Praise God for this podcast!!
The Lord has been using this in my life to renew my passion for His cause! You ladies take my through the word of God, and by nothing of you, but everything of Him my eyes are wonderfully opened to truth. God is using you and working through your words in my life and the life of a young woman I sort of mentor. May the Lord continue to work through you.❤️🤗
I’ve understood that no matter our “title”, our place, our situation, and or even our background; Christ chose ME. Thank you Lord for all these ladies. Y’all are a blessing. Please make more content🥰🙏🏼
Great Topic!
Loved the topic of disappointment (specifically through the lens of infertility) & how to view it from a Godly perspective. The host kept saying “sure”, which was very distracting. Otherwise, great content!
I appreciate your openness bringing to light how the Bible applies to life today!
If you just stop this!!
I cannot concentrate on the content due to “sure” “hm” “right”. Great content but jeez-louise!
Make more!
Renea Tot
I loved the podcast, everything about it!! Please make more!!!
Can’t wait for more episodes!!!
Erin does a fantastic job guiding the group through God’s word with meaningful and relatable conversation and commentary. You really feel like you’re in her living room with her. What a wonderful resource!
Good, but could be better
The podcast is good, but I expect to get much more out of the Bible study. The podcast is a little too informal and doesn’t go deep enough for my interest.
Encouragement for Everyone!
Even if you’re not in a season of major disappointment right now you either have been or you will be. Such great Biblical truths are shared from the life of Elizabeth to practically help all of us as we navigate life.
Wonderful podcast that encourages us to look to the Christ and trust His word and His character!
Good but could improve
The content of this podcast is amazing. But a lot of the amazing truths got lost as the hosts rely too much on filler words and vocal agreements like “hmmm” and “right”. I found myself getting aggravated too often and not fully listening to the content.
Women of the Bible
This podcast is great for encouraging my heart! Perfect for all stages of a woman’s life!
So much encouragement
Sound Biblical teaching with encouragement for life’s big and small disappointments. I encourage all women to go through this study.
Godly Encouragement in Times of Disappointment
This new podcast from Revive Our Hearts is a healthy blend of teaching from God’s Word and sharing of the raw, heartfelt emotions that we woman daily face when going through times of disappointment. Listen in for Godly encouragement to wade through these emotions and to keep our eyes on the Lord through trying times. I’m so thankful for the ministry of Revive Our Hearts and their desire to stay true to the Word of God!
Loving this new podcast
Carrie Gaul
Super excited about this new Revive Our Hearts podcast! High-energy, practical application of Scripture for the everyday life circumstances we all face!
Web Content Manager
I've loved this podcast. The woman in this podcast have me laughing one minute and then the next pondering something that is life-changing. The women of the Bible have so much to teach us to live a godly life in today's world!
Great resource to learn about the women in the Bible
Excited about this new resource. This first one was so well done, giving me encouragement, challenge, and new insights I could apply to my own life.
Great Podcast for Bible Study!
Thrilled for this new podcast—it will get you into God's Word in deep and meaningful ways. It's like being in the Revive Our Hearts living room for a Bible study with friends.
Love this podcast!
I love listening to these women discuss Elizabeth’s story in a fresh new way! I am excited to continue listening in the coming weeks! I also love how this can go along with the Bible Study, but the episodes can also stand alone. So fun!
Encouraging and Fun.
It’s a lot of fun! Quickly go between laughing with the host and being impacted by deep biblical truth.
Janine Nelson
A new podcast from Revive Our Hearts! More trustworthy BIble teaching -- Super excited about this. Thanks for guiding us through this teaching on women of the Bible. Can't wait to share this with my friends.
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