July 26, 2019
After watching the documentary What We Left Behind, a two hour look back at the creation of Deep Space Nine, I was so moved that I felt that I needed to make a review video: not only to share my opinion, but also to explain how amazing I thought the documentary was and to encourage people to buy the Blu Ray. There are some minor spoilers but nothing major. (It's from approximately 3:35 to 4:00) I also make a brief pitch to Nana Visitor and to Ira Steven Behr, as an aspiring writer.
June 30, 2019
I'm still busy writing the next four episodes of the Demona Chronicles: The Angel of Harlem. However, while you wait, I thought it would be nice to share my other audio drama: Saving Walt. It's historical fiction, exploring the final years of Walt Disney. As he battles lung cancer, Disney is determined to create a city of the future in the heart of Florida: one that will be free from the dangers of the modern world. Meanwhile, his company scrambles to prepare for the unthinkable.
May 27, 2019
Bishop Sforza has been plagued for months with nightmares of the demon who appeared to him. Fearful that the demon might return, he has changed his profligate ways. Alms given to the poor are up and expenditures on extravagances are down. However, news of Bishop Sforza's newfound austerity have reached the ear of Cardinal Della Rovere, who comes to Florence to investigate. And as the two clerics discuss Sforza's experience, the cardinal shares a mysterious secret from centuries ago...
May 21, 2019
After months of torture and abuse, Machiavelli has escaped the hangman's noose. But his first meeting with his reclusive savior does not go according to plan... This chapter of the Demon of Florence was read and performed by Elliott Crossley with the voice talents of Daisy May Parsons. If you've enjoyed this broadcast, please consider sponsoring future projects by visiting our Patreon page:
May 12, 2019
In 1513, Alessandro Sforza is a wealthy, hypocritical bishop, who enjoys the company of women more than doing the Lord's work in the city of Florence. However, on a stormy night, a demon appears to him. She gives him an ultimatum: the bishop must do as she commands, or she will judge him for his sins: harshly... (If you've enjoyed this broadcast and would like to support me in future projects, please feel free to visit my Patreon page:
April 29, 2019
In 1513, having obtained the final ancient Assyrian artifact she sought for years, Demona is now ready to begin the spell that can finally break the curse that's trapped her beloved for centuries. But before she can be reunited with her long lost love, an intruder from Florence arrives. But how will she deal with him: with vengeance or compassion? If you've enjoyed this broadcast and would like to support me in future projects, please feel free to visit my Patreon page: AndrewCreates
April 12, 2019
In 1513, Demona embarks on a quest to alleviate the profound sense of loneliness she has experienced for centuries. However, as she dreams of a new future, memories of her past sins continue to haunt her. If you've enjoyed this broadcast and would like to support me in future projects, please feel free to visit my Patreon page:
March 30, 2019
In 1513, Niccolo Machiavelli has fallen from grace. Only a year prior, he had been one of the most powerful politicians in the Italian city-state of Florence. But Florence lost an important ally, and Machiavelli's enemies conquered the city. History shows that Machiavelli was in fact imprisoned for treason and tortured. But in the Demon of Florence, he makes one final move to reach out to the mysterious fixer who lives on the outskirts of Florence. But will he be saved in time?
March 3, 2019
In the year 1512, young French commander Gaston de Foix marches his army through northern Italy seeking to conquer it for France. His successes have been so numerous and decisive he has earned the nickname Thunderbolt. But as De Foix plans his next attack, a mysterious assassin attacks the French encampment.
February 16, 2019
In this first chapter of the Demona Chronicles fan fiction podcast, we are taken to 16th century Italy: the dawn of the Renaissance. A Venentian senator sets out on a desperate mission to find a mysterious assassin, who can save Italy from foreign invaders.
January 16, 2019
In my second Demona Chronicles Podcast, I explain why I'm jumping into fan fiction, and I include a short excerpt from the first episode at the end. I also discuss Keith David and Goliath, and why as an aspiring writer, it's hard to write for characters that are noble.
January 3, 2019
An introduction to why I'd make a podcast about the animated series Gargoyles and why Demona is the show's most amazing and complicated character.
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