Best podcast EVER
I love to walk with this podcast. It’s well researched and so interesting to hear the back story to historical events and people. Keep up the GREAT work! .
Thank you
My god thank you for your pod please please keep them coming. I’m a nurse wiring in the “weirds” and I need pods like yours. Thank you
I love it
One of my absolute favorite shows. Awesome stories told by someone who I could listen to all day.
Aswq dog
I enjoy hearing and learning these stories.
My favorite
I have enjoyed Mo and his podcast so much! Well researched and wonderful stories. I hope he continues it.
Mobituaries is exactly what I needed during the Covid crisis ❤️Mo Rocca is an amazing host:)
Fun and informative
This podcast is a delight. It’s both fun to listen to and full of fascinating facts. An absolute delight.
Great Tales
Loved traveling, as we listened to Mobituaries of Laura Branigan, Lawrence Welk and The Station Wagon. Looking forward to more stories. Love you on CBS Sunday Morning too!
Full of facts and fun
Love these podcasts. So creative, interesting, and always fun
Obscure and wildly entertaining
I have learned so much about things I never wanted to know and I’ve loved every second.
One of the best podcasts around
fan o disney
I love Mo Rocca - a great journalist and wonderful interviewer ! The Thomas Paine episode was so enlightening!
Informative and Entertaining
Listening to this podcast has made my conversations more interesting. I can bring up fun topics that are interesting and most have no clue about it. Kinda cool 🤓
Here’s the thing...
Thank you. Interpret at will.
Thank you forSo pertinent and timely. Thank you Mo and staff.
molly gordon
Thank you for the history lessons that wake me up rather than act as a sedative. The episode on Reconstruction should be required listening for the BLM movement. So pertinent and timely. Thank you Mo and staff.
Love history, love good storytelling
I have always loved Mo Rocca on CBS Sunday Morning, history, good storytelling, and stories that are off the beaten path. When I saw that all those loves converged, it was such a lovely surprise! Thank you for the gifts, that is what these podcasts are.
Why no more Mo?
anonymous fruit bat
I love this podcast. Super interesting. But why no new episodes???
Must listen!
Spring coil
This podcast is a must listen! Great storytelling, fascinating details told with humor and compassion. I’ve always read obituaries but thought I was the only one who found them fascinating. Thanks Mo!
Love this podcast!
Always interesting & fascinating! 👍🏻
We want Moe back
We miss this podcast ! Hurry back
Apparently, Mobituaries has become a Mobituary
No shows in three months?
Fun AND informative
Love the informal mode of conversation about interesting factual story
The best minutes of the week!
Lager on
I love this podcast, I wish there were more episodes!
One of my faves
Wv purple
Love this quirky podcast full of unique information. Episodes are just the right length and the host and his guests are always engaging. I bought the book but it actually is a lot of what is already found in the podcasts.
Stealing the “fun and interesting”. Nice break from the world.
This is so fun and so interesting!
No Mo.
Waste my time why don't you
I’ve played all of both seasons. Now there’s no Mo. very sad. Nearly every one of these episodes brought a tear to my eye. Mo is a great and affecting host. Obviously loves his subjects.
Random stories I never knew I needed to know
I am loving this podcast! Random stories I never knew I needed to know.
The perfect balance of educational and entertaining. This is my favorite podcast!
NPR listener from NC
Love how Mo Rocca teaches me something and makes it so interesting .
Such interesting topics...
Mel 54
Brought to life in an entertaining way. I love the combination of reporting combined with conversations from experts or just those that loved the person or subject. Well done Mo!
So much to love, keep em coming.
I first heard about this podcast when Mo Rocca was on Justin Long’s podcast. I was just reminded when I was browsing for more podcasts. I love everything from the topics to the music. I’ve been a fan of Mo Rocca since I love the 80’s, and I’m glad he came up with this idea. More please!
A treat
Thank you for such a wonderful story!
Excellent documentary journalism. I appreciate your efforts to really “dig into” the subject.
Great Details+
Mo great on TV and lucky to have a podcast too. Stories are fascinating. Keep it up.
You have been a lifesaver
I have walked each morning approximately 3 miles listening to your podcasts which I heard about on CBS Sunday Morning. I can’t describe how this has helped each me starting the day each morning during this pandemic. In return I have shared these with friends. Thank you. Linda P
History that Captures
I listen to this walking and before you know it I’ve walked miles and not realize I it. I love the many details, listening to personal anecdotes from family members, friends and maybe foes. Their background stories bring sense to a life that I knew only superficially. Keep it going Mo!
Love these!
mom of Oz
Fascinating stories, told in a great format. Want more!!
Too long
Hope you are ok!! Looking forward to the next podcast!
Mo Rocca is the best!!!!
I first heard Mo on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, where he is funny and noncompetitive with the panelists. Here he shows his depth of old Hollywood, American history, and the pop culture of his childhood. He is quick witted, intelligent, and interesting. I want to hang out with him! He reminds me of the really smart people I met in college who opened my eyes to the much bigger and fascinating world that we live in.
Great Podcasts
These are excellent. When is the next one??
Anna May Wong
Appreciative Mrs. P
This podcast was amazing! Old Hollywood. Interesting woman in an interesting period in history. What a trailblazer for others to follow. I have renewed interest in her after the Netflix series Hollywood and now want to see all her films again. Fascinating!
Chang and Eng - excellent
PE Steele
I really enjoyed Chang and Eng story - I was always fascinated with their story as a child, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing the rest of the story!
Love it
I love it very entertaining and I’ve also learned a lot !!!
Will there be more? I have been very educated & entertained.
Love Mo!
I’ve enjoyed everything Mo Rocca has done, and this is no exception. A perfect blend of humor, pathos, and history. Never stop, Mo!
Love Mo
Ward Sutton
Mo has the perfect balance of reverence and humor, along with an enthusiast’s passion that draws you in and makes you feel all those things yourself, no matter the topic. Bravo!!
Informative and interesting!
Royal in NH
This has been a great addition to my Podcast playlist! Mo has a great sense for finding interesting stories and also conveying them in a way that makes you want to learn more. (I especially liked the story on Anna May Wong, who was just vague name to me and I found out she was a fascinating woman!) Great stories and a great story-teller!
I heart Mo
Fascinating stories. Mo is hysterically funny. I cry tears of laughter and tears of honest to God sentimentality every single episode.
Always new. Always interesting.
austin ray west
The stories transcend time and can capture your full attention in one line. The depth of research and reporting on not so common topics is unparalleled. Well done.
Always Interesting!
Mobituaries are consistently entertaining and interesting. I always learn many new things about the person, even when it’s someone I thought I knew. Kind of nostalgic but still very upbeat!
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