September 8, 2019
EPISODE 27: On today’s episode of Soul Sister Radio, Steph and Britt are riding solo and filling you in on what all they’ve been up to over these past few months! From work, to play, to breakthroughs, and everything in between! A light hearted episode with some juicy nuggets! Find Steph on IG: @freespiritedbossbabe Find Britt on IG: @withloveshalakolaloba For all things Soul Sister Radio follow us on IG: @thesoulsisterradio
August 25, 2019
EPISODE 26: Lay Holmes, the owner of Aura Leaf, is on this week’s episode talking about all things business, motherhood, sisterhood, and everything in between! It’s a bit silly, a bit sassy, and very inspirational hearing how this mama grew her handmade baby sling business from a beginning that started with not even to knowing how to use a sewing machine, to building an company that hundreds of parents love and support. Find Lay Holmes on IG: @goddessakamommy and @auraleafco
August 11, 2019
EPISODE 25: After a long summer break, Steph and Britt are back with an extra special guest! Medicine Woman and healer, Brittney Battaglia, joins in to discuss everything from Birthing Our Own Medicine to human design to ancestral healing, and so much more! Find Brittney Battaglia on IG: @bodytemple_alchemist and @azura_speaks
May 16, 2019
EPISODE 24: On today’s episode of we dive into the juicy journey Stephanie and Alex Davies have been on working as entrepreneurs! They share the big leaps they've taken to find what is truly in alignment for their family and their businesses. They share what helps them stay on track with living a life that they are proud of, while crushing big goals in life and business! You can join the waiting list for their upcoming course here: Follow at: @offcampuscourses
May 9, 2019
EPISODE 23: On today’s special Mother’s Day episode of the Soul Sister Radio, Britt and Steph interview two of their favorite guests to date, Phoebe Davies and Shain Jackson! We know that while it’s SO rewarding, parenting can be a job filled with challenges, and we’re all just trying to do our best, learning as we go. Our hope is that this lighthearted episode reminds you of that, brings a smile to your face, and even a few laughs!
May 2, 2019
EPISODE 22: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio Steph and Britt discuss Cultivating Positive Body Image in Today’s Diet Culture and what a balancing act it can be! We go over questions like “is it possible to love your body but still want to make physical progress?”. We talk about triggers to avoid those unhealthy behaviors, tips on how to cultivate even more self-love in the process, and how to make it a LIFESTYLE versus a simple season of life!
April 25, 2019
EPISODE 21: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re diving into the topic of Social Media Fasting & how to establish a healthy relationship with social media. In today’s day & age, we always have some sort of screen in front of our face… A phone, computer, TV, but are missing out on something else? Are we missing out on BEING? On this episode we talk about how you can navigate a healthy relationship with social media and implement sacred social media fasting into your life!
April 18, 2019
On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re talking about the Power of Attending Immersion Trainings & Retreats! We have felt the impact and the magic of these accelerated growth experiences, and we share everything from which events are our favorites to attend, how to choose who to invite along with you, and how to choose the event that’s most aligned for you!
April 11, 2019
EPISODE 19: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re talking MONEY MINDSET with guest speaker and spiritual money mentor Ruthie Cease! In this episode, we get deep, a little vulnerable, and challenge the stories that we’ve been programmed to believe in the way of money! If you want some tips and tools on how to shift YOUR money mindset, you’re gonna wanna listen to this episode! Find Ruthie Cease on FB as Ruthie Cease, on IG @ruthiecease, or email at
April 4, 2019
EPISODE 18: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re talking to the girlbosses or aspiring girlbosses out there, or maybe even those ladies that have a lot of interests and are wanting to narrow it down so they aren’t spreading their attention too thin. We share our tips on how to figure out which projects your focus is best served on based on the season you’re in, our tips on scheduling and organizing your time so as to stay on task, and so much more!
March 28, 2019
EPISODE 17: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we had the pleasure of interviewing certified astrologer Malika Semper! You could say it’s a mini introduction to astrology, with an extra highlight on how adding astrology to your spiritual toolbelt can deepen your level of self-awareness and compassion for yourself AND others! This is an extra juicy one, and you’re not going to want to miss it!
March 21, 2019
EPISODE 16: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re having some fun with a little Soul Sister Interview where Steph and Britt riff back and forth with questions that they don’t know about one another! Everything from who we’d love to interview on an episode to what turns us on! Sure to leave with a few laughs and a deeper insight into what makes us tick!
March 14, 2019
EPISODE 15: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re diving into the topic of comparison and how to shift from that low frequency mindset to one of empowerment! It doesn’t matter who you are, how much you have, or how successful you’ve been. We all struggle with comparison at some point in time, and our hope is that you’ll walk away from this episode with some tools on how to navigate when you slip into those old thought patterns!
March 11, 2019
EPISODE 14: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re diving into How to find YOUR Soul Sister Tribe, the girls ready to grow and uplevel their lives, friends that support you and encourage you! Girlfriend relationships that consist of gossip and drama are so 2018! So, if you’re not sure where to find your souls sisters, will give you some of the best tips that have worked for us these past few years!
March 7, 2019
EPISODE 13: TRIGGER WARNING - On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re discussing infertility & loss. Steph & Britt share both of their experiences with miscarriage, & Britt dives into her experience of facing secondary infertility. Whether you’ve experienced loss and/or infertility yourself or not, this episode has valuable lessons on etiquette when holding space for another woman dealing with this real life issues + tips for partners wondering how best to support the woman in their life.
March 4, 2019
EPISODE 12: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re talking about our sure fire ways to reset our energy, spiritual practices we use to transition between our many roles as women, and different tools that ritualize these practices in a dreamy way!
February 28, 2019
EPISODE 11: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re discussing the Power of Authenticity! In today's fast paced world, it can be easy to lose your way or perhaps, never find your authentic path in the first place. So we’ll be diving into how to cultivate a deeper level of self-awareness so you can lean deeper into your authenticity & use the beauty that is YOU to make an impact that only you can make!
February 25, 2019
EPISODE 10: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re talking about shifting our Money Mindset into a Spiritual Practice! It can be so easy to see these two things as oil and water in regards to one another, that to be a spiritual person you can’t long for a life of abundance. We’re here to discuss and debunk some of those self-limiting beliefs!
February 21, 2019
EPISODE 9: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re diving into a discussion on Forgiveness! Whether it’s family, friendships, colleagues, any kind of relationship - including with ourselves - events can occur that give us the opportunity to strengthen our forgiveness muscle and ascend to the next level in our spiritual evolution and growth. We’ve decided that forgiveness doesn’t have to be all pain and messiness, and we’re excited to dive into that with you all today!
February 18, 2019
EPISODE 8: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we have spiritual business mentor and goddess Andee Love chatting with Steph Davies about basics of chakras and business! This episode is for all our fellow spiritual entrepreneur soul sisters out there!
February 14, 2019
EPISODE 7: On today’s special Valentine’s Day episode of the Soul Sister Radio, we are talking all things The 5 Love Languages! Whether it’s in romantic relationships, your relationship with yourself, your girlfriends, your kids, whoever, we believe that by utilizing The 5 Love Languages, you can learn how to communicate love in ways that are not only more fulfilling for yourself but for those on the other end of the relationship!
February 11, 2019
EPISODE 6: On today’s special Valentine’s Day week episode of the Soul Sister Radio, we have our first ever guest speaker, Brittani Morton, on with us chatting all things Women and Pleasure! We touch on everything from self pleasure to how to deepen the sexual intimacy with your partner and so much more! Be sure to grab those earbuds or headphones, though, because this one is extra juicy! Pun intended :)
February 7, 2019
EPISODE 5: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re giving tips on How To Silence Your Inner Critic! We all have stories that we pick up along the way that aren’t serving us! This episode opens up the conversation about how to identify the voice of that inner critic from your ultimate truth so that you can step deeper into your self-awareness and live your best life!
February 4, 2019
EPISODE 4: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio Steph and Britt are sharing their experience with Breast Implant Illness. While we will be covering our decision to implant, BII symptoms, and life after explant, this episode’s underlying message is great for anyone wanting to have a more conscious relationship with their body and self image!
January 31, 2019
EPISODE 3: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re doing our first Q&A session with questions from some of you! From relationships to business, we’re diving in! If there’s any topics or questions that we didn’t cover that you’d like answered on future Q&A episodes be sure to tag us on your Instagram stories @thesoulsisterradio and your question might just be featured!
January 28, 2019
EPISODE 2: On today’s episode of the Soul Sister Radio we’re going to share 5 Tips for Finding Your “Next Right Step”. Whether you’re striving to get clear in business, relationships, really any season of your journey, this episode is for you!
January 24, 2019
Join the Soul Sister Radio hosts Brittany Spain and Steph Davies as they discuss everything from business, to spiritual and healing practices, to sex and relationships, to wellness, friendship, and so much more. This podcast is for anyone who is looking for permission to be themselves, and THRIVE as the empowered soul you were put here to be. It's going to be wild, raw, and juicy, so buckle up!
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