February 14, 2020
Daniel Parrilli is the self-proclaimed conductor at Kettenbach. He has been with Kettenbach for 9 years as the general manager but has nearly 50 years of experience in the dental industry. Many of the products you use and recognize for impression material is from Kettenbach including Alginate, Silginate, and Futar. The company is a direct to consumer model, which gives you quick access to reps for questions and suggestions. Futar bite registration is the best-known product in their line. Customers like that it does not run off the surface and sets up rigid, which prevents distortion in the lab. As a result, you have less adjustment time. Labs love it because it is easy to work with and can be both trimmed and handle rotary use. Panacil is another great product that has virtually no shrinkage. It actually works better if the teeth are slightly moist. It can be placed with no dripping for excellent detail. Silginat is an impressions game changer. It does not dry out, has no cleanup or mixing. It will last and stay accurate, so there is no more calling the patient back for a new impression when replacing devices. It offers an opportunity to repour if you are not happy with your impression results. The core buildup product is dual-cured and comes in a variety of different shades. The ease of handling is what really sells it. The ease of flow without being runny is incredibly important. Visalys temp is a harder curing temp resin that does not chip or fracture. There are multiple products in the Visalys line. The newest product is Cemcore. It is an adhesive resin cement that is good for any materials and substrates used in dentistry. It can even be used for root posts and buildup core. It uses a tooth primer, restorative primer, and cement medium. It is also dual-cure.  This product will cut down on products used, setup time, and overall experience for the patient. They also come in a large array of shades. Many well-known CE industry leaders use Kettenbach products because of their great quality. The Nifty Deal: 15% off your order for the remainder of February Call: 877-532-2123 and talk to an associate or reach out to your local field rep. Mention Nifty Thrifty Deal No limit on how much you can save!
February 1, 2020
Dr. Mauricio Dardano is one of the practice owners in MB2 Dental Solutions, a DPO group. After being contacted by multiple DSO, Dr. Vo started considering selling a portion of his practice. He learned that MB2 is not a typical DSO. You have a network of doctors to work with while still retaining some autonomy to continue growing your business. A common few complaints people have when looking to sell include a lack of time for clinical development, a desire for assistance with growth, improving the work culture, and pre-planning and exit strategy. The type of doctors interested in their model are more entrepreneurial. What’s your favorite thing about the MB2 culture? They work hard together but play hard too. It is the camaraderie of dental school without studying. It’s like a mastermind for practice owners.   When will the recap happen? It will probably be in the next few years. Recap is the divestment and recapitalization from one group of investors to another. No matter when it happens, there are opportunities to increase your investment and sell off at higher multiples. It ultimately comes down to patient care. The integration process has been overall successful, and the attitude of the staff has been positive because of the ease and simplification for staff. Doctors may be worried about people coming in and changing everything. The goal is to improve what you are already doing when possible, but the direction and implementation are at the doctor’s discretion. What does MB2 offer an owner? They can do much of the day to day tasks if that is what you need, or you can retain many tasks. The idea is to give you more time. Payments, insurance claim corrections, or other managerial tasks can be handed off to the MB2 group. How does MB2 help an owner grow to multiple locations? How does compensation happen for multiple locations? You get paid first as a clinician, then as a business owner. The more growth you have, the more revenue from both streams you will receive. Does joining MB2 mean I have to go in-network if I’m fee for service? No, you get to maintain office autonomy. If buying another office, what is the ownership level then? Your percentage stays the same as when you initially came into the group, it just expands to include the new location. How does the compensation work? You are paid a percentage of production and then a percentage of dividends remaining. What are the steps and requirements to join MB2? Collections of $800k and above are where they begin to consider purchasing, but typically it is $1.5-$1.7M collections or EBITDA. What if my practice has no debt? MB2 can do an evaluation if you are below the typical thresholds. In order to do a practice evaluation, look at your 12-month P&L, production by the provider, and your lease. Then they will give a proposal. Moving forward you have an opportunity to visit the headquarters and meet the team. What if you don’t own a practice? Building relationships as an associate, then becoming an owner is a possibility as well. If you’re close to the threshold, they are working on a deal to reimburse you for the cost of your consultant for the previous year that helps boost your practice. The details are still being worked out regarding this plan. Does MB2 take over the books and accounting? There are some aspects that MB2 will require as far as standardized reporting. You can still keep your CPA, and MB2 can handle much of the books. MB2 can help you with recruiting and hiring as well. Are there any issues with leases transferring with MB2? The group has a legal team to help change everything over. If you’re wanting to move locations they can help and pay their portion of the move to your new space. Dr. Dardano feels that as one of the first practices, he feels that being an owner in the group is very rewarding both personally and professionally. It is a very doctor centered group. There is a referral bonus for practice owners that bring a new owner into the group.
February 1, 2020
Dr. Kianor Shah is a general dentist who grew up in Germany and lives in Palm Desert, CA. While he teaches lots of strategies and concepts, peer to peer is a strong focus of his training. It is a concept strongly used in financial industries and other business factors and can provide success in the dental industry as well. By working with one another, we have a better opportunity to work on our own terms. What is the first step? Creating more networking opportunities to share information. So far over 70 doctors from a variety of specialties have been amassed to share ideas. The Top 100 dentists are a group of mostly practicing dentists at the top of their field. It’s not about people buying into a group or honor, it’s about leadership that can help plan and propel the industry to become better. How did you improve your production while working less? You have to work backward by picturing the end product. Start with the location, improve your education, and negotiate. Being patient and willing to wait to upgrade things when you can afford it. The fear of having to spend a large amount keeps people from taking the leap into ownership. Starting small is okay. One of the courses Dr. Shah is passionate about is teaching improved extraction strategies. His workshops cover preclinical preparation, anatomy, complex cases and sedation. He also lectures on things such as stem cell research, PRP, and other topics. Oral surgery skills are important in being able to treat your patients. The more you work on them, the easier it will become.
January 25, 2020
Carl Nofuente is an estate planner and a certified financial educator. What is the difference between a will and a trust? If you die or become incapacitated without a will, it will enter something called probate. It takes time and money to get an estate out of probate to release the estate. A will does not keep it out of probate but does designate specifics of how to divide up the assets. A typical fee to release an estate from probate is approximately 5% of the estate’s value. This amount can be as high as 15%. A trust avoids probate and keeps the record of transferred assets private. It is important to not just have a trust but to fund the trust with your assets. It is very common that the trusts are set up, but unfunded. Many people are unaware of this most critical step. Are there age limits to a trust? No, anything that you want to give to your family can be placed in a trust. You can set the rules for specifics of payouts based on percentages, milestones, or other requirements. Protecting your legacy generationally or keeping your children’s family assets in the event they divorce is an important way a trust can be enacted. A trust becomes effective as soon as it is signed while a will is only enacted upon death. Should you become incapacitated, a trust will protect you. If a practice is in a will, your family cannot sell it until it is released from probate. At that point all assets are frozen and anyone can make claims on the estate. The courts have to hear them out. In addition, a court can overturn your wishes in your will regarding who is in charge of your children. A trust will designate that person as a guardian, but financial decisions can be designated to another person or group of people. A trust can be set up to protect you from legal recourse. Setup can be both revocable or able to be changed and irrevocable trusts which cannot. It is also a great tool for remarriage and children from a previous marriage. A bonus tidbit for you: planning ahead for your children’s careers can allow them to receive merit-based financial aid, so start planning early. Nifty Deal: reach out for a FREE one-on-one assessment to identify steps you can take to plan your estate. info is as follows: (240)888-9019 or
January 11, 2020
Dr. Glenn Vo and Dr. Chris Hoffpauir are joining their Facebook groups, as well as many others to create the ultimate dental summit. They initially met through social media and realized how valuable it is to have support and answers to questions. While it’s great to build those relationships online, there is still something special about being face to face. They have chosen to create an event to network with other groups and bring a fresh perspective to dentistry. By keeping the attendees to only 500, there is an opportunity to build real relationships and experiences together. Alyssa Keefer, Dr. Eric Roman, and many more speakers were selected specifically to teach not only the doctors but your team as well. All of the speakers can be found on Dr. Jared Van Ittersum will be speaking about practice growth, Dr. Robert Pick will speak on practice culture. Dr. Joe Maio, Dr. Janice Doan, and Dr. Josh Cochran are also sharing their knowledge and experience to benefit their peers. Want to know how to find and train up associates? There’s a course for that! Elijah Desmond and Dr. Anissa Holmes, Dr. Nathan Ho bring everything from tech talks to marketing. Sandy Lee, Heather Kirby, and Carlos Rodriguez show up big for your hygiene team too. Kenzie Broxson will be talking about insurance and Dr. Grace Yum Zimmerman will represent multiple practice owners. The event will be June 26-27 at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas. Friday night there will be a Whitening Ball, and Saturday will be Carlos Rodriguez. And don’t forget about all of the Facebook groups representing at their booth. But of course, there’s a Nifty Deal! 12 hours of CE for the doctor is $400, team members are $250. Team deal to come!
January 2, 2020
Dr. Anissa Holmes is the brains behind Delivering Wow. They are now releasing the Delivering Wow marketing content. It began from a difficulty for her own office to come up with ideas and campaigns to help keep content fresh. They have spent the past year developing copy and content in addition to specialty campaigns for 12 different high value services. Each one includes images, social media content, and even blog posts. There are also share funnels for each one. Why was it important to try it in her own practice first? She realizes that if her own office was having the issue, they weren’t the only ones. Google is expensive because Google realizes that people are typing in to find things, so they charge a premium to advertise to those looking for specifics. Social media uses some of the same concepts from old school marketing, just updated to the current climate. The point is to get people talking about your practice. Consistency will be the key. Just copy the image, paste you applied information, and post your campaign. The campaign is about an idea and is aimed to get patients involved and sometimes your team as well. If your worried about getting stuck, there is an active community to share ideas and help you with your campaigns. Project Smile is a great campaign that gives away your own skills in dentistry to someone in need. The campaign only costs about $100. Engagement upwards of 5000 people have been noted, and it is the kind of campaign people will talk about and share. People submit their stories and photos about why they should be the recipient of Project Smile. It is a great way to make a direct impact in their community. The marketing campaigns are usually $297/ month. Nifty deal is $197/ month the first month. Go to paying yearly will save you about $1500. Use the code: niftythrifty The Delivering Wow Summit is March 12-14th 2020 in New Orleans. The VIP day before is specifically for doctor leadership. Excellent speakers on everything for your team and docs, a Whitening Ball set in Mardi Gras World, and great opportunities for personal growth. Go to and enter code: Nifty Thrifty for $100 off
December 6, 2019
Channel D Dr. Michael Sernick and Jordan Sernick are the masterminds behind Channel D. Dr. Sernick loved crown and bridge work and could gain the skills, but needed to gain the patients. Most of the courses on case acceptance were focused on sales, and he didn’t feel like patients build trust and want to accept treatment if they feel they are being given an “upsell”. In Australia, he was legally not allowed to advertise his practice beyond a sign, so he was forced to think within the confines of his office. He wanted to engage the patient and educate them simply before they are seen. At that point, the patient has a better understanding and can recognize issues in their own mouth. Preparing the patient improves the chance of getting a yes. Humor and creativity is a big part of the Channel D videos. It engages the patient, makes them laugh, and helps the information to stick. A customized product allows your office culture to be represented, bring a level of familiarity, and show that you invest in your practice. Other programs are out there that can be very clinical and hard to understand. What kind of impact did you find when you initially released Channel D in Australia? They initially tried different ideas and developments in offices in Australia, and because Dr. Sernick had a good doctor following, the product quickly caught on. After using the product in our office, we find that people are more easily engaged in conversation, and feel more comfortable and engaged. When they mention the videos, instead of just saying thank you, use it as an opportunity about conversations. Asking what video they liked or were interested in can raise questions for patients as well as their families. Patients who are more educated will also tell their friends and become a great referral source. Currently, they have over 120 videos that are both educational and informative. New videos are created every 2 weeks and are often based on suggestions or needs of the offices they serve. This means your videos don’t remain stagnant. By staying on top of changes and procedures in dentistry, they can make videos to be on the leading edge of what patients are looking for. The videos do not have sound because it is intrusive. The idea is not to enforce viewing, it’s to catch their attention. Education is through the short clips that hold their attention. Older people enjoy them as well as younger patients because they are fun. The playlists can be changed, but the idea is to broadly educate on aspects of dentistry that may be affecting the patient or people they know, but may not be the primary reason for their visit. The Nifty Deal: Channel D Media Stick is usually $140 and fully customized videos for free along with 2 months of free service. Additionally, the regular price is $190 per month, but they are offering 20% off the first 6 months. That makes the cost about $150/month. Use code nifty19
November 23, 2019
Jonathan Karren is with Mango Voice. After some rough spots, in which they were very upfront, they opened more data centers and built more redundancy to prevent service interruption. When there are issues, they are members of the group and work to resolve the issues for customers. What is the connection with Modento? They have developed screen pops that bring up the patient’s immediate information on their account. By collaborating as the best in their respective fields, they can work harder for you. You get the typical VoIP features, and they also have Mango Plus for in-office chat, two-way texting, and many other features. One particular new feature is the ability to text directly from your business number. SMS notifications can do an automated text message before pushing it to voicemail. The message can even be customized to include a link to online or third party scheduling such as LocalMed. Call recording is important as well as using multiple numbers to track marketing campaigns. It’s included with your basic service. The standard package includes one phone number per telephone in your office. Additional lines can be purchased for $5.99/ month local or $9.99 toll-free. This is generally less than half the cost. While they do not have data mining and such, the number of calls, specific line reviews, as well as the call recording and analytics on the number of calls, answered. That feature alone can save people several hundred dollars per month. Changing to VoIP increases productivity. The SMS feature alone could bring one patient in that would be worth more than the “savings” you see. The difference between a landline and VoIP reliability is so negligible that the additional features far outweigh what small difference you may experience. Upcoming features will allow you to text and call from the app but show that it is coming from your business line. They also have the ability to call from the website or use the phones from any internet connection. The Nifty Deal Free month of service or 3 months of free Mango Plus Free phones with annual payments Free mobile apps Free Hipaa eFax Free Integrations No contract until the end of the month for Black Friday! To get this deal: Message Jonathan Karren Contact Mango and Mention Nifty Thrifty
November 22, 2019
Drew Dangerman is the co-owner of Modento. It’s a permutation of the words “modern dentistry”. As someone who worked in dentistry for over 15 years, she recognized where a lot of pain points in a dental office. She partnered with her husband to tackle some of these problems, and Modento was born. Modento is designed to deal with the minutiae of patient interaction. The ability to accept insurance over the app and other simple tools to make your office life easier. The app is cloud-based and simple to interact with from anywhere. It is easy to act enmasse for things such as messaging or searching for patients. Everything is added live with your dental software, so your current patient and treatment list is always accurate. Voicemail drop is an effective way to leave a postop message or other care calls to your patients. A prerecorded message saved to a file can drop directly to their voicemail after a single phone ring. A simple generic but applicable message is a great time saver that connects to the patient. Online paperwork is another wonderful option. All of the forms for your office can be submitted through the app and is imported directly into your patient management software. Treatment plans and paperless statements are another great option. They can receive it via the app, which is HIPPA compliant. The app is not required for the patient, but there are a lot of useful functions. Sending a statement or payment request to patients can be done through the app as well. Searches based on amount due, aging report, etc. can be filtered in the app. A payment request can be sent covering some or all of the balance, and the outstanding insurance information is easy to find. The system will automatically attach the last statement if you are using open dental, otherwise you can save each statement to a file from other software and load the file from there, keeping you paperless. Over 95% of the payments are collected, and many are done same day. In addition, they receive reward points for paying same day. A quick button for posting to ledger will import it directly into open dental. Eaglesoft will integrate as well, but not as extensively as Open dental. They can read the information in Dentrix and are working to be writable with the program in the next few weeks. Demos are available, and there are two trainings set for your team. The first is to introduce them to the capabilities, the second is to answer questions and dive in to specifics. Online reviews, recall reminders and other great features can integrate with other platforms such as LocalMed and Mango Voice. The Deal: $ 50 off per month Regular price $ 299/month Nifty Price: $ 249 Even if they raise their prices, you will get $ 50 off your package as long as you are a customer. To get this deal: Message Karol Jasik or Drew Danger -OR- Click here -
November 18, 2019
Dr. Jose-Luis Ramirez is the founder and director of the Los Angeles Institute of clinical dentistry.  Tonight we are discussing using porcelain veneers to treat severe wear cases. Treating these patients is not only aesthetic, but it is also treating pain, headaches, and other secondary issues.   Cutting a tooth for a crown weakens the tooth structure and will not prolong the life of the tooth because the patient is still grinding.  While veneers are not the only way, it does help to bring a positive aesthetic that plays out in their lives. There is a lack of guidance from anterior teeth and can help improve the mechanics of the bite.  Zircona crowns force margins below the gum. Occlusion is a mechanical system.   The 3 golden rules: 1. All our teeth need to hit at the same time with the mandible centered. People do not always realize they shift.  Anteriorand canine guidance is imperative.  Overjet is necessary. The jaw needs to open and close without rubbing.  Getting the bite seems to be one of the most difficult parts. While there are different approaches, the principles are the same.   You would not build a house without a design and engineer, but we immediately start cutting in the mouth. To address this, we need good quality photos and casts. Futar is a great product for a quick set. Alginate will not work because you need to pour the cast multiple times. Silginat is hydrophilic and works well in the mouth. Calibration and wax-ups can help us guide best practices.   Once wax-ups are done and the plan is in place, you begin prepping with minimal structure loss by using a supragingival approach. This is a case where digital is not the best approach. A scanner is amazingly accurate, it is the printing process that has error because it cannot currently reproduce the margins with the level of accuracy you can get with impressions. You risk sacrificing tooth structure to improve your scan.   Why is being minimally invasive important? When we do a regular crown, we cut as much as 75% of the tooth structure. The risk of coming in contact with the pulp risks the chance of a root canal. It is also better for periodontal health and is ultimately faster. He feels that the science behind the method supports the approach and is ultimately healthier for the patient. Every time you go below the gum, there is inflammation.   Dr.Ruiz is still practicing dentistry and used the techniques he teaches in his courses every day.  This strategy will change and simplify the way you do dentistry.   The Nifty Deal: Buy 5 boxes of Futar bite registration for only $150  Silginat and Panacil are 30% off  This deal expires 11/16/2019   
November 18, 2019
Even Lazarus SEO expert, at Simple Impact Media  If you are not in the first few options of a local search, you might as well be invisible.  There are3 sections of Google. The top section is ads, the second it's based on a local map. The third part of the page is your general search.  Google has changed to be based on who pays the most. If you are getting lots of reviews but no one sees them, what is the point? You need to be found, be visible, and reputable. At that point, we can convert them.   Google's algorithm is hard to understand. The three elements you need to understand are relevance, distance, and prominence. A good SEO  company helps you build your prominence.   A search of 3 miles in any direction. Google keyword search may give an entirely different result .5 mile away East vs West. Being in the 3 pack doesn't for8 out of 10 dentists. An indirect search should also be able to find your practice.   Results can differ based on multiple factors such as population, number of competitors.   Google my business listing is a simple report that can compare your SEO  results month over month. Indirect queries show how often your listing is being seen in relation to noon specific searches.   Why would conversions not be as high as we want? Google is moving real estate. You have to keep up with the momentum. It is a moving target that you have to continue to address.   If you purchase AdWords does it increase your SEO ranking? No, as soon as you stop paying you go back. He does recommend paid advertising as well as trying to get the 3 pack. The algorithm used for maps and websites is different. You bet to hit all of them if possible to increase reliability. If you are looking at a market that is a competitive space, it gets more important to develop your ranking.   What are some things you are looking for during an audit?  He looks for ranking, keywords, competitors, and searches by whatever procedures you are most interested in. It comes down to whether the reviews and engagement are working to convert the new patients. Being able to address patients 24 hours a day connects you beyond business hours.   Video, especially time-stamped video is important so that people can get directly to the information they want.. The more videos you have the more info they can gain.   What if our website isn't working well for us? The audit can tell some of the information, and he can build them if needed because it is the central hub of your marketing. You are so far behind the game.     Nifty Deal: The typical $1500/ month is 30% OFF for the  maps package  The second package is to help build prominence by including maps and websites. SEO and website package is usually $3000/ month but offering 30% off as well. 
November 14, 2019
Dr. Jim Downs is an educator at Arrowhead Dental Labs. Their courses are some of the best CE at a fantastic price. Dr. Downs got into dentistry after playing goalie in soccer and broke his jaw. After wiring his jaw shut, he became interested in dentistry and TMJ. He is still a practicing dentist, which allows him to relate to the dentists he teaches. Communicating with patients to discover the real need and how they arrived at the current situation and finding a way for them to afford it is incredibly important. Don’t aim for a patient’s approval, give them what you would tell your own parent. Remember that you are a doctor of the oral cavity, not a mouth mechanic. Honor your abilities. The course is interactive and deals directly with a patient case. Cameras, observation, and talking through the procedure make the learning truly immersive. Everyday Occlusion courses are condensed to 2 days. Learning to communicate with labs and learning from the lab directly on what you need for a successful case saves time, money, and contributes to patient success. Improving your own skills will improve your lab cases. The idea is not to find fault between dentist or lab, but to work together to improve your cases in general. Courses are kept small so that there is an opportunity to learn from each other and to make it more personable. Small groups keep the heart of dental education alive. The full arch course is limited to 6 people. Repeating the course to learn more is encouraged. The lab has seen improvement in the work submitted to the lab after the course, and they also address improving case acceptance. These cases aren’t just for new grads or less experienced doctors, they are for anyone who wants to grow and improve their skills. Nifty Deal: 10 Year and Under New dentist program, or full arch and back to the basics courses. $350 off, just mention you are a Nifty Thrifty member (Some courses excluded) Arrowhead 800-995-7243- Peggy
November 11, 2019
Dr. Emily Letran was born in Vietnam during the Vietnam war. She came to the U.S. with her aunt and cousin and entered dentistry by the process of elimination. She enjoys building relationships with patients and staff to help keep her life fulfilled. As a calling, she knows she can make a difference for other people through dentistry. What is some advice you can give us for people who are exhausted? Focus on family first. In the day to day, focus on the biggest or most important task first. Taking care of it early in the day will help you accomplish your goal and gain clarity. Don’t worry about the rest, and know that you did what you set out to do. Have undisturbed family time by putting your phone away and not feeling like you have to jump up and take action the moment the phone rings. Draw the line by prioritizing yourself and picking and choosing what you need to do. Secondly, be clear in what will help you get your results. Only do those things that get you to that goal and don’t worry about the rest You will find that you get things done with the results you want. And don’t care what people say. You can have it all if you set your mind to it and commit to it. Recharge yourself before you walk into the house. Walk in present and refreshed. Be genuinely interested in what is going on with your family. Make promises to yourself and keep them. Be intentional with high-performance habits every day. You shouldn’t be experiencing Monday Blues. You need to recharge and reset. Feel gratitude and release it so you can make the changes you need and get better the next week. If you can’t care for yourself, you can’t care for others. Don’t let others dictate what you are supposed to be doing. Give your family the same attention and the best version of yourself to your family, not just your patients. “No Nonsense Dentistry for Dental Peeps” is a book co-authored by Dr. Letran and Dr. Mauty full of sarcasm and wit aimed at dentists. It is currently in print and she will notify the group when it is ready for distribution. She also has a high-performance course aimed at making you into your personal best. Important aspects to look at include family, employees, and patients. Get rid of the things that cause you to stress, people too. 20% of your patients give you 80% of your production. Find those and work with those. The other 80% you help if you can. Busy should not be equated to income or success. Nifty Deal: Dr. Letran’s course is comprised of 12 segments you can go at your own pace The first part of the course is High-Performance Leadership, focusing on the core pillars of High Performance Clarity: knowing what you want, setting goals, how to achieve goals Energy: maintain high energy and recharge energy to avoid burnout Productivity: how to maximize potential by leveraging team, colleagues, experts Courage: how to step up and overcome challenges, from difficult conversations with staff, patients to making grand decisions like expanding business, acquisition or exit by design Influence: how to create influence and persuasion so patients and staff and spouse and even kids will listen to you, how to create a significant impact in the community The second part of the course is on business growth strategies These include internal referral, patient appreciation events, community service event, authority positioning, magnetic marketing and metrics The course provides significant insights and offers proven nuggets that work in my practices for the past 26+ years and also in building my High-Performance coaching and Business Growth consulting practice Guarantee: after going through the course you will be able to increase your income by at least 3x the course investment NIFTY Bonuses One hour 1:1 consulting with me ( value $1000) Ticket to LIVE ACTION To WIN event ( value $497) 3 months FREE online coaching ( value $120) Private Facebook group where I will answer questions (priceless)
November 11, 2019
Crazy Dental is bringing lots of new products such as luxacrown, which is a high-end temporary material, Nifty Price $276.30. Young Infinity Cordless Handpiece with Bluetooth with the Nifty Discount is $643.36. It comes with foot pedal, handpiece cradle, 3 nosecones, and 25 disposable sleeves. It can also accept any prophy angle, which will save you time and money! FujiSEM Evolve is a new product that can be seen even better under a curing light. Itenna composite and temp are on special for Buy One Get One Free! When you order for the first time, you will get the monthly newsletter with the latest products and promotions. Want tickets to a bowl game? Ask them what it would take to get tickets with your deal. Now that’s crazy. They have a 110% guarantee that their prices are the lowest in the industry. The winner is Missouri City Dentistry in Missouri City, Texas and Dr. Natalie Hun! Congratulations on your $1000 reward toward travel. Gobble Gobble Deal: Any $1000 order and above placed from now through the end of Nov 19th will be entered to win a $500 Thanksgiving dinner and/or entertainment package. We will pick two winners at $500 each. It can be used for your yummy Thanksgiving dinner or a brand-new TV so you can watch your Football in style. Do not forget to enter your Nifty Thrifty codes when you order at This deal does not exclude your always 10% discount and free curing light for orders over 1k. Coupon code "Platinum10" gets you 10% off and code "Platinumlight" gets you your free light for you 1k order, nor does this affect our 110% match for authorized dealers guarantee. 
November 3, 2019
In our poll we asked about different anesthetic options and suggestions included going slow, distraction, single tooth anesthetic, and buffering. Going slowly is the key to painless injections.  Dr. Malamed was contacted to partner with OnParma to research and improve buffering. The day after an injection they are sore due to the pH level of the injection. Buffering raises the pH to 7.3 to mimic the pH of the body. This allows the anesthetic to work more rapidly and lessen the post effects. Buffering is done with sodium bicarbonate. In medicine, the most common local is lidocaine. In sodium bicarbonate bottles, the pH can range broadly. A pH off balance can create edema, but that is the only risk of DIY buffering. Anutra medical has been doing buffering for medical and branched to dentistry. The doctors he has spoken with were unhappy with that option because it was a foreign syringe and process, and it was limited to lidocaine. Single tooth devices can be a good option as well. The Wand is a good device to use, vibraject is okay, but emulates something we can do ourselves. Prescription grade topical is questionable because it is not standardized. With DIY multidose vials, you can use them over and over again. Dr. Malumed did research for OnSet but is not a paid consultant for OnPharma. Using the system, the buffer quickly mixes. Wait 2 minutes to test, retreat if needed. There is no need to wait 10 minutes in between. This allows you to be more productive and better experience for the patient. For a “hot tooth”, especially mandibular molars, they can be especially difficult to numb. Buffering is especially valuable in the mandible. Prilocaine has shown there is a higher case of paresthesia in the mandible. What about using articaine with children? The study only used children over age 4, but it is safer and a better option than lidocaine. The half-life is 27 minutes, so it is much less likely to create an overdose. For a “hot tooth” would buffering help more? Yes, it is much more effective. One of the biggest reasons a person likes and recommends their dentist is painless injections and procedures. Buffering meets both of these criteria. There are also other options for nasal spray anesthetic or medicines to reverse anesthesia to increase the patient experience. Craig of OnSet system- They have been in the market since 2012. The cartridge of sodium bicarbonate can be used within 7 days. There is both the sodium bicarbonate cartridge and a mixing connector. The system mixes the solutions, put it in the syringe and deliver as normal. An unused cartridge is good for 3 years. Once activated, you have 5 days to use it. This means it is half the cost as when it came out and could only be used for one day. Nifty deal: Onset $499- 80 injections worth of sodium bicarbonate and delivery system. $449 with guarantee of 120 days with a 15-minute call about using the product and a 5 minute follow up call will allow you to be refunded the unit. They also offer free shipping with this deal. 877-336-6738 prompt #2 Tell them you want the Nifty Thrifty Deal
October 31, 2019
Gregg May – No matter how dentistry is changing, it still comes down to building relationships. One thing that can help in case presentation is to use the 80/20 rule. Spend 80% on personal questions and 20% on presentation. Dr. May dealt with Hurricane Katrina and after rebuilding, his practice caught on fire. He rented a few ops from a friend while rebuilding. In 2008 he was hit on his bike and injured himself. He tore his C4, started using pain meds, went through a divorce, and yet he persevered. Learning communication was necessary for case acceptance. By realizing how necessary it was for him to get cases so he could get paid, he learned the importance of building rapport with patients. You can’t field this out because patients look to you as the expert and leader in the office. Marketing is expensive and you become susceptible to the need for new patients when you can focus on getting treatment rates increased from the ones who do. How much time should we take with a patient when you have a busy practice? New patients need 90 minutes because it should be the doctor who goes through their medical history. Money, time, fear, and value are the main objections to treatment. Get the objections out of the way before presenting treatment. Leave money issues for last because you need to identify why the treatment is important to them due to quality of life, pain, etc. People buy from emotion and justify with logic unless they are in pain. Give patients options for financing to overcome the financial hurdle. If your skills are that great and you aren’t trying to help as many people as you can, you shouldn’t be in dentistry. He is part of a core group that focuses first on unscheduled treatment. That aspect alone pays for the fee. Consulting dentist to dentist gives a relational aspect that other consultants may not have. Training your hygienists to build rapport and keep presenting treatment can be beneficial to your practice as well. If you aren’t getting patients to accept treatment, you need to learn how to present care with compassion. Doing the same thing will get you the same results. Nifty deal: First 2 months of a 12-month commitment are free. To get the deal: for info and tell them you saw the FB live in Nifty Thrifty.
October 27, 2019
Jeff Guidie is the CEO of 4G Dental Labs 4G doesn’t charge a model fee for a nightguard, a nightguard will run between $59-$79 dollars with no additional cost for scans vs impressions. Implant packages make it clear on your costs with no hidden fees. While they do not do sleep apnea advices, he does have several labs he recommends. Their newest improvements include a customer portal to look into your cases. Check for shipping and receiving information, case details, online bill payments, etc. It will go live October 28th, with a link on their website. First time users will need their account number for setup. What is the 4G Learning Center? It is a new space coming in early 2020 for CE events and training for approximately 50 doctors. He will make a great deal for current customers. Host your meeting free as a customer! A full zirconia crown is $54, but you can take $5 for a submitted scan. High translucent zircona is excellent for premolars and anteriors for $69. Emax crowns are $85. Layered zirconia is $79 for a midgrade option. Shipping charges are included on fixed cases. Removables have a $7 shipping charge. All cases have a 2 week turnaround time. To start with 4G, go to the website and request a starter kit from the “contact us” 833-682-6301 or email admin@4Gdentallab. They accept multiple platforms for scans if converted to an stl file and put in Dropbox. Nifty Deal: New customers- 10 crowns and the 9th and 10th crown will be free! No need to track anything, the deal is automatic. Current customers- any referrals you send, you will get your next 2 crowns free when they order their 10th crown. Thank you to the Nifty Community for the relationships and growth you have helped them experience in the last year.
October 26, 2019
Brandon Bomar of Professional Dental Services talks Prexion CBCT. Let’s start with the facts: #1 PDS is the #1 dealer of Prexion 2 PDS is a dealer all over the country that can support 3 Prexion has a complete 10 year warranty from day of purchase 4 Excelsior Pro has 5 fields of view 5X5 to 15X13 5 .3mm focal spot for exceptional image quality The Excelsior provides excellent view of the airway for sleep, ceph arm for ortho, and many more. Standard scan has over 500 slices up to 1000. There are never additional fees for service or calibration, unless your state requires as such. It self-calibrates each day. When looking for the best CBCT, is it a good value, what do the numbers say, and is it best for your practice. Liability in getting rid of your old unit can be an issue. Few reps will uninstall your unit and reinstall somewhere else. PDS will be guaranteed to give you the best price. Direct contact information - Cell - 602-733-4688 -- Email - -- Feel free to send Brandon Bomar a message through facebook messenger as well for those "apples to apples" quotes!
October 26, 2019
Kenzie Hess Broxson is an expert in dental insurance claims and co-founder of PK Performance Solutions. Her new Facebook group Cracking the Dental Insurance Code has amassed over 3000 members in the first few days. Outsourcing insurance can be kicking the can down the road, but having an in-office specialist. Training someone in your office will help your local economy, be self-reliant, and serve your patients best. PK Performance offers an E-learning program that is interactive rather than a video system. By starting with foundations of dentistry to learn treatments and technical aspects of dentistry, you gain a greater understanding of what a procedure entail. Comprehension checks along the way help to identify weaknesses or things to review, and the learned is not allowed to move on until a percentage of comprehension is reached. The doctor can see the review results to oversee their training. If you have a potential new hire that says they have experience, you can have them take only the exams to assess their skills. The dentistry basics module works through the processes of different procedures, then they learn the basics of insurance, followed by narratives and submitting claims. If you are still having difficulties, PK has a portal to help with complicated claims or possible issues that you may get stuck on. Where can you find their site? It is a platform rather than a class that you go through once. Kenzie began in the banking industry, but was recruited by a customer who was a dentist. She was fortunate enough to have an excellent mentor to learn from, and now they are partners. The dental industry needs more successful onboarding for new hires, and this fills that serious need in regards to insurance. How long would it take for a new hire to get through the program? It is self-paced, but it should take a few weeks. It is not something to binge watch. Taking it in smaller sections will help with retention. One of the most important things to remember is to have good notes and clear narratives, preop xrays, photos during and after, doing buildup and crown on the same day, and make sure your attachments are included. Claims reviewers have a quota and will deny it immediately if they don’t have anything they need at submission. What is a scaling vs. SRP- you need perio charting, narratives noting bleeding and calculus location, and FMX. Some clearinghouses require formatting of UL,UR,LL,LR or 1020,30,40 etc. What is the goal for your group? I was inspired to help people with my expertise because it is an area with a lot of questions and need. The platform has an automated or customizable track to design the program specifically to your office. They are also partnering with Dr. Raghunath Puttaiah to offer HIPAA and OSHA training/certification as well. The fee for Basic Standard Package is $2900 for the first year, then $2400. Customized is $5,100 the first year then $3,600 per year after that. Nifty Deal: Standard Training Program: $2,700/year ($200 off), $2,400 year 2+ Customized Training Program: $4,700/year ($400 off), $3,600 year 2+ 5 Day Free Trial Go to to see the Nifty Deal and schedule a time to talk!
October 20, 2019
Dr. Casey Culberson, creator of the Molar Media Mount He went to University of Washington for undergrad and dental school. After starting out covering for his childhood dentist, he then bought into a partnership. The molar media mount is an attachment to a dental light to allow patients to see a video screen simply. He finds it’s helpful in guiding a patient’s head in the direction that you need. The design is lightweight and can be easily removed. That makes it safe and simple to use in the office. The distraction makes a patient easier to work on, less anxious, and less worried about the time spent in the chair. The tape is the same used for GoPro cameras to keep it secure. It is easy to install due to the adjustable part and 4 screw construction. There are no cables or wires to deal with, just take the Ipad off to charge it at night. They also sell Bluetooth headphones direct from the manufacturer. The device is easy to clean and use. Use a matte screen protector to prevent reflection. You can incorporate the tablets you use for other office services. Can you legally stream Netflix in a business? Get a motion picture license through the ADA for $300. Nifty Deal: Buy 2 get one FREE Bonus: Use code DRVO for 15% off of your order. Large scale orders, contact Casey directly for even better deals.
October 15, 2019
Dr. Paul Etchison, Dental Practice Heroes Podcast owner, practice owner, and writer Did a startup 7 years ago in the suburbs of Chicago as a PPO practice with an expansion to 11 ops. What mistakes did you make? We didn’t look at metrics because the patient flow looked good and didn’t focus on reappointment as they should. We check for additional family members to incorporate and make sure they understand what is happening and the time constraints of the appointment. They also do recaps regularly to see how they can improve. With 26 team members, it is important to have team leads to help with decisions. We also need to recognize that people make mistakes. If not, we risk people hiding things or avoiding conflict to prevent getting in trouble. In 7.5 years, no one has left because they are unhappy. He works 6 days a month seeing patients doing only ortho and uses one day a week for administration. They are very full days to maximize the dollar per hour. Have you ever fired anyone on the spot? Yes, but only when they had worked for them only a few weeks. How do you handle raises? Cap your salaries at a solid percentage and employ a bonus system. As the production improves, they can adjust for increased pay. How do you create a good culture? Make mistakes okay. Let your team know it is a part of the process. Communicate with your team and ask for honesty and really listen. Do the right thing before people ask for it. Dental Business Mentors is an online group of CE courses to learn how to better yourself as a business owner. Monthly membership is $500/ month or $3000 per year. The Nifty Deal is $350 off. This includes the videos and all documents in their programs.
October 14, 2019
Dr. Robert Pick of the Pick Group. Life changes quickly. One moment in 1997 he thought he had a stomachache which turned into a ruptured appendix and rapidly spreading cancer without missing work. He pioneered using lasers in dentistry. This opened many opportunities for him to work with Fortune 500 companies and gain insight into business practices. He started the Pick group to help build stronger dental practices with business ideology in mind. What helped you get through that tough time? He loves what he does as a periodontist, as well as teaching and helping others. What’s up with the purple cow? It is from a book. If you saw a field full of black and white cows and one purple cow, it would stand out. Stand out for all the rights reasons, but stand out. Purple cow wows are things that make you stand out from the competition. If you figure out your why, you develop your business as well as your mission and culture. Build a relationship with your patient and you will have 100% treatment acceptance. He meets every new patient in a separate room and the assistant will help while you do the exam. It builds trust in what you say. How do we find out where you are speaking? Go to the What is your advice for dealing with today’s team members? Learning the DISC profiles and hospitality quotient, which is the natural curiosity about people. How do I deal with staff? Staff is an infection, you need a team. Wait until the end of the day and bring your office manager in to handle it. You need to balance the clinical and CEO hats. Be careful in setting your tone at a morning huddle. Issues should have been done the night before. Don’t shy away from your team knowing your numbers. Your team will be able to help rally around you. Get 4 half-hour calls for 50% off by emailing The Pick Group with the word Glenn. Regular price is $1,100
October 3, 2019
Aaron R Boone, CEO of MVP Mailhouse PPO practices are entering the end of the year where benefits are used of lost. Now is the perfect time to meet the deadlines to get mailings out before the end of the year. By getting in early enough, you get the chance to find them and their family members available spots on your schedule. Don’t turn away potential patients, be prepared! When is a good time to mail? August is typically a great month for everyone, but then Sucktember hits. October sees a bounce back, but you can finish strong with new patients and procedures. They look at neighborhoods within a distance from your office that are targeted based on everything from family demographics to media preferences. Using their Map IQ system, they input the locations from your last three years of patients and look at the trends and barriers to new patients. An analysis of the area and demographics helps customize the most effective marketing plan, whether it is EDDM or other marketing methods. No more mailing blindly. MVP will do the Map IQ for anyone for FREE! The mailings have customized phone numbers to track which mailings are effective. They can still get mailings out by the end of the month. Mail in November needs to be the first 2 weeks. December will need to be the first week of December. If budget is a concern, 2 mailings can still be successful. New practices can still use EDDM, but working from the inside out rather than a blanket campaign to the city. The MapIQ will target not only routes, but specific homes on the routes. Eliminating your current patients may help you spread your mailer budget to previously untapped neighborhoods. He has been in the direct mail business for 8 years and only focuses on the dental industry. To get started, schedule a 20-minute demo with a heat map (places where your patient base is coming from the past 3 years), links to the best mail routes as well as a starter or mare aggressive plan. What kinds of deals work best? Call tracking and analytics as well as listening to the calls to find out who is responding to what. Using metrics from previous mailings will allow the successive mailings to focus on the most successful responses. They educate your front desk on how to answer the calls. After the 3 mailings they do an audit against new patients and response calls to let you know the results of your campaign. Nifty Deal: Free Heat Map Analysis, Complete a 20 minute demo and get 250 designed referral cards for free, Sign up and get another 250 referral cards free ($400 value) Discount off a 5,000 mailer of $250, 10,000 mailers gives $500 off, 15,000 mailers or more $750 off
October 2, 2019
Vanessa Gilbert, head of Marketing at Quantum Labs Toothcases are a great way to give your hygiene kits. The plastic zipper cases are reusable and have a spot for your business card. A reusable item that your patient enjoys can be personalized and gives frequent reminders of your office all the time. Imprinting is only $.13 each with no setup fee for your image. Lip balm that can be customized for your office as well as floss and other products. The kits allow you to leave a great final impression on your patients. The company started with exam gloves, toothbrush heads, suction bottom kids brushes, and more. Where did the name Quantum come from? It was chosen for the technical aspect starting with their gloves. They focus on gloves that have consistent fit and style so you never have to guess if you are getting the same product quality. Toothcase kits start at $.30 each and go up depending on style to around $.80 each. Adding the toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss is only $1.09 for their basic kit. The bags are TSA compliant. Online you can build your own case and additions. Save even more if you join their savings plans with scheduled ordering. Order samples online to check out, and there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They will even pay for the return shipping! Prepack your kits for an additional $50 if you choose. Prices are kept low because they are direct from the manufacturer. By testing and keeping only the products that are both good quality and value, they can save you even more money. Some brushes are customizable with a logo or lines of print. Quantum labs is offering an ongoing Nifty Thrifty 10% discount to new and existing customers. Phone 800-328-8213 and mention Nifty Thrifty Use promo code NiftyThrifty online at to save 10% off your orders. ***It is not combinable with other promotions except the 11th case glove promo.
September 22, 2019
Why is the front office so difficult for many doctors? It’s a lack of knowledge and the fear to say, “I don’t know what I’m doing”. What are some of the most common questions? How do I deal with the doctors? The front does not get the same kind of training that a doctor may get. A lack of communication and a lack of training creates a big disconnect. There is no school for front office like there is for the doctor, hygiene, or assistant. Most of the time they have to learn as they go. Front office rocks has over 300 videos that focus on different topics and positions. Their coordinators work through the practice’s individual issues and customize the track. Team members can watch together and learn. The hot topics are insurance, phones, and cancellations. There are three types of no shows: new patients, doctor production, and hygiene. Each has a different issue that must be addressed. The focus of doctors is production, but they need to focus on case acceptance. That falls on the doctors for responsibility to spend time with the patients to build trust and to show the need for treatment. The front needs to know the numbers, just like everyone else on the team. Knowing the metrics helps them to be more productive like the back office. In regards to phones, make sure the phones are being answered all the time by trained people. The phone is the most important piece of technology in our practice. How do we need to handle price shoppers? Don’t give prices when possible. We can’t diagnose over the phone and stress that they should be in the office for diagnosis. Try to turn calls into consultations. There are 3 ways to use or system: New hires, subject-specific, or as a team activity. If you want anything to change, you need time planned to make those changes. Ongoing training is important because we get beat up in our jobs and become frustrated, complacent, or need new skills. If you aren’t growing, you’re stagnant. Next year they will do events that are small, subject-specific events that include live stream option with CE. They will be a day and a half in three different locations. The information will be on the Front Office Rocks website. How do we get today’s employees to be engaged? State your why, goal and focus. Allow them to buy into the goal and they will work hard for you.
September 22, 2019
Dr. Rajan Seth- Dr. Seth moved from England to Cincinnati to become an American student and did a degree in Finance at the Ohio State University. He did a GPR and started a practice in Delaware, Ohio. He fell asleep at the wheel on the way home from work, and the accident made him shift his perspective about what he wanted out of life. He decided to pick up and start fresh in Arizona. He suggests that we look from an encompassing perspective rather than a single focus. He looked at the things he wanted out of life, the lifestyle he enjoyed, and benefits for licensure and taxes. He discovered that his why was implant dentistry. We need to change the perspective that dentistry is a race to the bottom. The fear of what is on the other side is what keeps us in fear of action. Be a part of your own growth and awareness of yourself. The 3 P’s are physical, personal, and professional. He went to a Tony Robbins event and realized that he had a lot more work to do on personal growth. Spending so much money to improve our practice is great, but why should we invest in ourselves. We all have 24 hours in a day, but we are living and dying on a constant continuum. What qualities do you look for in team members? Basic confidence, being on time, being reliable, passionate, not necessarily knowledge of dentistry. He hires based on personality and would hire someone with no dental experience unless we don’t have the training systems in place. If the pace of the environment work for on the job training is acceptable that is fine, but expecting someone to rain someone while they also do their own job is poor leadership. Bringing your team for CE helps everyone to grow. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from knowledgeable mentors, the execute the plan. Start with an easy case and plan the time. Dry runs with your team are an excellent way to build confidence. Be real, authentic and live for yourself, not for your family or peers. Dr. Seth will be at the Dental Implant MBA event the first weekend in October.
September 18, 2019
Show Notes Dr. David Epstein- Wonderful Dental He started out as an electrical engineer but decided on dentistry after meeting a dentist in a bridge tournament. While in dental school, he ended up working well with kids and went into pediatric dentistry. He enjoyed a 50-year career in peds. Tips for working with children: Speak softly to calm a child and force them to listen. Pay attention to all of the senses because kids are sensitive. Talk to them and they are more likely to follow directions. One of his former patients is now a doctor in the practice! What was your motivation to start Wonderful Dental? He saw kids having bad experiences with terrible tasting prophy paste. He found someone who could make it, but only in large batches. He didn’t know how he would use all of it, so he started selling it to his friends. Most parents don’t want to see their kids get fillings or dental work. Focusing on the benefits of recall and prevention. Fluoride doesn’t taste delicious, we all know, but there is an improved flavor. An additional tip is to stir it for at least 10 seconds to evaporate the alcohol and lessen the bitter taste. He believes that we can give a good quality product for a very reasonable price. It may not be huge savings, but the little pieces add up. To help answer the need of the dental community, they designed a slightly coarser adult paste with the same great taste. It comes in chocolate, mint, and many other options. They offer free samples to try in your office. How do you order? They only sell direct to consumer to keep the cost low for the buyers. If they save money, we are passing the savings to you This is a family business that is online that has been open for about 3 years. How do we handle the parents? This generation is more entitled and wants to direct and want to direct their child’s care. Remind them that you are only doing what you would do for your own children or grandchildren. X-Rays are not always needed if there is little history of concern. What advice do you have for newer graduates? Find a friend who is a financial person who can give you advice, look to them for knowledge. The burden of student loans adds to the pressure to make decisions that risk compromising your ethics or values. Nifty Thrifty Deal: $5 off a box of prophy paste packages of 200 beyond their already low prices. The prophy paste is both nut and gluten free, and comes in wonderful flavors like Website: Use Code: PY25TST
September 12, 2019
Show notes Kinzie Hess Broxson of PK Performance Solutions She was initially from the banking industry and found herself in a multispecialty practice learning from someone with expansive experience in insurance. What is the biggest reason for denial? Before the submission, make sure that your narrative, Xrays, and codes are correct. Play the game, know what you’re looking at and that it’s listed with the correct tooth and code. What about perio? How can we get our SRPs approved? Have perio charting show CAL, need pocket depth, gingival margins, FMX for the quadrants for the requested areas. A narrative needs to discuss heavy bleeding, vertical and horizontal bone loss, moderate sub super calc. You can’t get by with bitewings along, and FMX is needed to show history. What about downgrades on crowns? Photos are helpful to send it on the initial claim to prevent appeals. Buildups should have a before, during, and after photo to include Can you get diagnostics from a new patient if the previously went somewhere else? Some plans will allow for an additional exam as part of history, but your initial BoB needs to ask about the specific codes. The most rejected claims come from United Concordia and Delta, and United is notorious for denying buildups. To get buildups, show specific narratives to each patient. Do not use a form set for submission because they will deny it. What are some common denials? Implant and bridge issues can sometimes be rejected or downgraded. Read into the patient’s medical history for specific causes for the decision you made. Is a pre-D required? Doing an efficient breakdown and remembering that a pre-D still does not guarantee approval. What do we say to patients to keep them satisfied with the process of what can be covered? Things that are typically not covered, leave the full fees and explain that they typically don’t cover it, but try to submit afterward with a good narrative. Your patients will be very happy to get a credit if it comes through. Do repair codes ever get approved? Not for sealants and typically not for crowns. Denture and bridge repairs are more likely to be covered with a good narrative. Has there ever been a time when FMD and comp exam on the same day? No, it goes by the ADA standard. Pairing it with other treatment makes it feel more productive to the patient. Localized delivery of antibiotic, why do they only cover one tooth? It is typically not covered and she charges the patient for it. As an OON practice, what percentage should we estimate as partial payment? Typically drop whatever the suggested coverage about would be by 20% for a better estimate. Doing sufficient questioning and health history gives a better understanding of what will be covered on items like bridges so that you know how a missing tooth clause will apply or downgrades will be done. If insurance won’t pay the claim and we know, just skip it. The exception is if your state law requires it. Also, check if there are required forms the patient would need to complete. Not submitting may help the patient through frequency issues. What is the best way to get the new gingivitis code approved? Similar to perio submission, use photos, Xrays, and sufficient narratives. Can we get inlays and onlays as well? The narrative should say what is going on with the surfaces and why the procedure was selected. Make sure to ask in insurance processing about any downgrades. The patient gets a crown, then later needs an RCT and opts for extraction. Do we need to reimburse and notify the insurance company? No treatment changes are okay, but be aware of potentially going over on benefits for the extraction. Which insurance covers a CT scan? Typically the medical portion would not cover, and at the least, the patient out of pocket on medical is much greater. Do you recommend filing for a transitional denture for overdentures or having the patient pay for it? They will max out from all of the procedure. Look at timing to stretch the treatment over two calendar years for maximum reimbursement. Do they ever cover oral or dietary education? No, it’s more to match their notes. If someone gets laid off or quits in the interim before final seating, insurance will not pay, period. PK Performance focuses on training your team on the clinical aspects and how to document properly. Is an interim partial the same as a 1-tooth flipper? Yes To get approved for connective tissue grafts, make sure to use good narrative details and labeled photos and x-rays if possible. PK performance is online learning that engages the student in learning the material. Knowledge checks check for understanding and retention. The learning is based on units that have 6 units, so they won’t have to go back to step one and can customize a plan or start the student from the very beginning for a new hire. You can customize it to your needs.   How do you pay staff for the training? If you are paying them to do it after hours, check the log to clock their hours and pay accordingly.
September 12, 2019
Show notes Cash Flow Quadrant- Job, Owning a job that needs you, Expanding to a managerial role, Passive investments Same Page Mastermind There is a difference between owning a job or being relied heavily on for the success of your practice. The ideal is investing in passive income that you are informed about. Step 1- optimize your business Step 2- find knowledgeable people that can help you invest Having systems that don’t need you are what makes a true business with the kind of freedom you want What works for one person investment-wise may not work for others The hot seat model doesn’t dictate the time spent in the Mastermind, it is a way to directly talk about your struggles and concerns and get advice from a large group of knowledgeable peers. They include action points that you can take back and implement in the next 90 days. Sharing in the hot seat gives others a chance to learn as well. Deep discussion with the experts about an action plan or approach will help you strategize as to whether or not you want to continue pursuing the idea. Membership is by application There are a variety of experts that range from things you can do in your practice to types of investment strategies and types to help you find your niche. Nifty Deal- First meeting is $1500 and gives a money-back guarantee if you do not feel that the event is worthwhile, but you can still keep your 20 CE units. You will get an opportunity in the hot seat.
September 12, 2019
Show Notes Dr. Nate Jeal, Dental Authority Marketing, owns 6 practices with his wife and enjoys time with his 4 kids. He’s too busy for social media drama. Why did you get into marketing? It’s such a polarizing group. Dr. Jeal says it’s better than being considered in “sales” The marketing aspect allows him to spend the limited amount of chair time he has on doing higher revenue procedures or more meaningful treatments for patients. DAM has a book, "The New Rules for Dental Marketing" Request a book directly from Dr. Jeal or get it at their one day course The event is limited to 30 people to get the most personal time. If you don’t feel it was worthwhile, they will pay for your flight, hotel and ticket. The course is a prerequisite for working with them as a client. Things you will learn at the course: This is a course that teaches marketing, not more skills. You can learn to use your strengths and skills you already have. Learning the sales cycle
September 7, 2019
Show notes Dr. Herzog is a practicing dentist and board certified oral implantologist who places a large number of implants as a focus of her practice. She found with Neil’s marketing created a huge boom in her patient load. She began a group called Implant instructors that did courses in Puerta Vallerta. Neil started with adwords, which is now Google Ads. After doing his own thing and finding decent success, he connected with Keanu and did their first video in the basement of an AirBnB. The difference between what they do and what most people typically do is to drip feed information as an expert, rather than the “hot dog stand” approach. The videos focus on questions that potential patients are already asking. By delivering short bursts of information, you become the expert in your area. They provide simple scripts to use with your videos with the idea of pretending you are speaking with a person in your practice. For lead followups, the office knows what to do and Neil handles the initial contacts to pass on to the office. The FB leads has a fairly high show rate, and focus on the close rate rather than the no show rate. One new student of theirs did an additional $200k in revenue I the first 30 days. How do you differentiate your practice while working with few dentists in the area? If there is a dentist signing up with them, the section out an area of about 250k people in their immediate area and do not allow other doctors within that segment. She says that learning to specialize ops and run a tight schedule to be most efficient. With a demo, we screenshare and show them issues with their adwords, online presence, and competitiors in the area. This helps them to allow great assessment of how to best serve your practice. Do we learn how to close the cases effectively? They aim to be transparent to their clients and help in any way they can. They are one of the few that give clinical aspects, coaching, and even practice management. Their deal is only good for 7 clients to start. Normal retainer price: $2500/ month Nifty Price: $2099/ month Includes lighting, microphone and scripts as part of the package This is separate from ad spend. Our best clients who go on to add a recurring high 5 figures and 6 figures to their practice invest an additional $4K/mo into the ad systems we generate. (This is solely ad spend.) To learn a little more about us, you can also visit our home website here:
September 5, 2019
Show Notes Callforce- Cory Pinegar Callforce is your phone team of superheros that help appoint hygiene patients. They charge you per appointment set, so you’re paying for effective leads. Callforce focuses on afterhours calling to increase the likelihood of reaching patients. The majority of people who work for Callforce have dental experience, so they can be knowledgeable and effective on the phone. The newest development is a managed chat service. The chat is with a live person who can answer questions, book appointments, and help convert people who have landed on your website. Every service Callforce has is ala carte, so scheduling and chat can be ordered separately. The chat widget works with your website to integrate color and style. Adding the chat features are simple to do. Multiple practice locations that use a single website can handle multiple locations and appointments. Increase you funnels and reach more people. Chat box is 6am-8pm. After hours it will send information about the practice as an automated response. All chats are logged and transcripted, then sent to your email for followups. Reports show how many patients have booked with Callforce and how many failed to show at their appointment. The widget is automatically turned on once it’s loaded the first time. After hours calling: The current fee is $30/ scheduled patient. The Nifty Deal is $25/ scheduled patient. Chat feature: Current fee $199 No setup fee No other hidden fees NO CONTRACTS Nifty Deal: $149 fee for LIFE To get this deal:
September 2, 2019
Reuben Kamp- Darkhorse Perksoft out of Milwaukee was hacked and affected over 400 practices by a ransomware that currently has no solution. Two-factor authentication when available is always going to be a good idea. Darkhorse has personal ID that protects their clients, and given the current hack, they went back through to reevaluate their security to keep their clients safe and double check all of their settings. Thankfully they were all in place correctly. In January, Windows will not be updating 2007 or 2008. Not updating leaves you very vulnerable to hacking. Having a current and updated system, firewall, and backup system are going to put plenty of safety nets in place. Insurance on your practice through cyber liability policies will help pay for the breach costs, PR, notification of your patient base, and other issues that arise from the event. Ransomware is a blackmail where hackers will lock down your files and up the ransom fees until it is paid or will delete your files. Cyber insurance can often be purchased from your current provider, or Ruben suggests TechRug. Every Darkhorse customer offers $500k in cyber security insurance as a customer. Every person has customizable package between $450- $650/ month based on number of computers, amount of support needed, etc. There’s a one- time component fee for onboarding where they come in person to install your system. When there is difficulty with hardware, they can remotely log on for support, as well as having regional tech support for in office assistance when needed. Nifty Deal: Sign up with Darkhorse on the most common plan -Unlimited Remote Support plus HIPAA Plan and get a $695 Cisco Meraki MX67 Firewall for free Mark – Nifty Thrifty 8/30 Live to activate your deal
August 29, 2019
Vivos addresses the core issue of airway obstruction via DNA sleep appliances. Dr. Liao discusses that typical nightguards for grinding are only giving the teeth a new surface to grind on, rather than fixing the problem of airway obstruction to stop the symptoms. By focusing on maxillary placement and allowing the mandible to follow, we can affect the airway to improve sleep and allow the body to achieve prime conditions for healing. The Vivos system affects both maxillary and mandibular movement to affect the oral cavity space. The appliance is FDA approved. For a repair timeline, he says 1/3 of his cases are finished in a year, another 1/3 finish in 18 months, and 3 years for cases such as maxilla retrustion or canine extraction cases. Many patients feel a marked improvement in the first month. What is happening during mandibular expansion? DNA appliances contain an axial spring system that stimulates the stem cells. By stimulating the increase of bone that coincides with the tooth movement How do you address skeptics who say that expansion cannot happen after puberty? Read chapter 16 of the book, look at the cases that prove otherwise. Expansion can take place. You need to understand that every general practice is an airway practice by default. It is time to look at the expansion of dentistry to affecting whole body health. To find out more, go to How do we go from knowledge to application? The Vivos Integrated practice model gives you 35 hours of CE, 24 hours of practice management CE, marketing, medical billing, ongoing education and financial support. You have a practice advisor to help implement the system, as well as an integrated market advisor to help you learn to connect with health providers in the area. Training in Denver is unlimited for the first year. You will be able to bring a patient through the course treatment to use as a case model for your patients. The company is working with clinical trials and is compiling the world’s largest database of apnea patients to help serve our communities. What is the typical cost for a patient? Pediatric patients are cheaper, but averages about $7,500. Many doctors will charge $8,500 if using insurance. Insurance reimbursement varies, as is typical with medical coverage. Do you need a conebeam? You don’t need one, and can send out for imaging, but 3D imaging gives the most accurate diagnosis. The medical billing aspect of owning a conebeam can expand your practice revenue in other areas besides DNA appliances. Is there an introductory class? The Gaylord Marriott in Orlando September 11-14 for $895 includes 8 hours of CE, hotel, food. This includes the fast track that eliminates the first segment of training in Denver. Spouses can get a show pass for $395. Go to Denver for the next segment training and they will refund to you the Intro class fee! If you decide not to sign up as a provider, Vivos will give you a list of providers in your area to refer patients for treatment. If you decide to keep going, there is financing available. Training is typically $65,000, but if you sign up before the conference, it is $40,000. To get this deal: t Enter promo code Nifty19
August 29, 2019
Show Notes Kirpa Sudwick - The Bachelorette Hygienist Dr. Nguyen is a huge fan of “The Bachelor” and has watched since season 1. Kirpa is from a family in dentistry. Her father is a dentist, and helped inspire her to pursue hygiene. After a failed relationship through a dating app, her friends joked that she should apply and surprisingly got a call back. Her dad thought it was hilarious and her mom thought it would be a good experience. The initial greeting period with all the women was a true all nightery. There’s no technology access while you are in the house. Her favorite country to visit was Thailand. She loved it enough to go back and visit again after the show. How did the girls’ teeth look? No perio and lots of good hygiene so they are kiss cam ready. She has a few girls she is still friends from the show. She hasn’t had too many super fans that want their teeth cleaned. She does modeling and vloging on the side because it’s something that interests her. Her dad is Croatian and her mom is Indian, so she loves spicy foods. Her favorite part of being a hygienist is the opportunity to educate patients *Audio Credits: * “The Bachelor: Disney Princess Edition” As/is Productions 2016 “Virgin Hunk” Saturday Night Live – NBC 2019
August 28, 2019
Show Notes Smile perfected was created by a dentist with the struggles and challenges an office faces. Average office does 2 zooms per year, but this gives you a more favorable patient experience and an easier sell for the dentist. They use the prophy plus approach. By removing the pellicle layer, you get better whitening. It addresses the pain points of time and cost for the patients. A new practice will get enough treatments for your staff to try it. If a patient doesn’t like it, they will send you a free replacement. Get customized marketing to fit your practice needs and goals. This is an affordable price point that makes a simple add on service to increase your hygiene production and increase patient satisfaction. There are marketing videos and material to help you promote it in your office for free. There is no sensitivity or gum blocking, so an assistant can do the treatment as well. If you don’t like the system, return it in 30 days for a full refund! Patients who mention your office in their FB or Instagram post will get a free whitening pen from the company as a thank you. Can we do varnish after the appointment? Yes, the varnish goes on after the treatment You can also offer it as a free addition to a clear aligner case or as a loss leader for new patients. $99 is the suggested price, but your office can find what works for you. Smile Perfected: Uses a Prophy Plus approach for the cleanest teeth and effective whitening Patient time is only 20 minutes Convenience of a preloaded tray No Sensitivity Take home touch up pen included An affordable option for your patients Packaging does not require refrigeration and has a 2 year shelf life The Smile Perfected System Includes: 1 Smile Perfected Quick Acceleration LED Perfect Shade Light 24 Smile Perfected Treatment Kits Pre-Loaded Tray Take Home Pen Lavender Towelette 1 Pack (12) Take-Home Whitening Pens 1 Smile Perfected Safety Glasses 1 Pack Smile Perfected Brochures Smile Perfected Point-of-Purchase Displays Marketing Support & Comprehensive Instructions Get started with a Nifty Discount on the Smile Perfected whitening system Normal Price - $997 Nifty Price - $897 This is the lowest price EVER offered! Already a customer? Reorders will receive a 10% discount on 2-12 packs. Get a free light with a kit re-order! How to get this deal: Call: 866-607-1490 Mention Nifty Thrifty
August 24, 2019
Show Notes Scott Leune is the founder of Breakaway seminars The landscape of dentistry is changing from what we used to know. There are Super DSOs, mid sized groups to about 100 practices, private multiple practice owners of 5-30 practices, direct to consumer offices, and even dental insurance companies owning practices. Solo practice dentistry is changing. We have to learn how to better run our businesses. One of the most stressful jobs we can have as a dentist is owning a job. The DSOs run a business, but private practice dentists are so focused on the clinical that they don’t work on increasing their business skills to create profit. We learn what needs to be done in our practice or what will improve our practice, but don’t do it. Breaking his back in the first year as a dentist caused Dr. Leune to have to focus on the business side of dentistry, hiring associate dentists, and learning why the same formula doesn’t work in every location. Laws for a small group or area don’t always hold true on a larger scale or can hide surprising information. He hates most events that focus on building hype instead of actionable content. The event Summit is packed with some of the most influential people in the industry with over 40 hours of content. No promoting products, just practical tasks and ideas to use in your office. The summit is not just for dentists, and is precluded by several dental one-day events. Your ticket to those events gives you access to the Breakaway summit. Q&A: Why do systems fail? Things are not being followed up with or the system was not useful or efficient or scaled with growth. What are your daily rituals? Wake up at 5am, workout, get kids up and out the door, work 8am on immediate issues, 9-2 is general work, 2-3 is putting out fires from the day. Make time for family. Work to live, not live to work. The work retreat is several days with a very small group of dentists. The focus is on creating accountability. Finding a community of people who inspire you and light your fire to continue improving. How do you audit a staff without nagging? Some of the information can be from data, Talk, training, engage cycle can assess improvement or audits Some items audited are minor, but collectively they are all major issues What caused the huge loss after the first expansion? Not being systematized, opening too many practices too quickly, hiring from a limited applicant pool very quickly. By created the best systems and expectations in the practice, they turned a large continual loss into profit. When are the best times to do marketing? Should we target the slow month or keep it continuous? Most areas see best response early in the year or September Do we have an open or closed schedule practice? Nifty Deal Alert 2019 Business Immersion Summit September 27-28 Las Vegas Aria Normal Price - $795 Nifty Price - $695 Use Promo Code - thrifty Register Here
August 23, 2019
Dr. John Wayland and Dr. Heath Hendrickson of Western Surgical and Sedation What led them both to a practice focusing on 3rd molar extractions Dr. Wayland has removed about 30,000 3rd molars while Dr. Hendrickson has done over 90,000 Dr. Hedrickson says the impacted teeth are much easier than fully erupted ones. Taking the teeth out before the roots grow can make a simple mental shift to make removal significantly easier Being able to charge a lower amount in contrast to an OMS can help you gain volume from the area and keep your existing patient base in house Straight handpiece or 45 degree angle highspeed? Very few OMS would use a 45 angle. The straight handpiece gives better torque and transfer the energy to the tooth. What bur would you recommend? 1703L is the perfect shape and size for the working area. Dr. WalWhy did you decide to set up this course stateside? Being self-taught, he found a lot of people asking him to share his techniques, and it evolved out of the need. How many teeth will I get to remove during the course? 8 to assist and 8 on your own. This is more than sufficient when they have broken everything down into simple step. There will also always be an instructor there to help you. They set up the same type of extractions to help you gain confidence and improve your technique. What if I want to extract 3rd molars with roots? If you want to learn, how to remove teeth with roots, understand the inherent risks. They do offer a course for alumni of their initial course if interested. Case selection is incredibly important to consider in which cases to do in your office. The course involves a quick temporary license from Utah, a day of heavy lecture and observation followed by hands on practice. In addition, the patients selected would otherwise be unable to afford 3rd molar extractions. Their most recent course provided over $20,000 in free dentistry. Do you recommend 3rd molar extraction in all cases? We cannot predict complications down the line, so removal early on will prevent further complications. Removal much later is a more difficult surgery as well as a harder recovery for the patient. Can I bring my assistant? There is no need to bring an assistant. As an assistant to another doctor, you get additional experience. What’s the easiest way to sign up for the course? Go to the website 3rd Molar Ext Course Normal Price - $8500 Nifty Price - $7500 Sign up on the Website - Ask for the Nifty Thrifty Discount!
August 22, 2019
Legwork is a dental support platform aimed to engage your patients from the first point of contact. They have services that range from increasing search rankings, patient contact methods, and website s designed to get your practice connected to your community Before the first new patient appointment, Legwork sends a pre-appointment comfort survey to assess what will give the patient a great dental experience, and that information is put directly into the patient software. This builds a connection and ease with your patient from the start. Patient experience insights are used to help your practice grown in both patients and positive reviews. Once such method is using Net promoter scoring You can ask for the survey or the review in either order and it does not qualify as gating for google reviews Legwork local can help promote you in the google maps search when someone searches for a service you want to feature in your area. There is a fee for this service Keeping patients engaged between visits increases patient loyalty. Nifty deal- Choose any package Legwork offers and pay only $99 for the first 6 months No setup fees or contracts Existing users- if you are on the search marketing services, you get the local for free Reach out to see if you can customize a deal if you’re an existing user
August 20, 2019
Compassionate Finance works with patients to make dentistry affordable for someone that may have a lower credit score, but consistently pays their bills. Their team trains your office to present the option to patients, while a second team works on the patient side to keep them on track or work with issues. Questions: Do I get full payment up front? They recommend offices to take 20% as a down payment to cover hard costs, then payments are shown on the dashboard each week. Can I charge interest? Offices can charge interest according to their state regulations. Payments are auto withdrawn from the patient’s bank account. What is your acceptance? The vast majority qualify, and the ability to run the credit gives you an opportunity to present multiple options. What features are you adding to the company? Compassionate finance has plans to begin marketing to the public. By accepting the service, you are included in their list of providers. This will bring patients willing to accept treatment directly into your office for treatment. Who is responsible for nonpayment? If the patient defaults, the responsibility is on you to turn them in for collection. Compassionate works with the patient extensively to keep this from happening. The interest offsets the risk to your office. The Nifty Deal: 15-minute demo to learn more $1,500 set-up fee with training, marketing materials, iPad $1,100 set-upfor Nifty Deal $600 set-up if you do not need the ipad to do your 30-second chairside approvals. Regular Monthly fee $199 Nifty fee $159 To get this deal or schedule a demo:
July 28, 2019
Maverick was at the forefront of online education Now they are taking it old school with their Maverick dental conference This isn’t stuffy CE with a dinner and open bar. Not only will you learn, but you’ll build relationships IRL Releasing content in small chunks creates manageable small changes that lead to big results without getting overwhelmed. How do I create staff accountability? I make the request and expectations clear and follow through to make sure it’s done Leadership is about the process of creating a fair environment and a strong standard of expectations Mentors, coaches, and community will help you grow, because you don’t know everything Maverick help you get past your excuses for missing time, getting info overload, travel The community provides lots of opportunities for follow up questions Create the practice you want and build the environment you want to make your office a place you want to be Dr. Vo will be speaking at the event as well as Dr. Len Tau, Dr. Charlton Ho, Dr. Brett Murphy, Dr. Olya Zahrebelny, Dr. Ryan O’neil, Dr. Emily LeTran, Dr. Todd Erlich, Dr. Gina Dorfman The event includes 9 CE credits, 9 speakers, all meals with open bar INCLUDED in your price. Promo code: nifty $75 off making it $375
July 28, 2019
Dr. Armen Mirzayan is the founder of Cad-Ray and has trained thousands of Dentists in Digital technology. The scanner provides excellent digital impressions for lab work. Clean and clear surfaces are still important with digital impressions. The visuals can smear on the margins and affect your outcome. Milling does not recognize a $10k machine from a $110k machine, it is about making a good scan. With Cerec, there is no monthly fee as well as free software updates. CAD software does have a yearly fee. No monthly fees AND free updates! Returns are simple, but they rarely happen because they are confident you will be satisfied. The Deal: $1500 rebate till Aug 2. Then $1000 till Aug 31 The Nifty Deal: $16,500 PLUS a 1500 rebate for our DIY customers! Password 333
July 17, 2019
Dr. Zak Allmand and Jonathun Catapano of Apex Payment Solutions show their payment portal. It is an integrated “pay it now” button to put on your website. The link goes to their secure payment site for online safety and let you choose the info fields to include so it lines up best with your system Online funds batch per day and make reconciling much simpler There is an automated payment option on weekly, monthly, or yearly options An in-house payment option will save the processing fees you may have with other companies You can calculate interest if needed There is an auto updater for the credit card information as long as the account number is active. No more calling patients for updated expiration dates. Tag them in a post and they will address any concern. They pride themselves on accountability. The Maverick Dental Show offer is being honored for Nifty Thrifty members The Deal: $100 off any Clover or Free ICT 220 (worth $220) for any new clients On application, contract or termination fees, just happy customers
July 13, 2019
Show Notes Thomas Doan President of the Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Why would you want to join an organization? It is an extension of the community and core culture. Organizations provide mentorship, motivation, networking and sharing ideas The best way to connect with FLACD is to talk to a member to find out about what they do and how they can help you improve. This year’s meeting is Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Thu August 22nd 2019 8:00 am – Sat August 24th 2019 5:00 pm (EDT) Speakers include Miladinov Milos, CDT, Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk , DMD, Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD, and Dr. Kyle Stanley, DDS. What is cosmetic dentistry? It is not a full set of veneers on every patient, but instead it is improving the aesthetics of a person’s smile in any way. It is about so much more than what the public thinks. Dr. Doan gives his opinion on the top courses for different stages of your career. Dr. Doan grew up with 4 brothers and was one of the last families to leave Vietnam. He was drawn to dentistry because of his interest in art. It is important to share your skills or knowledge to help others is beneficial to everyone. It is especially important to see many cultures and groups represented in dentistry and industry leadership. He believes that education and continuing to learn is a matter of integrity and how you serve your patients. Nifty Deal Alert!!! Florida Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference this coming August 22-24th. You can register at: Use Nifty Promo code: DOANVIP (ALL CAPS) for 10% off the registration.
June 28, 2019
Drew Sparks from Swell, a review and marketing platform. Dr Vo has seen a huge increase in reviews in his own practice in the 7 months since starting with Swell. Their reviews are focused on Facebook and Google sites, and they are expanding features to interact with patients. The webchat feature is a simple plug in with your website. The plugin captures the potential patient’s name and phone number so that we can connect with them offline at a more convenient time for the office. The texting takes place through your Swell account. You receive a notification of a new chat and can send a preformed reply to begin interacting via text. They have expanded the texting options to remind patients of a variety of things in your office. A simple one question review will set a request chain with frequency options for requesting a review. Get the entire suite of services including patient reviews, net promoter score survey, and their innovative Web Chat feature for only $199/month! It’s normally $199 for the service plus $99 for the web chat feature but for Nifty Thrifty members, $49/mo! Now that is a SWELL deal! • No contract • No set up fee • $199/mo for the full line up of services • Increase your online presence • Market your practice and get new patients Visit Swell for more information about their service and how it can help increase your online presence and get you more patient reviews!
June 28, 2019
Show Notes Vlad Kostovski is with Nextiva, the 6th largest telecom service in the country with over 100,000 customers. They have 8 points of service (8 towers to work from) so you have shorter travel distance for better call quality. One thing that makes Nextiva different from their competitors is that they run at 40% capacity, so updates to service will not cause interruptions. Some of the great features of Nextiva service include call recording- stored for 6 months, 2-way text messaging, options to chat with your team individually or in groups as well as images so you know with whom you are chatting. Additional support features include a desktop app, 150-word professional greeting, and call pop. The deal: Enterprise package $26/ month per line- 36-month contract, taxes and fees not included One phone per line included Check Nextiva out here - To get this deal: Schedule a 15-minute call with Vlad Kostovski to assess your needs -
June 28, 2019
Show Notes Sean Ryan is part of Medidenta, Prophy Magic, and Whiter Image. Handpiece buyback deal- Medidenta – They will take back ANY handpiece and you get a new handpiece of equal or lesser value for HALF OFF! And they even pay for shipping! They offer air free highspeed and surgical lines. Unless a company is a manufacturer, they are coming from the same distributor. They come from the same place, same product, but Medidenta doesn’t do extreme markup or have lots of overhead they pass on to customers. Oiling your handpieces effectively and running it for several minutes can help slow down, function, and longevity of your handpieces. How can we offer such great deals and bulk on prophy angles or handpieces? They know that you will love their products enough to reorder again and again. They provide the only air free highspeed handpieces in the industry and carry comparables to any handpiece you may currently be using. Chairside turbine replacement is affordable and quick. Higher end handpiece warranty 2 years, turbine replacement adds another year of warranty. They will extend some grace within reason if you fall over the warranty period. As a Nifty Thrifty Facebook member, you have the advantage of having help easily accessible by reaching out to the people who directly serve your needs. Startups have extensive needs so Medidenta can create packages to fit specifically to your needs. Buy 1 get 3 free on 2400 series Prophy Magic- Swap out deal- see a package that ALMOST works for you? Reach out for a swap out that leaves you SUPER happy! No more unneeded products just to get a deal on what you need. They always have a live deal page, just do a Nifty Search for each of the websites. and email or give our office a call 800-221-0750 email email
June 28, 2019
Show Notes Dr. Leonard Tau, Dental Director of Birdeye, Host of Raving Patients Podcast, and dental marketing consultant. As a marketing strategist, he helps design marketing plans in a step wise process. By using the proceeds of the previous step to fund your marketing plan, you compound your investment. The process involves a zoom conference about your goals and objectives. Dr. Tau has a one time fee for the service plan you can implement. How do we get the best reviews? The cheapest way is to ask, but is often not as effective. Automated systems that you can turn on and off for specific patients can help you find patients who are willing to share. Dr. Tau prefers to call the review a request for feedback. He also recommends that a hybrid approach to requests is the most effective. By letting them know you are sending the feedback request, they are looking for the request and more likely to complete it. What do we do about bad reviews? Google does not take down reviews without the presence or inappropriate language or other glaring issues. Yelp will remove a review only if it states that the reviewer is not a patient. For negative reviews, the best response is to have it outweighed with positive reviews. If you want to reach out to the patient, do it offline and address the patient directly. You have a better opportunity resolving the issue and turning the situation around. Birdeye has released web chat, which converts patients at a higher rate. Normal price is $100/ month for the webchat, Birdyeye is usually $250/ month or $2400/yr. One aspect that makes Birdeye different is that review Generation, review marketing, map citation to improve your map search ranking. His book “Raving Patients” is due out later this year, and has another book “100 ways to get 100 Reviews in 100 Days” coming out in the future. Birdeye Nifty Deal -$200/month or $2000/year without webchat. Webchat is an additional $50/ month- that’s half price. Current customers can add the webchat at the Nifty Price prorated to their contract. To get the Nifty Deal- contact Len Silver package for consulting $3000, that’s $1000 off and a book when it comes out FREE- Dr. Tau will do a free consult call if you put in a request on his website with any Birdeye subscription A $500 discount on consulting if you are not a Birdeye user. Cell -215-292-2100 Email: Consultation: www.drlentau/dymo
June 14, 2019
Show Notes Kristyn Ivey is a professional organizer, owner of For the Love of Tidy, and podcast co-host of “Spark Joy” that uses the Marie Kondo Method with her clients. Her ah-ha moment was when she felt stress as an engineer and read the book "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" as she decluttered her life, she felt less stressed. She was able to devote time and attention to things she valued more. Do you have to be a neat freak to be an organizer? Not at all, it is a change of mindset and habits that become incorporated into your life. Kristyn was the 12th person in the US to become a certified Kondo method organizer. The method focuses on 5 different groups of items to organize. The show does not focus as much on papers because it is not exciting to watch, but there are two professionals working alongside the families. The organization process begins with a phone consult to figure out the goals and needs. The Spark Joy podcast is a great place to look for ideas for organization. She also offers a Skype call virtual organization option. Greeting the home is an important process to clear their mind and begin to focus. Hoarders are not likely to reach out for organization, but Kristyn has people she can recommend for hoarders. How do we fold and store a fitted sheet? Magazine holders are great for storing more than magazines! Use it for stationary, cleaning products, and more. When it comes to organizing or keeping things, understanding your boundaries of how many of certain items you feel comfortable keeping. Acknowledgments Jimmy Kimmel Live -ABC Studios Tidying Up, with Marie Kondo – Netflix Tidying Up My Boyfriend's Disgusting Apartment – Funny or Die James Corden – Late Late Show- CBS So Fresh, So Clean - OutKast
May 30, 2019
Show Notes Hiring someone without giving them proper training adds to your own to do list instead of making things easier. Hiring the wrong person costs a practice approximately $28k As a small business owner, your team is an extension of who you are and what your practice values. The wrong team creates a plateau. If you don’t currently need to hire someone: put together your practice guidelines and job descriptions Create training resources and systems Use loom to create walkthrough training videos to establish the system Have a current vacancy: evaluate what you are looking for On fire: keep calm and keep the end in mind 22% of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days Have your team pull together while you establish the training and preparation needed. Don’t add to the team pressure to the point you have other people leave Stream does background checks and interviews to prescreen the best candidates Stream HQ streamlines hiring, training, and Save over 40 hours and $20k of production time Manage handbooks, manuals, and time off requests As a visual YouTube generation, your new hires have a chance to learn and review at their own pace. Delivering Wow Platinum Mastermind- Samantha shares step by step instructions on how to hire a rockstar team Stream HQ up to 5 team members for $97/ month 6-14 $147/ mo Nifty Thrifty group 15% off all services HR services, Stream HQ, including interview questions, job descriptions, and everything you need to get going, mobile friendly, and recruiting services To get the deal: Coupon code: Nifty15
May 27, 2019
Crazy Dental will save you time and money finding the best prices on your office supply needs. Find a better price? Simply show proof in print of an authorized price and they will not only match it but beat it by 10% to say thank you! Not only that, they will share the matched price with their other members! Everybody wins the savings! No commission reps to deal with! Never hunt for the best prices again. Outsource the pricing search for FREE! Now THAT'S Nifty Thrifty! The Deal: Use a promo code for the deal you want Option #1: 10% off your order Option #2: Order $1000 or more and get a FREE curing light ($320.10 value)! To get this deal Note Nifty Thrifty as the lead Promo Code: platinum10 for an EXTRA 10% OFF Promo code: platinumlight for the free curing light!
May 27, 2019
What is United Medical Credit how does it work? How United Medical Credit can help you increase case acceptance How to help patients secure funding to pay for their dental healthcare procedures How a patient can be pre-approved without it affecting their credit score The minimum, maximum and average amounts you can borrow from United Medical Credit The process of working with United Medical Credit from start to finish United Medical Credit Nifty Deal Alert! United Medical Credit if offering Nifty Thrifty members an exceptional discounted flat free rate of 8% – that’s it! No application fee. No sign-up fee. Nothing but 8%! If you’re interested in this Nifty Deal and want to get more info on United Medical Credit,…/.
May 27, 2019
Weave is an All-in-One Patient Communication Platform Patient Reminders+Phones+Analytics+Reviews+And More Here's the Nifty Deal: No activation fee ( $1,500 value!) FREE Phones!!!!!! $549 per month ($600 off when you pay for the year upfront) No Contracts! Here's the scoop on Weave: Weave does phone, confirmations, texting and reviews Preset texts are stored for patient reminders Appointment fill texts to quickly inform patients with treatment due to your availability Text to pay options Texts and calls sent through the app show as the office number- no more patients having your personal info! Practice analytics with multiple metrics And tons more! How do you get this Deal? Click here -
May 2, 2019
Dr. Helen Harless and her husband Tim are owners of Hat Ranch Winery. Their Winery recently won the 2019 Winery of the Year award by Wine Press magazine. Dr. Harless is a practicing Dentist in Boise, Idaho and continues to work with Tim on growing their budding wine business.
April 22, 2019
Show notes What is an EA? An enrolled agent, a licensed tax person who can represent people before the IRS. Why did you work with dentists? They don’t have the God complex like the surgeons they had worked with initially. What are common mistakes you see in dentistry? Most all dentists overpaid. Make sure you are practicing in the right entity. You can practice as a different entity for different parts of your practice. Learning to stack them appropriately can be advantageous. How can you pay less taxes? It depends on the types of practices and needs. What can you write off legitimately? There needs to be a business reason. Writing off travel requires a minimum of 4 hours of business related time to write off the trip. Most dentists can and should set up as an S-corp Vehicles that are used for business can provide a good write off. Keep a simple mileage log with mileage and purpose. Can you pay your kids for work done in your practice such as photos for marketing. To write off meals, write on the receipt who you were with and what was discussed. All receipts need to be kept at least 3 years. Can you take more in distributions than your W-2 salary? It all comes down to reasonableness. A home office is a reasonable deduction if you do work such as management or accounting from home. You can also write off the mileage from your business location to your home office. Owning or leasing a car through the business is about personal preference. His approach is to try to make things deductible when possible. Can we rent our home out as write it off? Yes, up to 14 days for a comparable rate to a similar house in your area. You can pay student loans through the business, but you cannot personally deduct the interest. Nifty Thrifty Deal: Submit your most recent tax return for a FREE analysis! There are no obligations, just the opportunity to find your missed deductions! A $5000 value for FREE!
April 22, 2019
Show Notes Jordon grew up in the dental industry and managed a dental lab when he was younger. In seeing the stress that insurance programs caused for offices he knew there was a better way to do things. After seeing an office using a membership plan, he decided he could build a platform for patient membership. is his website. The podcast is called “Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast” BoomCloud is a platform for signing up and running an inhouse membership program How hard is BoomCloud to use? So easy a caveman can do it. To start, they do a free demo and consult on how you should set up in your office. After you sign on, there is a training and onboarding practice. The setup fee includes the print and marketing materials The software also allows payment plans with auto deductions. You can also set up interest and payment options within the program. Keep your payment plans under 6 months is their personal suggestion New features are typically given to our users for free. New features coming out include a new visual layout, ACH features will be simplified IT can integrate with any practice management software Is a membership plan legal? Yes, but check your state for primary care laws. Why do we need to auto renew? They are more committed to your practice and getting treatment. It also promotes predictable revenue. It also creates scalability by doing automatic payments are auto renew. fee is usually $1000, Nifty Setup is $750. Monthly service is typically $300/ month, the Nifty price is $270 per month. That’s a 10% savings. BoomCloud University will educate staff on the importance and strategies of an inhouse dental discount plan. go to the website for a free demo, you can also get their free book download.
April 22, 2019
Show Notes They are learning economics, P&L statements, real estate, and how to plan for the future People involved in the group are helpful and accessible Ideas are shared about investing and creating passive income. Real estate investors are helping members to find solid investment properties Why should a dentist want passive income? We won’t work forever! There is a sense of belonging The hot seat model allows you to specifically get answers to your questions. Accountability face to face is important You get a chance to share your wisdom as well as get help with where you are.
April 18, 2019
Show Notes Tom Comerota- Dental Stores The store is attached to your practice, but stored in the cloud. Allows for more interaction with your patients. Carry a wide variety of products without having to keep the items in stock. There is no limit to the number of products you can carry. Offer a bigger quantity or premium level product for the price of lower quality in stores. No inventory No sales tax to calculate! Free delivery with a minimum order and 2-3 days delivery Prices are competitive with other stores Patients can mail items directly to the home or office The software for a membership software is included free! Autoship options for the majority of products This is a simple near passive income stream. The store is not limited to only dental. It can include xylitol or beauty products. The Nifty Deal is 20% off. Price is $160 with discount Setup fee is $399 and includes and Ipad with the store preloaded for your use. Marketing materials and custom coupons are also included. No Contracts
April 18, 2019
Show Notes He began in Dallas as a corporate trainer and worked to place systems in a dental consulting firm while learning about the industry Works with 700 practices in 26 states Works on referrals and word of mouth. He lives what he teaches in work and life balance and family. What is the most common problem you see in practices? Trying to deal with too many things that take away from effective production. He recommends followup calls to schedule regular patients with no treatment. Reappoint those with treatment needed. Systems and patient dialogue are common issues in the office. They aim to use your own philosophy to better the practice in your own way. Do you work with all specialties? He has worked with several specialists, but is very selective. Why do you need analytics? It helps you find the best producing patients and improving patient acceptance Learn Kelly’s strategy for capacity and bringing on new patients. Learn how to “love a patient out of your practice”. Case acceptance rate is the greatest metric to him because a productive schedule is more important than a full schedule. Asking for referrals in a personal way gives better acceptance. Schedule your best patients on Monday morning to keep your schedule from falling apart over the weekend. Using an in-office savings plan can be an appealing option for many patients. May the Schwartz be with you! What kinds of programs do they offer? A 2 day “light program”, a CEO program that meets several times a year to review systems, and a full coaching program Nifty Deal: Snapshot with VI to assess the practice, the 2 day program is $6000 but Nifty Price is $5000, $3500 off the full fee program A Once a year CEO program for existing clients as well as a few other dentists in Charlotte.
March 13, 2019
Dr. Albert Capati joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss the benefits of CBD Oil in the Dental Practice.
February 28, 2019
🎉🎉Nifty Deal Alert🎉🎉 🤠Changing marketing partners more than square dancers? 🤔Wondering how to get an effective strategy that works for your practice? 🍪Tired of the cookie cutter, one size fits all method? 🥰Find your marketing soulmate with Golden Proportions Marketing! 🏗They will address your needs, focus and desired patients to build a custom plan for you. ✌🏼We have two amazing deals for you! 💲50% OFF Your Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan (Non-Members Pay $1,000 - You Pay Only $500) 🤝WHAT YOU GET: ➡️An in-depth review of your marketing efforts, ➡️Analysis of your local demographics, ➡️Extensive competitor research, and ➡️A plan that addresses everything your practice needs to be successful. ➡️And MORE!!! . 📆12 Months of Smart Market Dental & Call Screening for FREE 📌WHAT YOU GET: 🔹Smart Market Dental is the first program that measures every touchpoint in the marketing process from the very first call to a completed case. 🔹You get it free for one full year, including 🔹250 minutes per month of professional call screening - a $4,548 value, ✴️valid with your annual contract of $15,000 or more. 🔥To get these deals and get fired up about your marketing, go to: 🖥 ☎️Call 570-742-5656 📲Message Xana Winans 💝Enjoy the Stupendous Savings! . ** Please note that the discounts, promotions, and links in this episode are affiliate relationships. If you purchase through them, we might earn a commission, or be compensated in some way. However, please note that these are resources, tools, etc., that we have either used in the past, continue to use personally; or come from helpful companies or individuals that we know and trust. **
January 24, 2019
Nini Nguyen is a contestant on Season 16 of Top Chef and is the Culinary Director of Cook Space in Brooklyn, NY. Hailing from New Orleans, LA, she is the daughter of Vietnamese immigrants, and she embraces both culinary influences in her cooking style. In this episode, she gives us customer service and business overhead tips that can translate to our practices. Join us as we discuss topics ranging from her favorite Vietnamese food to dressing up as the ghost from the movie The Ring. Notes of Interest *Nini Nguyen says that Top Chef was a life changing experience She says that Top Chef is like summer camp except someone gets eliminated every week *Nini pursued a traditional college career, and earned a degree in business marketing from Louisiana State University, but realized her true passion was in cooking. *She started working in her home town, New Orleans, at Sucre and Coquette, specializing in pastries. *In 2012, Nini decided to move from the Big Easy to the Big Apple *She honed her skills at Eleven Madison park in NYC and nationwide at Dinner Lab *Nini says that working in the restaurant industry is a labor of love Dong Phuong Bakery is her favorite Bakery in New Orleans Dong Phuong Bakery is known for their Banh Mi and Meat Pies Nini pranked her Top Chef castmates by dressing up as the Ghost from the Ring and scaring them Links Nini Nguyen Instagram – Top Chef– Everything New Orleans – Dong Phuong Bakery - Acknowledgements: "Make 'Em Say Uhh! is property of Master P and No Limit Records "Still Fly" is property of Big Tymers
January 18, 2019
Dr. Josh Brower is a practicing Dentist, an implant educator, and an expert Woodworker. Speaking of woodworking, Dr. Brower has created wood masterpieces in his own shop that ranged from custom tables to a wooden replica of Noah’s Ark. But he is not only a Dentist that works great with wood. He’s one of the most prominent implant educators in the country and has trained many Dentists in both full size and mini dental implants. Join Glenn and Vinh as they talk to Dr. Brower about Dental implants, his love for all things wood, and his obsession with bow ties. Notes of Interest *Mango Voice is running a Nifty Thrifty deal (20% off ALL phones, Free Fax, Free Mobile App). *Recorded at Voices of Dentistry *Dr. Brower is an avid woodworker and enjoys working on his 7-acres of woodworker’s paradise. *Who’s cheaper, Dutch or Asians? *Want to know the best wood for making a spanking paddle? *Implants- When choosing standard vs mini implants, consider the load and patient factors in your decision *The best and worst wood to work with? Walnut is the Neiman Marcus of woods! *Dr. Brower operates numerous CE courses and implantology sites (see links) *Dr. Brower is the fly bowtie guy #BTF Links Mango Voice – Dr. Brower’s practice- Hard to find wood- Mini Dental Implant Masters- Real World Dental Implant Mentoring- Get Dental Training Facebook group- Get Dental Training Website- *Acknowledgements * Stephen Colbert Show on CBS Conan O’Brien Show on TBS
January 18, 2019
Dr. Yolanda Mangrum is the owner of Petaluma Dental, a multi-specialty practice in Sonoma, California. She is also the author of “Hire to Inspire”, a coach with Fortune Practice Management, and founder of Luminary Education Center. She is the epitome of a Dental Boss Lady. Join Glenn and Vinh as they discuss her “why” and whether or not she’ll include wine in her dental convenience store. Notes of Interest *Dr. Yolanda Mangrum opened her first practice in 1999 *Ten years later she purchased the Petaluma Dental group *She eventually merged her two practices together to create her current office *Dr. Mangrum’s practice employs a whopping 12 Dentists and 39 overall employees! *Petaluma Dental Group is a multi-specialty practice *Petaluma has a Dental “convenience store” that offers items ranging from toothpaste to probiotics *Dr. Mangrum did not take Glenn and Vinh’s suggestion to sell wine at her practice *She is also a coach with Fortune Practice Management *Dr. Mangrum recently launched her dream project – the Luminary Education Center. *She is a member of the Delivering WoW Inner Circle *She truly believes that there is potential for greatness to be unlocked in every individual. Links Petaluma Dental Group – Fortune Practice Management – Hire to Inspire – Acknowledgements The Boss is property of Universal Pictures Parks and Recreation is property of NBC Universal Run the World is property of Beyonce
January 18, 2019
Elijah Desmond RDH is a Dental Hygienist turned Dental Entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Smiles at Sea, a continuing education event set in a relaxing resort style atmosphere. He joins Glenn and Vinh to talk about how Dental professionals can save money and reward their teams at CE events. Mr. Desmond also discusses random topic ranging from pizza flavored prophy paste and Dorito flavored Mountain Dew. Notes of Interest: *In 1936, Holistic Dentist Dr. Weston Price releases a study linking the prevention/arrest of dental caries with a diet high in unpasteurized milk and organ meats *Link to Dr. Price’s study – *Dr. Christopher Keener, an alleged research partner of Dr. Price, makes an appearance to discuss this monumental study *Elijah Desmond’s goal for Smiles at Sea is to provide a light hearted CE event that promotes team building *Mr. Desmond started his entrepreneurial journey by creating a candy selling business as a kid. *Nifty Thrifty Dental Deal of the Week – $50 off any CE event and a FREE ticket to the Whitening Ball at the Smiles at Sea CE event. Use promo code – “Glenn” *Fake Stephen A. Smith makes an appearance Links from the Show Smiles at Sea – Link to Dr. Price’s study – Acknowledgments: Step Brothers is property of Sony pictures Parks and Recreation is property of NBC Universal Television “Started from the Bottom” is property of Cash Money Records No copyright infringement intended.
January 1, 2019
Dr. Alan Mead joins Glenn and Vinh to talk about how he saved money in his Dental practice, his interest in Equine Dentistry, his never ending struggle with shrieking patients who can not open wide enough, and whether he would fight 100 chickens or one human sized one. Notes of Interest: Alan Mead has been dubbed “The Accidental Nifty Thrifty Dentist” by Glenn and Vinh because he stumbled onto some great deals for his Dental Practice and Home Consider buying a “fixer-upper” practice rather than a “Taj Mahal” to save money and get out of debt quicker Being at the right place at the right time is sometimes the key to getting a great deal. Just make sure you have the capital to take advantage of that great deal Dentotemp by Itena Dental is the best bang for your Dental buck (Nifty Thrifty Dental Deal of the Week) – Buy 2 get 1 free from DC Dental Alan Mead recently released a new podcast, “The Alan Mead Experience” Fake Adam Sandler leaves us a message Links from the Show Dentotemp special offer from DC Dental – The Alan Mead Experience – The Dental Hacks Podcast –
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