I can’t tell you how many times I have recommended this podcast to others! It’s probably the best podcast I’ve ever listened to! It’s not quite true crime, not quite psychology, not just a story of family dynamics, and not just a’s all that put together and more! You HAVE to listen to this podcast.
Beyond Amazing
One of, if not the best podcast I’ve ever listened to!
Should I listened to the last episode? Totally lost me The first 6 episodes were great. Hands down pure evil, hard to wrap your mind around
My jaw was on the floor most of the time! It is unbelievable & hard to accept that one person could have caused so much damage, pain & hurt to so many of you! I’m sorry that you ha to go thru it! Thank you for sharing such personal prayers are that you continue to heal, forgive & keep loving yourselves unconditionally!
This story is by far one of the most captivating true stories I’ve ever heard about. I never knew that there was so much behind the Black Dahlia case. My jaw was on the floor the entire time. I can’t believe the events that took place and how after everything, there is love that finally peaks through the evil darkness before it engulfs the present lives of all the survivors. My heart ached the entire time while listening to the testimonies of the surviving members. You all give strength and hope to so many that have gone through similar traumas.
Absolutely life changing
I have listened to hundreds of podcasts and this is one I will never forget. This story opened my eyes to all of the horror in the world that I never knew existed. I have earned so much insight from listening and now changing the way I understand the world. This story will leave a mark on you but needs to be heard. I am thankful for their courage to make this story public.
No words!!!
I don’t have enough words to describe the amazing and impressive work done here. And yes, it has some disturbing parts but that’s the whole point, for this story to be heard! Stop giving 3 starts for that. It’s true crime, if you can’t stomach crazy events, don’t listen. Great work, it’s extra hard having to tell your own family’s history.
Incredible Story from Start to Finish
Great typos
Honestly one of the most compelling, binge-worthy stories out there. It has everything from family drama to murder, and you will be sucked right into a world you couldn’t even imagine regular people having. 100% would recommend!
Mouth-wide open
This is the craziest story ever and I couldn’t stop listening.
Such an amazing, twisted story. The production and storytelling is great
I really appreciate you making this podcast.
One of the most disturbing stories I have listened to.
ka i'lio
Sad, bizzare and deranged story of a maniacal human and his effects on family and his murderous deeds on the innocent.
While this is interesting and very well done, it is also extremely disturbing. I listened to 3 episodes over a year and a half ago and still occasionally think about this podcast and feel deeply disturbed. I’ve listened and watched many true crime documentaries/ podcasts and this is by far the most sinister. While they executed the podcast well, I think an extra warning is warranted as the content can be extremely upsetting and leave you unsettled for years.
Best ever!
I was not sure at first. I have always been interested in the story though. Listening to your stories I was completely drawn in. Today I finished this while I was driving. Ohhh myyy, I have never cried so much! All of you are in my heart and prayers. Sending positive vibes your way as well. I just want to say,every single one of you are much stronger than you can imagine! I applaud every single one! 🙏🙏🙏🙌👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪💪
This is dark and full of absolute insanity. I love the raw, real, emotion!
The research and interviews bring this incredible story to life. There are many dark skeletons here.
Why did I not listen to this sooner?
This is the ultimate true crime podcast that is beyond disturbing. The sisters and other family members do such an amazing job narrating the episodes. I’m absolutely hooked.
Everything a crime podcast should be
This was such a good podcast. Really creepy and sad, but so worth listening to.
Totally hooked
This podcast got me through an entire road trip and then some. It’s written really well and they make it easy to track who and when. Totally hooked!
Great podcast! I finished it in 2 days. So many twist and turns which in the end leads to family healing!
Great Pod
This is an excellent listen !!! Graphic and eye opening at times but that’s what facts are sometimes. Listen to #1 and your hooked !!!
Should be a Netflix series
This podcast is nuts! It blows Tiger King out of the water.
Very disturbing
I’m giving this 3 stars because some of the facts (and allegations) are hard to listen to. But I was fascinated. That people exist that are so depraved bewilders and disturbs me. That some of these children went on to break the chain of depraved behavior is commendable and somewhat heartening.
What a great podcast. Very touching and an emotional story.
Intense and emotional
This was an incredibly well-executed podcast. Maybe it's because I have hadsome mildly similar experiences in my life as those of the Hodel kids, but it was a moving and deeply sad exploration of how to break the cycle of abuse. I also have no doubt in my mind George Hodel killed Short and many others.
Total binge
Insanely binge worthy. The only thing I didn’t like was the intro music (too cheesy) lol
Gripping, sad story
This podcast is very well done. I agree with another review; a documentary TV series should be made of this story! It’s UNBELIEVEABLE. Very sad for all the victims.
Too much personal information
The hosts make too much of this about themselves.
One of my favorites!
This had been one of my favorite podcasts to listen to yet! Hearing all of this from the family’s perspective just makes this podcast even more intriguing! I hated to get to the last episode!
Can’t stop listening
nn n. mnnnnn
This a an excellent Podcast! I couldn’t stop listening. Please turn this into a Netflix documentary or recreated series telling this story and showing us all we are hearing about. People wouldn’t be able to stop watching this! This would be #1 on Netflix! Please consider!
Insane Story
Avid I
I wasn’t prepared for what I was getting into, but it was an incredible (-y disturbing) story. Hope Steve finds his closure, this case should be closed. The narration was a bit repetitive of what we just had heard, but helped recap if you weren’t paying much attention. Loved it!
Can’t stop listening!
I loved the way this story is played out! I’m so bummed there’s only one season. I want more!
Definitely my favorite podcast ever. Such great story-telling!
Top favorite
So interesting, captivating, and sad. The story was told in a great way and each episode keeps you coming back for more
Holy moly!!!!!!!
My favorite true crime podcast yet. Very twisted storyline and totally worth the listen. When people are searching for recommendations, this one is at the top of my list.
Blown away
I’m blown away by this story. Such an evil man who destroyed and hurt so many generations. May each of you find peace and love
What a story! You know there is evil in this world but this is stuff nightmares are made of! Makes you have a better appreciation for your own family disfunction. Mines not that bad!
My dr had recommended this one to me, and I binged and was hooked after the first episode. I love learning about the black dahlia case and I loved hearing from the family. They all went threw so much! You can feel the emotion coming from them. There was a few times I had to fight back tears. This podcast was great and did such a job!
Such a courageous family!
I commend this family’s courage in exploring their trauma so publicly and profoundly. Despite their story’s unique character, the narrators manage to weave a universally relatable story, for anyone from a dysfunctional family. I learned a lot about why it hurts so much to feel our boundaries violated within a family, and how intergenerational trauma perpetuates chaos and division, often swirling around a wounded person such as Tamar. The story raises so many questions about how we face legacies, the ways in which we can heal together, and how we may try to redress wrongs done to others. Outstanding!
Brutal but good
Such a good podcast. Really hard to listen to at points but I’m glad this family is telling their story. You can tell by their interactions with each other that these reactions are raw and true. Loved it.
Jon E@
Shakes you to the core. Outstanding work and superbly told. One of the finest podcasts I’ve heard. What a story......
All over the place
This podcast is all over the place. They leave things unexplained. And really emphasis the abuse and murder.
Last episode is AWFUL, overall intriguing
So the murder / black Dahlia stuff is super intriguing
Captivating !
This was an incredible story narrated by an amazingly strong, resilient family! I’m blown away now this family has done all they could to move forward and not let the acts taken upon them to define who they are or who they become! Which is a testament of true power! I loved every minute of this Podcats and truly loved the narration!
Interesting but maybe distasteful
I enjoy the podcast but so far I feel like Elizabeth Short referred to as “The Black Dahlia” dehumanizes her a bit. Obviously the hosts didn’t coin this name but they could’ve called her by her actual name to show her some respect. Also hearing about a gruesome murder and having sorrow for her and then playing ridiculous ads about being obsessed with crime and being all bubbly about it also kind of discounts the severity of the situation.
This was a wild ride. I was quite confused with who was what in the beginning but this podcast left me wanting more. Absolutely insane!!! Listen to this if you’re a fan of true crime, conspiracy, and mind fux! I’ve listened to it all the way through twice.
This podcast is not for the faint of heart. The story is INTENSE and dark. That said, it is also amazing. I was on the edge of my seat and gasped out loud several times. The production quality is very high and the storytelling is so beautifully woven together. If you can handle extreme and possibly disturbing content, don’t miss this one!
I think some of the family members are lying
butter croissant
If someone is abused in the worst possible manner. You would think they would stay away from the abuser. Debbie was clearly taken advantage of and she has pictures posted on social media of her and Tamar being close. Sick.
Extreme story
I’m not sure what to believe or think. This truly shows the worst and best of humanity. I just have such a hard time believing people can do such terrible things. But I truly have hope that all bad things come to light eventually. I truly wish peace will come to the surviving members of this family.
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