Thank you, Gordon Hampton.
Your recordings are treasures.
More, please!
t-race from ver-mont
I loved the sound escapes with Gordon Hempton. I really hope you do more. I also loved the interview with Dr. J. Drew Lanham. Such good stuff!
More episodes!!
This is one of the most beautiful podcasts I’ve ever heard. Such lush, gorgeous sounds!! I truly hope there will be more episodes.
On repeat all day
On Repeat, On Repeat
Grateful for this podcast in every sense.
What a gift
Really enjoyed this calming podcast. Have visited the Big Isjand and the sounds bring back memories of a great time
PLEASE make more of these.
Nature as symphony
Tracey AH
Composed natural wildlife sounds. Gorgeous!
Super intense
bte press
At 20:04 sounds like a black panther/ or some big Cat yawning? The splashes are super hyperventilating and can feel myself in the canoe and just one slip and your over board, and I’m sure those are not small alligators definitely will try too put this on my bucket list. Awesome recordings. Thanks Mr. Gordon Hempton
Beautiful recordings, harsh announcer
The recordings are amazing— perfect for relaxing or listening while you fall asleep. The only thing I dislike is that the woman who introduces and closes the recordings has a really harsh, loud voice—like a sportscaster. You can skip over her at the start, but then she comes back at the end.
Luna Girl 65
The sounds of nature have had healing qualities for me since childhood. When I need to relax and feel calm and safe I go into nature. In our busy world, however, it has become much more difficult to find any place where the sounds of nature are unmolested by those of modern life. This podcast gives that experience better than anything I’ve ever discovered. My deepest gratitude to Gordon and to everyone who made this podcast possible. I hope you’ll make more episodes.
Tremendous quality
Thank you for making these available.
Best audio for meditation
I listen to these episodes over and over again when I am meditating or I can’t get to sleep. Sounds are relaxing and the audio mix sound quality is excellent!
Bird Lover
This podcast is like listening to the most beautiful concert of nature. So calming, I have listened to them over and over again. What a creative idea for a podcast. ALso, thank you for the bird id on the website, that adds a wonderful educational element. All I can say is, More please!
Wondrous Curation
Heard the interview with Gordon on the 20k Hertz podcast and this lustrous series is everything Birdnote producer Ashley Ahern said it would be. I also went to Gordon's website where I found his American Prarie file available for purchase. What a pleasure to support this artist's life work. It's wonderful to learn he's mentoring new artists. Thank you, Gordon.
Incredibly fantastic
ralph 245
As an audio engineer/sound designer by trade and a nature enthusiast on the weekends, this podcast is the best of both worlds. Thank you Ashley for hosting this series. Thank you Gordon for your dedication and hard work. These field recordings and mixes are spectacular! Discovered this serious via 20k Hz podcast, but I’m also a BirdNote listener.
Thank you Gordon!
Greek Myth Lover
This is such a rich and beautiful program. It completely merges your ears with the most beautiful sounds in the world! I’m captivated and you will be too!! Thank you for this wonderful gift, Gordon!
Sumptuous! A feast for the ears
Listening to this podcast feels like twirling through a daydream!
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