December 3, 2019
Intro … Questions: Mental health. Both for coworkers and civilians. What are some techniques you use for your psych patients, Suicidal and/or homicidal patients. How to spot a coworker in need and what we can do to help. Common industrial and home accidents. Altered states of conscious scenarios. What emergency services want to know when … Continue reading "CPM 028 – Listener Questions"
November 23, 2019
Questions: Choking Diarrhea Allergic Reaction Heartburn Cuts Burns Nap / Snoring / Alcohol Therapy  Self Defense PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Monthly Subscription Boxes CIVILIANMEDICAL FOR A 10% AT MEDICAL GEAR OUTFITTERS
November 10, 2019
Ben’s Introduction A host of the off-road podcast and lots of backstage things around the firearms radio network along with the self-titled seller of freedom at rainier arms  What accidents have you seen? In SAR none on the trail a few rollovers and one that needed to be airlifted out and I’m naturally a walking … Continue reading "CMP 026 – Offroad"
October 23, 2019
ITEMS EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE IN THEIR EMERGENCY KIT –Portable Radio –Flash Light –Survival Blankets –First Aid Kit –Water Filter -Multi-Tool -Police Scanner -Batteries / Solar Charger –Matches / Fastfire Tinder –N95 –Emergency Food Code: WLS5 saves you on MRE’s at MRE Nation. –Clean Drinking Water –Gasoline CIVILIANMEDICAL FOR A 10% AT MEDICAL GEAR OUTFITTERS
October 15, 2019
Common Wilderness Emergencies … TOPICS: Snake Bites Fractures/Dislocations CutsHypothermia Frost Bite Dehydration Heat Related (Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke) BlistersDrowning StingsCIVILIANMEDICAL FOR A 10% AT MEDICAL GEAR OUTFITTERS Product of the week: Small Kit Supplies Only
September 12, 2019
Brandy “Mrs IV8888”” Introduction You’re a secret medic … I have seen your supplies! What do you carry in the car? Range? Around the house? Storytime … Williams Injuries … haha Eric? What’s new … ballistic ink CIVILIANMEDICAL FOR A 10% AT MEDICAL GEAR OUTFITTERS
September 5, 2019
This week wilderness medicine! Mark with Off Grid Medic  What is OFF GRID MEDIC Q:       Mark, tell everyone a little bit about yourself. A:        My name is Mark DeJong, and I’ve been a Paramedic since 1998. My interest in medicine began back in the late 80’s when, as part … Continue reading "CMP 022 – Off Grid Medic "
August 29, 2019
CIVILIAN RESPONSE TO A MASS KILLING SUCH AS THE WAL-MART SHOOTING IN EL PASO TX. 22 people killed 24 Injured Ages 2 – 82 Police took 6 mins to get on scene.  SCENE SAFETY: YOUR CONCEAL CARRY WEAPON VS AN AK FITNESS TWO VERSIONS OF RUN – HIDE – FIGHT TRIAGE Distracting patients Nurse performed … Continue reading "CMP 021 – El Paso"
August 21, 2019
JOSH BOBKO, MDBill Harris FIRST CARE PROVIDER: WHAT IS IT?  R.A.C.E C.A.R.E FCP APP ISO GOOGLE FCP PODCAST Why: Because public training modalities and educational curricula are inadequate, and not based on experience Who we are: We are a social engagement enterprise creating a community with the mutual goal of improving civilian survivability OUR GOALS:  … Continue reading "CMP 020 – FCP"
August 5, 2019
TRAVELING WITH MEDICAL! EDC – LIFE THREATENING INJURIES Ankle Kits SWAT-T wrapped in gauze for your pocket? TRAVELING IN A CAR Emergencies on the road side Boo-Boo type items Almost need to be prepared for anything What type of non-medical items do you travel with? TRAVELING BY PLANE  Pocket Kit in my backpack You can … Continue reading "CMP 019 – Travel Talk"
July 25, 2019
John Steinbaugh with RevMedx John Introduction … RevMedx Company and Information John’s background What do you do for RevMedx How did you come to medical Revmedx background PRODUCTS XSTAT XGAUZE AIRWRAP PARABELT TX TOURNIQUETS SHARKBITE KIT CIVILIANMEDICAL FOR A 10% AT MEDICAL GEAR OUTFITTERS
July 18, 2019
PRESSURE BANDAGES: Used to hold pressure, haha! Controlling major bleeding is more about pressure than absorbing blood. USES: Head Injuries Junctional Injuries Hold Splints Arm/Leg wounds Abdominal Injuries IMPROVISED: Shirts or pretty much any cloth COMMERCIAL: 4” 6” OR 8” … YOU CAN ALSO GET FLAT Ace BandagesCoban Bandages Israeli bandage – Emergency Bandages Olaes … Continue reading "CMP 017 – Under Pressure"
July 11, 2019
Vanquest Intro How do Vanquest get started? Company Details Manufacturing Details Backpacks … Pouches … Cube FATPack Patches … Zipper Pulls What is in your medical kits? What’s coming up? Product of the Week: Vanquest 5×8 Pouch Trauma Kit  Large Kit Civilianmedical for a 10% at medical gear outfitters
July 4, 2019
Disclaimer: The opinions or assertions contained herein are the private views of the author and are not to be construed as official or as reflecting the views of the Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Army National Guard, Department of the Army, or the Department of Defense. Intro Fisher Introduction  Enlisted military background EMT school … Continue reading "CMP 015 – Evidence Based Medicine w Andrew Fisher"
June 25, 2019
Last week we talked about tourniquets. This week lets talk about altered mental status patients. Make the scene safe. Lets talk about them in detail and treatment. Causes: Infection Sepsis Strokes Clot Bleed Trauma Medications Over the counter Illegal Opioates (Narcan) Recent video of guy shooting people after Narcan Seizures Grand Mal – Body Shakes … Continue reading "CMP 014 – Altered Mental Status"
June 18, 2019
Lets talk tourniquets!! Tourniquets are used to stop major bleeding in the arms or legs. Blood that can’t be controlled with direct pressure 2” – 3” about the wound / high and tight 2 hours with no problem … could be longer Improvised: You really need a windlass More than likely you are making a … Continue reading "CMP 013 – All About Tourniquets"
June 6, 2019
Scene Size Up and Scene Safety Scene Size Up – ‘Windshield Survey” Gloves – maybe eye protection If no gloves then wash hands with warm soapy water afterwards Danger Jones Power lines, Fire … Clues for scene violence If you get hurt then you are no good Make the scene safe Little clues tell a … Continue reading "CMP 012 – Scene Safety"
May 23, 2019
Sam “PrepMedic” What is your background? What made you get into EMS? What made you start the YouTube channel? Do you think that civilian interest in medical is growing? Talk more about youtube channel, favorite video, hardest video, etc. What advice would you give to civilians? Advise on building a vehicle kit and home kit. … Continue reading "CMP 011- PrepMedic"
May 16, 2019
Fracture vs dislocation Open / Closed Types of Fractures Greenstick – Incomplete fracture. … (common in children) Transverse – The break is in a straight line across the bone. Spiral – The break spirals around the bone; common in a twisting injury. Oblique – Diagonal break across the bone. Compression – The bone is crushed, … Continue reading "CMP 010 – Fractures"
May 9, 2019
You are more likely to use your first aid skills over your firearms skills. May is National Stop the Bleed month What supplies should you carry at the range? Tourniquet If you budget allows carry two. Discuss different TQs Gauze Hemostatics Compressed Gauze Rolled Gauze No tampon … unless you’re a girl hahah Pressure Bandage … Continue reading "CMP 009 – Range Kits and more!"
May 2, 2019
We have been talking a lot about trauma so let’s shift gears to … Medical Emergencies Overview: Breathing Problems Asthma Inhalers Choking Heimlich Maneuver CPR Allergic Reactions Epi Pen Difference between allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock Heart Attack Asprin Difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest Diabetes Cake Icing for bring their sugar up Stroke … Continue reading "Civilian Medical Podcast 008 – Medical Emergencies"
April 25, 2019
FRN Meetup m-a-r-c-H Head Injuries and Heat Loss Head Injuries How to diagnose in the field: Altered Mental StatusTrauma to Head Dizziness Memory Loss Nausea Feeling Tired Sensitivity to light or noise Unequal pupils in a late sign Concussions Slow Bleeds – subdural bleeds Quick Bleeds – epidural bleeds AMS patients should be disarmed – … Continue reading "CMP 007 – Head Injuries and Hypothermia"
April 18, 2019
Recap: Phases of Care m-a-r-C-h CIRCULATION PULSES Carotid Femoral Radial ESTIMATED BLOOD PRESSURES Carotid 60-70 Femoral 70-80Radial 80-90 Secondary Blood Sweep SHOCK What is Shock? Some symptoms of shock Compensated Decompensated Irreversible Physiological responses to blood loss. Basic shock first aid – is raising the legs above the heart myth or what MEDICS ONLY TXA … Continue reading "CMP 006 – Circulation And Shock"
April 11, 2019
REFRESH: What does march stand for, the other phases of care Third Phase of Care: tactical evacuation care The final phase of care under TECC is called “Evacuation Care.” During this phase of care, an effort is being made to move the casualty toward a definitive treatment facility. Most additional interventions during this phase of … Continue reading "CMP 005 – Evacuation / Respiration"
April 4, 2019
SECOND PHASE OF CARE – Indirect Threat or Tactical Field Care a. Indirect Threat – care rendered once the responder and casualties are no longer under effective hostile fire or environment . Available medical equipment is still limited. Time to evacuation may vary from minutes to hours. b. The Management Care Plan for Tactical Field … Continue reading "CMP 004 – Indirect Threat / Airway"
March 28, 2019
Direct Threat – “Care Under Fire” Controlling major bleeding Doing medicine in bad places Put on a TQ and then re-evaluation after the fight Self Aid Massive Bleeding TQ are for arms/legs and wound packing for junctional areas. You can also wound pack if you don’t have a TQ. Tourniquets Talk about different ones on … Continue reading "CMP 003 – Direct Threat / Massive Bleeding"
March 21, 2019
Today we’re going to talk about MARCH and Phases of Care. Direct Threat / Care Under Fire Presence of an immediate direct threat Indirect Threat / Tactical Field Care Treatment Evacuation / Tactical Evacuation CCP Help EMS get patients close to the exit Massive Bleeding What is a massive hemorrhage? Clothes covered in blood Large … Continue reading "CMP 002 – MARCH"
March 15, 2019
Civilian Involvement We are not attorneys, ao…. Good samaritan laws – Consent Implied consent Reasonable man concept Negligence Duty of care Standard of care not met Causation Bystander Effect – Introduction to MARCH-E Evacuation Introduction to Phases of Care TCCC – TECC Product Gen 4 SOF-T After Action Motorcycle Accident Civilianmedical for a 10% at … Continue reading "CMP 001 – Not So Skinny Medic"
February 27, 2019
The world is a dangerous place. The Civilian Medical Podcast aims to prepare and educate you for the day you hope never comes. Regardless of your skill level, we’ll be providing information on skills, products, techniques, mindset, as well as interviewing guests and experts in the field. Spend some time with us discussing medical training and skills you need, it just may save your life.
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