June 5, 2019
Kathleen McLaughlin is Chief Sustainability Officer for Walmart Inc., and President of the Walmart Foundation. In this conversation, she talks about her upbringing and career path (0:45), Walmart's "Project Gigaton" initiative (8:37), efforts to prevent deforestation (16:22), and more. Plus: WWF's Kerry Cesareo breaks down a new approach to saving forests in Malaysia (20:03).
March 19, 2019
Nina Jensen is the CEO of REV Ocean, a new organization based in Norway that is working to save the world’s oceans. Before Nina joined REV Ocean in 2018, she served as CEO of WWF-Norway. On the show, Nina reflects on some of her proudest moments at WWF (3:10), her new work at REV Ocean (13:20), her remarkable family (28:15), and more.
February 4, 2019
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island is a staunch advocate for climate change and our oceans. On the show, Senator Whitehouse explains what he believes is needed to create a bipartisan path toward climate legislation, and what’s at stake for our economy if we do nothing. He also goes behind the scenes to explain how bipartisan policies have been crafted to help clean up our oceans.
January 28, 2019
WWF welcomes you to a new podcast, The Panda Pod! This podcast is hosted by Carter Roberts, President and CEO of WWF in the United States. With this podcast, Carter will introduce you to some of the incredible men and women he’s met over the years. You’ll hear stories from business leaders at the forefront of sustainable corporate practices, Members of Congress working to protect nature in the United States, and so much more! Let their lives and stories inspire you to do better for our natural world.
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