The Irony Continues...
At the end of your podcast you talk about how Elizabeth named her Siberian Husky “Balto” because of his epic journey to deliver meds to a town for the plague... well if you look on the Disney+ app, there is a movie called “TOGO”.. Watch it! In fact, Balto was not the hero! He did travel the last short leg of the journey as the 2nd lead dog. The reporter covering the story failed to realize that a dog named Togo made the majority of the round trip and is the true hero of the story! Balto only had his name known because of a lazy reporter not checking the facts!!!! Theres your last bit of irony!!!!!
Great story
Must listen
game rrater
That's all I have to say.
High Quality
This podcast is executed with the highest quality. Rebecca Jarvis has a compelling performance coupled with an incredibly unbiased reporting stance. This has more detail and more in-depth interviews than the famous “The Inventor” documentary, which while artistically compelling, lacks the substance contained in this ABC News performance.
Excellent Broadcasting!
Skatin' Scott
When I learned Rebecca Jarvis was moving to ABC, I was not sure if she could be effectively featured. She has been utilized quite well and this is another example of her ease of use regarding her voice. Her knowledge is unquestionably impressive. Nice work making a podcast at a time when I was ready for interesting content.
Great reporting and well presented. Couldn’t stop listening
Great podcast
This is the first podcast I’ve ever listened to because I didn’t think I’d like them. But, this was so captivating I listened to the entire thing in two days.
So great❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕
Story well told
I loved this story and how it was presented
Vocal Fry Warning
Interesting but shallow. I found it ironic that they initially payed so much attention to Elizabeth’s deepening voice while the narrator had this crazy vocal fry. When they played her interviewing on the street her voice was normal and clear but in narrative g the story she went for a slightly deeper one and dropped even further at the end of her sentences making that ridiculous noise and supposedly adding authority. Women, we don’t need to artificially lower our voices! Be proud of how we are naturally.
Mesmerizing and Investigative
This podcast did an amazing job of letting players and facts speak for themselves. Privilege and unbridled accolades can be the hubris of undoing. The narrators and music made this an easy and seductive piece of storytelling.
Amazing podcast
I loved the way the story was told. Please keep us posted about the court trials
This was excellent
All I can say- she need to see jail time.
Felt as if I was watching an actual show. Loved it!
one of the best podcasts ever
Episode 1: “Ana Arriola” “Her” “She” Sounds as manly as Rambo. “Her” riiiiight
A riveting story
I binged the podcast and could not get enough. “The Drop Out” obviously knew all that was going on, as she fired anyone who tried to verbalize the truth and then threatened legal action if they repeated anything to anyone. Can’t wait for the trial to see her try to spin a new web of’ll be a bumpy ride.
Very well done!
I enjoyed learning about this topic that I knew so little about. Great job!
Engaging Story That’s Worth Your Time
Solid investigative journalism from Rebecca Jarvis and the team at ABC News told in a compelling way. Feels and sounds like a well-made documentary for your ears. And the story told here has implications and lessons for all of us that work in any business across the country.
This is good
rosa manzo
The book goes into all of this much deeper, but Jarvis’ narration works and hooks you in.
I’m always recommending this podcast
Well Done!
Watson's dad
Solid investigative journalism! Refreshing format with episode length that makes for concise delivery. Will look into more content put out by this team/group.
The podcast was very interesting. Had no idea this happened. Looking forward to hearing about the trial.
I couldn’t stop
Loved it all. Start now.
Excellent podcast, super informative
Super informative and well produced
Bingeable most definitely
This was unbelievably informative and intriguing. I couldn't get enough. I love Rebeca's reporting and would love to see more. I was hooked from the start. Loved the show.
Intriguing and Unbelievable!!
I found this podcast by accident and was blown away by this story that I really do not remember happening. How they got as far as they did without credible research and...the people on the board of directors who also invested ! Whoa!
Very interesting
I found this podcast by coincidence, and I couldn’t stop listening, it was very interesting story. I have never heard about this story before, I have learned something new.
I kept passing by this one thinking I wouldn’t find it interesting. Eventually decided to listen and don’t regret it. Very well done and interesting story.
Excellent work
Excellent work. I look forward to the follow up.
A “pageturner”
Hard to not binge in this
Very professionally made, presented and researched. Also, truly fascinating. I listened to all episodes in one day.
Great Listen
This is a really interested case and a really well made podcast. But please don't use the background noise that sounds like a phone vibrating in any future podcasts or updates on this case. It's driving me crazy because I've checked to see who's calling me a million times.
Stop spamming me
I don’t want my more of your junk being sent to me. Stop sending me trailers completely unrelated to this show. I will unsubscribe from anything to do with this parent company. I believe CBS. You lost me forever with this repeated and offensive spam about shows to do with Jeffrey Epstein. Offensive. Triggering and i don’t want it. My kid can see my podcasts and now we have to have the Epstein chat. Great.
Yasmen Alelaiw
Great show at all.
Pretty Good
What is the horrible banging noise in the middle/towards the end of episode 3? Driving me crazy! Story is intriguing though
rich people !! crazy!
lots of investment into the story of rich people being frauds & how “crazy” it all is. not uncommon.
Very Interesting
I am getting addicted to this case. I don’t usually follow business things. But this story is sucking me in. Hard to believe things got this far.
Great story !
Very well done podcast. Her intentions were good in the beginning but I think the win at all cost mentality truly overtook her good intentions to the point of lying. Innocent people got hurt. Kuddos to the scientists and employees like Tyler who stood up to money and power. I couldn’t have done that in my post grad school years. Impressive! I do truly believe she thinks she did nothing wrong to this day. I wonder what her future holds? A brilliant mind gone wrong.
Give it a chance
Lady Orion
I had my doubts at first. I thought it was going to be kind of monotonous but I was wrong. It’s so incredibly interesting and very well done; balancing factual and investigate journalism. But my only problem is when will the new episodes be released?
Arra Girl
A very good piece. I still wonder what her real motives were. Would the device have been successful if she had stayed true to the mission ?
The dropout
Very cool!
Very incredible, very concrete
How come Elizabeth Holmes got supported for so long by people like DeVos, Kissinger, the military ?
Couldn’t stop Listening
Maximum S
Loved this podcast! Knew a little a bout the scandal but nothing about the woman behind it.
Well done podcast... until ep 5
I really enjoyed this podcast but what on Earth is happening in episode 5? This episode is sped up so much that I can barely understand what anyone is saying. I’ve been so invested up until this point but I don’t know if I can continue on. So frustrating, especially considering this is the climax of the podcast
Couldn’t stop listening
Fantastic podcast. Seamlessly edited, wonderful episode structure. I’ve watched some TV specials about the same story and they didn’t measure up to this.
Excellent reporting
Tau dub
Great listen, compelling story.
Two Thumbs up.
Love. This. So good.
Mrs Spoiled
I found myself wanting to listen whenever I had the opportunity. Even if it was a couple minutes at a time. I look forward to continuing.
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