December 10, 2019
“O Come, O Come Emmanuel”. You know the hymn and the melody. But did you know that each verse is paired with a different Messianic name? The hymn also upholds a dual purpose. It reminds us of Israel’s longing for the Messiah and Christ’s first coming. It also turns believers’ hearts today for Christ’s second coming when He will consummate God’s Kingdom and dwell with His people forever! Caroline Cobb graciously leads our discussion and shares her personal rendition of the song in the episode!
December 3, 2019
Advertisements, gift guides, and must-haves. We can find ourselves feeling discontent with what we own. This is a relevant issue any time of the year, but it’s heightened around the holidays. Is it possible to enjoy our material possessions without idolizing them? How can we enjoy the good gifts the Lord provides without getting distracted from the things that matter for eternity? Should our contentment be found in “stuff” at all? We find these hard questions sufficiently answered in God’s Word.
November 26, 2019
What exactly is Advent? Why and how should we observe it? Advent is a season marked on the church calendar, and it begins on December 1st this year. During Advent, believers intentionally remember the longing that God’s people felt awaiting the Messiah. It is also a time to recognize the truth that we are currently in a season of waiting for Christ’s return. We discuss the benefits of observing Advent and share the many ways your family can make meaningful Advent traditions this season.
November 19, 2019
The holidays can be times of extra pain and friction for many people. There are a number of reasons: the loss of a loved one, broken relationships, financial hardships, unmet expectations, and more. In the midst of celebrations and busyness, the holidays can be incredibly lonely times when we feel the brokenness of this world more acutely. Kristyn helps us apply the gospel to our grief and brokenness, and she offers practical tips to navigate the holiday season well.
November 12, 2019
Thanksgiving: the season of gratitude. But shouldn’t God’s people be grateful in every season? Is it really possible to “give thanks in all circumstances”? Is it possible to be grateful and worship God in the midst of deep suffering and tragedy? How do we not grumble with the little annoyances of life? The gospel is the starting point of gratitude. The gospel combats the sense of entitlement that marks human nature and it is how we cultivate a heart of gratitude that leads to praise in every season!
November 5, 2019
Do you think Christianity has too many rules to follow? Is it just moralism? No one can live up to them, so why try at all? Isn’t the Bible outdated anyway? These are objections we have heard or thought. The Bible does have commands! And the gospel is about grace! The law actually offers hope and joy. It is a gracious gift from God, and while Christ frees us from guilt and shame, He also empowers us to obey and put His holiness on display to a world in need.
October 29, 2019
How do we deal with less than ideal circumstances or hard seasons? Do we pretend bad days don’t exist? Do we treat ourselves? Do we pull up our bootstraps and power through? Scripture teaches us how to faithfully live through these times. God gives us the gift of lamenting: we can go to God in our pain and ask the hard questions, like “God, have you forgotten me?” Then we remember the Lord and preach the gospel to ourselves. We trust that He is working all things for His glory and our good.
October 22, 2019
Should Christians set goals? Aren’t goals self-centered? Doesn’t the Bible talk about not knowing what tomorrow brings? Should we be so future-oriented? Lara has redefined goals. Goals can be God-centered and informed by the gospel. Goals can help us keep the big picture of eternity in mind. Goals can help us number our days and live intentionally today. But how do we stay motivated and persevere? How do we make what really matters actually happen?
October 15, 2019
What is a woman's highest calling? Is it motherhood? Marriage?Purpose is an important topic. We want to know our God-given purpose because it impacts how we live in the here and now, and today matters for eternity. But here’s the truth we see in Scripture: we all have the same highest calling. We are all called to glorify God. But what does this look like? How does motherhood, marriage, singleness, careers, and other life circumstances fall under this same God-glorifying purpose?
October 8, 2019
Comparison is a norm in our culture so competition is inevitable. Be better; have more; outshine. This mindset can be seen in all areas of life: from the work force to motherhood to ministry. But God’s people should be people who celebrate others well. We are recipients of God’s never ending grace, mercy, and love, and we can live out of this abundance. But it’s hard! We consider the barriers of celebrating others well and offer practical advice on how we can genuinely do this in our world today.
October 1, 2019
You are not enough. How do you deal with those thoughts and feelings of inadequacy? Are you always striving for perfection? Regardless of personality type, this is something we all deal with in some capacity. The only standard of measurement that matters is God’s standard, and on our own, we’ll never measure up. But Jesus. He is the only answer to our feelings of falling short. In Him and through Him, we are enough. The gospel offers us a better way, and it changes everything.
September 24, 2019
Where is your gaze fixed? Every season of life holds ample opportunities to grow in godliness, and the Lord is faithful to do this work of sanctification in us every single day. But what are we beholding? In harder seasons of motherhood and marriage, do we believe the Lord is transforming us into Christlikeness? Ruth reminds us of gospel truths that impact our everyday lives. She encourages us to behold Christ because He alone is worthy of our worship.
September 17, 2019
What purpose do bright markers have in our Bible study? Highlighters can be tools to help facilitate deep Bible study. If used systematically, they help us engage the text in a way to have a fuller understanding of Scripture. There are many different ways to use highlighters. There isn’t one right way. But without a system, our Bibles can be marked in an incoherent way that will prove to be unhelpful. The goal is not to have a beautifully marked Bible; the goal is to know the God of the Bible.
September 10, 2019
Emotions are intricate and can be tricky. Should we follow our head (logic) or our hearts (feelings)? How do we handle our emotions? What do our emotions say about us? We can go to God’s Word and allow it to shape our emotions. We can love, value, and hate the things that He loves, values, and hates. All our emotions can lead us back to Him and deepen our intimacy with Him and others.
September 3, 2019
We all want authentic friendships. We know we’re made for real connections, but we often find ourselves disappointed and lonely. So we avoid conflict at all costs. But then our friendships lack depth. Kelly helps us have a biblical understanding of friendship, and she also offers practical advice on how to have real friendships in today’s culture.
August 27, 2019
We all have a little voice in our heads. Where does it come from? Why does it say what it says? Emily and Laura from Risen Motherhood walk us through the fascinating topic of personal conscience. The Bible isn’t cut and dry about every detail of our lives. We have a thousand tiny decisions to make every single day, and many fall into grey areas. Scripture gives us sufficient principles, and God also gave us the gift of personal conscience to guide us.
August 20, 2019
Scripture commands us to meditate. It’s not self-focused like other meditation practices; instead, Christian meditation is God-focused.  It is lingering, absorbing, and delighting in God and in His Word and allowing gospel truths to transform you. It’s a rich spiritual discipline that moves us from being hearers of God’s Word to doers. In partnership with the Holy Spirit, it is the means to apply Scripture and aids us in our pursuit of Christlikeness.
August 13, 2019
Big news: DAILY GRACE LOCAL! We talk about resources to equip you to lead. We talk about logistics and the different elements of study format, like prayer and formal/informal teaching times. We get real about the aspects of leading discussions, like what to do with silence or when we have a person that dominates the conversation. We even talk about what we should do if someone says something that doesn’t align with Scripture! Lastly, we discuss how to personally prepare to lead a Bible study.
August 6, 2019
Can’t we just study the Bible on our own? Why study together? What if I’m busy and Sunday worship is all I can do? Or I’ve been hurt by believers in a small group in the past. I’m afraid that I won’t know enough about the Bible and look ignorant. We’ve all been there! Engaging deeply with others requires vulnerability, but it’s God’s design for us to grow in community. We’ll talk about the different ways studying Scripture together deepens our understanding of God, others, and ourselves.
July 30, 2019
Shame affects all of us, but we may handle it differently. Some of us look to work or exercise to cope with it. Others find other ways to hide it. But there is a solution to our shame problem, and it is found in Jesus Christ. Kristyn Perez reminds us that Christ offers us wholeness and a place where our strivings can cease. She distinguishes the differences between guilt, regret, and shame, and offers us practical ways we can face our shame. You are not hopeless or alone.
July 23, 2019
How do we figure out God’s will for our lives? Can we actually know His will? These are the questions we tend to ask when we are faced with big life decisions. We want to know His will so it can guide our decision making. We wonder if we’ll miss out on His blessings if we’re outside of His will for us. Do we need to put out a metaphorical fleece or wait until we feel “peace”? We can go to God’s Word to answer all of these questions and know God’s will for our lives.
July 16, 2019
Life is full of disappointments and unmet expectations. Dealing with them can be incredibly difficult. Sometimes, we can feel absolutely devastated by unmet expectations. But then we read God’s Word that tells us to “be content with what you have” (Heb. 13:5). How do we reconcile the two? How can we be content when life is disappointing and not how we had hoped it would be? God gives us the secret to contentment in His Word; He gives us the grace and means!
July 9, 2019
What is the glory of God? Why is He after His own glory? Does that make God self-centered? How is that a good thing for us? We hear a lot about the glory of God. We are encouraged to glorify God in everything we do. But how does that work if God’s glory is something we can’t add to or take away from? We unpack all of these questions. We also talk about how God’s self-glorification is an expression of His love and a means for us to experience true joy and delight.
July 2, 2019
Memorizing Scripture: you know it’s good for you, but you feel overwhelmed or too busy. You’re not alone. Today Amanda Barycki shares practical tips to help you memorize Scripture! Storing God’s Word in our minds and hearts pays tremendous dividends. It truly helps us in our everyday lives: the big and little moments. We hope this conversation helps you get a glimpse of how enriching this spiritual discipline is!
June 25, 2019
You asked, we answered! Some questions are lighthearted and pure fun, like our ultimate comfort and Enneagram numbers. And other questions are heavier, like what to think when tragedy strikes or being married to an unbelieving spouse. The spectrum is wide, and we had a blast answering all of these questions! We pray you find this episode encouraging and enjoyable.
June 18, 2019
“Get plugged into a local church!” Why do we encourage this? What exactly is a local church and what’s its purpose? The church is not a building; it isn’t even an organization instituted by man. The local church is an assembly of believers, and it exists for God and His glory -- that is its overall purpose. In light of this purpose, we discuss corporate worship and prayer, church membership, submission to authority, discipleship and evangelism, and more.
June 11, 2019
“Getting saved” - you probably heard that phrase. But what exactly is salvation? How does it work? What are we saved from? What are we saved to? Is it just a one-time event? It’s true that there is a moment of conversion, but our salvation actually has present and future elements that impact our everyday life. We will talk about the order of salvation and look into what happens in this whole process. Understanding the steps changes everything we do!
June 4, 2019
Corin shares openly about the challenges and joys in raising children with special needs. We also talk at length about adoption! It is a beautiful testimony that is a tangible representation of the gospel. Even if you’re not a parent of a child with special needs or do not feel led to adopt, we hope this conversation will encourage you to respond to your costly adoption into the family of God by being an active member of a local church that rallies around families in these life seasons.
May 28, 2019
What is the trinity? How can one God exists as three persons? The doctrine of the Trinity is fundamental and foundational for the Christian faith, but we in our finite minds cannot fully comprehend it. But fear not - we’ll discuss a few parameters that will help you understand the Trinity, and you’ll find that we can’t really have the gospel without the Trinity. We’ll top off our conversation by talking about how the trinity actually models how we should live today.
May 21, 2019
What do you value, honor, and treasure? What consumes your time, energy, and thoughts? Idolatry is not just worshipping a golden calf. Idols can be good things that become ultimate things. This is why idolatry is a worship problem. We are not hopeless in this— there is a practical remedy for our idolatry problem. Connect with us:
May 14, 2019
You are a worshipper. the question is, what or whom do you worship? Worship is not relegated to a particular time or location: it’s not just the music portion of our Sunday services in church! It is all encompassing. Worship is the means by which we glorify God and enjoy Him forever! Connect with us: Questions? Email us!
May 7, 2019
What is discipleship and evangelism and how can we do it? Our guest, Tamzen Baker, shares personal stories that show us that discipleship and evangelism should be part of the lives of all believers. She talks about how to combat feelings of not being equipped to disciple someone and what to do when you don’t know the answers to questions you may get about the Bible. We hope this conversation encourages you on your walk -- if you are a disciple of Jesus, you are called to disciple and proclaim the good new
April 30, 2019
Should you practice self-care? How should you do it? This topic isn’t so black and white. God created us as finite beings, and the limits that He has ordained are for our good. Rest is a gift! However, true rest according to God’s Word is not the same as what our culture promotes as “self-care." We’ll talk about what it means to have a healthy, biblical view of self-care, and we’ll even offer practical tips to engage in true rest that will refresh your soul in the Lord.
April 23, 2019
Are you on social media? Whether it’s microblogging on Instagram, staying connected with family on Facebook, or vlogging on Youtube, social media is everywhere! Even if you’re not engaged on any of these platforms, social media has shaped the culture and its impact is far reaching. Social Media can be a helpful tool, but in our sin nature we are quick to misuse it. We will talk about dangers of social media, its potential benefits, and give practical tips on using social media in a Christ-honoring way.
April 16, 2019
He is risen! Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The death and resurrection of Christ is central to the Christian faith. Believers shouldn’t brush over the empty tomb—we can believe in the gospel because the resurrection happened, just as He said it would! Because of our union with Christ, we can live in light of the hope of the resurrection! It is this very hope that empowers us to live radical and countercultural lives. Do our decisions reflect the hope of the resurrection?
April 9, 2019
She unexpectedly lost a child in a tragic accident, unexpectedly lost her husband due to an unknown heart condition, yet those who know Maritza will describe her as joyful. Her story is a powerful testimony of our great God who makes beauty from ashes (Isa. 61:3). Maritza is a sweet sister in Christ and active member of Sojourn Community Church – Woodstock alongside Joanna. May her story remind us that our God is completely sovereign and completely good.
April 2, 2019
Who are you?  Does your life matter? Your identity informs everything you do, and the world, our flesh, and the Devil want us to misplace our identities.  We anchor our identity in all the wrong places—what we do, what we love, what others have said about us, or even some hidden strength or identity within ourselves—but these things are not enough. We find out identity in Christ alone, and when we anchor our sense of self in who we are in Christ, every aspect of our lives will be transformed.
March 26, 2019
Is the Bible true? We will get into the nitty gritty details and history behind the Bible. It's important to know why we value the Scriptures so highly, and we’ll talk at length about the beauty and glory of God seen in Scripture. We can stake our faith on our sacred text, the Bible. Connect with us: Questions? Email us!
March 19, 2019
In the mundane and the monumental, we need the gospel every moment of every day. The gospel transforms every part of our lives, and in today's episode, we discuss what it means to preach the gospel to ourselves and how we can put it into practice. Whether it’s in the everyday moments of laundry and grocery shopping, or in the monumental moments of suffering and tragedy, we need grace for all of life. We talk about the importance of knowing the gospel and reminding ourselves of the truth every single day
March 12, 2019
What does it mean to be a Christian woman? Abigail Dodds joins us to talk about gospel centered womanhood. She explains how the whole Bible equips us as Christian women. We discuss singleness, marriage, suffering, discipleship, submission, and more. Connect with us: Questions? Email us! podcast (at) thedaliygraceco (dot) com
March 5, 2019
Hospitality should characterize God’s people. It is an integral part of Christian living because we have been welcomed, cared for, and loved by Christ. and on today’s episode we are discussing the topic of biblical hospitality - what it is, why it is important, and how we can engage in it, no matter where we are. We will discuss the difference between biblical hospitality and what our culture promotes as hospitality, and offer some practical how-to's to make biblical hospitality a regular part of your l
February 26, 2019
The Bible is actually one story - from Genesis to Revelation, there is a unified narrative that all points to Jesus. This overarching story is the metanarrative of scripture, and understanding it will change the way you approach the Word of God and enrich your study. Connect with us: Questions? Email us! podcast (at) thedaliygraceco (dot) com
February 19, 2019
We all experience busy seasons, and today we are chatting about what Bible study looks like in the midst of the craziness of life. We’ll talk about why we need God’s Word when our plates are full, and share some practical ways to prioritize Bible study. Come join us! Connect with us: Questions? Email us! podcast (at) thedaliygraceco (dot) com
February 19, 2019
Biblical literacy is knowledge of God’s Word. It’s life- changing knowledge because God uses His Word to transform us! Kristin Schmucker, co-founder and CEO of The Daily Grace Co., shares how the study of God’s Word helped her in an intense season of loss and grief. Connect with us: Questions? Email us! podcast (at) thedaliygraceco (dot) com
February 19, 2019
Everyone’s a theologian. What exactly does that mean? What is theology? It’s not as scary as it sounds! We’ll talk about what the goal of theology is, and why theology even matters. We’ll share our personal stories regarding our study of theology and the impact that it has had on our lives.
January 18, 2019
Welcome to Daily Grace! Join us as we seek to know God in His Word. We believe that that deep Bible study, sound doctrine, and rich theology are not just for the seminary student or pastor, but are accessible and transformational for all believers. Join your hosts Joanna Kimbrel and Stefanie Broyles in today's conversation!
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