April 1, 2019
We invited Bonnie Aarons to join Axelle Carolyn to share their insights and perspectives on the subgenre of religious horror.
March 29, 2019
This week, Dana Schwartz sat down with Anna Biller, to talk about all things fun, femme, and fantastic about the genre we all adore!
March 25, 2019
Professor and Editor-in-Chief of Rebekah McKendry, and her friend actress and author Brea Grant put down their phones to discuss Tech Horror and the everyday terrors lurking online.
March 22, 2019
We called up Dee Wallace to speak with our very own showrunner Blaire Bercy, about her work within the afterlife, how there are no such things as “evil spirits”, and her current career in healing from her home in California – amidst the backdrop of the Woolsey Fire!
March 18, 2019
For the delicate topic of Rape Revenge films, we brought in Polyanna McIntosh and Staci Layne Wilso, for a conversation about responsible feminist filmmaking and the future of the subgenre.
March 15, 2019
We’re back with Clarke Wolfe who talks to Alex Essoe about the power and beguiling nature of our favorite horror witches.
March 11, 2019
Grae Drake returns to talk with Illeanna Douglas about everything from the “Crazy Bitch” trope to unlocking psychic abilities.
March 8, 2019
Barbara Crampton talks with Clarke Wolfe to examine the trauma of the final girl and why we remember the male monsters more vividly than we remember these kick ass women.
March 4, 2019
Jennifer Tilly sits with Grae Drake to discuss the Damsel in Distress trope and the enduring legacy of Jennifer’s most famous character.
March 1, 2019
Karyn Kusama talks with Emily Deschanel about everything from the dated trope, Sex = Death, to learning how to become their own creative advocates.
February 20, 2019
Hosted by horror icon Adrienne Barbeau, SHE KILLS explores horror through a female lens with conversations from women in front of and behind the camera – including Karyn Kusama, Dee Wallace, Jennifer Tilly, Illeana Douglas, Polyanna McIntosh and more.
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