July 29, 2020
Is it hot in here or is it just our opinions? Come along if you dare as we discuss our “hot takes” on topics in the world. Is Friends really a good show? Is Santa just a modern day sugar daddy? Crocs???  Bring a fan and some water folks because today’s episode is HOT.
July 22, 2020
Sound the alarm folks we’re talking about *air horn* NEWNESS. There’s so many new things that have graced our presence this month. And some things that leave us a little...questioned. From the new brand of Jackie Aina to an oldie but a goodie of bh cosmetics, we break down the new things that we need in our lives
July 15, 2020
Have ya’ll ever had to have “the talk”? That uncomfortable conversation you have to have with a significant other or person of interest that you have a mental illness? Yeah, that one. Join us today as we tell our stories about how we’ve had to navigate this talk through the muddy waters we call dating
July 8, 2020
Today we are celebrating a milestone for our show, we have hit our 10,000th download on the show and we are more than humbled by all of the support that you have shown us over this past year!  The main course for todays show is a topic that we aren't scared to talk about on our show..  Acne.  Today we are sharing some top product picks and best practices to help combat the fight against acne.
July 1, 2020
We’re back baby! This episode is all about what we’ve been up to and where the hell Marissa went..for a month. In more important news we also address what has been going on with humanity and how we need to do better. We ALL need to do better. It takes zero effort to be a decent human being. If you find yourself wanting to fight that statement then this episode might not be for you.
June 19, 2020
Surprise! A Friday episode for our loyal subscribers... and new ones if thats you! Today's episode is all about controlling the population and what better way to do it than birth control. We wanted to touch on the impact that difference contraceptives have on our bodies and our personal experiences with different methods. Join us today for a short and sweet- yet strangely personal episode surrounding not having babies!!!
June 17, 2020
3rd time's a charm right?? In todays episode we will be diving into a topic that we are no stranger to, which is online dating. From Bumble to Hinge, we're talking the good, bad and ugly. Will we ever see a light at the end of this tunnel or are we destined to remain expired goods forever??
June 10, 2020
Today's episode is centered around one of our favorite skincare brands of 2020, The Inkey List. The Inkey List was founded in 2018 and has created a consumer-friendly option in the prestige skincare world. They believe their products should be accessible to all, but will never compromise on quality. These products are priced to allow the consumer to test and play with ingredients to build the perfect skincare recipe. Today we discuss our top picks from this brand, and hope you enjoy!
May 27, 2020
Fair warning, Cynthia spends a good portion of todays episode salty as all heck. We touch on Marissa's spectacular achievement of 'Employee of the Month', and then actually dive into the meat of the episode. Today we are talking about the Haus Labs 'Stupid Love' and the Jeffree Star 'Cremated' palette. We're getting back in touch with our beauty roots in today's episode and hope you'll join us for the ride
May 20, 2020
Buckle up for today's episode folks. We are on one today. We've decided to share what has been getting us through this quarantine, what are Marissa and Cynthia watching? From JoJo Siwa to learning how to money wash, we are covering it all today.
May 13, 2020
In today's episode, Marissa and Cynthia get down and dirty about skincare.  There is nothing worse than developing another skincare issue, especially when you are forced to look at yourself every day in this quarantine.  From melasma to mask acne or "macne", we are giving our skin the BUSINESS.  Remember, this is a change of season, so CHANGE UP YOUR SKINCARE!!!!
May 6, 2020
We are BACK!  After way too long of a break (induced by the loss of a computer system) we are back at it again!  We are week 6 into lockdown and in todays episode we dive into what we have been up to in our time off.  Obviously it wouldn't be a Pretty Anxious episode without our regular banter with one another.  Tune into todays episode for a smorgasbord of content
March 25, 2020
Here we are for another installment of our podcast while in quarantine.  We are here to keep things light and talk about the activities we have been keeping ourselves busy with and how to manage being stuck inside all day.  We just want to remind our audience that even if we are alone, we are together.
March 19, 2020
Today's episode revolves around everything having to do with social distancing and what that means for us.  In this time more than ever, we need to stick together and be there for each other.  We want to stress that we care about each and every one of our listeners, and are there for emotional support if anyone needs to talk.  Our channels are open and we appreciate every single one of you
March 5, 2020
Do you ever just have those days where despite how much you may try, theres just no saving your appearance?  Today we're diving into the flops that we have had while getting ready, and believe us, there have been tons.  We also touch on some of our experiences working in the retail sector of the beauty industry, and hope you'll join us along for the ride
February 27, 2020
It was all a dream....  Today's episode revolves around the power of our minds and how we experience dreams and we do a little mental health check up, and see where this winter has led us.  Thats not all this episode has to offer... somehow we fall down the worm hole of what Josie Maran, founder of Josie Maran Cosmetics, is up to...   This is another episode you won't want to miss.
February 19, 2020
Welcome back to another episode of our podcast!  Today we are diving in to everything that makes us uncomfortable and talking about it, bc whats healthier than doing that?  We're talking about everything that makes us oddly anxious today, and we know that we aren't alone.  Tune in and join us along on this ride
February 12, 2020
It's that time of the year again.  It's the season of love out there and whether you are with or without that special someone, the girls at The Pretty Anxious are here for you today.  We're exploring our journeys and relationships with this holiday of love and more than likely over-sharing along the way.  From classroom valentine exchanges to expecting a box of roses that live forever.  Your favorite girls are throwing out their opinions again... buckle up for another round!
February 5, 2020
Happy Birthday to us!  Wow, we made it one whole year of podcasting!  We can't thank you, our listeners, enough for allowing us to produce the content that we have over the course of the last year.  In today's episode, we go back to our roots of being a beauty podcast, and dive into what has changed from this time last year until now with our skincare and makeup routines.  How have our routines changed?  Is Cynthia still dependent on Dior Airflash?  Tune in to this weeks episode celebrating our 1st birthday as a podcast and taking a walk down memory lane.
January 29, 2020
Welcome back for another round here at The Pretty Anxious. Today we're sitting down to talk about disappointment and how we seemingly handle it. We're uncovering the different levels of being disappointed and why we feel guilty about it. As with every episode, please expect rowdy and unexpected confessions from both Cynthia and Marissa. In closing, you are never alone in any situation, and things will get better even in the worst of times
January 22, 2020
Welcome back to another episode of the Pretty Anxious.  Today we have a treat for you all, we are interviewing youtuber and beauty influencer Bailey Sarian.  Best known for her 'Murder Mystery & Makeup' videos, Bailey is a freelance makeup artist that has taken to the internet to share true crime and makeup centered content on Youtube, as well as produce content as an In House Creator for IPSY.  We are so excited to share this interview with all of our loyal listeners, and any newcomers as well!
January 15, 2020
Buckle up kids, we're in for a wild ride today.  The beauty community has been a whirlwind over the past week: the Jeffree Star breakup that no one saw coming, the Nikkie Tutorials coming out video, Too Faced cosmetics ending themselves; we're talking about it all today folks.  If theres any one episode that you tune in to, this one should be it.
January 8, 2020
New year, same us!   Welcome back to the SECOND year of our podcast!  We are so excited to be back in the mix and have quite the episode for you.   We recap Cynthia's NYE birthday in NYC and then dive into our New Years suggestions...  no resolutions here.   We say goodbye to our 2019 selves and say hello to the potential to a better version of your favorite messes in 2020.   You won't want to miss the gold that is this episode.
December 19, 2019
This is it guys. The last installment of The Pretty Anxious for the year. In today's episode we take a walk down memory lane and reflect on everything that we have gone through in this past year. We could not have done this without you all and your support and we are so thankful that you have been along for this ride with mess and messier xoxo. Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Happy New year
December 11, 2019
Today is a very exciting episode for us! The Pretty Anxious reviews PR, the POP Beauty 'Permanent Pout' liquid lipsticks. We go in depth regarding packaging, color payoff, application, and more! Come on over and listen on your favorite platform; this is an episode you don’t want to miss!
December 4, 2019
In today's episode, we discuss how the frequency of brand's launches have increased over the years and if we're on board with it or not. We take a walk down memory lane and compare the launches of today with launches back when influencers started taking over the market (circa champagne pop era). As always, we lend our unnecessary opinions and random banter, so join us for another round of The Pretty Anxious
November 28, 2019
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Join us for this week's topic of choice: what we're thankful for, the good bad and the ugly of the holiday that is Thanksgiving. From both of us at The Pretty Anxious we wish you a happy holiday and we can't wait to pick the mess back up again next week!
November 20, 2019
Winter has arrived, and with the change of season comes a change in our skincare routines. We start off with a quick mental health check/update and then dive into the nitty gritty of how we are switching over our products from summer/fall to the handle the dead of winter in Upstate NY. If you didn't think that "depression hair" was a thing, well folks you're in for an eye-opening testimonial that confirms how real it is. Join Cynthia and Marissa in this episode for some cold weather faves and a few hearty laughs.
November 13, 2019
In today's episode, we dive into the strength of our friendship... We take a Buzzfeed quiz to see how close we think we really are, and well.. it's not about the quantity of right answers, but the quality. Tune into this week's episode for an inside look at how The Pretty Anxious girls truly operate behind the scenes, and join us for a few laughs along the way.
November 6, 2019
Hello again guys! Today's episode is all about the ups and downs of the holiday season. We dive into the "Holiday Party Etiquette" rule book and how not to conduct yourself during workplace festivities. Join us for a walk down memory lane as we discuss an epic Se****ra Christmas party gone awry and as we do a Thanksgiving Eve play-by-play. An episode wouldn't be complete without a detour to our love lives and can anyone find a picture of the Long Island Medium with wet hair?! (DM's open)
October 30, 2019
Today's episode is a smorgasbord of beauty content. We can both say we are equally obsessed with a new haircare accessory, and give you our honest review. Then we dive into the Sunday Riley scandal that has recently resurfaced. As always, join us for another 45 minutes of popular/unpopular opinions that nobody asked for but we seem to always provide.
October 23, 2019
The Pretty Anxious girls are going back to their roots and we're having a good ol' fashioned beauty talk. Marissa loses her mind in todays cast over who Norvina really is and if we're really living through another Avril Lavigne conspiracy. We're talking about everything today guys, the new J****s Charleston Chew palette, the Shane X Jeffree collaboration, what new mess Huda Beauty is coming out with this season and Marissa reacts to the Trendmood box. Grab your tea ladies and gents, we're not holding back for this ride.
October 16, 2019
Your favorite TV shows always seem to have a Halloween edition, so why not your favorite Podcast?! The Pretty Anxious girls talk about everything from fall in Upstate NY, to romanticizing Ouija boards. We're throwing out the cold, hard facts of what makes a successful spooky season, and also throwing major shade to the things that are always overrated about this season.
October 10, 2019
Happy 60th Episode! In todays cast, take a dive in to what Marissa and Cynthia have been up to in the past few weeks. From getting talked into a $130 blender, to a $20 bag of popcorn, we have quite an episode for you. If you love hearing the antics that The Pretty Anxious gals get themselves into, buckle up for this bumpy ride.
October 2, 2019
Today's episode is dedicated to the biggest quirk of Cynthia's retail career thus far. We dive in to the negatives of working retail today boys and girls. Marissa and Cynthia have seen a lot in their years, but this is a first. Grab an ice cold Diet Coke or a glass of wine and settle in to listen to this crazy client story.
September 25, 2019
Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom. September has hit us like a semi-tractor, leaving us to fend for ourselves in these trying times. The Fall is a beautiful time of year, especially in Upstate NY, however the real villain of this time of year is the onset of seasonal depression. Today we're talking about the bad, the ugly and the outright unacceptable that comes with the fall/winter time. Come spend an hour with us while we sort through how we're planning on coping this coming season, and hopefully share a few relatable laughs in preparation.
September 3, 2019
Picking out a first date outfit can be a pain in the ass, and we are no strangers to that. Come listen to us banter about how we pick first date outfits, some horrid ones we’ve seen, and updating our pictures incase we get murdered along the way.
August 29, 2019
Who's sick of seeing wedding photos and engagement announcements? Well too bad because that’s what we’re talking about today. From the dress to signature cocktails we share what our ideal wedding day would be and everything in between.
August 27, 2019
Today’s episode is a topic we’ve wanted to talk about for awhile now because it is something that effects not only us but some of our listeners as well; panic attacks. Marissa shares her most recent experience with one and reminds us all that shit happens but at least you didn’t throw up on a turtle.
August 21, 2019
You ever wonder what popular youtubers make and what their story is? We don’t but we stumbled upon it on google and well here we are. Listen to another bullshit banter about things we think are kind of important.
August 19, 2019
Join us today while we break down our perfect hinge profile and everything we hate about the others. From pictures looking into a fishes mouth to explaining what everyone is weirdly attracted to, we search profiles far and wide and break that bitch down.
August 14, 2019
Today’s episode we decided to shift gears and have a calm and collected conversation..for once. Cynthia decides she wants to apply for The Bachelor and Marissa just can’t seem to wrap her around saying the word Hoop the right way. It may be casual but never boring folks.
August 13, 2019
Were you expecting an episode reading questions from a non secure website? Then you’ve come to the right place! Today we answer “uncomfortable” beauty questions and also learn how to give an at home piercing. We can’t promise you won’t be weirded out by this one.
August 7, 2019
So is anyone else’s hot girl summer not going the way they planned? Yes? Okay awesome glad we’re all in the same boat. Come on over and listen to an updated episode on how our hot girl summer is going! IUD included!
August 6, 2019
Raise your hand if you love a collab! Today’s episode is dedicated to all the collaborations we love, hate, and are just plain excited to get our hands on. If you’re all about the tea then start brewing because this ones for you.
July 31, 2019
It’s that magical time of the month again folks it’s NEWNESS. Cynthia and I talk about all things new in the makeup and skincare world! From foundations to moisturizers we go through our feed and let you know the what’s what of newness.
July 29, 2019
Remember our episode about online dating? Yeah so do we. Today we give you an update on where we are in the dating world! We touch upon past dates, some new found confidence, and the struggles behind knowing what you really want out of life! Be safe out there beauties; let the ghosting begin.
July 26, 2019
Today is the day guys! On this very special episode of The Pretty Anxious we bring you our very first interview! Cynthia and I had the pleasure to interview Barb Stegemann, the founder and CEO of the beautiful fragrance brand 'The 7 Virtues'. Join us today as we read in-depth and detailed answers. Put your headphones in, this is an episode you do not want to miss!!
July 22, 2019
Today's episode is all about the throwback- The Pretty Anxious podcast didn't always start this way. We are taking it back to the first "podcast" Marissa and Cynthia attempted to record. This is raw and uncut. Join us for a walk down memory lane today, you won't be disappointed
July 15, 2019
Better late than never guys but today’s episode is all about securing your summer! We give you all the hot tips and tricks to having the best summer you can have. Stay secured, stay hydrated, and most importantly get on top of that chub rub!
July 11, 2019
Well well well it’s that time of the month again listeners and no we’re not talking about our periods so GROW UP. One of our most listened to segments is back and better then ever. From body makeup to makeup that doesn’t exist we’re here to let you all know that once again the internet needs to grow up!
July 8, 2019
Happy hot girl summer to all our badass listeners out here! Today’s episode is all about how to navigate and find your true version of what hot girl summer means to you. Whether it’s a simple change in your outlook on life or if you’re here to finally make a change in wardrobe we got you covered! And as always make sure you hot girl responsibly!
July 3, 2019
Tune in to today's episode for a recap of Marissa's riveting trip to Montreal, Canada. She provides the most outlandish stories (in true Marissa fashion) and gives us a brief history lesson of Montreal's red light district. You won't believe the chills you get during today's episode..
July 1, 2019
We all go through phases. Wearing fragrances is no exception to that. From the "you yell at your mom in public" scents to the scents you reach for before going to diddle town, theres a fragrance for it. Marissa and Cynthia discuss their timeline of perfumes they've owned from the good ol' Juicy Couture days to Jo Malone- we're going through it today.
June 26, 2019
On today's episode we are getting right into the Juvia's Place drama that has surfaced in the beauty world. We debrief the situation, discuss our thoughts, spill the tea and toss around conspiracies. Rest assure, the moment there is a disturbance in the balance of the beauty industry- Marissa and Cynthia are on it.
June 24, 2019
We’re throwing it back today guys with a proper favorites episode...sort of. Is it really The Pretty Anxious if we don’t go off on a tangent? We didn’t think so. Sit down, put those feet up, and listen to what Cynthia and Marissa do best; complain!
June 19, 2019
Todays the day we reveal the big pastrami; Cynthia has made it to the Sephora Squad finals! Our employment is something we have kept private but in all honesty this news was something we didn’t want to hide from our listeners. Tune in to this episode to find out all about Cynthia’s journey with this competition and how many olive gardens it takes to fill millions of people.
June 17, 2019
Was that a knock at the door? Or was it just disappointment rolling up to our house again? Cynthia and Marissa are back to talk about their biggest disappointments in life. We’re all riding this struggle bus of disappointment together so grab a friend and enjoy the ride.
June 12, 2019
Have you ever innocently purchased over $300 worth of trash? No? Well thats what happened when Marissa and Cynthia bought from Jaclyn Cosmetics. Tune into today's episode for our raw and ALWAYS unfiltered review of the 20-piece lipstick collection we had the misfortune of receiving before we promptly send them back and fix our dumb bitch mistake.
June 10, 2019
On today's episode, we touch on looks that truly are a bitch to get to, but looks that we love doing. Marissa and Cynthia have a lovers quarrel about Vanilla Coke and almost sacrifice the integrity of the podcast. If you love the unfiltered nature of The Pretty Anxious dynamic, this episode is for you. Welcome back from our Mental Health hiatus boys and girls, buckle up-you're in for a bumpy ride.
May 29, 2019
We’re coming at you today with a much needed conversation about “hookup culture”. What is it? Where do I apply? Am I ready for something like this? Let us help you feel at ease by talking you through the logistics and everything else in between! You don’t have to ride this road alone fam.
May 27, 2019
Today we bring you an episode dedicated to everything that we want in life but sure as hell don’t need. We bring you the bougiest side of things that we want right down to the fast food we’re dying to have. Let’s face it we all have something we want but don’t need; but hey we can dream right?
May 22, 2019
Today’s episode is dedicated to everyone going through their own existential crisis. We dive into the deepest parts of our own depression and anxiety and open up to our viewers, to let you know that what you’re experiencing now is okay. To anyone who feels like life isn’t going the way they planned, hiding a mental illness from loved ones, or simply the considering their path; this one is for you. We all go through these tough times and we’re here to let you know that so are we.
May 20, 2019
In today’s episode we’re diving back into the beauty world. We talk Kylie Skin- are we being sold overpriced St Ives?? The tea is spilt on the worst liquid lipstick of all time, and our opinions on the Fenty summer launch. Marissa and Cynthia drag Huda Beauty and provide comedic relief in the process.
May 15, 2019
Have you heard the tea in the beauty community? Let us serve it to you hot in this episode dedicated to all things drama related in the industry. The J**** C****** and Tati scandal has us heated up and you won’t want to miss what we have to say.
May 13, 2019
This episode is dedicated to people who won’t do certain things for themselves but are all in when it comes to their friends. Whether it be giving “medical” advice, being the back up call to a date, or simply just throwing out their garbage when social anxiety kicks in. If this sounds like you then you’re in for a whirl of a ride.
May 8, 2019
It’s that time of the meme year again, Met Gala! Come hang with us while we talk about who was serving “camp” and who just completely missed the mark. Were you hoping this episode was going to be just as weird? Good news! Marissa throws in her conspiracy theory about kohl’s cash! It doesn’t get anymore camp than that folks.
May 6, 2019
In today's episode, we are exploring everything that has to do with creating, establishing and maintaining your "brand". Marissa's opinions about the traditional Instagram-influencer-#bikershort wearing human, are hot and STEAMING. If you enjoy listening to comments regarding the false reality that our society is turning into, then tune the heck in to this one fam.
May 1, 2019
In this episode Cynthia and Marissa talk about that one burning question that we as women seem to get; so when are you having kids? It's the question we seem to never be able to dodge. Whether it comes from a family member at the backyard BBQ or a stranger on the street we want you to know it's okay to want and to not want them.
April 29, 2019
In today's episode, we discuss how to maintain relationships in the workplace. Everything from having a bad day, to that one co-worker who never shuts up, we're touching on it! Buckle up for 45 action packed minutes of Marissa dissociating from reality and into the abyss that is reminiscing on a day-in-the-life working retail. Hold on to your loved ones harder after listening to what we have to say today.
April 24, 2019
In the spirit of YouTube we’re coming at you with a popular topic called the Makeup Tag. This episode is all about our desert island products that we would defend to the end. We cover the basics in the episode such as primer, foundation, concealer, setting powders, etc. If you’re looking for a new ride or die product this is the episode for you
April 22, 2019
This episode is brought to you on the road from Brooklyn! Which isn’t super far away for us but it counts right? Today’s topic of conversation is what makes or breaks a relationship for you. Is it someone who doesn’t understand your mental illness? Or maybe it’s someone who has a tattoo of a PB&J skateboarding somewhere on their body. Whether you’re in a long term relationship or simply trying to test the waters let us help you feel valid for things that can sometimes make you feel “shallow”.
April 17, 2019
This episode starts out all about newness, featuring products from: Patrick Ta, Fenty Beauty, Glow recipe and more! What started out as a "newness" episode, took a hard turn and became the rant we all needed to hear about brands that need to grow up. From products smelling weird on our face to brands not having more than 10 foundation shades; grow up.
April 15, 2019
Come one, come all to the episode that is dedicated to those who make us feel our best; the hype friend! Every person in your friend group has a dedicated role and today we're talking about what the hype friend is all about. Whether it's getting the group amped up or having someone to give you hype while you're going through it; the hype friend is where it's at.
April 8, 2019
Today’s episode is very near and dear to our hearts because online dating is the literal worst. We dive into the best and the inevitable worst of what online dating entails. From unwanted photos to getting asked to be a loyal sugar baby we leave no stone unturned. Swipe right on this episode because it won’t ghost you like everyone else.
April 3, 2019
This episode is dedicated to all things about the loveliest time of the month; your period! Cynthia and Marissa talk about when they got their very first period and all that chaos that ensues with it. From pads, heavy flow, cramps, and everything in between this is your episode if you have ever been personally victimized by your period.
April 1, 2019
We did it guys! We got through March! This episode is dedicated to all of our favorite brands of March with a little something extra thrown in there. Some of the brands we touch upon are Anastasia Beverly Hills, Milk Makeup, Dr. Dennis Gross, Sephora Collection, and more! Cynthia also talks about her journey with lip fillers and how it makes her feel like a bad bitch.
March 27, 2019
We open today’s episode with a subpar attempt at a pep talk; we’re getting better we promise. The hot topic of today is what makes a foundation shade range acceptable in the eye of the consumer. Fenty, Makeup Forever, and Cover FX have been killing it since day one; so why are other brands missing the bar? Later on Marissa has a flashback to her first job at an ice cream shop and who else remembers the aggressive Guptil’s radio commercials?
March 25, 2019
On this episode we stray away from the beauty world and talk about two VERY different concerts; Ariana Grande and Weezer. Ariana Grande kicked off her world tour in our home town and we have some suspicions about that. Marissa gets questioned about Brian Wilson’s Pet Sounds album at a Weezer concert and lived to tell the tale.
March 20, 2019
Today we start off with some of our most worst, and most importantly, dramatic fears. Cynthia talks about her fear of Jurassic Park and Marissa gets flashed by a stripper. On a makeup related note, we discuss the re branding of BH Cosmetics. Could they possibly becoming the new Morphe? Also, we close our episode with some of the most asked skincare questions.
March 18, 2019
We’re coming in hot today and blowing up McDonalds spot. Did they think they could get away with changing the sizes of fries? Hell no! On a lighter note Cynthia and Marissa discuss their favorite YouTube influencers. From back in the day Jaclyn Hill to current day Thomas Halbert; we navigate through how these influencers have influenced us.
March 13, 2019
Today’s episode is dedicated to all the cringe worthy things that shaped Marissa and Cynthia into the people they are today. From not blending any foundation past our jawline to worshipping Hot Topic makeup we dive into our younger year’s full throttle. Navigating through teenage years is tough so let us share ours so you can feel better about yours! This is the episode you didn’t know that you needed.
March 11, 2019
If you’re sick of hearing about Jordyn Woods then good news that’s what we open with today! Tarte is releasing a new foundation called The Foundcealer…aka the old shape tape foundation? Marissa educates Cynthia on the Insane Clown Posse and did Anastasia edit the Riviera palette a little too much?
March 6, 2019
Today we start off with a smaller portion of our February favorites. Some brands we touch upon are REN, Smashbox, REPLICA, Tom Ford, and more! Next we go back in time and reminisce on the early aspects of Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star; the original YouTube icons. Lastly, Marissa and Cynthia open up about their personal journey with anxiety and depression and remind us all that we’re not alone out here even if we don’t seem to have all the answers.
March 4, 2019
Marissa’s recent eye incident has her deep in her thoughts about setting spray; does it actually serve a purpose? Or did we just buy into the idea of it? Next we bring up the topic of shoplifting and a cringe worthy story about an Amish doll.
February 27, 2019
On this episode we discover that trend mood is the modern day National Enquirer and Estee Lauder might be the new Mr.Krabs. We also dive into a new influencer program and talk about who really runs this joint.
February 25, 2019
We start off today with a mystery bag and reminiscing on older products. RIP to the original naked palette you will be in our rebellious teenage hearts forever. Marissa goes off on a tangent about “the flick” and gives you the pep talk you never wanted or asked for.
February 20, 2019
We start off our podcast talking about all things Fenty Beauty and Kat Von D metal crush highlights. Too Faced is coming out with skincare and we take a walk down memory lane when the peach palette came to slay. We also touch on Natasha Denona, Huda Beauty, NARS, and hourglass! Marissa also talks about her fear of being put under…but not for the reason you think.
February 18, 2019
Episode 5: Cynthia talks about her tropical vacation and Marissa’s blood pressure spikes over Duty Free shopping. We also talk about Cynthia’s first ever Morphe store experience and do ya’ll remember tap tap revolution?
February 13, 2019
Episode 4: Did January last three years or is it just us? This episode is all about our favorite things of January! We talk about Hum Nutrition, Hourglass, NARS, Origins, and more! Any brands you’re loving and want us to try? Reach out and let us know!
February 11, 2019
Episode 3: We start our show off with a casual chat about morning announcements and PTA moms. Things start to heat up when we discuss the idea of Copy Cat Beauty. Great idea? Or just another thing for Marissa to be pissed off about? You decide.
February 6, 2019
Episode 2: Atelier Chanel is a real thing that we’re living for, Cynthia loves a good pop up museum, and meme museums might not be that far away. We also fall into the face tune and over editing vortex that is modern day internet society.
February 4, 2019
Episode 1: Dive into our first episode where we talk about Amazon throwing hands at the beauty industry, Marissa really hating baths, and Nikki Tutorials becoming product ambassador for Marc Jacobs
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