First class journalism
Thank you for the much needed education on issues that matter!
Excellent listen and tougher provoking
I have been listening now for the better of this year and have always found this podcast insightful, informative and most important in these times, balanced.
This podcast has become one of my favorites. I look forward to it every week. Very informative and interesting.
Big swings with many misses
I keep subscribing because when one of their stories work they are excellent. The first episode on Iran was exceptional. However the episodes can be uneven with 2/3 being well done and 1/3 being a head scratcher as to how it fits into the whole. Worth checking out.
Rewarding Listen
The Other Jeb
Challenging, thought-provoking, and overall fascinating stories being told here. Definitely a program that requires your attention—but you’re absolutely rewarded for lending it.
Almost all episodes are race centered
I originally was really interested as the podcast seemed diverse in tackling different historical topics. The history of American - Iranian relations was particularly interesting. However, the podcast cannot seem to do anything other than race-based themes. I thought the episode on the history of concentration camps was even used to provide a narrative for the controversial comments made by AOC.
One of my favorites
This is one of my favorite podcasts. The hosts are intelligent and entertaining. The topics are relevant and the historical context is much needed.
Great podcast!!
Strange Fruit about Billie Holiday excellent! Loved Kens Burns episode. Thanks!
Amazing podcast
This podcast has a different and historical take on today’s modern issues. I love this podcast!
The best podcast I’ve listened to
This show is my favorite podcast. Thank you for this important work! But seriously the closing credits are awful. It feels so wrong having just listened to a podcast about Billie Holiday’s abuse from the US government and then hearing the producers giggle as they say their name.
The information provided is really interesting but something about their story telling is just... irritating rather than compelling. Not sure if it has to do with the soundtrack or the guest speakers but for me it’s hard to really get into it.
WW Kitchen help
I love this podcast. It’s great studying history from a lens that’s different from my own.
Incredible work Throughline! I almost impatiently look for your episodes every week. Keep up the fantastic work!
Mind blown
I never claim to be a history buff, but I did make it through college, and these are stories I’ve never heard. Not only do they bring a new perspective and lots of history, they are entertaining and sometimes I can even get the kids to listen. Often depressing as I realize how responsible our government’s actions are to blame for present world strife, how horribly we’ve treated our disenfranchised, and how our culture has been brainwashed by corporations and bureaucrats, but better to learn than stay ignorant. Thank you NPR.
Every time I hear one of these episodes, my world is opened up. I am so astonished at how good it is. Thank you so much for producing such incisive and meaningful coverage of the myths we live by.
Great idea well executed.
Provides much needed perspective on how we got to this point in American history. Excellent research and I enjoy the hosts’ banter. Love how they showed Trump probably would not have pardoned Jack Johnson if he had any sense of history. Johnson was the ultimate black protest athlete.
Best new show
Fantastic podcast. Not usually a history buff but I always find the show fascinating.
Excellent podcast that gives listeners an overview of the history that has led to present-day events. It has led me to do more research into some of these topics.
This is just a fantastic podcast, and the way they deliver the content in a down to earth manner is amazing. Well done, everyone.
Stop reposting old episodes!
If I wanted to listen to old episodes I would just scroll down and listen to them.
Very engaging and informative! Very important topics that really help place today’s events in a historical context, thus revealing important patterns and hidden dimensions. Excellent work!
The credits
Imagine listening to the Billie Holiday episode and then having the credits roll with people saying “yo” and laughing. I e listened to a lot of podcasts that deal with heavy topics and they change things up so the transition isn’t maki g light of the subject. I wish this podcast would do the same. It makes it sound like a high school production.
ZeNeece <3
I love connecting the dots in history, getting a bigger picture on an issue. Long ago, there was a show on TV called Connections with James Burke. This is like a version of that. Very well researched and interesting, and great interviews with historians and other experts. I have learned a lot from listening to this.
Great Content Too Often Repeated
This podcast started in February. I loved it! The stories were interesting and relevant. To a certain extent this is still absolutely true except that they keep replaying episodes or playing episodes from other podcasts that I already listen to. If they did not even have 6 months of original material prepared before launching this podcast, more preparation was needed. Sure Freakonomics and Hidden Brain reply episodes after they’ve been well known podcasts for years! You need to build a brand and a following before kicking in the towel and replaying an episode that aired 2 months ago.
Really enjoy this podcast!
My new favorite podcast
It’s fascinating to learn about how modern day initiatives reflect or build on past events. I also love and appreciate the research and thoroughness that goes into this show. Apocalypse Now and Scorched Earth are fascinating. Keep up the good work!
Could be significantly better
I appreciate that they deal with historical issues and interview real historians for the episodes! That’s important to me. However. The hosts often oversimplify nuanced topics. In general, they need to have more professional commentary. I also can’t stand the editing style of splicing their voices in between interviewees or archival audio - it makes it difficult to follow the original speakers.
So captivating and relevant!
I just listened to the episode “Strange Fruit” about Billie Holiday. I experienced such a wide range of emotions. Not many shows out there can do that! I am so grateful the world has people like you guys and gals who bring such important issues and knowledge to the rest of us. Thank you!
Well Worth Your Time
Insightful, interesting, well-researched, and topical.
So important
bkln suz
Understanding the history of current social issues could not be more important, especially given the culture of today’s society. This podcast is of vital importance. I frequently find myself quoting ideas from it. Thank you, Rund and Ramtin and all of the researchers for the thorough research that goes into each fascinating episode.
Mohammed Ali
American history is incomplete without this legend.
My favorite podcast!
Every episode provides insights to events which I never had an adequate background to fully understand. Well researched, accurate and entertaining.
Interesting Topics, Bad Ad Breaks
Great podcast, but Square Trade ads keep interrupting in the middle of sentences! Clearly not where an ad break is supposed to be. Regular ad breaks also occur where expected.
Love Guy’s voice!
One of my faves! I used to listen to it a few years ago on the radio and hated when I missed it, I love that it is a podcast so I can’t ever miss it!!
This podcast is getting better and better
I had misgivings after earlier episodes ended just when things were getting good! However, the Huey P Long and mass incarceration episodes showed how awesome the hosts and content could be. Keep up the good work!
Mass incarceration
Another excellent episode. Insightful and accurate. Stays away from trifles and seeks real meaning. Superb!
I get that race is a big issue, but there were a lot of diverse happenings in the past that have helped shaped the present than just race. Maybe switch it up and I’ll subscribe again. Well produced, just narrow in scope.
Agenda driven view of history
If you need historical verification of your worldview then you will love or hate this podcast. For example, the latest episode attempts to convince that our criminal justice system pivoted to target Blacks after the Civil War. It ignores our history of isolating any group that made general society uncomfortable e.g. Irish, Italian, Jew, Chinese, etc, but that these groups generally overcame this targeting. This pattern predates the Civil War and was not specific to the Black community. In my opinion, the podcast looks for historical verification of their current narrative and ignores the larger context, in essence cherry picking history.
My newest favorite
This is my new favorite podcast! The podcast about the use of concentration camps in the boar war was absolutely fantastic! I love Emily Hobhouse!
I have been following them since the beginning. One of the best historical educational podcast. So sad I couldn’t learn this in school. NPR , you didn’t again! Keep up the good job!
Feed confused since issue with NPR podcasts
I get both Throughline and How I Built This in the same feed. When I unsubscribe and resubscribe to both same issue.
Sherah warrior
This weeks episode was so good! I love this podcast , I learn so much.
Amazing Storytelling & Research
Waffles :]
Great audio production + stellar research + fascinating subjects = beautiful story telling. I’m hooked. One of my all time favorite history podcasts out there (and I’ve listened to a lot)! Full disclosure: I love these hosts. Great choice NPR! Rund and Ramtin could read the phone book and I’d happily subscribe. This is so much better than that though!
One of my favorites
This is one of my favorite podcasts, but can you guys and gals please put your ads at the beginning and end of the podcasts?
Highly insensitive episode after mass shootings
“Concentration camp”is the same rhetoric as the Antifa mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio used. NPR is becoming the Fox News of The Left. Despicable.
Supports the radical left
Loved it for the first few episodes but now they are influencing a very far left political narrative with each episode becoming more and more radical.
Bashes America
1st episode starts off by portraying the USA as a negative super power. I did not like this.
I love this show
I always learn something new when I listen to an episode. But lately, every time I listen to the episode, in my feed, it starts as Hidden brains
Entertaining but definitely Biased
Did NPR just recommend assassinating the president?
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