Edge-of-Your Seat Captivating!
Couldn’t stop listening! Just an all around incredible podcast.
The way he conducted interviews and blundered about is wildly irresponsible and inconsiderate of real peoples real lives. The story is over dramatized and he follows forgone conclusions instead of facts. 🙄
Ohhh my goshhhhh
This is great!!! The way that this podcast was recorded is amazing, hearing all the conversations in real-time make you feel like you’re right there with Neil.
This is the best podcast of the year - it’s second only to the original “Serial” series. Outstanding on all fronts. I couldn’t put this down.
One of the best stories - wow!
This series was so well done- I really appreciate the hosts understanding and humanity as you takes you through a horrible crime with lots of twists. I am just sorry this series is over.
Best one yet
By far one of the best True Crime podcast I’ve listened to and I’ve probably hear 90% of them! The host keeps you on the edge of your seat and anticipating the next episode! Definitely worthy of all 5 stars!!
Well produced and researched.
This podcast and the Adea Shabani story is so riveting - I was hooked from the very first episode. The work that went behind researching all the details, interviewing her friends and family, and all the other moving parts of each episode was just so well thought out. Can’t wait for the next season. And blessings to Adea’s family and friends. Thank you for sharing her story.
I’m STILL obsessed!
Even weeks after listening to this podcast, I’m still checking in constantly for updates and new developments. This was a GREAT story, bittersweet, and told so boldly and beautifully.
THIS is what I’m looking for when I am looking for a true crime podcast.
Jamie Noelle
Wish all cases could be given this much in depth attention!!
Excellent podcast! Technology, tenacity and time well spent investigating this case.
I made huge mistake listening to this true crime podcast. I now measure all others against it and none have measured up quite like this!! The story is heartbreaking and the way it unfolds in real time is incredible. Thank you so much for this incredible story and I curse you for ruining all others!
Thank you - providing resources
I’m a huge fan of this podcast, and I just finished one of the last episodes. While the entire podcast has been powerful and incredibly meaningful, I can’t stress enough how deeply appreciative I am that you all included resources for any listeners in manipulative or abusive relationships. A lot of my work involves learning about and working with those who have experienced domestic abuse, and your inclusion of resources for listeners who may be in that kind of scary situation literally brought tears to my eyes. Nobody deserves abuse, and nobody deserves to be treated the way Adea was. Providing people with resources is one of the key first steps toward preventing the same thing occurring to anyone else. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
My Jaw is Still on the Floor
NOLA Gammy
This podcast was like a good book that you can’t put down. I had to force myself to go to sleep the first night I started listening to it. I listened to the rest the next day. Adea’s story is intriguing & Neil & Jayden make a great team! The editing was awesome as well. It was a story well told!
Best True Crime Podcast
I have listened to multiple true crime podcasts and this one is by far the best. The difference in this one is that Strauss shows respect for all the people involved. He got people to talk and his interaction with the detective was interesting to hear. Strauss truly wanted to help solve this and help the families involved. It is a breath of fresh air that he is not self congratulatory like Payne Linsey in Up and Vanished, but only did this to selflessly help, unlike many podcasts that make the podcaster more important than victims, suspects, police, and people affected by a crime. The podcast is well produced as well and all the phone calls and visits actually are informational.
Best True Crime Podcast Around
Brookie's iTunes
And, I’ve listened to soooooo many. First and foremost, it’s bringing awareness to the case. I’m so sorry for the losses that have occurred and hope justice will be served. The podcast is so well done, and intriguing, while sad and unsettling. Bless the families who are suffering. Update: my only gripe is waiting for episodes as they don’t drop consistently. It’s nicer to have a set day to count on for a new eppy, like with telly.
Sad Story- addicting awesome podcast
Beyond riveting
I went into this one completely cold and binged the entire thing in one day. It was absolutely stunning and heartbreaking. So many twists and turns of fate that could have made this a different story for everyone involved. It had a satisfying ending, but it left me feeling kinda hollowed out, emotionally. What a ride!
Quite Simply, The Best
This truly is the best real-time True Crime podcast that currently exists. The storytelling is fantastic and Neil’s lack of experience in chasing down criminals makes it a truly enthralling and relatable journey.
I couldn’t stop listening. In the car...work...cooking...cleaning. What a interesting story.
Somewhat interesting with annoying host
This held my attention for 5 episodes but I found the host and the PI unprofessional and unqualified to be handling this case. They made no attempts to be rational or objective as they pursued leads and it felt exploitative the way they used this woman’s story to make a podcast. Payne’s Up and Vanished is a great example of how to do this in a respectful way- this guy was clearly out of his depth.
Great coverage
I have listened to quite a bit of true crime podcasts. This one was very well done and had you listening back to back. If you enjoy true crime and great investigation, this ones for you.
Very well done and super interesting. I would put it on the same level as s-town.
Very well done
Example of how all Crime Podcasts should be made!
Gripping narrative. Reads like a movie. I binged listened to this one.
Fascinating true crime story
Great narration and detail. The case was gripping. I couldn’t believe it was real.
Amazing investigative journalist!
The truly love this podcast! It is pieced perfectly! The story follows an true crime that happened to an actress, which compelled me to the story, considering that famous people have security at all times. You get to see two sides of the story and have a better understanding of the situation!
Compelling storytelling
Homesick for Bay Area
Excellent reporting of a wrenching story. Bonus: A true understanding of how much data Google et al. is collecting.
15 out of 10 / well done.
You can hear the passion in ever episode and the shows production quality was on a similar level to the amazing work done on research and story recap.
Started out and really held my interest. The long it goes on the less interesting it became.
Missing the Yankee Game
This podcast is so good that the Yankee game is on TIVO and my wife and I are instead listening to the podcast. Well done!
Great podcast
You kept me glued to my seat from the beginning till the end.
Great podcast
This is a fantastic podcast in its own right. The investigation, communication, and story telling is done really well. There is also such a depth of honestly from our narrator. It reminds me a lot of the “Cold” podcast, and so if you enjoyed that one and are looking for something similar I would highly recommend.
5 Stars!
Expertly delivered, hooked from the first episode! Thank you for sharing this story, offering guidance to those whom may be suffering and lastly honoring a beautiful memory of live taken much too soon!
Well told, but offensive
This tragic story is well told, but I find it offensive when they speak of the victim as a girl. She was an adult woman and needs basic respect. Also, Jayden’s theory that the perpetrator could have gotten away with this horrible crime is way off! He was the last person she was seen alive with, so he definitely was suspect #1! I don’t understand why he would put this idea out there! Way off base and not professional!
Great podcast
Really enjoyed and looked forward to this podcast. I hope their team is working on new content/ updates on this story
A (as I see it) wonderful story with a gratifying end! Unfolds as you’re listening! I worked a block away from her apartment and didn’t hear anything about this! Excited for a season 2!
Excellent podcast
Love, love, love!!
One of the best
One of the best true crime podcasts I have ever listened to. So engaging and crazy how Neal and Jayden uncovered so many clues. Very riveting and addicting
I wish there was more podcasts like this
Super engaging and has you by the end of your seat. Which more podcast where like this one!
Amazing! Made me want to drive
I hate this podcast only because it’s spoilt me for all other podcasts! This was so good that nothing else compares. The way the story is told, in real time, makes it even more intriguing. This is how podcasts should be; long enough to give the entire story but short enough to hold ones attention. No unnecessary tangential information; no silly pauses for dramatic effect; and no talking over one another. Simply amazing.
I listen to a million true crime podcasts and this is my new favorite. Neal is extremely relatable and the whole event/story/crime is so crazy and strange—its a riveting experience following along in what feels like real time. Very well done, very highly recommended. I see these other reviews complaining about him making it about himself but I couldn’t disagree more??? I find those comments totally unfounded and confusing, actually. Payne Lindsey is a different story—I find him to be 100% about himself and that quality is an absolute deal-breaker in a podcast for me. But this reporter seems extremely empathetic and deeply affected by the pain of all the family members, he makes is a very personal experience. In my opinion this (very well done) podcast—was made all about the victim and the perpetrator. I HIGHLY recommend it. (And I never like anything.)
Long ads
Ads are too long. Really distracting
Masturbatory garbage
It baffles me how this journalist manages to make the story of a woman’s murder almost entirely about himself. He had no respect for any party involved and crossed so many lines it was vomit-inducing. Complete lack of respect for people who have experienced severe trauma and completely exploitative.
My new favorite.
I literally listened to the entire season in one day. Anything put in by Tenderfoot you know will be good. This one exceeded those expectations. Highly recommended.
Love series-type podcasts, but this guy takes the cake...
Episode #5 was a deal breaker. Admitting that you were shallow and so self absorbed to forget about the other people affected is the practice of amateurs not a so-called professional. Way to go...
Very engaging and found to be informative
Very good podcast
Engaging and thorough
I had to write a review because I thought Neil was so interesting. I hate to say that I enjoyed the podcast, simply because of the tragic topic. However, I was so glued to his storytelling and fact finding methods. He worked hard to uncover multiple versions of accounts and follow through on all leads. I have bounced around trying to find a podcast to keep my attention, and Neil’s clear, compassionate and engaging manner won me over!
Heart Breaking Story
Pod Cast Fan101
This is truly one of the saddest story I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s a story which needed to be heard and I applaud the investigative team for their efforts. My rating pure based upon the sympathy shown the killer! That’s what he was a killer who used drugs and made an excuse to take another human’s life. To much time was wasted on conspiracy theories. The killer did it! The LAPD did an excellent job! May killer rot!
Jennifer from DE
By far the best podcast I’ve ever listened to. I felt literally every emotion there is to feel while listening and was on the edge of my seat every episode. In the end I just felt sad for the victims of this tragedy. Neil is an amazing story teller. I can’t say enough about how well produced this podcast is... from the music to the interviews. So good.
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