March 6, 2019
Guests Sharron Paul, Comedian Kyle Ocasio, Comedian & Personal Trainer Pedro Granados, Personal Training Manager at MPHC, Fitness Instructor & Coach   Where do you get 6-pack abs? The kitchen or the gym? What's more important? Diet or Exercise? Are we genetically predisposed to disease or can we reverse our "fate" with diet and exercise? Habits vs choices Why are Europeans healthier while eating bread and butter?  The panel discusses this and much more, like Sharron's recent Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and new fitness regimen. Plus, Vicky has the panel debunk fitness and diet myths. Don't miss the Season One finale episode!
February 20, 2019
Guests Jenn Wehrung - Comedian Nick Hoefly - Beekeeper, Astor Apiaries Description Oh, honey! The hivemind is abuzz with excitement. Queen Vee and her guests try to take the sting out of bees, as we need bees to survive and bee free! Nick Hoefly from Astor Apiaries and Comedian Jenn Wehrung join the VeeKeeper's wife for a lively discussion (that doesn't drone on) about everything BEES! We dispel myths, give tips on saving bees, and uncover little-known facts about pollinate the air waves with awesome fun facts. Websites      
February 13, 2019
Guests: John Fugelsang, Catholicism Max Cohen, Judaism Nicky Sunshine, Southern Baptist John Chaneski, Atheism Narinder Singh, Sikhism   Thank you, Jesus! The 4-part series on prayer concludes today. We've got our resident prayer panel back in the studio, but first we talk to Atheist and Honorary Jew John Chaneski about how atheists pray, why atheism would not exist without religion, and how he takes the best from different religions into his family life. Sikh Narinder Singh reveals the correct pronunciation of Sikhism, as well as its basic principles and what he gleans from the Serenity Prayer. But wait, there's more! Take a listen.
February 6, 2019
Guests: Jason Salmon, Southern Baptist Allan Fuks, Russian-Jewish    Vicky is joined by comedians Jason Salmon and Allan Fuks. One strongly believes he had his prayers answered, and one strongly believes he didn't. She also reads Facebook posts from listeners about their experience with prayer. The panel talks about porn, strict upbringings, sex shaming, back injuries, EMDR, Texas football, living in sin, The AVN awards, suicide, loss, hopelessness and they pose some tough questions: Is there a God? Is God listening? Is God always right? Does any of it matter? Is life a clusterf*ck?    Links:
January 30, 2019
Guests John Fugelsang, Catholicism  Nicky Sunshine, Southern Baptist Max Cohen, Judaism  Father James Martin, Jesuit Priest Vasudha Celly, Hinduism   In the second episode in the three-part Prayer series, Vicky's resident prayer panel is back! John Fugelsang of SiriusXM and comedians Max Cohen and Nicky Sunshine discuss the crisis in Israel and Palestine, religion and government and fundamentalism. Vasudha Celly joins Vicky for a deep and insightful look at Hinduism. Father James Martin, Jesuit Priest & editor at large of America Magazine has some profound things to say about prayer and poverty, prayer and God and much, much more! And I'm still keeping it as non-partisan as I can! Listen in and enjoy.    Links:
January 23, 2019
Guests John Fugelsang, Catholicism  Nicky Sunshine, Southern Baptist Max Cohen, Judaism  Imam Khalid Latif, Islam The first installment on the topic of prayer. Vicky talks to John Fugelsang of SiriusXM, comedians Nicky Sunshine and Max Cohen and Imam Khalid Latif,  Chaplain of the  Islamic Center at NYU about prayer, religion, prayers of action, the trite #thoughtsandprayers hashtag, religion's relationship to the media and how prayer can help people galvanize in times of crisis.  Links:    
January 16, 2019
Guests Justin Silver, Comedian and Author of The Language of Dogs Kristen Hartley, Dog Rescue Activist, Pit Bull Advocate and Producer  Noah Odabashian, Producer and Dog Lover    Justin, Kristen and Noah make a pit stop at Vicky's Pitty Party. Pit Bull media bias is the pits. They discuss Breed Specific Legislation, every decade's "Dog to Hate," and Vicky reads headlines about Golden Retrievers versus Pit Bulls. Justin maintains that there are no breed-specific behaviors, and the group puts him to the test. Noah knows the facts about pit bulls, but is still weary to get one for his family. Justin tries to bring him to the good side and won't give up until Noah see the light. Kristen and Vicky judge chihuahuas. All this and more on She's Got Issues!
January 9, 2019
Guests Frank Quevedo, Executive Director, South Fork Natural History Museum Ryan Hoffman, Diver and Filmmaker Sherry Davey, Comedian and Writer Sharks are the managers of our healthy oceans but human beings are killing about 100 million sharks per year. Frank, Ryan and Vicky try to convince Sherry that sharks don't care about her and don't want to kill no avail. Frank talks about the shark species' vital role to our ecosystem. Vicky and Jay Nog discuss their experience swimming with shark in eco-travel. The panel agrees that the movie JAWS set sharks WAY back. Frank tells the group about SOFO's new initiative catching and tagging Great White juveniles with the help of OCEARCH and the incredible revelations they've made about Great Whites. Sharks take 15-20 years to be reproductively mature - even longer than humans. Sherry cracks jokes to cope with her fear. All this and more on She's Got Issues!    
January 2, 2019
Guests: Erin Brockovich  - Consumer Advocate, Activist  Annie Feighery - Founder, mWater Aaron Ring - Comedian, Writer   Annie and Aaron are back to talk about domestic drinking water. Vicky learns how pipes work (kind of) and Annie breaks down what happened in Flint and who discovered the Flint water crisis first! Aaron confesses that he doesn't filter his water and Vicky thinks to ask if tap water in New York City is okay to drink, after living there for 17 years and drinking it every day. Erin Brockovich joins for an energizing and illuminating talk about Florida's environmental crisis, water contamination all over the U.S., and how she and her partner Bob helped a group of women in Hannibal, Missouri get ammonia-free water for their region. Can you guess what they did? All this and more on She's Got Issues!    
January 2, 2019
Guests: Annie Feighery - Founder, mWater Aaron Ring - Comedian, Writer Heather Arney -    We will be DROWNING in water episodes on this podcast (see what I did there)? But first, let's tap into something (I can't stop) we can't live without - drinking water. Annie Feighery, the founder of mWater, talks Vicky off the ledge about the ominous last title card from "The Big Short" about Michael Burry's next investment. Annie's software platform is being used by the country of Malawi to manage their entire water system, which leaves Vicky and Aaron questioning their contributions to the world. Annie tells the group what the biggest threat to drinking water is on a global level and why Barbie Savior Syndrome is not great for charity. Comedian Aaron Ring refreshes everyone (oops, I did it again) with his one-liners. Heather Arney makes Vicky realize how lucky someone is if they're born with a toilet and tap in their home. They talk about the daily water crisis people in developing countries face, particularly women and girls. has helped 16 million people get access to clean water. Can you guess how? All this and more on She's Got Issues!  
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