I love this pod
The skimm will explain everything happen in the news and do it in a great way.
Way to far to the left
I was hoping this would be more journalism with Ethics. Instead this is more left-leaning rhetoric.
Great summary of current events
Tells you what you actually want to know about and not overly biased in my opinion
Daily News
I love this podcast it’s very insightful. I also love their humor
My favorite way to commute!
This has made driving home from work so much better. I feel so educated and up-to-date. I pick this over reading TheSkimm in the morning! So thankful they made this podcast.
Best podcast ever!!!
This is my favorite podcast!! It makes it so easy and interesting to keep up with the news! I wish it was 7 days a week!!
New Voice Please
PLEASE GET SOMEONE NEW TO READ THIS PODCAST. Important is not pronounced “impordant”. Button is not pronounced “buddon”. Britain is not pronounced “Bridain”. Anyone smart enough to listen to this brilliant podcast is smart enough to be annoyed by these continuous mispronunciations.
Great way to recap news
I like hearing the news so succinctly, however the canned phrases and unchanging voice/diaolgue gets tiring.
Concise, easy to understand news
I am terrible about keeping up with the news. I have been a subscriber to the Skimm newsletter for at least 2 years now and the format is great, but sadly, I end up not reading most of them. That’s where this podcast comes in— 10-15 minutes of the top news stories every week day presented in a very easy-to-understand format is the perfect way for me to stay updated. I listen to this podcast while working. I love how they are short enough to keep me attentive and explain how a particular story impacts us now and what it may potentially set a precedent for. Definitely recommend this podcast to anyone!
Aimee Angel
Great podcast to listen to on the drive home!
Best use of my drive home!
I love the snippets of information I get over a 10-12 minute period. I hate watching the news and hearing about all the negativity going on in the world. But this podcast gives me the perfect amount of information to keep me up to date just enough so I’m not completely left out. I love that they give just enough background on the issue to help you see why XYZ is going on. Most news segments miss this and I’m left more confused.
Brdway luver
The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, NOT São Paulo
Perfect news podcast
Gus' best dad ever
I highly recommend this podcast for those who have very little time to read or watch news. Brilliant coverage.
Short, sweet and good information!
Perfect Podcast
My favorite daily news podcast. They provide a great recap of what’s happening all around the world (Yay! a lot of podcasts only focus on the United States and I like that this provides a much broader view point) I can acknowledge that they do have a slight bias to the left, but most places have a bias and as long as you acknowledge that and can see through it I think it’s fine. Recommend it too anyone that wants to stay informed on the things that bigger media places don’t always cover.
Quick way to start up to date
I listen to this podcast and have their app for daily news. I've never felt more informed.
More than a sound bite
Although the format provides quick updates I’m often surprised at the depth to which each segment reaches
Cheesy but informative
Their “skimm” references are really cheesy and gimmicky but it’s a good show otherwise
Best thing out there
This has quickly become my favorite podcast! I love that it’s never longer than 15 minutes and gives me all the important information that’s happened in the day. I feel so up to date!
Love this
Great delivery. Easy to understand
Love this podcast!
Bon Bon Cito
Very informative and I love her voice!
Accurate & Straight to the Point!
As a long time subscriber of the Skimm, I was thrilled to hear they were releasing a podcast! I religiously listen every evening and I love how they keep the news fresh & accurate, so I stay entertained & up to date on world events!
Like it
I love that it’s quick and informative. Sometimes I feel like it’s pandering to a certain generation who has issues with ‘adulting.’ Ahem.. talking about you millennials. But, maybe that’s on purpose.
Good content but flaws
I’ve been a subscriber of Skimm emails as well as when this podcast came out. Very informative and nice to get a breakdown of the news. Very helpful. However, some stories have opinion thrown in and have a slight left agenda. I’ll continue to listen but not the neutral news I originally came here for.
Listen every day!
Love this podcast! I’ve been reading the skimm since college and have listened to every episode of the podcast. It’s perfect for my commute home. I would listen on the weekends if you made episodes then too! Personally I enjoy the narrators voice, I’m not a fan of the newscaster voice on TV these days it’s nice to feel like I’m getting the news from a friend. Keep it up👍🏻
Good but biased
I use to love listening but the more I listened to the more obvious the bias towards a left sided political agenda becomes apparent. Still a listener and still good news but take some of the stories with a grain of salt. Hard to find unbiased and objective journalism nowadays
Comprehensible and to the point
Vigny gottlieb
Love this podcast so far! I have lots of email subscriptions to news outlets and think tanks but don’t necessarily have the time or patience to read through everything each day. This podcast is the perfect way to stay in the loop on major events while breaking down the nitty gritty behind them in an accessible manner.
I Never Miss an Episode
It's not too long, they cover the important stuff in the news and explain it in a simple but still interesting way. I've loved their email newsletter for years and this is just as great.
Like the app, almost perfect.
This is a fun, yet informative podcast. Try the app out, too.
Good for what it is
This show is very simple and short, which makes sense for what it is. It should absolutely not and in fact cannot be a source for real understanding or opinions, but it’s fine for keeping events on your radar. Star off for how clearly corporate-owned its opinions are, but it is serviceable for an adhd person who does not have the time or energy to spend hours paying attention to articles or tv stations every day. Unless you have absolutely no choice DO NOT STOP HERE. But it’s a decent start. I just looked at other reviews and WOW you guys are off. This show is NOT left leaning and her voice is GREAT! You are all being goofy.
Perfect for my commute
Mike Maillaro
My wife and I listen to Skimm This religiously. Great way to stay informed.
Concise delivery, but not neutral
Perfect podcast for my car commute. Informative, though I wish the content would be more neutral without an opinion slant. I would also appreciate a more pleasant or commanding voice to deliver the news because the voice sounds childlike and grating. Great concept but, room for improvement
Great for on my way home from work!
Love how the ads don’t feel like ads! Also they’re short and concise so you don’t feel bogged down with info!
Never Miss an Episode
Sometimes I get too busy at work and don’t have time to read the Daily Skimm, but the podcast is already ready for my commute home and makes me feel like I don’t miss as much. I love that the stories are concise but still informative and easy to understand & remember. Thanks to the team at the Skimm!
Short and to the point
I love the length of the podcasts. Just enough info on each topic. I do wish though that the Skimm would become more neutral on reporting especially in the upcoming year. I don’t want to have a right slant nor a left slant about the topics. I feel that the Skimm is leaning left which is defeating the purpose of delivering an unbiased Skimm of the news.
Short, Succinct, the perfect News
I love the skimm. I’m so grateful for a short, succinct podcast that gives me the essential news without taking the time to make me want to die from all the negativity. I feel like it’s the perfect combination of wit and intelligence to help me stay informed! Thanks Skimm!!
Great way to start or end the day
I love the Skimm This podcast for the same reason I love The Skimm emails and app - Quick and straightforward information about real topics and their impacts.
Love it!
Finally found a daily news podcast that I like! There’s nothing wrong with the host’s voice or manner of speaking. Some people just like to pick at anything..
Not what I thought!
I was excited to get this podcast downloaded so I can listen to it on my commute. I was quite disappointed in the reporter’s voice. It was difficult to understand her half the time because she spoke so fast that I missed half the points of what she was trying to say, which was my whole reason for wanting to listen to the Podcast
Quick and easy but...
This is my quick and easy way of getting updated on the news but the skimm inserts their opinions in small snarky ways which isn’t what I care about.
A Perfect Recap of Daily News
Sandra @evomarketing_
The topics they choose are topics well discussed and things you should know about. It’s perfect for a quick recap on your way home from work, or while cooking dinner 👌🏽 A way to always stay informed without spending hours reading the paper.
I finally don’t dread listening to the news!
So thankful The Skimm is now available as a podcast! I benefited greatly from the daily emails but often skimmed them (ironic), leaving our crucial information, and many days I wouldn’t get around to reading it at all. This podcast is consistently brief, educational, and easy to digest on my commute. I love that it only focuses on 2-3 stories and ends on an interesting note. Have already found myself engaging in world events conversations better since listening!
Witty ,clear and concise!
For a New Yorker time is of the essence. You guys make things so clear easy to digest! Thank you.
Pronunciation Issues and Biased
I like getting a quick overview of the news but the narrator’s pronunciation of words like important, Britain, and eaten irk me a little bit. None of those words contain the letter D. I wish they weren’t so obviously left-leaning. Getting a snapshot of the news is great but I wish I would be moderate.
Great info, horrible delivery.
Love the skimmed version of the news, but cannot Stand how the girl delivers it. Her pauses in speech are so off, and it’s almost unbearable.
Off lately
The skim used to be one of my favorite places to get info. Lately they appear to be taking the biased route to reporting. Not sure if this is a Fox News influence or what.
My Daily News Dose
zoe deschanel
I listen every single day and I love it! Thanks for giving us a news outlet that gets to the point!
Favorite way to learn about the news/what’s going on in the world
Morning must have. I listen to the night before, every morning. Great information that is easy and interesting to listen to.
Daily Ritual.
Mackie P
I love this podcast, keeps me updated & informed. I like her voice, she isn’t boring to listen to & the people worried about her pronunciation are not picking. I’ve never noticed anything so it must be pretty subtle. Lol. People are picky.
Needs a different narrative voice
I love the skimm and the idea of this podcast. I listen to it in my commute to catch up on the latest news. However, the narrative voice really needs to change. Something about the one that current speaks is quite annoying and it actually makes me not want to listen any more. I feel like her voice is not crisp, clear, and doesn’t “flow”. I find myself trying really hard to concentrate on what she’s saying, which is terrible for the podcast.
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