October 8, 2019
Have you been looking for a way to incorporate morning meetings into your classroom routine? Or maybe you already do, but you’re looking for some ideas to spice it up!  In this episode, I’m filling you in on how I like to run morning meetings, exactly how it can look in your classroom, as well as different activities you can start implementing TODAY!  My hope for you after listening to this episode is that you will feel confident to start morning meetings in your classroom if you haven’t already, feel the urge to stay consistent with these times with your students, and excited to try some of the ideas and use some of the resources mentioned in your morning meeting times. TCM Instagram: teachcreatemotivate TCM Podcast Facebook Group: TCM Podcast Instagram: teachcreatemotivatepodcast TCM Show Notes: Resources Mentioned:  Kindness Freebie Character Trait Resource Morning Meeting Blog Post Class Slides Discussion Slides Read Aloud Blog Post Student Goal Cards Episode 5: Student Led Conferences Student Led Conferences Blog Post Parent Teacher Conferences Resource Growth Mindset Flipbooks
May 9, 2019
The countdown is on. If you’re a teacher, you know exactly what countdown I’m talking about. THE END OF THE YEAR. How are you celebrating in your classroom? I think it’s super important to make sure that we celebrate all the hard work that we’ve accomplished throughout the year. I don't think all learning should stop when we start "the countdown," but it's a great way to celebrate your year together and to have fun while doing it. In this episode, I’m filling you in on what I do in my own classroom to celebrate the end of the school year. I talk about how I keep my students engaged, writing and how I keep their behavior in check. I also give you resources and ideas for how to celebrate each student in your class individual and make them feel special. TCM Instagram: teachcreatemotivate TCM Podcast Facebook Group: TCM Podcast Instagram: teachcreatemotivatepodcast TCM Show Notes: Resources Mentioned: End of Year Blog Post Rock On Packs Selfie Writing Bitmoji Bookmarks Photobooth Blog Post Bitmoji Student Awards Photobooth Props End of Year Gift Tags Sparkling in Second Celebration Idea Kristina Zucchino Top 10 freebie Miss 5ths Instagram Post
April 11, 2019
Have you been looking online for that perfect anchor chart to display to your students and desperately trying to recreate it? Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin with anchor charts! Enter: The Anchor Chart Queen. On today’s episode, we welcome the Amy Groesbeck from The Animated Teacher. Amy shares her tips for how she creates anchor charts, how to involve students in the process, as well as her tips for displaying, organizing and more! Get ready for tons of valuable information that you can take straight to your classroom today! TCM Instagram: teachcreatemotivate TCM Podcast Facebook Group: TCM Podcast Instagram: teachcreatemotivatepodcast TCM Show Notes: Anchor Chart Must Haves: Magnetic Rod Rod Clips Tablet Paper Crayola Markers Post It Notes Resources Mentioned: Anchor Chart Templates Amy’s Anchor Chart Blog Post Connect with Amy Groesbeck: Instagram: @theamygroesbeck Facebook: The Animated Teacher TpT store: Amy Groesbeck
March 21, 2019
Are you looking for some apps that will make your teaching life and personal life easier? Then look no further because I’ve got an amazing list prepared for you. On today’s episode, I’m going to be breaking down my personal list of favorite apps that I use on a daily basis that make both my teaching life and personal life easier. These five apps will help keep you organized, save you time, and help things in our lives go much easier and run smoothly. I hope after listening today you can take these apps straight to your classroom! And this is only part one of my favorite apps list, so stay tuned for more! Apps in this episode: Class Dojo Post-It Note ChatterPix Trello Google Classroom TCM Instagram: teachcreatemotivate TCM Podcast Facebook Group: TCM Podcast Instagram: teachcreatemotivatepodcast TCM Show Notes: Resources Mentioned in the Episode: Growth Mindset Growth Mindset Flipbook Class Jobs
February 28, 2019
Student independence and ownership is a HUGE part of my classroom. I love to let students take the reigns and what better way to have them take ownership in their learning than with a student-led conference?! On today’s episode, we are talking all things student-led conferences. This does not have to be something that takes you a ton of extra time (trust me, it doesn’t at all) and you will be so amazed at the benefits it brings to your conferences!   Whether you want to jump into student-led conferences for your upcoming conference season or you are going to file and tuck this away for next year, this episode will give you everything you need to start this in your classroom. I will break down the why behind my shift to student-led conferences and a step-by-step guide on how you can implement this as well! TCM Instagram: teachcreatemotivate TCM Podcast Instagram: teachcreatemotivatepodcast TCM Show Notes: Resources Mentioned in the Episode: Parent Teacher Conference Forms Student Goal Sheet Freebie Student Led Conferences Blog Post
February 7, 2019
What if you could bring relevant, engaging topics into your classroom AND practice skills rigorously WITHOUT it feeling like work? Ashley from, The Texas Lone Star Teacher, does just that. Ashley is a fifth grade teacher in Texas who has a passion for creating collaborative learning opportunities for her students and within her school. She shares innovative resources, teaching tips, and creative classroom ideas and today she is here to share them with YOU. Grab a notebook, flair pen, and get ready to hear how YOU  can bring current events into your classroom today! TCM Podcast Show Notes: TCM Podcast Facebook Group: Ashley's Instagram TCM Podcast Instagram Free Websites mentioned: Newsela Dogo News Scholastic News Online Smithsonian Tween Tribune= Connect with Ashley-Texas Lone Star Teacher: Texas Lone Star Teacher Instagram Texas Lonestar Teacher TPT Store Ashley’s News Article Interactive Bulletin Board: Interactive News Bulletin Board Resource
January 21, 2019
Classroom management-the number one requested topic for this show and what I get asked about THE MOST. If I could pick one area where I feel the most confident, it would be classroom management.   Today, I’m telling you 4 key strategies to take back with you to the classroom that you can use TODAY.  Implementing these strategies will not only create structure for your kids, but it will also create a positive and FUN classroom community. Classroom management DOES NOT have to be difficult and YOU 100% can make this an area where you feel confident too! If you’ve been looking for answers to get back control, you’ll find them right here! TCM Podcast Instagram: teachcreatemotivatepodcast TCM Show Notes: Resources Mentioned in the Episode: Kindness Bingo Free Download Secret Student Freebie Secret Student Blog Post Using a Prize Wheel in the Classroom Blog Post V.I.P. Status Blog Post Classroom Management Bingo Resource
January 19, 2019
ORGANIZATION!! If there is one thing that can save your sanity, it is implementing practical systems to keep you more organized in and out of the classroom. When you're more organized you have more time and energy to do the things you want to do and that mean the most to you. Which then makes you a better version of yourself for you AND  your students.⁣⁣ I will be discussing 5 things to keep you organized that you can start doing RIGHT NOW!⁣ Let’s face it, staying organized can sometimes be a struggle, but if you have the right systems in place, then you can really set yourself up for success. I’ll be discussing everything from planners, technology, classroom jobs and even tips on how to make your mornings less stressful. ⁣ Are you ready to become more organized in the new year? I’m spilling all my secrets on how I stay organized right here!⁣ TCM Podcast Show Notes:⁣ Planners:⁣ Erin Condren Life Planner⁣ TCM Planners⁣ My Personal Planner⁣ Happy Planner Discs⁣ Digital Tools:⁣ Class Slides With Timers⁣ Digital Graphic Organizers⁣ ⁣Jobs in the Classroom:⁣ Blog Post⁣ ⁣Classroom Jobs Resource⁣  
January 18, 2019
WELCOME to the Teach Create Motivate Podcast!  I’m Ashley Marquez, the face behind the teaching website and TPT store Teach Create Motivate. You may also recognize me from Instagram where I share all things teaching, everyday life and Amazon finds!   Starting a podcast for teachers like you.. and ME!.. has been a dream of mine for quite a while. Teaching is NOT easy! I firmly believe though that having the right strategies and tips can make ALL the difference.  I have so many ideas that are constantly circling through my head and it is a struggle to share them all with you. So, I thought a podcast would be the perfect place to share all things teaching and build a community to collaborate because TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!!   I plan on talking about topics ranging from morning meeting, classroom organization, small group, preventing burnout  and so much more! I will also be bringing on exciting guests to share things that they are passionate about and ideas you can also use in your classroom. I’m so excited to see where this podcast goes and I CAN’T WAIT to go on this journey with you! Happy Teaching! TCM Podcast Show Notes: TCM Podcast Instagram:
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