Beautiful message!
This podcast truly resonates with me as I am beginning my journey healing my cervix. Womb wisdom is powerful and listening to this is really encouraging me to step into my feminine. 💛 also cried happy tears on the episode about sacred menstruation.
Empowering Women!
Cassandra is a wealth of knowledge, as well as a strong, compassionate, and empowered advocate for women and the divine feminine. If you want a stronger connection with yourself as well as other amazing women, this podcast will help you find that! Cassandra is gifted in helping others understand the cycles of women, their hormones, and their divine feminine energy. This podcast is a gift.
Amazing podcast!
I couldn’t have found this podcast at a more perfect time. I am starting to dive deeper into my spiritual journey and every episode that I have listened to has totally helped me along the way. I especially love the manifestation podcasts and reconnecting with your intuition podcast. I find myself constantly quoting Cassandra to everyone I know and am so grateful for the wisdom and insight she provides. Hope to make it to a retreat in 2020. Thank you Cassandra for this amazing podcast. Namaste!
Wonderful podcast for women!
This podcast is such a unique and beautiful contribution to the wellness space for women. I look forward to the new one every week and am so grateful to Cassandra for sharing her knowledge and wisdom with us.
Love this podcast!
I was lucky to have been able to take a workshop from Cassandra at NW Yoga Feast, and it was my favorite one of the whole experience. I love her energy and wisdom, and could listen to her all day!
Always just what I need
The wisdom and passion conveyed in each podcast session is just what I need to hear every time. Thank you for putting together such power content!
Insightful and inspiring!
This podcast gives insight to deep, personal, and emotional topics that both women and men can benefit from. There are subjects we don't often talk about and through Cassandra's openness and vulnerability we are able to face things we all deal with. Gain some inspiration, insight, and great energy from her words!
So inspirational and inspiring!!!!
I loved that this podcast feels super natural and not rehearsed. I feel so inspired and it has moved me to shift how i approach my life in subtle and organic ways. So grateful for this resource. Thank you so much!!
A beautiful soul
I have followed Cassandra for a long time and seen her truly embody what it means to be a woman in these modern times. I really liked the podcast about masculine and feminine because while it’s so easy to push back on men and use the word “toxic masculinity” about everything we don’t like - we still can greatly benefit and learn from men and masculine energy. We can embrace this energy to be a more balanced woman. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!
Love this podcast!
strength of spirit
Love love love this podcast! Real questions real good answers and ideas of how to live more pure, purposeful, and realistically healthy life!
Restorative, revolutionary and reigniting ✨
Kanyn Jo
Cassandra has created a space for womyn to come back to. She allows for us to connect globally, and locally to one another in such an impactful and accessible way. Cassandra explains these essential practices, ideas and tools in such a profound way that allows for womyn to feel empowered, supported and truly invested in. Thank you, Cassandra, for ALL that you do. You are changing the world one podcast, retreat and training at a time and welcoming womyn back to their wild womynhood. You are such an incredible gift and I am so grateful to know of your existence 💛
So empowering!
This podcast is so wonderful to listen to. I listen to feel empowered and understood. A podcast created by women, for women! A place to feel accepted where you’re at and to get insight from the extremely educated and knowledgeable Cassandra! The guest speakers are also so wise and I always look forward to new episodes. This podcast ALWAYS relates to my life and supports me on my journey ❤️
Thank you❤️
I found out about you through Meadow. And I’m actually pretty sure I met you one time. Thank you for sharing your stories and being such a light. A must listen to podcast for women. I love starting my morning listening to an episode.
I’m newer to the podcast scene, I’ve listened to a few other channels before and wasn’t exactly hooked. However, the first time I listened here I was definitely intrigued and have continued to listen. This channel is great! I love it.
A great way to connect with your divine feminine!
I love listening to the Goddess Ceremony podcast. It gives me great ideas for self-improvement, relaxes me, inspires me, and overall is just a wonderful experience.
Highly recommend!
Such powerful messages in each episode, highly recommend. 💜
Love this! Wonderful to listen and take in the joy. Calming and rejuvenating✨
The best podcast ever!
I recently started listening to Goddess Ceremony Podcast and I’ve been following the page on Instagram for a bit now and Cassandra is motivating me to create the life I want and to be a part of bringing more awareness to the world. Cassandra is amazing and so insightful and brings so many topics to light that people don’t really talk about or are aware about. I love listening to this podcast and I love the awareness and knowledge that Cassandra has and is bringing to the world! Very highly recommend this podcast to people who are wanting to better themselves and become more aware!
Manifesting our Dreams
I’m so blessed to have come across the Goddess Ceremony - What we think & speak is how we manifest our dreams. Always be aware of what we out into the Universe and watch it come back ten-fold. Flow & Glow.
This podcast relaxes me and brings me joy! Have a listen!!
I have to admit, I’m still at the beginning of what Cassandra describes as my healing journey. I haven’t quite gotten to fully trusting myself or other female humans yet. But this podcast is a start for me, and perhaps one of the retreats will be the next step. Cassandra is relatable, articulate, and compassionate and I enjoy listening to the podcasts - especially the ones about how she got to be this way. :)
Cassandra is knowledgeable and makes the topics approachable to the listener. I really have enjoyed the podcasts and I’m not a podcast person!
Goddess Ceremony
Where to even begin?! I love Cassandra and the insight she shares with the world. Forever grateful for the space she has held not just for me but for SO MANY women. ✨ Keep working that magic!
My favorite podcast
TheHomeacre Melissa
Thank you so much for this podcast. I’ve pretty much listened to all of them. I have learned so much about healing and celebrating my body. The length of your podcast is the same as my commute with kids so I’m always able to finish it. Thank you for talking and teaching about all these subjects that I wish I’d know 15 years ago. You are amazing.
The journey starts here y'all.
Everyone wants to find a place. A place where they can feel confident, safe, and loved. A place where creativity, spirituality, and soul searching can become a powerful bond between like minded women who are all on their jourey as well. This podcast, and every one Cassandra does, makes me feel like that AT HOME. I feel so connected to my wild woman within... more than I ever thought to try. Im so looking forward to this journey! One podcast at a time.
Gail’s review
Gail air
Goddess podcast brings me so much love and light ❤️ I am ever so grateful for this podcast as I continue my practice 🥰 Cassandra always gives such wonderful guidance and relatable words ! Thank you for sharing your healing magic 🧚🏼‍♂️
Love this!
Bec Wins
I love that Cassandra as such a wide variety of topics on this podcast. I’m am beyond needing much of her advice but I find everything she says so fascinating. Almost makes me wish I were younger, Almost. I have recommended it to my daughters and have got great feedback.
I absolutely love goddess ceremony podcast!! Cassandra does an amazing job and always has relevant topics to discuss. I look forward to a new podcast each week. Thanks Cassandra!!
Powerful, Lifechanging Podcast full of inspiration
Cassandra and GC do an amazing job every week addressing the issues which weigh down on many of us. With her kind and insiring voice, and wealth of knowledge, listening to the Goddess Ceremony podcast is sure to lift your spirits and put you into the right frame of mind for a better life. Keep doing YOU Cass!
This is a MUST! 🔥🔥
The Sunshine Chef
This podcast is a MUST for every woman seeking potent feminine healing knowledge & divine guidance. Cassandra dives deep into so many beautiful topics that will really help you connect deeper with your body, your spirituality, & step more into the life you’ve always deserved to live. Definitely check this out!! You won’t be disappointed 💫
The complimentary masculine
As a male seeking to continue the rekindling of balance in the devine not only in my own life but across all reaches of the cosmos, and to reignite a passion for coexistence amongst our two bold and beautiful sides of our divinity. It’s imperative to rise in , build up and compliment. I believe understanding of both polarities is essential. Having a devine understanding of the feminine and masculine, i feel honored to be able to learn and understand better the ways both the feminine and masculine exist in both of our genders! This resource and community is such an amazing contribution to that journey of discovery i hope more men will boldly step in too!
Empowering women’s podcast
Cassandra is so authentic and passionate about all things women. I have been personally transformed by attending one of her retreats and am so excited that she has created this podcast so that the magic and empowerment that I felt during her retreat can remain alive. I highly recommend this podcast💜
Wow thank you for your wisdom! Truly grateful for sharing yourself and inspiring other to tap into their power✨
One of the best podcast ever!
Spiritual Soul
I am a huge fan of your podcast and your work. Rise Sister Rise 🌸
Beautiful soul
Busy mom and doc
Cassandra’s story is powerful motivator for women worldwide to follow their intuition and live the life of their dreams.
Amazing women’s wisdom!
I am in love with this podcast. So informative in many healing practices for women and also just how to have a better overall life. I love the topics as they are typically very out of the norm. Love love love!
I’m so thrilled
Jessica Kellaway
I had the joy of knowing Cassandra while she was training to be a traditional naturopathic doctor in Michigan. We met a couple of times, as during that time I was pregnant and then became a mother. My husband was in the military and stationed in Virginia, so his work took us away from my schooling. I kept up with her via social media throughout the years. I loved listening to her podcast. She is real, authentic, and like just sitting down with your friend over a cup of warm tea and just discussing life and everything about it. Keep up the good work & if you haven’t listened yet you should!
Love Cassandra!
Renee Scheer
Cassandra is such a genuine soul. Her wisdom goes deep and She is always so supportive of her sisters. One of her mottos is “community not competition”. If you’re looking for a tribe that will continually support you, celebrate you, and receive you, I highly recommend goddess ceremony. ❤️❤️
Life is better after listening to this ❤️
I’m so in Love with this podcast. I went to a Goddess Ceremony retreat in Michigan & didn’t know Cassandra had a podcast. I listened to it all the way home & now in my garden. I Love the natural health tips & am learning so much from her. Life seems much easier with these simple adjustments in my life. You inspire me Sister! ❤️
Such an Inspiration
Anna Buell
Everything about this podcast is amazing! Every woman needs to give it a listen (men too) All of Cassandra's messages are so inspiring, She navigates the world of entrepreneurship, sisterhood, womb healing, spirituality and more with such wisdom and grace! I am honored to of attended one of her retreats last year and have been forever changed. I was so excited when she released this podcast because now I can continue to learn from this powerhouse of a woman from the comfort of my own home while I am working hard on making my dreams a reality. Keep shining bright in this world Cassandra!
Incredibly Inspiring
Annie Marie Grace
I have just recently found this podcast and have been listening to it every day on my commute. It gives me lasting inspiration throughout the day and has opened my eyes to aspects of my femininity I had never even begun to explore. I have already suggested this podcast to multiple friends and family, because it means so much to me. Thank you, sister. <3
Wow! Win for Women's Health!
Megan Lendman Photo
I just listened to GoddessCeremony's podcast on Vaginal Steaming and I was just blown away by the knowledge, storytelling, personal connetion, and herbal wisdom that I found there. Truly Cassandra was so articulate and willing to talk about every aspect of a traditionally "taboo" subject. I found the insights to be spot on, thought provoking, and completely relatable. Thank you for offering such a profound source of wisdom on women's health.
I am loving this podcast. I always feel so much better after listening. It makes me more aware of my intuition and I love the topics and information given! 💕
Thank you for holding this sacred space. I love Cassandra's willingness to talk about these beautiful topics and for providing so much empowerment to women and their partners. Thank you thank you thank you. ❤
A must for all women!
Such beautiful and relatable information! Transitioning to the Aquarian (millennial) age has been confusing and stressful at times but I’m making changes in my life thanks to the generous wisdom shared in this podcast!
Beautiful wisdom
beautiful wisdom
Love the information and love put into this podcast. Very helpful podcast!
Thank you for your message. I did not have a voice until I became a mom. Eye opening to hear your correlation to the cervix and voice.
Absolutely amazing work.
Such a gift!
Ashley D.S.
Cassandra’s wisdom of the feminine power, knowledge of medicine and the body, and incredible energy makes all her content empowering. Love this podcast, love this soul.
Sharing with my 3 daughters!
Grace Caro
I love this podcast I was craving for something like this so my daughters could hear all this amazing information and wisdom from someone else too and not just me. I always listen when they are around :) A much needed wisdom for our time as we rise as powerful women! Thank you Cassandra for following your passion and your calling in life!❤️
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