May 22, 2020
The boys, JB and Yarmo, kick things off by reviewing 6 of the hottest reggae rock songs from last Friday. Halfway through they fire up an incredible interview with Gary Dread of the Movement. Listen to Gary talk about his rules to live by, his solo music career, and how The Movement took things to the next level for their last album. Gary Dread is truly a thoughtful, intentional, and uplifting creative mind; this is a must listen. After the interview and after reviewing the final 6 songs from last Friday the boys polish you off with a fire positive thought of the week. Music Reviewed- Lila Ike- The Experience (EP) Mike Forgette - Administrative Role Sensi Trails & Nick Sefakis- Purpose Gary Dread- In These times Nahko and Medicine for The People –Take Your Power Back (Album) Derek Mcbryde, James Begin, and Toby Raps- Uncertain Times Couching Distance- Midwest Island (EP) Sons of Paradise Feat. Signal Fire Flowmads and Kbong- Blessings Jesse Royal, Collie Buddz- Ooh La La Shrub- Back to Earth (Album) Eyes on Zion- New Day
May 20, 2020
New Episode Alert! The boys, JB and Yarmo, kick things off by reviewing about half of the hottest reggae rock songs from last Friday. After that, they serve you up a fire interview with rising sensation Bubba Love. Bubba talks about life, struggle, love, and what the future has in store for his fans to look forward to. After the interview, the boys review the rest of the songs from last week and leave you with an epic positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Iya Terra- Gypsy Girl (Live at Sugarshack) The Hip Abduction- Summertime Derek McBryde- Better Vibes Farm- New Leaf (EP) Reggae Rapids- Rest & Relaxation Alific- Hotep   Mike Love and Collie Buddz- These are my Roots (Cali Roots Riddim) Clear Conscience & Benton- Cup Of Tea Mellodose- We Come Back (EP) TJ O'Neill- Beginning To End Crashboat- The Swell Couching Distance- Sweet As This
May 11, 2020
Sorry people, things happen and this was supposed to drop last Friday (Two Episodes coming this week!!) In this one the boys, JB and Yarmo, sit down with one of the hottest rising bands coming out of Arizona, The Irie! The conversation covers how the band came to be, where they get their drive from and what the plans are as we aim to get past this tough time for musicians. The podcast starts with a handful of reviews then jumps into the interview, from there they finish with some more reviews and a final positive thought of the week. Music reviewed: SALTWATER SLIDE Feat. Roads Icarus of Tropidelic- Vice/Versa The Elovaters- Nostalgia Mihali Feat. Iya Terra- All Day SOJA Feat. Bobby Lee & The Movement- Beacon Of Light Arise Roots Feat. Lutan Fyah, Turbulence & Nattali Rize- Lions in the Jungle Of Good Nature- New World Collie Buddz Feat. Gentleman- Can’t Stop The Love Iration Feat. Eric Rachmany & Stick Figure- Right Here Right Now Echoing Dream- Locked Up The B Foundation- Work Until Its Over Bumpin Uglies- Suburbia
May 1, 2020
The boys, JB and Yarmo, sit down this week with the legend Ronnie Bowen, lead singer of Audic Empire. Ronnie talks about the upcoming album, crushing a tour that included a SMKFLWR launch party, and general advice on how to stay swole during quarantine. As always the hottest reggae rock songs from the previous week get reviewed and if you make it until the end you get a fire “positive thought of the week” to get you through. Music reviewed- Tropidelic Feat. Dirty Heads- Snowman Unified Highway Feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Karim Israel- Higher Than High Pana Feat, Likkle Jordee- Bubblin’ Brendan Clemente Music Feat. Johnny Cosmic- Time SOJA Collie Buddz- A Brief History Mellodose, Case Arnold- Smoke & Mirrors Rick Haze Feat. Gary Dread- Man of the Year Michael Franti & Spearhead- How We Living Chasing Coasts- Loud Cloud Drifting Roots- Time Will Tell Travis Kerfoot Music, Ill Rendition, Christian Glomb, Chad Wrong- OBX Lifestyle Dub-321- FLA- Acoustic Mix
April 24, 2020
In this episode the boys, JB and Yarmo, start out by reviewing a handful of the reggae rock songs that dropped last Friday. After that, they fire up an amazing conversation from the multitalented Jeff Pliskin, founder of Raised Fist Propoganda. Listen to Jeff tell stories of about working with legends like Dan Kelly, Kyle of Slightly Stoopid, and Masta Killa of Wu-Tang clan. After the interview, the boys finish reviewing the songs from last Friday and leave you with a fire positive thought of the week. Buckle up this episode is a marathon. Joe Sambo- Focus Long Beach Dub All Stars- Make a Name Lila Ike- I Spy Reggae Rapids- Don’t Call The Cops Artikal Sound System- Unfortunate Situation Chasing Coasts- Get Movin’ Nahko And Medicine For The People- Honor The Earth Dank Williams- Hey Good Lookin’ Pepper & Collie Buddz-Change Kbong & Mihali- Good To Hear Music Of Good Nature- Fade Nattali Rize- Worldwide Rebellion Gary Dread & Bobby Hustle- Lifted Kyle Ahern Feat. Lutan Fyah- Rise SayReal- Blazin’ Mykal Rose- Weed Plan Clatta Bumboo- Know Jah
April 17, 2020
The boys, JB and Yarmo, set out to review each new reggae reggae/rock song from the previous Friday. In addition to that, the boys release an interview with Arise Roots Lead Singer Karim Israel. Listen to Karim talk about life, the evolution of reggae rock, and how he prefers things in life to be authentic; one of the best conversations in FTV history. Music reviewed- Bobby Hustle- As Good As It Seems Citizen Cope- Scared of Heights Tippa Irie & Blend Mishkin- Active Inna Vision- Spazz Mortimer- Road to Trod Anthony B & Collie Buddz- Chill Out Anthony Red Rose- One Race Tash Sultana- Pretty Lady High Rise- Movin Fast Strange Brew- Eyes Peeled Dub Souljah Feat. Shawn Yanez- Rise Up Irie Nature- By My Side (Acoustic) SayReal- Yes I
April 10, 2020
In this episode the boys, JB and Yarmo, start out by reviewing a few of the top reggae rock songs from last week. Then they get fully stoked by talking with Long Beach representative Dread Kennedy (solo artist and long time vocalist for Ital Vibes). Dread Kennedy talks about his quarantine vibes, the new music he has coming down the road, and he puts a couple of East coast dudes onto Dad’s Elixir. Spoiler alert- Expect an Ital Vibes album and a Dread Kennedy EP in 2020! After the interview the boys finish reviewing the music from last week and bless you with a positive thought to get you through next week. Music reviewed- Of Good Nature- You Were Just Here The Movement and Collie Buddz- Alien Ries Brothers- Save You Unified Highway- The Truth Ziggy Marley- Beach In Hawaii (live) OogeeLee- Fight Ras Rebel Feat. Mykal Rose- Boss Lion P-Funk North- Anxiety Slightly Stoopid- The Gambler Sons Of Paradise and Bubba Love- La Mota (Sweet Ganji Herb)  Sword Beach- Steve McQueen Chad Wrong- Contentment Jah Sun Feat. Jallanzo- Ancient Soul Kaiwan Feat. Harrison Stafford- A La Derive
April 3, 2020
Episode 15 Season 2 is out now! The boys, JB and Yarmo, sit down with one-of-a kind artist/writer/spiritual thought leader Jahn Hooks aka Illuminati Congo. Jahn talks about life, the power of thought, and psychedelics as a powerful tool. Do yourself a favor and let your mind expand with the wise words shared during this this epic conversation. The boys start out by reviewing all the new reggae rock music from last week, then they drop the Illuminati Congo interview, finish reviewing the music from the week prior and finally leave you with a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Collie Buddz- Hold Firm Bumpin Uglies- I Just Am Bombafiya- There With You Unified Mind- Weather Man Nahko And Medicine for The People- Part Problem Kaya Kotura- Your Love Seranation- Surfboard Sound Destroyer- Truth and Justice Christopher Martin & Busy Signal- Why Etana- Truly
March 26, 2020
(NEW EPISODE ALERT) This week the boys, JB and Yarmo, kick things off by reviewing some of the new music from last Friday. After discussing a few bangers, they chat with with Nathan Feinstein of Iya Terra. Nathan takes a break from making Crucial Crystals (check his IG) to drop some knowledge about life, the band, and living in LA. He shares some crazy stories about how the band started and how songs like “Rainbow Road” came to be. After the conversation, the boys finish reviewing new music, talk reggae rock news, and polish things off with a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- 4th & Orange- In The LBC (Warren G Remix) Bunktown Falls- High Koality (EP) Dread Kennedy Feat. Shakamon- Scandalous Illuminati Congo and John Robinson- Pillars (EP) Arise Roots- Fade Away Unified Highway Feat. Reverie Herbnculture- The Feeling Trevor Hall Feat. Brett Dennen- Put Down What You Are Carrying Summer Survivors- Namaste Right here Dub-321- A Song for Helene
March 18, 2020
New Episode Alert- Season 2 Episode 13….The Boys, JB and Yarmo, do their best to spread good vibes and positivity in an uncertain time. Joined by Santo, Boomtown, Alex, and Carl of the up-and-coming New York based reggae rock band Bunktown Falls, the boys discuss the upcoming EP “High Koalaty” dropping Monday the 23rd. In an action-packed interview Bunktown lets it all hang out and demonstrates why they are known for bringing the party everywhere they go. Throughout this episode the boys review all of the reggae rock songs that dropped last Friday and bless you with a positive thought of the week- Music reviewed- Lopaka Roots Hi in I- Living my best life Leilani Wolfgramm- The Flame Chronixx- Dela Move Keznamdi- Bloodline (Album) DENM Feat. Jared Watson- Califas Jesse Royal- Natty Pablo Inna Vison & Million Stylez- Waste No Time Roads Icarus- Hope in Waves Resinated- Rmx (EP) New Leaf Feat. The Simpkin Project- Someone Like You Bikini Trill- Outlaw Ghost Rock- Find Your Way Glenn Holdaway Feat. Quinn Carson- Reggaematical
March 11, 2020
New episode alert! Season2 Episode 12. The boys, JB and Yarmo, sit down with reggae rock royalty and Long Beach Dub All Stars front man Opie Ortiz. With a national tour on the horizon and a new LBDA album dropping in April, Opie talks about life, music and balance. One of the wisest dudes in the reggae rock world, Opie drops some gems about the LBDA reunion, Sublime’s impact on modern music, and some advice to up-and-coming bands. Special shout-out to Edley Shine! For the second half the boys review all the new music from last Friday, talk reggae rock news, then give you a positive thought for the week. Music reviewed- The Elovaters feat. Brett Bollinger of Pepper- Let it all Out (single) TreeHouse!- Full Immersion (album) E.N Young- Queendom (single) Iakopo- Diploma (single) Akae beka – Go Gi Jah Paradise (single) Venice Beach Dub Club- VBDC (album) Kolohe Kai- Speechless (single)
March 4, 2020
New episode alert! The boys, JB and Yarmo, sit down with Garrett Douglas; front man for California’s latest dope up-and-coming band 4th & Orange. Garrett talks about the experience of playing One Love, Arizona Roots, and smoking a half pound blunt on stage (Dynasty). Backed by powerful team in Latium and Atlantic records, 4th & Orange has leveled up to become one of the hottest names in reggae rock music. Despite his recent success Garrett is one of the most humble, real, and passionate fans of reggae music; it’s easy to root for him and his band’s success. For the second half, the boys review the latest reggae rock music that dropped last Friday and give you a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Bumpin Uglies- Florida Showers feat. Leilani Wolfgramm The Expendables- Lives and Loves The Hip Abduction- All Night Long Vibes Farm- Love Like Mine OogeeLee- Drifting Mihali- Breathe and let go (album) Mellodose- She Said
February 28, 2020
New Episode Alert. The boys, JB and Yarmo, sit down with Ev-ton and Skip of Indubious. We discuss the fascinating, uplifting, and inspirational story of both brothers. Despite being born with Cystic Fibrosis, being given a handful of years to live and Ev-ton having to get a double lung transplant these brothers have defied the odds and evolved into two of the most down to earth, talented, and conscious musicians the Reggae genre knows. An unfortunate audio issue cut the conversation short however they still deliver wise words and raise everybody’s frequency. For the second half, JB and Yarmo review all of the music from last Friday, discuss some reggae rock news, and leave you with a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- The Holdup- Cool Spot (single) Unified Highway- Headline (single) Synrgy- Here I am (single) The Aggrolites- Love Isn’t Love (Live at Sugar Shack Sessions) Nick Sefakis- Foundation (Album) Artikal Sound System- Traffic (single) Long Beach Dub All Stars- Youth (Single) Illuminati Congo- Obeah (EP)
February 21, 2020
In this episode the boys manifest. JB and Yarmo talk with elite guitarist Kamaron "Dragon" Quinata. Kam comes from the island of Guam and is here to spread good vibes and chase his dreams with The For Peace Band. Listen to Kam talk about the history of The For Peace Band and how he put it all on the line to move from Guam to Arizona. Kam is truly a humble and inspiring individual. For the second half, the boys review all of the music that dropped last week, talk reggae news, and give you a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Rome and Duddy- And It Stoned Me P-Funk North- Date Rape (Live) Josh Heinrichs and Skillinjah Feat. Nattalie Rize- Resist (single and EP) Clear Conscience Feat. Benton and Zack Mufasa- Wake Up Call The Question Feat. Karim Israel & Marlon Asher- High Grade The San Antones Feat. Jonny Benavidez- Lonely World Ballyhoo! - Fighter (EP)
February 14, 2020
The boys, JB and Yarmo, talk to the supremely talented and motivated Greg Shields, lead singer of one of the hottest reggae rock bands in the game Kash’d Out. Listen to Greg talk about his business mind and how he navigates the pitfalls of the music industry. Greg gives some sage wisdom and also speaks his mind on the Reggae 360 Album of the Year contest. Say hi to him at an upcoming show, if you're lucky he might be sleeping on your couch soon. For the second half, the boys review all the new music from last Friday, give you some reggae rock news, and bless you with a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- The Elovators- Fast and Slow Arise Roots – Selecta The Ries Brothers- Recluse Edjacated Phools- All the Right Places 4th and Orange- in the LBC Denm- Fallin Derek McBryde of Tropidelic- Road Back Home Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad- Good Love
February 6, 2020
In this episode JB and Yarmo sit down with Mike Pinto as he prepares for his trip to One Love Cali Fest. Mike just released some new music and crushed a major tour with LBDA and the Aggrolites towards the end of last year. Mike discusses his music, his recent tour success, and gives us his vision for the future. For the second half the boys review all of the music that dropped last Friday, share reggae rock news, and give a positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Mike Pinto- Come A Long (single) Passafire – Sleepless (Single) Sammy Johnson – Someday (Single) Tatanaka- Nice Spice (Single) The Irie- Coming down (EP)
January 29, 2020
Episode 6 of Season 2: The boys, JB and Yarmo, are joined by Kyle Rising of Sensi Trails. Kyle shares the motivational story of how he put everything on the line to chase his dream. Fresh off a new album release Kyle discusses Sensi Trail’s music, his background and his adorable dog Nikki. For the second half the boys review all the reggae rock music that dropped last Friday and share some news around the scene. To top off a stellar episode the boys drop a positive thought of the week to keep you moving strong. Music reviewed- Howi Spangler- Self Care (Single) Higher Education- Voices in My Head Dubbest- Live at Sugar Shack (EP) Tribe Zion- Loco (live video) Citizen Cope- Way Down In The Hole (Single) Iakopo- Blue Skies (Single)
January 23, 2020
Episode 5 of Season 2: The boys sit down in studio with Brett Wilson, the lead singer of Roots of Creation. Although Brett rips an acoustic session and has an enlightening conversation with JB and Yarmo, the real star of the show was Brett’s seven-year-old daughter. Enjoy the good vibes and some impromptu jamming by Brett for the first half of the pod. For the second half, the boys review the latest music that dropped last Friday and give you a quick positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Sensi Trails- Celebration (album) Long Beach Dub Allstars- Tell Me (single) Inna Vision- Stick to Ya Roots (single) Cydeways- Are You Down- (single) Arise Roots- One Life To Live (EP) Common Kings featuring Marc E Bassy- Fish in The Sea (single) Pacific Roots- Kooks on the loose (single)
January 16, 2020
LIVE MUSIC ALERT!!! Episode 4, Season 2- feat. Joe Sambo live- The boys have their collective mind’s blown by a live Joe Sambo in-studio performance. Joe discusses life, his career, and the big things coming for him in 2020. With guitar in hand he plays a never heard before track live on the podcast. Some doinks may have been put into the air during the recording of this episode. For the second half, JB and Yarmo, play the songs that came out last Friday, they deliver some reggae rocks news, and they give you a positive thought of the week to keep your vibes strong! Music reviewed- Little Lion Sound- Kingston Journey (album) Artikal Sound System- Live at Sugarshack Sessions (EP) Randy Valentine Self Boss (single) Tribe Zion- Murderous (single) (2019 album) Cali1fa Feat. Karim Israel and Moi Quinn- Gimme Your Love (single)
January 10, 2020
The boys talk with West Coast icon Casey Sullivan about life, music, and the foundation of our beautiful Reggae Rock genre. Casey is a creator, a connector and a driving force behind the bands Seedless and Burritos (a Sublime Tribute). Listen to JB and Yarmo chop it up and stick around for the second half where they review the new music from last Friday. If that’s not enough, the boys leave you with the gift of an animal themed “Positive Thought Of the Week”.  Music Reviewed- Capistrano- Downtown Dub Dan Busby- Lay Low
January 3, 2020
In this episode the boys JB and Yarmo talk to Howi Spangler of the legendary band Ballyhoo! and one of the hottest podcasts “Tales from the Greenroom!”. Howi shares some valuable knowledge about the music industry, reveals his coffee game and gives some tips on being a professional rock star. For the second half the boys discuss new music and video drops from the week prior. The end of the episode is wrapped up with a little “positive thought of the week” to get you through the start of a new year. Music reviewed- Indubious (video)- Frequent See Joe Sambo (video)- Slow Down- Dirty Heads cover Zach Fowler (Sun Dried Vibes) and Austin Smith (Roots of Rebellion)- Obstacles - Live via Kaya Media Bunktown Falls (Video)- Power and Sand The Vibesmen (Live album)- Kinda Live, Kinda Raw Of Good Nature (EP) - Live at Sugarshack Sessions
December 23, 2019
The boys are back for season 2 of FTVs! JB and Evan are cooking up in the lab once again. This time they are joined by the OG of looping himself, the exceedingly talented singer/songwriter/noise maker Zach Deputy. Zach shares wisdom, insight and his radiant personality in an epic conversation. For the second half, they pick up right where they left off and dive into reviewing this last week’s new music. They also bring back, by fan demand, the positive thought of the week. Music reviewed- Treehouse! Feat. Sin.Dex- One Life (single) Katastro- Good Enough Acoustic (Single) Vana Liya- Sweet Serenity (EP) Iakopo- Merry Like Christmas Popcaan- Vanquish- (Album)
September 19, 2019
In this Episode Evan and JB speak with 5/6 members of Ejacated Phools: Nick, Logan, Kyle, Ben, and Tyler. A high energy band playing with powerfully positive vibes, Edjacated Phools is playing tons of awesome shows and working on new music for everyone to hear. We learn about their creative process, and have a lot of fun learning about who they are as people. Music Reviewed: Stick Figure - Life is a Party Stick Figure - Whiskey Sun Ft. TJ O'neill Katastro - Antisocial Danny Robinson - Rock It
September 4, 2019
This week JB and Evan get schooled on life, music, and history by the legendary Edley Shine. After his recent collaboration with Kash’d out, Edley Shine is now on the radar of a lot of casual reggae rock fans. True music heads will remember Edley Shine from his massive success in the 90’s as one half of the Born Jamericans or perhaps from his solo work from the past 10+ years. Edley is a fascinating individual with a lot to say. Hit play and enjoy. The second half of the episode, the boys review all of the music from the week before and discuss the news from around the scene. Music reviewed- Bumpin Uglies- Money Stick Figure- Angels Above Me Indubious- Beleaf (Album) Fortunate Youth- Live Life (EP) Ballyhoo! Sounds of the Summer ‘19 (EP) Kyle Ahern- Island Girl (Feat. For Peace Band) Milky Chance & Tash Sultana- Daydreaming Gary Dread- More Love (Feat. Kalomo George) The B Foundation- Back When We Were Young Gydnce- On The Dance Floor (The Late Ones) Eli Mac- Roots Girl (Feat. Paula Fuga and Nattali Rize)
August 19, 2019
The boys connect with Positive J aka Jeremy Anderson of Treehouse! For an enlightening conversation. Jeremy flexes his food word play all while schooling JB and Evan about why his music is loved and respected worldwide. We discuss what the future holds for Treehouse! as well as why you need to catch Jeremy at an upcoming festival. For the second half we talk reggae rock news and review the latest music from the week before. Music reviewed-  Roads Icarus- Repent Bunktown Falls- Officer Konker Spliff- Never Gonna Give You Up Kash’d Out- Under Cover (Album) Dirty Heads- Blood Moon- (Album) Stick Figure- All for You The Hip Abduction- To the Ends of the Earth (album) 
August 7, 2019
Join the boys JB and Evan for an episode that features one of the sharpest business minds in the reggae rock world, Fernando Delgado. Fernando manages one of the hottest reggae rock bands, Edjacated Phools, and also puts together one of the most anticipated music festivals in the Hightopps Backstage Bash. Enjoy getting an inside look into what it takes to support a band that is pushing to get to the next level. After the interview, JB and Evan break down the new music from the week before and talk reggae rock news.   Henry Fong (Feat. Rome)- On My Way Signal Fire- Wake Up (Album) Iya Terra- Coming to Light (Album) Joint Operation- Scuffed (Album) Deep Water Culture- Policeman Oogee Wawa- It’s Been a Wild Ride The Hip Abduction- Float 
July 24, 2019
Dave and Ryan from P-Funk North join the boys for an enlightening conversation about music, life, and Burger King tacos. Fresh off releasing their new album "Don't Even Ask", P-Funk North is making waves and spreading New Jersey vibes everywhere they go. They discuss their recent success, the new album, and what it's like to work with people like Mighty Mystic, Yellow Man, Sublime with Rome, and some of your favorite reggae rock bands in the industry.  For the second half Mark and JB review the latest reggae rock music from the week prior.  Music reviewed- 311- Voyager (Album) P-Funk North- Don't Even Ask (Album) HIRIE- I Like The Way You Roll Feat. Slightly Stoopid (Single) Brandon Hardesty- Catch and Release (Single)  Seranation- Sweet Temptation (Single)  Tunnel Vision- Shipwrecked (EP) The Elovaters- Catch Your Wave Feat. Organically Good Trio (Single)
July 10, 2019
In this episode Evan and JB get the opportunity to speak with Tui from the Late Ones; Tau also drops by for a bonus. With a new single, a new record deal, and an album coming  these boys have more momentum than arguably anyone under the reggae umbrella. Learn a little bit about their background, their music and what makes Tui one of the most interesting up and comers in the game. For the second half of the episode Evan and JB drink spiked seltzers, discuss reggae rock news, and also review new music from last Friday. Music reviewed-  Dirty Heads- Lift Me Up (Single) Pepper- Local Motion (Album) Kash'd Out- Gimme Love (Single) Stick Figure (Feat. Citizen Cope)- Summertime (Single) Iration- Chill Out (Single) Signal Fire (Feat. The Elovaters)- Too Late (Single) Saltwater Slide- Stuck (Single) Happy Just To See You- Marbles (Single)
June 20, 2019
In this bounce back episode the boys speak to vocalist Joanna Teters of the Brooklyn based band Sundub. We catch up with her on the eve of Sundub's premiere album release. Joanna opens up about the band, her musical background, and gets weird with Mark and JB. Listen and get an inside look at one of the minds behind the freshest reggae act coming out of New York. As a bonus, JB learns a harsh lesson about fact checking his research; sorry Ebony magazine.  For the second half, JB and Yarmo get caught up on two weeks worth of music and reggae rock news-  Edjacated Phools- Lost Hours (Single) Pepper- Candy (Single) Sundub- Burden of Love (Album) The Movement- Ways of World (Album) Tropidelic- Here In The Heights (Album) Dirty Heads- Super Moon (Single)   Sons of Zion- Come Home (Single) Cisco Adler- Hippieland (Album) Th3rd Coast Roots- Jah Music Feat. Nick Sefakis of Iya Terra (Single) Fluid Foundation- Made in California Feat. Slightly Stoopid and Marlon Asher (Single) Through The Roots- Arrival (Album) Home Grown Rebellion- Swimming (Single)
June 7, 2019
Soooo... yeah, the boys got a little weird on a weekday night. Our guest canceled last minute, however, they were fortunate enough to cross paths with an iconic man who decided to drop a little wisdom about life, love, and liberty. A completely random chance interaction with a stranger walking the streets of Manchester, NH. Music reviewed- Roots of a Rebellion- Shapes of a Soul (Album) Sublime With Rome- Blessings (Album) Ballyhoo!- Renegade Feat. Ted Bowne
May 30, 2019
This week we are honored to be joined by Hawaiian native and reggae music icon Koa of Innavision. We catch Koa shopping for the proper shirt to wear at the HOKU HANOHANO awards where he is up for album of the year (Link up). We talk about Koa’s vision for his music, his recently released greatest hits album, and why saltwater therapy is essential to life. Dope conversation with an even doper individual. For the second half we review all songs and albums that dropped last Friday and then we run through the reggae rock news from the past week. To top it off we leave you with a positive thought of the week to help get you from Monday to Sunday. Music reviewed-  Tropidelic feat. Ballyhoo!- The Work-  Pepper- Brand New Day The Late ones- Tell Me Not Collie Buddz- Hybrid (Album) The Aggrolites- Reggae Now! (Album) Sundub- Won’t Go Easy 311- Crossfire Anuhea- Follow Me (Remix)
May 21, 2019
This week Producer Evan steals the show as we got to chop it up with Justin D'Alfonso, the front man for South Florida's own Fireside Prophets. Justin talks about creating the recent summer anthem "Sunshine State". He talks about making a music video on a yacht, blunt rides with Biggie, and he keeps it real when sharing why he chases his dream. A band with a unique sound and a unique front man, Fireside Prophets, is an absolute must listen. The music is fire, the vibes are strong. Justin is a legend in his own right. We also reviewed all the new music from last Friday and talked reggae rock news from the week before.  Music reviewed-  Inna Vision-  Best Yet (Album) Sugarshack Sessions Selects Vol 1. (Album)  Jemere Morgan- Self Confidence (Album) Steel Pulse- Mass Manipulation (Album) Sound Destroyer- Bring Back (Single) Through The Roots- Not This Time (Single) Roots of a Rebellion- I live in Light (Single) Big Mountain- Young Dread (Single) Collie Buddz- Show Love (Single)
May 15, 2019
We force the Elovaters and lead man Jackson Wetherbee to pull their tour van over as we conduct a hard hitting interview. Laced with controversial questions and salacious answers the Elovaters tell all about a lifestyle that includes luxury cars, fast money and weird tacos.  While holding no punches, Jackson himself calls out fellow reggae rock band Bumpin Uglies; things get heated. To wrap up this barn burner interview, the band struggles to align on their internal avocado policy leading to a very tense moment. What a roller coaster. Many thanks to Jackson and the boys (John Alves, Nick Asta, Matt Link, Derrick Cabral, Greg Nectow, and tour manager Alex Crowley) For the second half of the podcast we review new music from last Friday and discuss the latest reggae rock news Music reviewed- The Skints - Swimming Lessons (full album) Cydeways- Come Alive Feat. Ballyhoo! The Harbor Boys- Care Free Feat. Bumpin Uglies Buju Banton- Country For Sale Bubba Love-  Smiling Faces
May 6, 2019
If anyone expected Leilani to keep it anything but all the way real with us during this podcast then you are out of your mind. We speak about her current Live Wire tour, the evolution of her music, nerds vs. dweebs and much more. Similar to the recent Live Wire album, Leilani does not hold back in discussing anything. In fact, by the end we all became friends. I think? Also, we get an impromptu phone call from an up and coming reggae rock star; listen to find out who.  For the second half we review all the new music from last week and discuss the trending news in our reggae rock world. Also, Evan serves a suspension.  New Music- Roots of a Rebellion- One Thing Through The Roots- Come Home Half Pint & Fortunate Youth- Young and Innocent Audic Empire Feat. Vana Liya-  Don't Wait Up The Movement Feat. SOJA- Diamond Jesse Royal Feat. Protoje- Lionorder
April 29, 2019
We speak with LAW Record's rising star Vana Liya. Starting out as a fan covering her favorite songs Vana has emerged as a unique talent in the scene and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry. We discuss her new hit record with Johnny Cosmic "Go For it" as well as her upcoming single with Audic Empire. Vana drops big news about her upcoming album "The Little Kahuna" and also shares some personal details of her own struggles and her goal to help her fans through her music. Mark has a sinus meltdown. For the second half we review all of the new music on our radar from last Friday and discuss recent news in the Reggae Rock world. New Music- Vana Liya Feat. Johnny Cosmic "Go For It" Sublime With Rome "Light On" Katasro "Your Girl" The Skints "Gets On Top" The Hip Abduction "Warrior" Mellow Grounds EP- Grounded The Wise Bloods EP- Convergence
April 22, 2019
In this episode we get the opportunity to speak to up-and-coming west coast phenom Kyle Smith. Kyle keeps it very real as he discusses his music, his hustle, and his thoughts on life. Kyle pulls back the curtain and lets all of our listeners see what type of guy he is; a real one for sure. Mark, Evan, and JB take a trip on a space shuttle to celebrate the 20th of April and it's a victory that they managed to string together a few coherent sentences.   We go through and review each single that dropped Friday including Pepper feat. Stick Figure, Tyrone's Jacket, Fortunate Youth feat. Alborosie and Harrison Stafford, Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, Skip Marley Feat. Damian Marley,and Sol Seed. Also we go into a little more detail and review two albums that came out this week in Joe Sambo and Wasted Noise; YOU NEED TO PURCHASE BOTH! as a bonus to our dedicated fans that listen to the whole episode at the end Mark does impressions of an Italian and a baby pterodactyl. 
April 16, 2019
In this episode we are joined by the legendary songwriter Mike Pinto. We discuss life, music, and the well crafted lyrics that he has been blessing us with for the past 15 years. Mike shares some very unique perspectives, drops some wise words, and sprinkles us with some very dope knowledge. A must listen to anyone who has enjoyed his music over the years; check out the upcoming tour with LBDA and the Aggrolites!!! In the second half we review the releases from last Friday including Kash'd Out's banger featuring Edley Shine, 311's two dope joints, and a new one from Tyrone's Jacket. If you make it to the very end our producer Evan has some heartfelt words for you.
April 8, 2019
In this episode we are blessed to have rock star, cult leader, and front man for Bumpin Uglies, Mr Brandon Hardesty himself. Brandon is sippin beers in his basement on a rare night off and, oh boy, do we have a real conversation. We cover Weekend at Wolfies, this upcoming west coast headliner tour, and the current state of reggae of rock from the eyes of a man in the midst of it.  We also get deep and talk about some real life shit and, of course, we include fan submitted questions, rapid fire, and we throw some curve balls in there. In the second half we give our take on the music that dropped Friday (Collie Buddz, Tribal Theory, Tash Sultana, The Skints, Through the Roots, Roots of a Rebellion, Randy Valentine, and Andy J from Katastro). This is a fun episode, a little longer, and we had to do some serious editing lol; a lesson in why hard liquor and podcasts don't blend well. Or do they? Oh and Evan represents once again.
April 1, 2019
In this episode JB and Mark are blessed by Matt Roads, lead singer and champion of Tropidelic. We discuss the band’s newly released hit “Icarus”, we learn about the man behind the music, and explore Matt’s relationship with avocados. We also throw some fan submitted questions at Matt. In the second half of the podcast JB gives you a rundown of what’s happening in the world of reggae rock music. We discuss songs we missed from a week ago and point out what dropped last Friday. Finally we wrap up with a nice little thought of the week. Let us know how we did!!!!
March 25, 2019
In this episode JB and Mark are graced by the presence of Logan Rex; lead singer for Artikal Sound System. We talk about the newly released "Time" EP, discuss the band crushing Reggae Rise Up, and we learn a little bit about Logan as a person (Avocados are officially canceled). Also, our boy Evan is in the studio. In the second half of the interview we discuss a few bands that dropped music on Friday including Bumpin Uglies, Satsang, Pacific Dub, Fayuca, Th3rd Coast Roots, Sublime with Rome, and more. We also talk about what to look out for next week! By the end of the episode JB is belligerently drunk and yelling into the microphone. He would like to formally apologize for excessively using the F bomb. He may or may not get suspended.
March 18, 2019
In this episode JB takes you on a solo journey through the world of reggae rock music over the past 7 days. He gives his take on new music from Koffee, Joe Sambo, Sowflo and more. Artikal Sound System provides the lyrics of the week. If you make it through 40 minutes of JB talking to himself then you win a prize 😛.
March 12, 2019
This week episode 6 features an in-person interview with Roots of a Rebellion live at Pipe Dream Brewing in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Featuring Austin G Smith (guitar and vocals), Adam Quellhorst (bass, vocals) , Jeremyck Smith (keys, vocals) the boys catch up before the show to discuss a few things . With some incredibly bizarre and distracting audio glitches (only a few seconds here and there) they touch on new music, the tour, Cali roots and Adam stirs the pot with a devastating accusation against Of Good Nature. For the second half Mark and JB discuss whats going on in the world of reggae rock. They talk all the new music from Buddahfly to Pacific Dub and everything in between. Shouts out to Teddy T's Turmeric Tea for the sponsor. Lastly JB sneaks in a quick lyric of the week (Roots of a Rebellion- Stronger)  Artist of the Week - Roots of Rebellion
March 3, 2019
This week episode 5 features a conversation with Justin of Cali Conscious. This guy is 100% California, full of positive vibes.  We discuss their new album "Avocado", riding bikes while playing a guitar, a very meaningful encounter with Carlos Santana, and much more! We also talk new music, Weekend at Wolfies, Freakstomp and our usual antics. Also, JB surprised everyone with a fun exercise, putting our vibes out to the universe.  Another very fun episode is in the books, thank you to Justin of Cali Conscious for joining us! Check out their newest album, "Avocado", it's a good one! And remember, shower the people with love!! See ya next week! Artist of the Week - Cali Conscious
February 24, 2019
In episode 4 JB and Mark chat it up with International Reggae Star, Iakopo. While enjoying fresh oranges in California, Iakopo tells us about his rise in the Reggae world. From growing up in the islands, playing shows in Japan, and his growth here in the US, Iakopo has a story to tell. We also discuss the latest music that dropped over the last week and some upcoming music to look forward to, new merch, Freakstomp Music Festival and much more! Sit back and enjoy a very special episode.  Artist of the Week - Iakopo
February 14, 2019
In Episode 3 JB and Mark sit down with a special guest, Joe Sambo. We devour wings while discussing his new single "How We Do", his upcoming album "The Wrong Impression", his thoughts on the growing reggae-rock scene and much more! We also discuss new music, some concert recaps, our favorite Valentines Day reggae songs and a whole lot more! Big ups to our weekly sponsor, Crows Milk, a very special protein infused, high strength alcoholic dairy beverage, designed for bodyguards, by bodyguards.  Enjoy our best episode yet! Artist of the Week - Joe Sambo
February 7, 2019
In Episode 2 JB and Mark discuss Bob Marley, new music, upcoming tours and festivals, the Patriots BIG win, proper concert etiquette (watch out for those cookies!) and much more! Also big ups to our weekly sponsor, Christian Hackenberg’s Hacky Sack Academy in Hackensack, NJ!
January 30, 2019
In our inaugural episode we recap our Album of the Year contest, new music coming out and our Artist of the Week. Also meet the Reggae 360 team, props to Big Burts BBQ and much more! Shoutouts to Customized Grinder, Six Figure Hippie, Totally Nuts Creations and Pipe Dream Brewing. for all of the Reggae-Rock updates you need in your life.
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