Writing Master!
If you are looking for someone to help you build confidence in writing, this is your person! From easy to implement tips to deep level thinking, she has all you need!!
Amazing tips for the classroom!
Mallory Lyons
I’m a first year teacher and I can’t wait to put some of these ideas into action in the future!
Inspiration Every Time
Each episode offers simple to implement tips for making a teacher’s life easier AND to make learning fun for everyone. If you want down-to-earth tips, tricks, and inspiration for your classroom, this is your gal!
Love your podcasts! You are so helpful!
So helpful!
Kelly McCauley
Love this podcast! Definitely going to listen to a few episodes several times (challenging parents). Thanks for everything, Jamie!
Best part of my ride to school!
Kassy Stotz
Jamie’s podcast gets me ready for my day! I love that it’s short and sweet and to the point. I have listened and relistened to several episodes. 🙌🏼💙
Improving Morale
I just listened to Jamie’s podcast about improving staff morale. What a great reminder to be positive and appreciative! My school does some of the ideas she shared, but she inspired me to do more!
Simple ways for grading student writing
Jamie I especially loved how you gave other ways to grade student writing samples. I also like how you discussed and gave examples on how to give grades for participation! I always enjoy your advice and expertise on these topics!
I can’t wait to listen to all these podcaats. Jamie always has wonderful advice and im so excited!
Pretty Little Lessons
Jamie and everything she does, from her podcast to her TPT resources to her Writing Master Class, has transformed the way I teach. I follow along religiously and am obsessed with everything Not So Wimpy Teacher. The podcast is full of real tips for real classrooms, and her experience in education helps me know I’m only getting legitimate strategies and resources to help make my life as an educator more rich. Thanks for all you do for teachers!
Ideas are helpful
Jamie is a bubbly and enthusiastic teacher not only to students but to teachers as well. I have taught for 15 years but she has put a fresh spin or perspective on centers, writing in math or even lesson planning. She has great tips and ideas that anyone could benefit from. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, Jamie!
Helping an old cranky teacher feel refreshed and motivated.
I have been teaching for 20 years and after a very few challenging years have become a bit cranky and jaded. Jamie has creative ideas that are easy to implement and bring a fun fresh perspective to my planning and teaching. I love her bubbly and enthusiastic personality and willingness to share the mistakes she has learned from.
Thank you!!
Learned sooo much for my first year of teaching!! Thank you for all the helpful ideas :)
Thank you!
The Potters
Love your resources and I LOVE your podcast! I have been listening to it in the car, while mowing the lawn, and weeding the garden! Definitely helping me get excited and inspired for a new year!
Always has great resources and I’m exited I found her podcast!
Sound quality is not good
I’m sorry but I’m having a hard time listening to this.
Writing in Units of Study
I have been following Not So Wimpy Teacher for a while now on Teachers Pay Teachers -TPT-; I recently signed up for the Not So Wimpy Teacher Masterclass for Writing. Jamie knows what she’s talking about. She articulates what SO many teachers know to be true. I’m looking forward to listening to all the episodes that are available!
User Friendly
Jamie Sears makes writing workshop so easy to understand and use. She has ideas that will save you tons of time, and your students’ writing will grow!
Love her content - delivery needs work
I follow this teacher on other platforms, so I was excited to find this...but I feel like I am at church listening to a sermon and they want me to come to Jesus. The phrasing, tone, pauses, and emphasis is like nails on a chalk board. I can’t listen to what I am sure is fantastic content. Sad to say and please, use this feedback to get better. I want to listen and I think you are great.
So so
Sleepy Sarah
I’m sure the content is great— I might be able to muster through a couple more—but the sound quality isn’t great, and she has some awkward pauses/phrasing that makes it hard to listen to. I also feel like she’s talking down to me and not like a peer. I’m not sure I can make this podcast a regular listen.
No abstract ideas here!
Jamie delivers ideas that are applicable and easy to follow so you can start using in your class right away.
Sound Quality Needs Addressing
Great content! Love how the topics are so relevant. However, I didn’t give the 5th star due to sound quality. It’s distracting to the message to listen to the echoing (reverb?) throughout the episodes.
Wanting More
Goodin 4th grade
I absolutely love your podcast! I listen to it on my way to school. It’s reassuring that I Implement some of your strategies in my class room already, But I really enjoy hearing new twist on them. The one thing that I see myself doing a lot is looking for your new podcast! I’ve probably listen to each of your podcasts three or four times (I drive to work is about 15 minutes). Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping me become a better teacher.
BookLover 9 3/4
This is amazing for teachers who are just starting out! Your podcasts contain everything a teacher could ever have to know! I love listening to your podcasts they are engaging and easy to implement in the classroom!
Love this podcast!!! Very helpful and useful information that I can transfer back to my teaching, classroom, and life. 💕🌻
So helpful!!!!
This podcast is so helpful! All of the ideas are very practical and easy to implement. Thank you!!!
Sound issues
The topic was great, but felt more like a “teaser”. I will be looking up their website and the book. This is definitely something I wish I had heard earlier in this school year...3 of my kids would have benefited greatly!
Episoide 10 poor sound
Kept cutting out. Hard to follow along.
Great length!
I love the length of your podcasts! I can quickly listen to one or two while I’m driving. Great info!!
I can not get enough of Not So Wimpy Teacher! I’ve always looked forward to your Facebook videos, but now I’m ecstatic to have this podcast to listen to as well! It’s my motivation while I’m getting ready every Monday morning. Love you, Jamie!
Thank you!
I was just talking to my team of teachers about how I need a plan for writing - I feel like I am guessing and picking skills out of a hat! Thank you! Love listening to a Podcast about teaching while driving to work!
Wonderful to hear from an experienced teacher!
Jamie is an experienced educator with so much wisdom to share. I love that her best practices are now being shared via podcast! The length is perfect for my commute. Thank you, Jamie!!
Love Not So Wimpy Teacher
Teaching 3rd Grade in Utah
I’ve taught for 15 years and sometimes you just need to be inspired. Jami does that in her blog, videos, and this podcast! Her ideas are easy to implement and resources are game changers. So excited to have a podcast to go along with everything else!
Love her!
I’ve been following Not So Wimpy Teacher on TPT, Instagram, and Her Facebook groups. Her strategies and resources have been some of my favorites. I was so excited to find out she now has a podcast! I will definitely be listening.
My Fave
Jamie is awesome! Love everything she creates and all her videos and podcasts are so informative. She's helped me save time with planning and prep, as well as made my classroom more FUN!
Teach, Girl
Jaime Sears has helped me find my love of teaching again! Her positivity and explicit teaching tools have helped my students soar this year and helped me to keep my sanity! So thankful for Not So Wimpy Teacher!
This podcast is so inspiring and informative. Thank you
Not So Wimpy Teacher Podcast
Jamie shares such valuable tips and ideas in her podcasts. I have continued to learn and be inspired by the ideas I have heard in these episodes. I highly suggest that educators listen in to her podcasts for inspiration, tips, and valuable resources and ideas.
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