November 13, 2019
We hope that you took a moment to listen to today's announcement because it means a lot to us. All three of us have enjoyed every second of making Mommy Group and appreciate each of you who took the time to listen.  We love each other so tricking much and will continue our little Mommy Group "off pod" And while this is the end of Mommy Group, this is also the beginning of MOMHOOD! Brandi and Orly will be launching a new show called MOMHOOD which you can listen to here ---> We hope that you will click the link above, pop over and check it out!! You can also join the conversation on INSTAGRAM at Be sure to keep up with everything that Ami is doing as well! Below are all her links!
October 30, 2019
Today we all about the struggles of working moms. All mom's have it hard and working mom's have a unique set of challenges. We feature lot of amazing articles which highlight the fact that "a little self care cannot fix how burnt out moms are" And boy is that the truth! We have tips, tricks and some personal struggles to share with you all. PRODUCTS Orly- Evo Hair mask- Ami- 24 k beauty massager - Brandi- Belly Bandit Anti Bra -
October 23, 2019
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month we put together a very special episode We interview 2 breast cancer survivors who have amazing stories and takeaway! A Breast Radiologist who will myth bust + leave you far more educated than you were before. Amazing charities and causes that do a lot of good. As well as products that donate a percentage of the profits to cancer research. OUR GUESTS AVIA ROSEN Avia is Orly's sister and a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29 years old and has been Cancer free for 7 years! She shares so many amazing tips for how you can best support someone going through cancer and things you may not think continue to be a struggle. She shares her experience with Penguin Cold Caps, a largely unknown breakthrough that can prevent women from losing their hair during chemo! Avia is an incredible Family Photographer - IG-  @aviarosen PARUL SOMANI Mom, entrepreneur & breast cancer champion: Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Parul was a business executive with 15 years of experience in management consulting + operating roles across healthcare, consumer, + technology. She was 31, a new mother to 2 small children when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now in remission for 5 years. Be sure to read her entire blog to hear her incredible journey. Blog: Web : Dr. Anjali Malik - Breast Radiologist & Women's Health Advocate Dr. Malik is board certified in diagnostic radiology. In addition to her clinical duties, Dr. Malik serves on the communications committee for the Society of Breast Imaging. She is a frequent public speaker and advocate for women and breast health awareness. IG: @anjalimalikmd Website: FOUNDATIONS AND CHARITIES Breast Cancer Research Foundation National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund  Breast Cancer Prevention Partners CHARITY WATCHDOG WEBSITES  Charity Navigator + Charity Watch Products and Causes Fawn Design Bags Kendra Scott  Swell Bottle Bobbie Brown Pink Lip Duo Stasher Bags Primally Pure Deodorant
October 16, 2019
Today's interview is beyond captivating!! We interview Ali Fedotowsky Manno, who you may know from her time as The Bachelorette, or as an E! News host, or the popular Ali Luvs blog, or even her Instagram... But there is SO much you don't know about how Ali became Ali. Her story from 0-20 years is beyond fascinating and will inspire you that your childhood does not have to determine your adulthood. She is beautifully honest, and we all shed some major tears in this one. If this interview inspires you, please share it with a friend who might be in need of some good inspo! A 5 Star rating and a review will also help this podcast get to more people, so we would really appreciate that. HER WORK BLOG INSTA
October 9, 2019
Today we had the opportunity to interview the incredibly inspiring Sabrina Soto!! She is an absolute boss in everything that she does. Not only is she a successful television personality (with a focus in interior design), the owner of her own brand of Rugs and thriving social media and blog but she's also a single mom. Yes, a SINGLE fricking mom. She's such a rockstar. Sabrina opened up about her struggles to find balance between all these parts of herself.  She still has huge personal goals she wants to accomplish, life changing solo vacations being one of them ;) Sabrina also shares the daily practice she CAN'T Live without. HER WORK You probably recognize Sabria from her various HGTV shows such as The High Low Project, Design Star, Real Estate Intervention and Get it Sold. Her beautiful face also popped up on White House Christmas, HGTV’s Green Home, Bang for Your Buck, House Hunters, Showdown, Buying & Selling Secrets and served as a judge on the ABC series, The Great Christmas Light Fight! can catch Sabrina as one of the new designers on the reboot of the hit design show, Trading Spaces and While You Were Out on TLC. HER LINKS Sabrina Soto RUGS - Sabrina's WESBITE - Sabrina's PODCAST - Sabrina's Dry Shampoo PRODUCT -
October 2, 2019
New phases can be so hard for so many reasons. There's yhe adjusting to something new. The unknown of what's coming next. It's all enough to make you a little crazy. In this episode we talk about all the leaps that we're taking from one phase to the next....Some of us more gracefully than others haha. Sometimes, US PARENTS are the ones who are leaping, sometimes they are... and sometimes we both are.  We all share something we're currently struggling with. If you're liking the show please RATE, REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE! It's make such a difference to us.  PRODUCTS Ami- extensions: Brandi- scooter: Orly: instapot:
September 25, 2019
Today is Orly's turn in the hot seat!! Ami and Brandi interview Orly and there are some crazy details about her story we never knew!! You will understand so much more about why Orly is the way she is, after this interview. We hope you love this interview as much as we enjoyed recording them!! If you are enjoying the show please share it with a friend or screenshot this and share to your social media! And you can really help us grow by Rating, Reviewing and Subscribing! Thanks for the support! WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
September 18, 2019
Today's episode is all about Brandi. This is such a surprising interview, your mind will be blown when you realize HOW Brandi became Brandi! We hope you love these interviews as much as we're loving sharing them. If you are enjoying the show please share it with a friend or screenshot this and share to your social media! Or help us grow by Rating, Reviewing and Subscribing! Thanks for the support! WHO ARE WE!? Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Ami Desai: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
September 11, 2019
Today we're talking about Patience!! How to stay calm and practice patience with our Kids, our Husbands, and our jobs! Ugh. it's alot. We each share stories when we've lost it and some amazing TIPS and TAKEWAY for staying calm. This is a must for everyone, not just crazy mamas :) If you like the podcast please do SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND REVIEW! It makes all the difference to us! PRODUCTS! ORLY’s eyelash curler tip: AMI’s versed cleansing balm: BRANDI’s Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Container
September 4, 2019
Today is Ami's interview!!! We go ALL the way back and learn everything about Ami! You'll fall in love with her, just like we did.
August 28, 2019
Today we are taking your questions and its a fantastic coversation! QUESTIONS: Rosie_girl29 I would love the hear how you all got started in your careers. Is it what you know? Who you know? A little bit of both. Did you go to college for the careers that you have now. I follow you all three of you ladies, I just wonder how you came upon the opportunities that you have, for example home and family. Lorna3535 I got married young, fell into a career in finance. Even though my degree is in film/theater. Had my babies in my late 20s, im now 40, kids are both heading into high school and middle school. And I’m trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up Do you have any advice on career changes finding a career that you adore. I just dont even know where to start. @Amalie_nelving- a break up between friends. Confront or just let it fade out? @Omitofo- how do you pick a date night babysitter. Like what do you look for on the apps, what questions @Kellicameron- Dating with kids. Moms trying to date. Its frustrating bc what time is left after the kiddos. I feel like im the only one dealing with this. @Stjewel82- do you meal plan for the week- how do you handle dinners, lunches and everything in between. PRODCUTS ORLY's - discipline mat- AMI's - Bringing Asha Home (book on adoption) BRANDI's: The Five Minute Gratitude Journal
August 21, 2019
On Episode 19 of Mommy Group we contemplate Success. How do we know when or if we are successful? The closer you get to the bar you set, the further we all seem to push it.  How do we measure success in our career, our  PRODUCTS: AMI's- Elf no budge shadow stick BRANDI's- OPI Funny Bunny polish ORLY'S- Dry shampoo
August 14, 2019
Today is about Communication!!! Orly had a personal situation she needed some advice on so the girls come to the rescue. How to fight fair, how to communicate, how to stay connected WHILE fighting.  It's not easy but its SO gooooood! Also, have you ever had to discipline someone else's front of them?? We have.  PRODUCTS AMI's Piggy Paint BRANDI's  The 5 Love Languages ORLY's Squeeze Bottle DYE Vid!!  And the Dyes... POWDER DYE -
August 7, 2019
Today we talk about SummerFUN ideas and also some MAJORLY important WATER SAFETY tips!! We've all heard the nightmare stories and we need to be prepared!!! Make sure to listen! Also, Do you rely on family help our hired help? It's so interesting how differently everyone views the role of family the raising of THEIR kids.  AMI's NYX powder lippie - Orly: temporary tattoos - ORLY's Fashion Tattoo DIY VIDEO  Brandi: Inflatable Slip n Slide - 
August 1, 2019
It's basically The "Brandi Show" today and we're here for it!! Brandi had her baby yesterday but in Mommy Group land she's still anxious about when Littler Amazing will come!! It's such a trip to hear her talk about the unknown... now that we KNOW exactly what went down! We're also talking about TRANSITION. All those times when you transition to a new phase of life and how to navigate those changes.  As a mom, a wife, a friend, a business woman etc.
July 24, 2019
EPISODE 15 is all about perspective! An ER Doctor shares her decision to go back to work vs being a mom. Her decision isn't what is getting heat though... it's what she said about Motherhood. Social Media is a tough place to be a mom. People complain about all the fakeness on social media but then when someone is honest they’re vilified for it. Is Guilt even real? It's all about perspective... PRODUCTS! ORLY's  Free Prints App- BRANDI's -Floating Acrylic Frames AMI's Milani soft focus glow
July 17, 2019
Today we're talking about honesty, lying and the mess it brings. How do you discipline your kids when they lie? And what kind of role does social media play in all of this?  Then the podcast gets a little intense and we talk about family lies, betrayal and forgiveness. It's tough to talk about but it's a real TRUTHFUL beautiful conversation and we hope you'll keep listening. PRODUCTS AMI's Ornate Hair Clips- BRANDI's Letters To My Daughter Journal ORLY's Giving Keys Jewelry
July 10, 2019
Today we're talking about limits and boundaries. How do you set them for yourself, your children, your home.. your job? When do you know you’ve reached your limit? How do you prevent yourself from getting there?  We get into all of it and there's tons of good advice! We even have advice from gorgeous mama, Reese Witherspoon! Ami had the chance to interview her for Mommy Group and we're so  PRODUCTS ORLY Bath Bombs ORLY's Rose Sea Soak - AMI's mini face steamer- BRANDI's Baby Bjorn Mesh Carrier One
July 3, 2019
Today's episode is filled with SUMMER fun!! 1) We've got the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and with that, TONS of "firsts" 2) So Leonardo Dicaprio is an Instagram Boyfriend now?? If he can do it, so can our's! 3) Ami shares the logistics behind her famous "24 Hour Vacay" and it's going to be your new favorite thing!! 4) And Orly's got a 3 Minute Sex Challenge... well kinda. It's Brandi's fault really! PRODUCTS ORLY's INCREDIBLE Body Blur Makeup and Tanner!! - AMI's: Magnetic lashes that actually work- BRANDI's Insulated Backpack: : WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
June 26, 2019
Anxiety #STAMPGATE is back baby!! Brandi give us an update on Miss _____ and you will not believe the balls on this one... I mean honestly!! Brandi also went to a "Postive Parenting Conference" where they talked about how to prepare for baby #2. To say Orly and Ami disagree with the "expert" is a massive understatement. MASSIVE. Stress and Anxiety are everywhere these days. We're going to talk about how we struggle with it and how we try to shield our children from it. And lastly, we'll talk about a little something called a Fecal Transplant....just wait for it.   PRODUCTS! Orly’s MAGICAL eyedrops: Ami’s Murad sleep spray: Brandi’s Mario Badescu Spray:
June 19, 2019
60 Things you should never say to your kids.... according to some chick we can't stand. Your mind will be blown when you hear a MOST of these! What an incredible woman says about RAISING CEO's. She's done it 3 times and her advice is beautiful. The role of FATHERHOOD... babysitting vs Co-parenting.  AMI's Vitamin C Serum BRANDI's Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop ORLY's Collagen Powder WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
June 12, 2019
If you post a photo on social media should you expect and accept the judgment that comes with it? You are posting it publicly after all. One photo inspired this conversation and it gets good. Quitting is a big topic today. If your kids are doing an activity FOR THEM and now FOR YOU, then should they get to decide when they're over it? Or do we need to teach them to follow through with what they start? An ongoing story begins to unfold today!! STAMPGATE is here and it gets intense. PRODUCTS AMI's Cotton Silk Pads BRANDI's Pendant use promo code BRANDI for 20% off ORLY's Waving Crimper WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
June 5, 2019
Subscribe, Rate and Review!! We'll see you on Instagram @mommygrouppod 1) Instagram might be removing LIKES and loads of Influencers are PUH-ISSED! We talk about our relationship with the LIKES, how it converts to cash and Social Media in general. 2) An iconic Supermodel reveals that she does not participate in Botox or Fillers. She shares exactly WHY she made this decision and it got us sharing our own personal experience with anti aging....stuff. 3) CBD is the "it" ingredient of 2019 and mom's are participating in a big way. Does it make them a better mom or are they masking the cause of their anxiety?? PRODUCTS ORLY's Tie Dye DIY KITS - Shirts- Shirts- AMI's 16 Hour Camo Concealer / Corrector BRANDI's Re-Usable Silicone Bags WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
May 29, 2019
Welcome to Episode 6 of Mommy Group! If you're liking the show, we hope you'll screenshot your phone and share it with your friends! And 5 star ratings and reviews are also a super helpful way to push our pod up in the search results... jus sayin'. ;) TODAY Kids' parties are ridiculous....RIDICULOUS we tell you!! Some parent's are trying to out-do one another, others are barely able to afford their parties and then there's the worst part of it all..... PARTY FAVORS! (Insert eye roll emoji here please***) "Mommy Friends" was a topic that took us all by surprise. Brandi and Orly have very different views and Orly may or may not lose her cool. A teacher was blasted for writing "Pathetic" on a kid's paper and it prompted a conversation about the responsibility / role of teacher's in our kids' lives. Should they be nurturing or tough. Can they be both? ORLY's Clear Heels AMI's "one concealer everyone needs" BRANDI's Butterfly Garden WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
May 22, 2019
Today we're talking about how our "look" is expected to change AFTER having kids or after reaching a certain age. Is it empowering to still dress sexy and youthful or do you just look thirsty AF? Anne Hathaway talked about how she quite drinking for the remainder of her son's childhood and it got us thinking about our own relationships with alcohol. Some of us partake on the reg and some of us don't but we get into it. Jenny Mollen shared something that we've all been through, but rarely share; Those close calls when our kids get really hurt but COULD HAVE gotten REEEEEALLLLY hurt. We each shared our own close calls that shook us and hopefully it will make you feel less guilty, if you've had a few your own. PRODUCTS! AMI's "Favorite Favorite" Retinol Capsules BRANDI's Truff Hot Sauce ORLY's "Perfectly Nude" Cheap Lip Gloss WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
May 15, 2019
Megan Markle got us thinking about the importance of keeping traditions alive WHILE still making things your own. Is that even possible? Should we sacrifice something we may want in order to keep an important tradition alive in our family? Is the tradition bigger than us? Kim K is always called out for Cultural Appropriation but it prompted a conversation about the difference between "appropriation" and "appreciation." It's one of the most confusing topics right now but also one of the most heated... We get into it. Ya know that friend that somehow NEVER buys a round. NEVER pitches in her fair share, NEVER pays you back? Yea, us too.  The conversation started because Kathie Lee is claiming Kris Jenner own her some money and then we realized...."Stars They're Just Like Us!" BRANDI's Cast Iron Skillet AMI's Hydrogel Stick Pur Beauty hydragel stick: phyisicians formula De-puffer: ORLY's Fabric Glue WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
May 8, 2019
1) Chrissy Teigen talks openly about her "new" body and it's got us thinking... Should we strive to get back to our pre-baby body or embrace all the changes and settle into the "new us" ? 2) Kim K is having baby # 4 and it got us wondering, how does the average Joe and Jane manage it!? She can afford all the help she needs or wants... but wtf about us!? 3) Sarah Silverman put Hulu on blast when they charged her $1500 for her Emmy's Glam. Just a healthy reminder that it costs THOUSANDS of dollars to look like they do on the red chill with your personal expectations. PRODUCTS Orly's Mosquito Repellant Brandi's Kid Friendly Knives Ami's Round Straw Bag WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
May 6, 2019
Welcome to Episode 3 of Mommy Group!! 1) Today we are talking about the Netflix show, Working Mom's, Does it actually represent our daily experience?? and boobs. Lots of Boobs. 2) Reese Witherspoon looks 5 years old and it's really annoying. LIKE REALLY ANNOYING. But the good news, is that 40 is truly the new 30 and that bodes well for us! 3) And lastly we talk about screen time and the new research that has come out about the effects on children. Brandi's Glass Straws Ami's Selfie Ring Light Orly's Slip Extender WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
April 20, 2019
Episode 2 is live and it's starting to come together!! Today we discuss why Pink is such a rock star, on and off the stage. -She's an example to us all when it comes to handling the mommy shamers of the world.  Dr. Dre did a dumbbb thing. -Why the college scandal is actually so sad and what it means for our kids.  Kate Beckinsale is living her best life.  -Whether the romance is real or not, Kate Beckinsale is dating a younger man and we discuss our own experience with hug age differences. TODAYS PRODUCTS: AMI's Blue Balls :) ***************************** ORLY's Melatonin Gummies ******************************* BRANDI's  Essential Oil Roller WHO ARE WE!? Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
February 21, 2019
Episode 1 of the Mommy Group podcast is here! It's bare bones right now, so join us for what is sure to be a helluva ride. We talk about the never ending frustrations of using Social Media for business, the new trend of "Theybies",  and why Mandy Moore IS all of us. In our favorite hacks of the week Ami talked about the JADE ROLLER that she uses every morning, here is her tutorial: Brandi's Fonuts Recipe! WHO ARE WE Orly Shani YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: ************************** Brandi Milloy INSTAGRAM: WESBITE: YOUTUBE: ************************** Ami Desai:  INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: **************************
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