Inspiring and Uplifting!
Melanie has a beautiful spirit about her, and always brings real-life experiences into her discussions of the “Come, Follow Me” lessons each week! I laugh and cry with every episode. I highly recommend adding this to your weekly study!
Love love love
I really love this podcast! Especially the Cheerful Giver episodes.
Do good. Be good.
This podcast is THE BEST!! I binge watched all of the episodes in the last 3 days and the energy and love for the Savior is contagious! We have been able to bring the scriptures to life in our home and in our own personal scripture study. Melanie, thank you for bringing yourself and your personal experiences into the podcast. It makes you so real and relatable. Like I could literally sit next to you any day and be best friends because you are such an open heart with such an incredible love for Jesus and this gospel. During your sad and discouraging times, I am listening wanting to wrap my arms around you. I am also ready to rally my family/ward/everyone around me alongside you in the stories of love and your “just be good” talks! I admire your tenacity for good and your honesty in battling the adversary every week. I feel every emotion with you and it makes me want to be a better daughter to my Heavenly Father and a bigger witness of Jesus Christ! I want to continue growing and continue sharing things inside of me that I usually kept inside! Melanie gives me the inspiration to be a bigger advocate for myself, my marriage, my family and everyone I come into contact with! I am able to be a bigger light and really share that with others around me. Seriously, the BEST thing you will listen to ALL week!
I love this podcast and anxiously await for each new one to come out. It has strengthened my faith and understanding in our focus for the year. Thank you for sharing your time and testimony with us!
Fantastic and from the heart
Thank you for this great podcast what I say stands out is your great way of relating the scriptures to us now in our day with your insightful analogies.
Thank you!
I will admit that the new Come Follow Me curriculum threw me quite a curve ball when it comes to personal scripture study. Having been married to a nonmember for over 20 years I just couldn’t seem to do it on a regular basis, and while he is the most amazing man on the planet it has been so incredibly difficult to get myself to do it because I felt so ALONE. On the rare occasions when I actually tried to study it was with confusion and frustration. And then... I found your podcast. And you have rocked my world! Thank you! The first podcast I listened to I literally thought “Wow! I love this lady! We could totally be friends!”😁 Needless to say, I no longer feel so alone. Thank you. Concepts that had been so difficult to understand became clear, and I am learning how to “liken the scriptures unto ourselves “. You are making this journey so much more joyful than you can ever imagine. THANK YOU!!!!
I needed this!!
mamma elaine
I am one of those people who you talked about that needed this podcast because I otherwise struggle to do Come, Follow Me and I desperately want to be better. Thank you for your insights and for helping the lessons come alive!
Thank you!
I always feel so uplifted when I listen to this podcast. I tell everyone about this! Thank you!
Amazing podcast!
Kare bear1234
I decided to listen to this weeks episode instead of listening to music on my morning walk and was so grateful I did! I felt the spirit this morning. I felt an urge to be better. It was just all around awesome! Thanks for your inspiring words! 😊
I love you, Sister.
I appreciate you so much, Melanie. It's fabulous to listen to you everyday, and to re-listen to your podcasts, because as you share your insights you broaden mine. Oh yeah, and I won a T-shirt! 👍🏽 You're just cool. 😎 I'm glad to be on earth with you. 🤜🏽🤛🏽💙 Shine on!
Filled with the spirit, lots of love for God, and some great laughs!
I love your Come Follow Me podcast. I love the format and the content. I love your spirit when you’re sharing personal experiences. Thank you for sharing your light. And if you started to do these on Sunday it would not break my heart at all!!! I have shared your podcast with so many friends because I feel you have the best content and spirit!! Much love from your biggest fan :)
The realest
Thank you for keeping it real! Since subscribing I’ve listened to your podcast every chance I get and I’m all caught up! Yay!!! I’m sprung and it’s because you’re the realest and you bring the scriptures to life! So grateful for a loving and mindful Heavenly Father Who knew exactly what I need🙏🏽💙 God bless
Excellent Podcast
Melanie is truly inspired. This podcast makes me laugh and cry at the same time as I am learning the gospel. Melanie talks about the scriptures and applies them to daily life. Thank you Melanie, for all your time, efforts and talents.
Losing my faith, but not in Christ.
I’m going through a faith transition and it has been very hard. I won’t go into details here, but this podcast helps me remember through this difficult and painful time how the savior would treat me if he was here and how much love he has for me still. Thank you.
These make me happy
Melanie brings such joy while teaching the gospel! Her humor is amazing and I want a dose of it every day! I frequently write down specific episodes and times that I want to share with specific people, because it is exactly what they need to hear. EVERYBODY LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!!
my favorite!
This is my favorite podcast. The host is adorable, honest, and I am grateful that I found her!!
Often an answer to prayer
Thank you for sharing your insights each week. I’m certain it’s not always convenient. You have been a blessing in my life and we don’t even know each other. What a beautiful world we live in, to make that possible. I’m so grateful for you.
Beautiful podcast
I struggled with doing the come follow me program and knowing how to apply it to my life. Melanie’s beautiful words have Inspired me and helped me understand this special program more. I am so grateful for what she shares. I have seen so many blessings come into my life since just recently starting to listen to her words! I have shared with as many as my loved ones as I can because it is truly life changing and helps me to see the simplicity in the gospel. Thank you Melanie for being so brave to write this podcast and share with us!
Thank you!
You have an amazing gift from God to talk about gospel principles in a way that speaks directly to my heart.
The Power of Example
I think what makes this podcast so powerful is that Melanie is clearly LIVING the gospel. This allows her to have a strong and inspiring testimony of Jesus Christ, and I love that she shares it whole-heartedly. The examples from her life are amazing, and her presentation is just perfect for me. Despite a lifetime of study, I quite often feel discouraged and stagnant in my growth, but listening to this podcast helps me feel hope that I can learn to follow Christ better. I love listening each week!
The perfect study companion
I always need to discuss the gospel with someone else. I love your insights and the discussion. Some people might criticize that you spend a lot of time sharing your stories and it’s your opinion but that’s for me what anchors me to this podcast - knowing that there’s a real person there to share insights as a human being not a doctoral scriptoria (I think you know a lot about the scriptures though), makes me connect quicker. Thanks for all the time you invest on doing this. Keep doing it !
Melanie is GREAT
This pod cast is amazing ! I look forward to hearing her personal outlook and personal stories each week ! She has such an amazing style she is hilarious, personal, and great at bringing the topics to life ! I know that she has changed my life forever and I appreciate her so much ! She makes you feel through this pod cast that you are her personal friend and you are just talking like old friends do ! She has made my car rides so enjoyable and I don’t know how many times I have listened to each episode!
This podcast is just thee right amount of spirit, fun, and reality! Shine on, Melanie. Shine on!!
Shine On!
I’m do grateful I found this podcast! This has helped me do better and be better about Implementing the Come Follow Me manual in our home. Thanks Melanie for sharing your testimony and thought. You are such a light to all who listen.❤️
Best Come Follow Me Podcast out there!
I’m so glad I came across the Come Follow Me for Us podcast! Melanie has me laughing and crying during every episode. I turned on the podcast last night hoping it would help me fall asleep, but instead I just laid there laughing. 😂 Her insights into the scriptures have become valuable little gems that give me deeper understanding of the gospel and of Jesus Christ. As a seminary teacher, I have appreciated the wonderful tool this podcast is to help my students develop a new way to view the scriptures. Love you Melanie!! Keep on being you. You’re wonderful. ❤️
Melanie is hilarious!
Dré want to be a Docta
Each and every week I look forward to hearing Melanie’s podcast. She brings the Scriptures alive. She does funny voices. And she is able to laugh. Melanie really truly love the gospel of Jesus Christ and our heavenly father. And Jesus Christ. It shines through. She is even so dedicated to this podcast that she has taken it from Arizona to the Midwest and also to Europe. Melanie, I can’t thank you enough for doing this. You have made come follow me and exciting and important part of our week, through listening to your podcast.
Love this!
Suzy L.
I love listening to this while at work! Helps me stay positive all day long! I appreciate the the humor and the different perspective you offer. Has helped me look and work out situations in my life a bit different. Also fun fact! My amazing sister in law is your amazing sister in law! Chrysta! She is married to my funny little baby brother! Although he is much taller than me. Thank you again for the sacrifices you make in order to do this podcast. It’s a good thing!
Come Follow Me... listen!
Melanie is so fabulously full of heart and passion that she grabs your brain and gives you a mental/spiritual noogie! Come on peeps, let’s follow Him! Such open hearted sharing and emotion can be jarring but it’s so wonderful. Listen!!!
Thank you for shining!
I love listening to this podcast to add to my personal and family study of the Come Follow Me scripture blocks and curriculum. I love that Melanie shares personal experiences and the experiences of others so I can see how to live these principles in my life. I also served a mission in Japan and still live in Japan, so I love it when she talks about her mission in Japan.
The best.
I LOVE this podcast. I love how real and applicable she makes come follow me. It’s really the highlight of my week and she helps me understand the gospel in a different light. Thank you for sharing your gift with me!!! #shineon
Realistic, Fun and Spiritual
I absolutely love this podcast. Each week, I anxiously await the newest episode. Melanie has a way of reaching out and touching my heart. So many times, I have found myself crying along with her. When I need a boost, I listen to a previous episode of hers. She is down to earth, so fun and yet spiritual. I love her!
Love love love
I love everything about this podcast. She is so great at simplifying come follow me and relating it to everyday life. I especially love the outtakes at the end ;)
Episode 35 is amazing
This is so extra special as it is so raw and candid and 100% from the heart. Your dedication shines through and magnifies the intensity of the spirit you are emulating by so much!! I love that you are recording this through all the perfect, real imperfections of sitting at the church steps in Switzerland at 10pm. I admire you so so much!!
Thank you
Thank you melany for the joy and hope you bring to my days. You truly do have a gift and I’m so eternally grateful that you share it. Thank you so much for the impact you have made on my life and heart, I don’t think I can fully explain what you’ve done for me. Thank you and I love you and pray for you❤️
Sis Wellman’s authentic (real) approach makes me feel like I can follow the savior and still be myself. Her podcast is an easy way for me to stay current in my gospel study when in a pinch for time. If you’re looking for something pretentious or snooty probably not the podcast for you. Stay classy!
Episode unedited 35 was the best yet!
Melanie, I have listened to all of your podcasts and episode 35 was the greatest of all!! I love how it was live and real. You don’t need to edit your podcasts. I like it raw, real, and always full of the spirit!! Your strong testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Church always shines through and I anxious wait on Monday for your insights and witness of the truth!! Keep it up and Shine On!! :)
Love for real
I love how real Melanie is. I found this podcast recently and I love it. I have a lot to catch up on but am excited to do so. Melanie is funny, quirky and real. She may go on tangents, but they all have great meaning and purpose and I learn something or feel something with every single one. I love how personal she makes it. I feel like we learn so much more through people experiences. Keep sharing. I love it.
Highlight of my week!
I notice a difference in my week if I don’t listen to this podcast. I share with many because of the spirit and uplifting it does for my heart. Thank you Melanie for your love for the gospel and for sharing!
Thank you!
Bernie Frisby
Thank you so much for your podcast. It really helps me to think more about the reading for the week. While you were talking about service this week I was remembering last year, I gave my dad a kidney and my ward really wrapped their arms around me and my family. My surgery was done close to where my parents live (800 miles away from where I live). I had to leave 2 of my children with family members where we live and when I had my surgery my cousin took care of my other two. While we were gone, my house was cleaned from top to bottom by my ministering “angels” and a sign up sheet was passed around for freezer meals for us. I came home to 15 meals stuffing my freezer! It was such a sight to see I started crying. I couldn’t lift more than 10 pounds so people would come over and pick up my 18 month old and put her in the car or anywhere she needed to be. It was such a beautiful experience to be wrapped in the fold of my friends and family. I wish we can all let that happen at least once in our lives. Thanks for making me cry every week, I love all that you do! You have an amazing testimony.
Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and your heart. You make it so real- and i totally learn every week. My young kids love to listen as well so thank you for bringing the spirit with you.
Thank you
grandma to 22
Thank you so much for putting in the time, effort and heart to make your broadcasts. You have no idea of how much good you do! Thank you!
Thank you
Hi Melanie, I happened to stumble upon your podcast and heard episode 33. Loved it! Thank you, thank you for your humor, thoughts and inspiration. It has helped me a great deal. I will pray for you for sure. Never give up what you are doing. You are awesome! Margie
Thank you!
I look forward to this podcast each week. It’s added so much to my Come Follow Me study. The episode about studying the Book of Mormon was life-changing for me. Thank you!! I appreciate the time and effort you put into this each week!!
So uplifting
Loved episode 33! So good. Hopeful was the word that kept coming to mind while listening. And the parable of the crust was SO good! Never thought of that but loved it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts each week.
I’m so grateful I found your podcast. I’ve been struggling with my scripture study, and I love the way that you relate the scriptures to OUR lives today! Please keep it up, I can’t wait for next week!
Spiritual and fun
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your insights! I love how you can make me laugh and cry all within 30 minutes. I look forward to listening🥰
Outstanding way to study each week!
Thank you much Melanie for doing what you do each week! As a new convert to the church this has been just what I need to get a better understanding of the gospel and it’s teachings. I look forward so much to each Monday when the new episode comes out!
Prayers for you!
Cathy Hatch
I absolutely LOVE Melanie’s Come, Follow Me podcast. She is delightful, spiritual, down to earth and funny. She brings the teachings of the New Testament to life for me. I love her personal stories and how she applies the scriptural teachings to herself and encourages us to do the same. You are awesome, Melanie! Shine on!
Let’s Cut To The Chase...😂❤️
Thank you for sharing light, love and laughter. #chubbypeoplearehardertokidnap
Changing lives one podcast at a time.
Melanie’s podcast is wonderful. Listening to it makes me happy. It gives me ideas on how I can do better and be better. It’s upbeat and light. It’s real. I love that she shares her life experiences and that she has hard times like we all do. Melanie-thank you for you time a preparation. Thank you for your sacrifice. It’s changing my life for the better.
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