Bullying and Empowering
This podcast was spot on with what is going on today in social media. The bullying has to stop. I love your question about how to empower women. Great job. Let’s make a positive difference in the world. Show Love not hate and/or jealous. Looking forward to seeing you on 10/5. Take care.
I USED to love this podcast
I’ve been listening to this podcast since the beginning and I’ve been a pretty big fan of the Bella twins but I’m not as interested anymore. I am SO tired of hearing about Artem... we get it. And Nikki overpowers Brie 80% of the time. They also talk all about empowerment but really talked down on people who work 9-5 jobs. I wish it was just fun and light hearted and not so self centered like the way it started.
Love you girls
You guys have always been beautiful and awesome ! Love that you have a podcast now.
The best!
Love you guys! I got my tickets for the first live podcast! I’m so excited! Can’t wait!
The twins are very entertaining to listen too! The arguing and finishing sentences cracks me up. I could listen to Bella Brains non-stop. The only complaint I’d say is Artem always being on. I get why he’s on but his voice and personality are so annoying! Could you kiss a girl butt any harder??? Artem and Nikki to me remind me of those junior high couples that hold hands everywhere and act overly fake just to display there affection and to be noticed. Enough of Artem!
Live the Bella Twins
I look forward to this podcast every Wednesday. They are so honest and funny.
Refreshing Pod
Love listening to the Bellas once a week as I’m getting ready for my day. Fresh, honest, and real. Despite their huge “stardom”, they both come across as being relatable and down-to-earth. Fun podcast you should definitely add to your list. I also enjoy hearing about upcoming events before they’re released.
After watching every episode of WWE Divas and the Bella twins show, this was a must. They are hilarious and real! I love listening while I am working. Thank you for your humor and fun matching giggles.
Love The Bella’s
Love this podcast! Makes me laugh! Love that you are both super inspiring. I can relate to a lot of what you talk about. Love Total Bella’s and Total Divas as well! Keep it up!
Love !!
This is the only podcast I listen to thanks to the Bella Twins being absolutely amazing !!! I love how it feels like we (the audience) are in the room along with them as well as how open they are with their life & their struggles. Always inspiring as well !!!
Gets me through work! 😄
I absolutely love this podcast! It is the only one I listen to. Whenever I am not feeling work you ladies manage to cheer me up and get me through the day. Thank you so much! ❤️
Love this
I love this podcast , I always watch Total Bella’s & Total Divas . I love hearing you guys , I can relate to all the topics. My boyfriend always like the listen to match of the week with me !!
Boss Bitchdom!!
Love this episode!
Very funny!
This podcast is super funny! Bella brains makes me seem smart! Only issue...it’s mostly about Nicole...let Bre talk Nicole! Love you both!
Nikki and Brie are great...
peas assists
...but this podcast is only for diehard Bella fans.
Love the Bella sisters💙
These two are my favorite!! Look forward every week to listen, love total Bella’s.. you two are amazing people.. very inspiring to women everywhere!
Love you guys so much 🥰💖❤️😘
You guys inspired me to be a wwe superstar and getting on the top just like you guys did
Sooo hooked!!🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️
newest fan!!❤️
Love the real ness of this podcast and when you have amazing special guests☺️ literally just started listening a week ago and I’m hooked! Wednesdays are my new favorite day of the week! Thank you👏🏼❤️
total Bella’s
I am so sorry for your loss I am looking forward to to total Bella’s I love your show so much I was wondering if I can have some of your merchandise brie your daughter is so adorable
I listen to you guys while I’m at work to knock some of the stress off. You guys need more than once a day! Keep bringing the real and the smiles! With love Nickey!
Want More!!! Lol
Really really wish there was more podcasts. Helps me get through the work day, but I’m updated on all of the podcasts now so 😔 And I can’t find other podcasts I enjoy as much. But I love the show!
Love the Bellas!
I’ve been a fan and supporter of the Bella’s for years, and I love listening to the podcast when I’m running on the treadmill. I will laugh out loud at the gym like a weirdo as I’m running. I’m almost completely caught up with all the episodes, so I’m sad I won’t be able to listen every morning lol.
Favorite Podcast EVER!
I am a huge WWE & Bella fan and of course had to listen to the podcast. I had never listened to a podcast in my life. I was instantly hooked! I’ve tried others and no way. I don’t like any podcast that isn’t the Bellas! What I look forward to each week. Keep those episodes coming, Bellas!
Why I love the Bellas podcast
I LOVE the Bella twins and I’m in the Bella army and I watch total divas and Bella #bellaarmy
“Oh! My!Gosh”!! 🥰 Love the podcast💕
I live for Bella Brains!!!
Love the podcast! The girls are so funny and make me giggle so much. I wish Bella Brains was longer because they always crack me up. Brian needs to make this game 5 questions.
Best Podcast!!
Love everything about this podcast!! The Bella twins always get so real, they open up so much about whatever is going on with their lives, they discuss great topics and my favorite segment BELLA BRAINS!! So much fun if you are going to workout or are stuck in traffic its a must listen!!
Love the Bella Twins
I really love how unapologetically real you two are. You’re both hilarious and absolutely love Bella brains. Bryan is great!
Best Podcast
This is my very favorite podcast. I look forward to it every week. I love Bri and Nikki so much-everything about them. My favorite part is Bella Brains for sure. I literally laugh out loud and my co-workers think I’m nuts! But I do really love every episode. Keep up the great work!! Angie Thomas
I love you gals and your podcast! Always been a fan but even a bigger one now! Bella brains has me laughing every week!! Keep the episodes coming 🙃
Best Podcast Out There!!!
I love listening to y’all while I’m on long drives. Y’all always have me dying laughing. Also, in Bella brains I never know the answer so it’s nice to know I’m not alone😂❤️❤️
So fun!
I love this podcast. I wish I heard of it sooner, I’ve been nonstop binging.
Loving this Podcast
I’m a huge Bella Twin lover! I’ve been following them the past year and a half and they just relate to me. Nikki is such a great older sister and Bri is such a great mother. They share different aspects of their lives they make themselves so relatable. Not only can you connect with their silly conversations but also their funny goofy sisterly love. Great humor, conversations, discussions and respect.
Can I just say I love you guys and this podcast! This is actually the first podcast I ever started listening to. Can’t wait for Total Bella’s to be back! And I just seen Nicole’s IG story and can I just say Artem and Birdie like 😍 love Brian too but I just am so happy how well he has fit right into your families!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you all. And Nikki I truly hope you just follow your heart! (when you and Artem are ready to get married and have babies DO IT!!!)
❤️ ❤️ ❤️
LOVE this podcast! I was at work today and was literally laughing out loud at Bella Brains 😂
I love this podcast!!! Literally what I look forward to every Wednesday!!! ❤️
Seriously, the best!
Kaos's Momma
Brie and Nikki have struck Podcast gold! Their podcast is my favorite amping the many.. man podcasts I listen to, and I look forward to the new episodes each week. They are relatable, and true to them selves, even if they end up the butt of a joke, and I love them for that. Tuning in each week, I feel like one of their best friends that I’ve known my whole life. Thanks girls for the weekly dose of positivity, advice, fun and tons of laughter! This girl is a listener for life!
Twins for the Win
You guys are so funny and I just can’t get enough!! I have younger twin sisters and listening to you guys literally brings back childhood memories. I love the topics that you cover every week. And Bella brains 😂... so hilarious. Keep up the love and never ever stop. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
By far my favorite podcast
I look forward to listening every Wednesday. I find myself replaying all the episodes.
Love the bella podcast
This is the best way to start your Wednesday, I always tune in to listen to the bella twins podcast . Love their bond , their love for each other is inspiring!! Kiki and Brie are awesome empowering ladies , they are duper funny , smart and very humble . Love their total bellas show and everything they stand for !! Brie as a great mom to Birdie and great wife to Bryan and Nikki do happy got her new love with Artem I am so looking forward to each Wednesday to listen to the Bells twins podcast . #bellapodcast #totalbellas #birdiebee #bellaradicci #nicoleandbrizzie #nartem
Best Podcast
You ladies are so amazing! I love your podcast you make me laugh every time I listening in. I feel like I am in the room with you ladies every time. You are both beautiful and strong women and the world needs more you ladies in the world! Sending my 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤.
The Bellas Podcast
Old women love the Bella's 2!
I love everything about you guys. You are the epitome of strong women, great mother, businesswomen, great partners, super funny, etc. I could go on and on. Funny, I'm a 60 year old women. I even bought myself the Varsity jacket from Birdie Bee, I love it and don't feel the least embarrassed wearing it!! I started following both of you when my kids were younger and they loved wrestling. So awesome to see both you so happy and living your best lives!!!
Love you ladies. So open and honest. Favorite part of my week is Bella Brains. I love learning and laughing alongside you.
Disappointed & distasteful
I eagerly tuned in weekly, rooting for the Bella twins podcast as I have always been a fan of them both, only to be disappointed by how much Nikki not only talks over Brie but constantly changes the topic to something about herself. Nikki should create her own podcast starring just herself since that’s all she ever seems to talk about on this podcast.
puertorian mimi
Wat wine of rose do u ladies drink? Can u take a pix of it and post it on IG!!!
The summary says it all...
Love the Bella twins! I enjoyed the podcast at first.. but then I just started reading the summary and didn't feel like I needed to listen to the podcast. My favorite part is listening to the two of them chit chat, and it would be nice to have more conversation like that during the podcast as opposed to structured segments. Just my opinion. Love them!
Love them, Great show!
Being 22 and watching WWE since forever. I genuinely miss seeing The Bellas weekly! So this show definitely fills the Bella void i’ve had for awhile.
Love yall
G , Damailman
Ive been supporting you guys since day1 ish in WWE. Love the podcast , especially the Bella Brains segment , Freaking Awesome. Keep up the great work !
Omg hilarious
I never review anything but I HAD TO review and tell you how much you girls make me laugh. I cried laughing at you both singing the star spangled banner. Thank you for the podcast. I love it. ❤️
Bella Brains
Gotta love Bella Brains! Their podcast makes me laugh out loud! So down to earth!
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