s a journey, not a goal to hit.    So, in this episode, I’m sharing about this piece of my 2019. I’m sharing the tools I’ve used for reading the Bible this year - down to what exact Bible I’m using and highlighters I recommend, tips for making your quiet time more consistent, the note-taking style I’ve done this year in my Bible, what I’ve learned, and so much more! If you’re thinking you want to read the Bible through in 2020, or even just start having a consistent quiet time for the first time, this episode is for you!! Although this is a business podcast, we are ditching the business stuff today to focus on the faith life stuff, so this podcast episode is for anyone and everyone!  Links Mentioned in this episode:  The full show notes on the blog:  The Bible and gel highlighters I recommend:   P.S. I'd love to hear what YOU want more of on the podcast! Fill out the end of the year feedback survey here:
December 10, 2019
Every year I like to go through the whole year month by month and look at what worked and what didn’t. I also spend some time reflecting on all that happened before I set goals for the new year. This time of reflection feels vital, both to celebrate wins well and also to solve problems and avoid mistakes in the future.    So, I’m taking some of my typical reflecting time and sharing it with you guys on this podcast episode! I get truly vulnerable about what worked and what didn’t in my business this year - the struggles I had, the goals I hit, the goals I didn’t, and what I want to improve on in 2020.    I hope that hearing a recap of my year gives insights into your own business. And, maybe you can learn from my mistakes! So, turn up the volume, this is a super fun episode!  In this episode you’ll hear: My biggest highlights from the year — both personal and business  2 BIG challenges I faced in my design business with client projects and my solution for 2020  The breakdown of where all of my revenue came from this year and why you should know this for your business  The wins from my month working remotely in Colorado  Why I ended all recurring clients in 2019, and why it was really hard  3 big growing pains I experienced in 2019 How more public speaking this year was both a win and a challenge  Links Mentioned in This Episode: QuickBooks Simple Start:  PowerSheets Goal Setting Planner:  Sara Blakey’s Instagram Post:  Showit website templates:  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:  Have you left a review yet? Leave a rating and/or review here: Thank you for supporting the show! 
December 3, 2019
It’s certainly not a fun feeling to excitedly post some content on Instagram, and just hear crickets from your audience. If you’re asking “How can I get people to actually engage with me?!”, “How can I get them to comment, to write back to what I share?” then this episode is for YOU.  I’m sharing 5 simple ways to improve your engagement on Instagram and some of the mistakes you might be making that are actually hurting your engagement, not helping it. Let’s make Instagram fun for you and get your audience responding to what you have to say!  Episode Highlights: How to ask questions that people actually want to respond to 3 ways to engage people from the beginning of your post (so they actually expand to read it)  What ice cream has to do with your Instagram account  How to be polarizing to engage the RIGHT people What analytics to pay attention to in your Instagram account Why your excuses for not writing people back aren’t helping your business  Plus, listen to the end of the episode for a life update on the fun things going on in the past 2 weeks while I’ve been away at conferences and events!    Get the full show notes for this episode on the blog: Engage with me on Instagram: 
November 19, 2019
Today I have my dear friend Jena Viviano on the show to talk about our faith and our businesses.  We’re covering things like — How do we share our faith in our business? Should we at all? How do we truly invite God into our business as Christians?  We talk through 5 rhythms you can adopt to help you incorporate your faith and your work beautifully.  Jena is a Wall Streeter turned tech start-up junkie. She’s a talented career coach and entrepreneur who helps mid-to-senior level ambitious professionals land their dream jobs. She’s also a dear friend and past website and branding client of mine! She loves to talk about the topic of Christianity in the workplace — which we are focusing on today.  This is such a beautiful conversation with a sweet friend, and I’m so pumped to have her as my first official guest on the show! (Besides my sweet husband who came on earlier this year!) Sit in on our conversation about faith and work — this is the real stuff that we talk about as friends and we want you to sit in on the conversation! This is an important conversation if you’re a person of faith, and I’m so excited to share it with you!  Links mentioned in this episode:  Jena’s Word at Work Devotional  The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson Fervent by Priscilla Schier  How to Get a Date Worth Keeping by Dr. Henry Cloud The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss   Click here for the full show notes to get even more from this episode!  Visit Jena’s website here! Visit Elizabeth's website here!
November 12, 2019
Today you are in for a treat and so am I because these are some fun questions! I’ve collected questions that you guys sent in on Instagram, in emails, and some from an audience survey early this year. So, questions from everywhere! I’ve selected my favorite questions specific to starting a business. I have the question list and very few notes here, and I’m just gonna teach ya in mini-episode style on these topics all around starting a business.    Tune in to hear Elizabeth answer these questions!  How did you know how to price your services when you were first starting out? Did you ever have doubts in what you priced in the beginning? Do you feel like you learned a lot about what you do when obtaining your degree or since then? What are the top books you would recommend for new business owners?  What are the first things you should do for your brand when you start a business? What is the thing that surprised you the most when you started your business?  What is the ONE software you recommend a new business owner investing in if we are only doing one to start off?  How do you get over fear, negative self-talk, and self-doubt?  What one thing helped you most early on in your business? How do I know what to focus on if I have multiple business ideas? Favorite office tools? Favorite digital tools? What are you using on a daily basis to run your business?  Do you prefer to work from home or from coffee shops/coworking spaces? It’s tough making the transition from an office job to so much flexibility!  Links Mentioned in This Episode:  Come hang out on Instagram: Shop website templates: Get 30% off Dubsado:  My favorite business books on Amazon: Home office favorites: 
November 5, 2019
Instagram Stories can be intimidating — especially when it’s new to you. You might be worried about what people are thinking and wondering if you’re doing it “right”. Showing up well on Instagram Stories is incredibly important in your business. In fact, 80% of all daily active Instagram users are watching Stories just as often as they’re checking their feed. This is a great opportunity to connect with your audience.    Whether you use stories right now and want some tips or if you’re brand new to Instagram, this episode will help you get clarity on how to show up for your audience better on Instagram. Today we are talking about things like how many stories you should be posting at once, how to do face to camera stories well, how to keep people engaged and watching, a bunch of random tips, and so much more!    Ready to talk about all things Instagram stories?! Then turn up the volume and tune in now!    Links Mentioned in This Episode: Instagram Story Statistics:  Hang out with Elizabeth on Instagram:  Get the full blog post for this episode:   Did you know every episode of the podcast has a full blog post to go with it?! After you tune in, check out the blog post for a simplified version of what you listened to. It makes listening on the go so much easier when you have notes to reference after! Get the post here:
October 29, 2019
A couple of months ago I deleted 700+ people from my email list. Just straight up a bye, bye, bye. Not because I didn't like them or didn't want them to get my emails — not at all! I deleted them because they were "cold subscribers".  They weren't opening my emails or clicking on anything for months.    What kept me not deleting people for so long was the fact that I saw my subscriber number as a vanity metric I wanted to protect. I have a subscriber goal I'm trying to hit this year, and by deleting people, I obviously set the goal back.   But, enough was enough and who wants to send emails to people who don’t want them anyway?! In this episode, I’m sharing the process for removing subscribers from your email list, while making sure they actually want to go first. We also talk about how to re-engage a list you simply haven’t emailed in forever! Get ready to start having a cleaner and more engaged email audience.    Full blog post and extended show notes:  Visit the main website:  Overall Averages for Open and Click Rates: Interesting Email Marketing Statistics: Recommended Email Marketing Softwares:  ConvertKit:  FloDesk:
October 22, 2019
My birthday is next week, and I’ll be turning 27. It’s my golden birthday actually. October 27th turning 27!  Birthdays always put me into a super reflective mood. I love to think about the future and reminisce on the past. In this episode, I’ll be sharing a journaling practice I’ve done my past 2 birthdays and will be doing again this year. It’s not super “birthday focused” or anything like that! You really can do this at any time in your life. It’s all about connecting with the future version of yourself. Sound weird? That’s ok! Give it a listen and give me a shot to show you how this can transform the way you think and live!    Links Mentioned in This Episode: Episode #173 of The Life Coach School Podcast - Future Focused:  Shop PowerSheets:  Episode #23 about Journal Prompts:    Be sure to enter the 2020 PowerSheets giveaway over on my Instagram here:  One person will win 2020 PowerSheets and a goal setting sticker book! Giveaway ends on 10/27/19. It's easy to enter over on Instagram! 
October 15, 2019
In this episode, we are getting into some mindset MAGIC! We are talking all about launching and your mindset around the launch process. We are diving into my recent launch and some major takeaways I had that I think will help you in whatever it is you’re launching — whether it’s products, services, a new business, or anything! I’m recording this episode FRESH so all my big takeaways are still totally on my mind. The launch was a huge win! I hit my mid-level goal, which we will get to that goal-setting process in the episode. It was a multiple five-figure launch, and I even had a five-figure day on the first day everything went live.    It was fun, it was exciting, and I had been anticipating the launch week for MONTHS! If you have launched something in your business, you KNOW it can be exhausting, it can be extremely emotional, and there’s a lot more that goes into it than people think. Today I want to just dive into 6 things I learned about launching from either this launch or even my first template launch that all relate to your mindset! Enjoy!  Get the full blog post for this episode:  Shop the website template shop:  Come hang out with me on Instagram!:   
October 8, 2019
I just had a launch in my business! If you’re a frequent podcast listener and follower, then you know this. ;) It was a multiple five-figure launch with a five-figure day too. It was exciting, exhilarating and exhausting! This launch felt like a total win. But, I have a confession. The first time I launched a product, it was a total flop. I did a lot of things wrong, which led to me hardly selling anything. I think what I learned from this failed launch will help you avoid my mistakes.  And no, the failed launch was NOT my template shop! It was a digital product that you’ve probably never even heard me talk about because it was a super long time ago! I’m going to share what I learned from that failed launch and how I fixed it when I launched my template shop years later.    In this episode, you’ll hear me compare that early product launch with my recent launches to show you mistakes to avoid. I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on turning services into products and how often times people make this leap way too fast! I really hope this episode helps YOU as you prepare for launching a product or as you’re considering turning services to products!    Get the full blog post for this episode:  Shop the website template shop:  Come hang out with me on Instagram!: 
October 1, 2019
Some of you may know that I have an Etsy shop. No, it’s not where I sell my website templates or anything related. It’s a totally separate thing from my business. It’s my side hustle! Today, I’m diving into 3 big lessons I’ve learned from running this Etsy shop. This is not an episode about running an Etsy shop business, it’s an episode about having a creative outlet in your life. I hope this episode will inspire you to get started creating something fun outside of your day to day work.  And, if you’ve been wondering “What is this Etsy shop Elizabeth talks about sometimes?!” — here’s your answer! I’m diving into what I sell, the story of how I started it, and what this shop has taught me about my main design business. It’s fun, and full of life lessons!  Want to shop my Etsy store? Visit to check it out!    For the full show notes, visit!     
September 24, 2019
We’re talking about how to know when it’s time for a new website in your business. This is a big question that I get asked often, and it can be hard to tell whether you just have “shiny object syndrome” or if you’ve been neglecting your website without realizing it. Often times it’s time for a total website overhaul, and we are so distracted that we miss it. And, when we miss it (as you’ll soon find in this episode), you’re leaving money on the table. Today, I’m walking you through how to know if it’s time for a website update and some specific questions to ask yourself to help you decide exactly what you need!    Yesterday was the day where the new website templates hit EM Shop! I’m excited beyond words! If you haven’t checked out the templates, I want you to take a peek while you listen to this episode. Visit to explore them!    Links mentioned in this episode: Shop EM Shop Showit website templates:  Take the website personality test: Want help deciding if an EM Shop template is right for your business? Schedule a 20-minute call with Elizabeth here: Get the full blog post for this episode here:    Don’t miss out! Launch week is happening until Friday, September 27th! When you buy any template this week, you’ll get 2 amazing bonuses! These bonuses WILL expire after Friday. So, don’t hold off, if you need a new website, now is the time! 
September 17, 2019
Thinking about using Showit, but currently on Wix? You’re in a common situation, and this episode is for you!  I’m sharing in the most basic terms what it’s like to switch from Wix to Showit and what the main differences are between these two platforms.    As you may know, I design on Showit. My website templates are built on Showit as well as my custom sites. I LOVE IT. I went all-in with Showit when I discovered it because it goes above and beyond other platforms. I’ve designed on Squarespace and WordPress in the past, but I have not designed anything on Wix. However, I’ve explored their interface and I’ve had many clients and template buyers switch from Wix to Showit and have heard their stories about it. So, this is my personal opinion on Wix and how Showit and Wix are different and similar. So, ready to learn about these two platforms?! Turn up the volume and let’s dive in!  As you may know, I have a website template shop where I provide Showit website templates. Next week on September 23rd, I’m launching a NEW collection of website templates. So, if you’ve been thinking about a new website, this launch will be the time to buy it! Get on the launch list here: And, shop the templates here ( when they launch on September 23rd!    Get the full blog post for this episode here:    
September 10, 2019
There is LOTS of advice out there about your website. Some of it is incredible, and some of it is just wrong. Today, I’m sharing 4 common website design tips I’ve heard people say that are straight-up incorrect. Listen in to make sure you’re not making these mistakes so we can keep your online presence in tip-top shape!    If you need a new website, I have exciting news! I’m launching a new collection of website templates this month, and I want you to check them out and shop when they go live. The new templates launch on September 23rd, and you can get on the launch list at There will be 4 new templates, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Get on the launch list to get a sneak peek of one of the templates before they go on sale, plus details on all the launch week bonuses!    To get the full blog post that goes with this episode visit: To join the launch list, visit: Shop the website templates now at  
September 3, 2019
I’m thankful to have worked with many, many coaches for website design — both in my template shop and for custom design work. If you do any type of coaching, mentorship, courses, or anything educational really,  you’ll love this episode! I’m sharing 8 things you need on your website that I’ve learned as a designer for coaches.   I’ve worked with life coaches, career coaches, business coaches, health coaches, nutritionists, counselors, yoga teachers, executive coaches…  seriously so many coaches! And, I love it. I love this industry, and it’s work that I believe in. So, for this episode, we’re talking about what works for coaching websites so you can crush it in your industry!    Links to explore: Get on the launch list for the new templates:  Shop Elizabeth’s Showit website templates:  Get the full show notes for this episode at  You guys know, I’m a website designer, and I love creating easy to use Showit5 website templates that are strategically-designed to help you book more clients. That’s my goal, and I love watching everyone in the EM Shop fam do just that! In a couple of weeks, I’m launching a brand new collection of templates to the shop that are PERFECTLY MADE for people just like you — coaches. This launch is going to be huge. I’m packing in some awesome gifts and bonuses for you to go along with your purchase! You don’t want to miss this. To get the details, head to and sign up to be the first to know when the new templates go live. You can preview some of the bonuses and get exclusive pre-launch info when you sign up! I can’t wait to celebrate launch day with you soon!   
August 27, 2019
Starting a business can feel daunting and the to-do list can be miles long. But, I’m here to tell you that things of things you have to do to get started might just be less than you’d think. In this episode, we are exploring what actually needs to happen to get your business up and running, plus what can wait a while longer. If you’re in the earlier stages of your business or planning to start a business soon, this episode will give you clarity (and an actual to-do list!) to get rolling!    I’m covering the 9 things you need to start your service-based business in the order that you should do them. This is your actual guide if you’re feeling stuck! Then, I’m covering 4 things people often think they need to get started, but can actually wait. Get ready to feel motivated and prepared to get your business idea off the ground!      Links Mentioned in This Episode: FREE Business Naming Guide:  Buy Domains with GoDaddy: Get a professional domain-based email with GSuite (20% off first year): Shop the EM Shop Showit Website Templates:  Get all the helpful business registration links I mentioned in the full blog post here:    This episode has a full blog post to go with it! Read the post and get all the links mentioned today here:    Thank you to Amy Wolterman for sending me this topic as an episode suggestion! If you ever have any topics you’d like to suggest, send me a message on Instagram (@elizabethmccravy) or comment on my latest post with your idea! I’d love to hear it! 
August 20, 2019
It’s time for some serious marketing strategy! The title of this really sums it up: people don’t buy products and services, they buy results. In this episode, I explain this concept and share how you can start marketing the results you provide right now! This episode is short and tactical.  There is ALWAYS a result tied to your product, no matter what you offer. But, often we don’t focus on the results as much as we should. It’s easier to just talk about the nitty gritty details of what we do. But, that’s not actually what makes people buy.  People are buying for a problem to be solved. They are hoping your product or service will do something for them. Your product or service is just PART of what you’re selling. It’s not the whole thing. The transformation and result, the pain you’re solving are huge parts of your offer too. We often miss this in our marketing. If you don’t tell people what their life will look like if they buy, they will have no motivation to buy. So, tune in now to learn this concept, grasp it for yourself, and then put it to action in your marketing!    Get the full show notes for this episode: 
August 13, 2019
I understand how it feels to be ignored in this noisy world. It’s a challenge to speak in a way that gets the attention of your dream clients. You have this great product or service, but you’re getting beat out by people who are able to communicate about their offer better.  Whether you’re a coach, photographer, realtor, designer, you name it… If you’re asking the question, “How on earth do I stand out?!” then I have a solution for you! It all starts with knowing what the customer wants and what their problem is, then positioning yourself as the person that will solve that problem. In this episode, we go very deep into marketing tactics and the minds of our ideal customers.  Do you know what problem you are solving for customers? Can you sum it up in a couple sentences and in a way that is compelling to them? Often times we really understand our product or service. We know every in and out of what we do. BUT, we don’t fully know what problems we are solving on a deeper level. People don’t want your service, they want their problems solved. They want a transformation.    In this episode, I’m teaching: How to speak to your customer’s pain points in your marketing How to discover what pain points you’re solving for customers  What to do if you feel like you aren’t actually “solving a problem” The 2 things you need to know in order to successfully sell your product/service  How to use empathy and authority in your marketing  What to do if you feel sleazy for actually focusing on your marketing  Remember: A great message is NOT when your ideal client understands you, it’s when your ideal client feels understood BY YOU.   Get the full blog post and show notes for this episode here: Download the freebie that goes with this episode here:   
August 6, 2019
As a new business owner, we often treat our business like a hobby unintentionally. Maybe your business even started as a hobby so treating it like one comes naturally. We desire to be a business owner, but we have bad habits that are keeping us stuck. We say things like “I’m just a freelancer” or “Oh, it’s just a little side hustle.” But, to grow your business, you’ve got to act like a business owner, which means ditching the freelancer/hobbyist ways of working.    As the saying goes, “Treat your business like a business and it’ll PAY you like a business. Treat your business like a hobby and it’ll COST you like a hobby.” In this episode, I’m sharing 5 ways I commonly see people treating their businesses like hobbies. Some are even ways I was guilty of early on in my business — so, I speak from experience!    When you make shifts AWAY from the freelancer attitude, you can start to step into the CEO role in your business, and see massive growth. You can’t run your business like a freelancer and expect results like a CEO.  I hope this episode is the tough love you need to take things to the next level and get a little more serious with the way you manage your business!  Get all the links and resources mentioned in this episode in the blog post at    Connect with elizabeth on Instagram: Visit the main website: 
July 30, 2019
You guys have been asking for this episode, and now here it is! We’re talking all about how to land your first paying clients in your business, and I’m sharing all the details of where my very first clients originated from. If you’re just starting out, this episode will prepare you to be a lead generating machine! And, if you’ve been in business a while, but are struggling to book clients, then this will be a refresh of new places to look.    We’re getting very practical, as usual, and you’ll learn a lot about lead generation! All of the methods I’m sharing are ways I’ve actually landed clients myself. (Not all of them first clients, but all of them have been lead generators for me at some point.)   Getting your first clients is HARD. When you’re new and you don’t have testimonials, references or a portfolio yet, it makes things tougher. So, get ready to book more clients as you explore these 8 ways to find them! Plus, one BONUS way!     Episode Highlights: My thoughts on freelancer websites, such as UpWork (and why these sites are so controversial)  Why you feel intimidated as a new business owner telling your friends about it, and how to get past it How to network for free and meet your potential clients How to find clients in Facebook groups the RIGHT way  How to use social media to book clients — even with a low following  The best way to be proactive when finding new clients  Why I believe in praying for my clients and future clients  Exactly where all my early clients came from  Get the full show notes for this episode:    Follow along on Instagram:    Visit the main website:   
July 23, 2019
Do you like to journal? Or, maybe you hate it? No matter where you land, I think you’ll enjoy these journaling prompts I’m sharing today. I start out (almost) every day by answering these 10 questions in my journal. Some of them I made up, some I got from mentors in my life, and all of them have been refined over time to be the best possible list of questions.  These are the questions that work for me, and today I’m sharing them with you so you can develop your own fast and easy morning  journaling routine! Starting my day with this questions changes my mood and helps me to not let the day happen “to me”, but instead be completely in charge of my day, my emotions, and my schedule.  I try to journal every day as part of my morning routine, but I definitely miss PLENTY of days and am far from perfect at this. When I do start my day with pen to paper using these journal prompts, I feel focused, I calm my anxieties about any stressors in the day, and I feel gratitude. The questions are short, simple, and easy. Doing this only takes up one page in my tiny journal every morning, but has a huge impact on my emotional health and focus. So, if you’re thinking “10 questions… I don’t have time for 10 questions!!” — you can make this work. I promise! So, tune in now to get the 10 questions that are going to totally transform your day!  Episode Highlights: A little bit about my morning routine My favorite question to ask myself that allows me to be really TANGIBLE with my goals  How to practice gratitude first thing in the morning  How to think ahead so that you control your day versus your day happening to you How to come up with a daily affirmation and why this matters  Get the free download with a printable of these 10 questions here: Use this freebie to print out the questions and keep them in your journal for the easiest possible use!    Get the show notes for this episode:    Follow along on Instagram:    Visit the main website:   
July 16, 2019
You shouldn’t just throw your testimonials on your website on a testimonials page and be done with it. No, no, no! There is a strategist way to show your testimonials on your website and marketing. In this episode, we cover the WHERE of using your testimonials — ideas to get the most reach, where to use them, and how to do it really well.    This is our third episode specifically about testimonials. I’ve done 3 episodes on this, because testimonials are crazy important and will be one of your most powerful marketing tools when done right. Do exceptional work, ask clients for feedback, curate the testimonials, and then USE THEM in your marketing!    Episode Highlights: 6 places that you should be displaying your testimonials  The do’s and don’ts of a “testimonial page” on your website and why I used to not like these pages Which pages of your website should have testimonials  How to blog about your client’s projects to create more content  How testimonials can help with conversions on your checkout page  How to do testimonials on social media in a creative and “behind the scenes” way  Why pull quotes are the queen bee of testimonials  How to keep it interesting by sharing testimonials in a variety of display ways  Links Mentioned in This Episode: Laurin Seiden’s Project: Laurin Seiden’s Testimonials Page: Testimonials Part 1: How to Get Powerful Testimonials for Your Business: Testimonials Part 2: Is it ok to edit my client’s testimonials?: ThriveCart:   Catch the other testimonial episodes: Testimonials Part 1: How to Get Powerful Testimonials for Your Business: Testimonials Part 2: Is it ok to edit my client’s testimonials?:   Visit Elizabeth’s website: Shop website templates:  Connect on Instagram:  
July 9, 2019
Once your website page loads, people form an opinion of it in .05 seconds.  Yep, that’s REALLY short. And, those opinions might be leading viewers to exit your site. Your website IS your business’ digital home, and for online-based businesses like myself, it is your business’ ONLY home. This matters. So, in this episode I’m diving into why people might not want to stay on your website. We are focusing on the copywriting mistakes you might be making that make people click the exit button.  And, I’m not just telling you the mistakes, I’m offering solutions too! So, let’s explore how we can improve your website copy to keep people engaged.    Episode Highlights: “If you confuse, you’ll lose.” - why clarity matters on your website  Questions to ask so that you can make it clear what problems you solve  How to craft a brand statement Examples of a brand statement before and after  How most people are reading your website  Why less is more when it comes to the words on your website  The information you MUST HAVE on your website as a local business  How missing “key information” hurts your website’s usability    Get the links mentioned in this episode by heading to the show notes here:    Shownotes:  Main Website: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:    
July 2, 2019
If you’ve ever wondered “How much is too much editing?” when it comes to your testimonials, then this is your episode! This is such a strange topic because there’s no official guide book to this sort of thing anywhere. It’s very much uncharted territory.    In this episode we explore questions like: What if the review has a typo? What if the grammar just doesn’t make sense? Can I change up the wording a little bit?    It can feel really confusing figuring out where to draw the line when you use testimonials from past clients, I get it. This episode will guide you to clarity.    I dive into 8 common changes people might want to make to a testimonial, and I tell you if it’s ok to change or totally not ok.  Episode Highlights: Answering the big question of “Can I do a little editing to my client’s testimonials?”  What’s totally NOT ethical when it comes to getting testimonials from clients  What to do when your client misspells something or uses bad grammar in their testimonial  When the testimonial doesn’t make sense as written, how to fix it What’s the deal with reordering sentences or cutting things out of a testimonial, is that ok? When you want to change “she” to your own name for a pull quote How to ask permission to make changes so that you’re always in the clear  Links Mentioned in this Episode:  Listen to last week’s episode about testimonials: Get the show notes:  See testimonials on Elizabeth’s website as examples: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram:
June 25, 2019
I would argue that testimonials are one of the most POWERFUL marketing tools for your business. We live in a world that runs on reviews, and positive feedback from someone else (even if we don’t personally know them) can make a HUGE difference in whether or not we buy something. And, let’s be real, your past customers aren’t going to just send you a testimonial just because. They’ve got their own life and stuff going on! So, you’ve got to ask them and ASK THEM WELL. In this episode, I’m teaching you exactly how I ask my clients for testimonials.  We dive into what to say, how to say it, and some dos and don’ts along the way. I’ve been asking for testimonials this way for about 2 years now, and it totally works! So, if you’re ready to have raving reviews for your business, this episode is FOR YOU. Get excited to have some clear strategies to implement today! Episode Highlights: 3 reasons why testimonials are game changer for your business Why you should never just email your past client “asking for a testimonial” How to create an easy system to ask for feedback Exact questions you should be asking your past clients in order to get answers you’ll actually want to share REAL reviews from some of my clients as examples of how powerful reviews can be when you do good work and ask good questions The most important question style you should be asking How to get clients to put the review on other spots like Facebook, Wedding Wire, Google, etc. How to ask for construction criticism and actually utilize it for your own good Why getting permission to use a review matters   Stay tuned next week for even more content on testimonials!   Links Mentioned in Episode: Get 30% off + a free trial of Dubsado with the code “ELIZABETH30” See reviews on my website Get the full show notes Come hang out on Instagram!
June 18, 2019
Are you ready to work smarter not harder and give your clients an exceptional and consistent experience? Then, oh boy, do I have the tools and tips for you! In  this episode, I’m sharing 5 ways I automate and systematize my graphic design business, and exactly how you can do it too.     This episode is brought to you by my friends at Dubsado. You guys have probably heard me talk about Dubsado like a thousand times on social media, my blog, and already plenty on this podcast. I talk about it so much because IT WORKS. The 1:1 design work side of my business is run on Dubsado. Wondering what Dubsado is? It’s a CRM meaning “customer relationship management” system and they help you run your business with less running. I use Dubsado to do things like automate emails to my clients and potential clients, send contracts and invoices, create proposals, send questionnaires, manage my project calendar and SO MUCH MORE. I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to Dubsado years ago because it changed the way I run my business and allowed me to SCALE in a way I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I want you to try out Dubsado and see for yourself. So, we’ve got a special offer for you! Head to or use the code ELIZABETH30 at checkout to get 30% off your first month or year of Dubsado. You’ll also receive a free trial where you can try out Dubsado with up to 3 projects for absolutely FREE. You’ve got nothing to lose! Click here to try it out for yourself!   Episode Highlights: How automation and systems help you create a BETTER experience for your clients The exact system and automation I use for when a new client reaches out to me How automated emails will set you apart from the crowd How to be quick and effective when sending over details after a potential client call How rocky my lead follow up process was before Dubsado (#embarrassing) How I automate payment reminders to clients so I can focus on doing the work and not collecting the money How email templates will help you write something really well ONCE and then reuse the best of the best responses What you need to do to start making email templates for your business today Feedback from my actual clients on how systems make for a better client experience Details on how to save big on Dubsado and try it out for free   Links Mentioned in This Episode: Get 30% off Dubsado + a free trial with the code “ELIZABETH30” See the contact form on my website as an example Get my FREE Brand Strategy Workbook Check out Notion for free   Get the blog post for this episode Elizabeth’s website Follow Elizabeth on Instagram
June 11, 2019
We are talking about a fun topic — business mistakes. Woohoo! This episode is definitely NOT a highlight reel, and I’m actually getting quite vulnerable sharing some of the not so fun stuff. I’m sharing 4 lessons I learned my first year as an entrepreneur. Instead of just showing you the wins in my business, I want to show you the mistakes. I haven’t been in business that long, and I’ve already learned so much from those mistakes I made in my first year. I want to share my mistakes with you so that you can learn from my mistakes AND know that you’re not alone if you’ve made some of the same ones. 4 lessons I learned my first year as an entrepreneur. Here are some mistakes to avoid, so you can survive your first year as a small business owner.   While I do call these things “mistakes”, it’s a different feeling than the regretful type of mistake. I’m super happy that my business has unfolded the way it has. But, things would have gone a lot smoother if I had realized some key things sooner. I believe that there are opportunities inside of every failure. If you let yourself learn from your mistakes without holding resentment and without beating yourself up, you can find those "secret opportunities" that lead to big-time growth! I hope you can learn from these mistakes too!   Here are big mistakes to avoid, so you can survive your first year as a small business owner!   Episode Highlights: 4 big mistakes I made my first year of business and what I wish I would’ve done instead The big mistake I made when naming my business the first time around The thing I used to hide and blend in early on How my first product launch was a complete failure How my scarcity mindset affected my faith and relationships Two bad client experiences I had and why they were really my fault   Links Mentioned in the Episode: Get the show notes for this episode! Get my FREE business naming guide!  The blog post about my big name change Elizabeth’s website Follow Elizabeth on Instagram  
June 4, 2019
We’re following up on last week’s episode and diving into YOUR questions about branding photo shoots. We’re talking about nerves in front of the camera, how to add more personality to your images, when and where to share them and so much more. Ready to get incredible images for your business? This episode is for YOU!   These are all questions you sent in on Instagram or email, and I’m so excited to get to answer them, and even give you guys some shout outs!   Episode Highlights: 7 ways to be more confidence in front of the camera The importance of choosing a location you’ll be comfortable in The 3 types of images many people regret not getting The must-have photo types for your social media and website How to find a photographer that will help you plan everything How many photos of yourself should you be sharing on Instagram How to get the most mileage out of a single photo shoot What to do if you can’t afford a photographer right now Answering the question of if you need personal branding in the corporate world How to decide what to wear when you don’t have brand colors yet How to add personality to your images so they aren’t so boring Links Mentioned in Episode: Get the show notes and blog post for this episode See examples of photoshoot images Visit Elizabeth’s website Follow along with Elizabeth on Instagram Leave a review for the show on iTunes!
May 28, 2019
Today we are talking all about PHOTOSHOOTS! Some of you might be thinking “Ugh, I hate having my photo taken and therefore, would like to skip this episode.” And some of you might be thinking “Bring it on!! I’m so sick of using so many stock photos for my business.” Wherever you fall, get excited because this episode shares exactly how to prepare for a brand photoshoot.   If you feel frustrated or overwhelmed when picking photos to use in your business, I’ve been there! I’ve been the person who has zero good headshots and a website FULL of free stock photos with nothing original to share on Instagram. Personal branding photoshoots have really transformed the way I’m able to market my business.   In this episode, I give you my blueprint for planning your photoshoot. We cover how to pick your photographer, creating a shot list, picking props, choosing the location, and figuring out what to wear.   Get ready to feel camera-confident (and online business confident) because you’re going to have photos that represent YOU! Episode Highlights: The style of photography to look for when deciding who to work with The number of photoshoots I’ve had for my business (it’s way less than you would think!) How to decide exactly what images you need to get before stepping into your photoshoot How I support my 1:1 clients during their branding photoshoots Examples of props to make your photoshoot interesting and unique to your business Key things to look for in a photoshoot location What to AVOID wearing for your photoshoot so that you’ll look and feel your very best How to totally transform an outfit without a wardrobe change Links Mentioned in Episode: Get the show notes for this episode See examples of photoshoot images in the show notes! Visit Elizabeth’s website Get my FREE No Fuss Instagram Planning Guide Follow along with Elizabeth on Instagram
May 21, 2019
Instagram strategy is different at every follower level. What works for someone with 100,000 followers won’t necessarily work the same for someone with 1,000 followers. In this episode, I’m sharing Instagram strategy for the business owners who are NEWER to the follower game — with less than 1,000 followers, specifically. If that’s not you, no worries! You’ll still be able to glean a lot from this episode all about Instagram strategy! I’m talking specifically about how to do things that will lead to book clients and make sales on Instagram, not just gain a following for the heck of it. I want you to have a following that CONVERTS. And by converts, I mean not just a pretty number, but people that are actually buying from you. I don't have a ton of IG followers, but Instagram still a huge lead generator for my business. With solid strategy, you can book clients on IG at any follower level. I’m going to teach you how!   Links Mentioned in Episode: Get my FREE No Fuss Instagram Planning Guide Try out Planoly to plan your Instagram content Follow along with Elizabeth on Instagram Get the show notes for this episode Visit Elizabeth’s website   Episode Highlights: What to do when you feel “stupid” because no one is watching your stories or responding to anything you share How to create the perfect call to action for your posts Super solid Instagram story tips to help you create better content A super incredible tip for responding to DMs from my friend Maghon at All She Wrote Notes Why it will hurt your sales when you choose not to write people back How to create a mix of selling and giving on your Instagram account Ideas for what to share on Instagram stories and on posts The tool I use to plan my Instagram content How to make a lasting connection with your audience on Instagram Tips for optimizing your Instagram stories effectiveness without the “swipe up” feature How to book clients through hashtags
May 14, 2019
In this episode, we talk all about the big question of "Should I put my pricing publicly on my website or make people reach out to get it?" We talk about things like whether or not to standardize your pricing as a service based business and how to display pricing effectively if you choose to do so. The way we display the cost of working with us can be HUGE in affecting whether or not we book clients. This is a conversation that really matters!   Episode Highlights: The pros and cons of displaying your pricing so you can decide what's best for you Different methods for how to show you pricing (it's not as simple as "showing prices" or "not showing prices") The must-haves for an easy to use contact form How I handle the pricing conversation in my business now versus when I started out How to optimize your contact form for more inquiries How to make sure you’re actually making money The psychology of WHERE you show the price on your sales page How to know if your price should be displayed at the top of your sales page or the bottom All the strategy to help you decide what's best for your business right now when it comes to your pricing!   Breakthrough Brand Episode Show Notes Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram! Breakthrough Brand Podcast website   References: Pricing Psychology Research from Guess the Test Toggl to track your time   Why you shouldn’t “charge what you’re worth”
May 7, 2019
Everyone wants to be more productive and get more done in less time, right? This is part two of my podcast episodes about technology hacks and tools! If you missed part one, be sure to tune into that one too. I’m sharing tools for social media management, email template tips, and all about my new favorite notes tool. You don’t want to miss this! Get ready to have some really incredible tools and hacks to bring into your life and business. Plus, most of these are free or have a free option! Want the full list of hacks and tools, plus some of the special discount links mentioned in today’s show? Click here for the show notes!   Breakthrough Brand Episode Show Notes Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram! Breakthrough Brand Podcast website   Did you miss part one of the technology hacks and tools? Click here for the show notes!
April 30, 2019
You guys we are getting crazy practical today. I’m sharing 10 technology tools and hacks that will save you time, help you be more productive, and just make life easier. Who doesn’t want that, right?!  We’re talking about hacks to make emailing easier, how to share documents more efficiently, how I keep my schedule straight and so much more! And the best part… most of these are free or have a free option! I’m sharing 10 hacks this week, and 10 more next week! So, be sure to stay tuned for that episode to hear the rest. Now, let’s dive in! Want the full list of hacks and tools, plus some of the special links mentioned in today’s show? Click here for the show notes! Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram! Breakthrough Brand Podcast website Breakthrough Brand Episode Show Notes
April 23, 2019
Spring is in the air over here, and I’m loving it! Normally, every spring I “spring clean” our home. I get rid of the things we aren’t using anymore by donating or selling them.  Just like a good spring cleaning helps us freshen up our homes, spring cleaning OUR ONLINE HOMES can help our online presence feel powerful and refreshed! (See what I did there…. Online homes?!) In this episode I’m sharing 7 ways to spring clean your website. We’re talking website usability, browser functionality, updating specific sections of your website, changing up your pricing and offerings, and SO MUCH MORE!   As you dive into this, I want you to think of your website like your business’ online home. For many of you (myself included) your business isn’t just an online home, it is your literal store front. You don’t have a brick and mortar or another way people buy from you. Your website is IT. Just like a boutique, coffee shop, or any kind of brick and mortar store cleans, redecorates, updates and improves their space, we’ve got to do the same for our business’ online home.   Episode Highlights: Why updating your website is vital to your SEO Which browsers you should make sure your website works with and how to test functionality Why the mobile experience on your website matters more than you think and how to get it just right Which sections on your website you should check out to make sure there isn’t incorrect information Questions to consider as you update your pricing and packaging WHY you need less words on your website than you think The best way to test how intuitive and easy to use your website is   Links Mentioned: Get the free spring cleaning checklist Showit website templates Take the website personality quiz Test drive your website on different browsers Why I Love Showit How to decide if you need to adjust your pricing How to decide how many services and packages to offer   Source: “On average, mobile web traffic accounts for half of all website traffic.” Source: Browser Platform Market Share Stats Source: End of Internet Explorer article on Fortune   Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram!  Breakthrough Brand Podcast website Breakthrough Brand Show Notes
April 16, 2019
I’m so excited to have my incredible husband, Adam, as a guest on today’s podcast! Y’all are going to love this conversation about personal finance, budgeting, saving, tithing, and all things money. We had so much fun recording this, and we hope you gain so much from the financial tips we share! We walk through 5 main categories of money: budgeting, paying off debt, tithing, retirement, and short-term savings.   Episode Highlights: Our budgeting story - where we started + what we do now Our tips for getting along when it comes to money and marriage All the categories in our budget that we spend within What are individual roles are within managing our finances as a family Our thoughts on credit cards and what we recommend How and WHY we paid off over $20,000 worth of student loan debt rapidly Why we believe tithing is so important and how we manage our monthly tithing How to save well for retirement as a self-employed person How we saved up for our first home   Links Mentioned in this Episode: Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card Betterment The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias Small Time Operator by Bernard B. Kamoroff C.P.A. Master Your Money Mind by Amber Lilyestrom Money Girl Podcast Ally Bank   Get the full show notes: Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram!  Breakthrough Brand Podcast website   [A quick note: We are certainly not financial advisors! We are just two twenty-somethings sharing what has worked for us when it comes to personal finance, marriage, and business. We recommend consulting a financial professional if you want more info to find out what strategies are right for your life and business.]  
April 9, 2019
We often hear people tell us to “charge what you’re worth” or “they are not paying you what you’re worth.” But, is your worth correlated to your business pricing? Are you the same as your business? Nope. I’m here to debunk these statements, show you WHY this doesn’t work. I’m sharing practical tips to help you decide if you should raise your prices or if you should lower them, and how to decide on your pricing as a new business owner.   Episode Highlights: How to find your self-worth outside of your business success or failure How to price your services when you’re a new service business The 3 things you should be focusing on when you’re a new business owner How to properly experiment with your pricing The questions you should be asking if you want to charge more for your services Ways to know if you should raise your prices or lower them How to charge from a spirit of “enoughness”
April 2, 2019
In this episode, I’m walking you guys DAY BY DAY through a week behind the scenes in my life and business. In the morning, I tell you about my morning routine and what’s on the agenda for the day, and in the evening I recap what happened. I LOVE these types of episodes because there’s so many hidden lessons in someone’s day to day life. And, I hope you can learn something through looking behind the scenes at mine.   We’ll discuss things like my all time favorite coffee recipe, the ins and outs of a design project, what it’s like to go house hunting in the middle of the workday and SO MUCH MORE.     Episode Highlights: What a typical morning routine is like for me and why I believe a morning routine is vital to success My all-time favorite coffee recipe (it’s gluten-free, paleo and sugar-free!) My favorite tool for successfully planning busy workdays The no-jitter, affordable pre-workout drink I swear by! What the process is like juggling 3 open design projects at once How house hunting and a Valentine’s Day date fit into my work week What my introverted self likes to always do at least once a week Why I don’t take meetings on Mondays or Fridays Get all the links and resources mentioned in this episode: Links and Resources from this Episode: Monday: One Year Expressions Bible, NLT High-Performance Planner My favorite quiet-time journal Get 2 weeks of premium FREE on my all time favorite meditation app   Tuesday: My Special Coffee Recipe: Black coffee Nutpods Creamer Coffee Booster Collagen Peptides Bulletproof MCT Oil My interview on The Power in Purpose Podcast   Wednesday: Powersheets Morning Buzz - My pre-workout   Thursday: Tailwind for Pinterest   Friday: Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens   See even more links in my Amazon shop!
March 26, 2019
Oh the joys of working from home, right? It sounds like a total breeze, but to have a successful at-home business, you need some strategy to do things right. In this episode, we are diving into my top tips for actually getting work done as a work-from-home entrepreneur. We discuss roadblocks you’re probably hitting and how to fix them. And, we tackle the  common myths you might be believing about what working from home SHOULD look like. Whether you’re a business owner or someone who works a traditional job from home, this episode is for you!   Episode Highlights: Why working from home is a blessing (if you need a pep talk about WHY you should love working from home, this part is for you!) The top 2 things NOT to do when you work from home (learn from my mistakes, friends!) How to transition into and out of your work day with a routine Tips for actually planning your work day (breaks and all!) strategically My thoughts on the “issue” of doing household chores during the workday How to learn your workday flow Tips for setting up a productive and fulfilling home office space   Links Mentioned: To-Doist - a productivity app to help you manage your daily tasks High Performance Planner
March 19, 2019
This episode covers all things email marketing — what tools you should be using, what to offer to get people on your list, where to put your opt-in for the best results, and so much more! Your email list is an important part of your business sales. If you aren’t building your list yet, this episode is perfect to help you get started. And if you’re on the other end and are actively emailing, this episode will give you ideas on how to do it even BETTER!   Episode Highlights: Why email marketing is more effective than social media The email marketing service I recommend you try Why simply saying “join my email list” isn’t going to work anymore The 2 rules for what to offer in exchange for an email address How to pitch your email list so people want to join Where to put the opt-in form on your website How to grow your email list on Instagram stories (even without the “swipe up” feature) When I believe it’s better to re-engage a cold list than to wish you had a list a year from now A bonus guide to creating the perfect email opt-in   Links Mentioned in This Episode: Try ConvertKit for FREE: Check out MailerLite: Get my free guide for creating the perfect email opt-on: Visit my freebies page:   Get the show notes: elizabethmccravycom/5 Get the free download that goes with this episode: elizabethmccravycom/5download   Thanks for tuning in! Joins us every Tuesday for a new episode. Visit Elizabeth's Website  Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram  View the podcast homepage
March 12, 2019
In this episode, we talk all about money, time and effort. I go into some deep work that’s been happening in my own life around money blocks I used to believe. We join the entrepreneurial world from the employee perspective, where being a good employee means working “harder”, but that’s not what being a good entrepreneur is. If you’re interested in how you can be more productive, scale your business, and work past mental blocks that are holding you back, then this podcast episode is for you.   We focus big time on these two questions: Do you believe that you have to work hard to have money? Do you believe that money comes from your effort? And, we debunk myths around the idea of hard work.   EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: As the CEO of your business, you will not earn more money by sitting at your desk longer. How I believed for a long time that I needed to trade my time for money in my business Why working more hours to “earn” a vacation doesn’t work 3 things that prove that money doesn’t come from effort, time, or “working hard” 4 practical ways to ditch the employee mindset The question you need to be asking when you start your workday Why I don’t like the word “busy” (and why you won’t hear me say that I’m busy) How managing your time well doesn’t just happen on it’s own, and 4 tools to help you   Shownotes: Podcast Webpage:
February 28, 2019
How long will people stay on your website before leaving? The answer: Within 5 to 20 seconds unless you clearly communicate what you offer and that you can be trusted. With every image you use and every line of copy you write, you’re either serving your customer’s story or confusing them. Today I’m going to guide you through some helpful tips to make sure you’re not confusing your customer with their initial view of your website on your home page. We will call this first view the “above the fold” view. This term comes from the newspaper industry and refers to where the newspaper folds in half. On a website, it’s what your customer sees on your homepage before scrolling. In this episode, I’m showing you EASY ways to make your website convert on that first, fast view! Are you ready to set your website up for better conversions? Most of these tips are going to involve taking things OFF your website, not adding them. And these are all things you can do on your own without starting over on your website!   Episode Highlights: Less is more when it comes to your navigation options + how many options you should have in your primary navigation How to be CLEAR, not cute How to showcase what problem you are solving, what your solution is and who you are helping The ACTUAL purpose of your website’s home page  
February 28, 2019
If you’re anything like me, then you may feel like you’re on your phone WAY too much. You’re scrolling Instagram, refreshing your feed, checking all of your Facebook groups, and reading emails that you have no intention of responding to in that moment. And it’s draining! At the end of 2018, I realized my phone was taking too much of my time, and that more importantly, I wasn’t even enjoying the time it was taking. If this sounds familiar to you, then this episode is for you because I’ve got some solutions to share! In this episode, I share 7 strategies I’m using to be on my phone less this year. These strategies are specific and easy to implement.   Episode Highlights: 7 ways I’m using my phone less and being in the moment more The spot in our house where my husband and I rarely bring our phones anymore Why you’re working more hours than you need to simply because of distractions How putting my phone away has changed my morning routine My top morning routine tools! Embarrassing stories about major phone fails and what I learned from them   Links Mentioned in this Episode: Amazon Alarm Clock I use Toggl - the timer I use to track how much I am actually working One Year Bible: The Bible I’m using to read the Bible through this year My Favorite Quiet Time Journal Get 2 weeks of premium FREE on my all time favorite meditation app   Thanks for tuning in! Joins us every Tuesday for the newest episode.
February 28, 2019
This episode focuses on my business story — from an advertising job I hated to the process of starting a business at a very young age. I give you all the details plus tons of practical tips throughout. Episode Highlights: How childhood hobbies can turn into career paths The struggles of choosing a major in college and what major I originally went with How a bold question at my college internship changed my career trajectory A lesson about asking for what you want in life The struggles of when you hate your job but are really trying to like it All the details on doing “odd jobs” while you get your business off the ground How just because you own a business, doesn’t mean you FEEL like a business owner All the details on how I landed my first EVER clients in my design business The timeline of my business growth over the last 3 years   Thanks for tuning in! Joins us every Tuesday for the newest episode!
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