October 11, 2019
Prior to Riki hosting the Headbangers Ball he ran the notorious rock club Cathouse, even before that Riki met Ryan Roxie the two came up in the Hollywood rock scene of 1986. Today Ryan is the guitarist for Alice Cooper. Together the two share some wild stories about the decadent lifestyle of an era in rock n roll that will never be duplicated. Unbelievable stories. You will wish you were there but this is the next best thing. Riki also shares the importance of Alice Cooper
August 18, 2019
Headbangers Ball was one of the most popular shows on MTV. Even though there were several hosts. Riki Rachtman has always been the face of the program. It's what the Cathouse owner is most recognized for yet he has been quiet about his whole time on MTV...Until now Part 1. Riki goes into the origin of the word "Headbanger" and "Headbangers Ball" What does Howard Stern,Ozzy,Sam Kinison & Riki have in common. What role did Axl Rose play in landing Riki his gig.
August 15, 2019
This is not an Episode of the Cathouse Hollywood Podcast. Riki Rachtman realized it was the 4th Anniversary of the Cathouse Live festival so he turned on the mic and shared his after thoughts on the first and probably last Cathouse Festival
July 30, 2019
Riki Rachtman is joined with Tracii Guns. The two LA Natives share tales back from the time the two were reckless Hollywood punks to when Tracii started a band called Guns n Roses. Why did Tracii quit Guns n Roses to start his own band L.A.Guns? Was the "Dirt" accurate in it's description of Motley Crue's first show. What was Hollywood really like? What was Cathouse really like? Tracii was there and he takes you back there with him. Tracii also answers your ? left on Cathouse Hollywood Facebook page
July 17, 2019
When Riki Rachtman sat down with Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audio Slave, just to name a few it was for Riki's other show The Triple R. Who would have thought Tom not only rocked the spandex and bandana but tried to get into several Sunset Strip bands only to be shut down. Tom also references the band VIRGIN much to the surprise of Riki. It's another trip to Rocks most decadent era from those that were there
July 3, 2019
Riki Rachtman (Headbangers Ball) answered your Cathouse questions left at 310 243-6265.& were not screened Riki hit play & answered LIVE This show is not like the other episodes but like the Cathouse we like to mix things up Sex, Drugs,Feuds, Riki sued after a fight defending the Cathouse honor. What ever you asked he answered PLUS a RARE recording of Axl Rose & Vince Neil together on stage at Cathouse.
June 19, 2019
Joseph Brooks owned a record store in Hollywood .He let an unknown band decorate the window to promote there debut album. It was Nikki SixxTommy Lee. He let Izzy Stradlin sell his wrist bands before Guns n Roses made a record once they recorded the first song Joseph was the first person to play them on the radio. As the Cathouse DJ He witnessed unbelievable events with Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Janes Addiction, Ratt, Sex Pistols and more. Riki also recounts the Cathouse closing affected him personally.
June 6, 2019
Riki Rachtman chats with the Cults Billy Duffy. They discuss the album Electric and share a few Cathouse tales. One story leaves Riki speechless. With all the historic rock performances at the Cathouse you may be surprised to know the club was initially set up as a Rock Dance Club , no Live bands. Riki takes us back to the conception of the club and pulls us on to the dance floor where anything could and usually did happen Dancing to rock ? Ya an odd concept but it worked & again Axl Rose led the way .
May 21, 2019
Riki Rachtman brings us back to 1988. Sunset Strip Tattoo. What role did this legendary shop play in the Cathouse Tale. John 5 is one of the top guitarists in rock today. He currently is a successful solo artist and plays with Rob Zombie. Prior to playing with Marilyn Manson or David Lee Roth John 5 was a 17 year old kid sneaking into the Adult world of the Cathouse. John 5 joins Riki for more uncensored tales from Rocks most decadent era
May 9, 2019
Johnny Depp and Robert Downey Jr went to the Cathouse ? Ugh ya Actor Josh Richman brought them Josh was a big part of the LA Rock scene & hung out with Hollywoods elite. He adds a unique perspective on the 80's-90's  rock clique of LA and Seattle. Riki and Josh share the stories of the opening night of the Cathouse, Guns n Roses The birth of Janes Addiction and well if we put it all in this description it would spoil it
April 23, 2019
Oct 10,1989 stands out as   one of the best LIVE performances from Guns n Roses but what led Axl Rose to chase David Bowie down the street in front of the club. David Bowie caused a bit of a commotion while finding sanctuary in the DJ booth of Joseph Brooks , on this episode we are hanging out with Joseph. What also made that night stand out was theGuns n Roses performance and what was filmed when the band didn't perform.
April 9, 2019
Riki Rachtman brought his podcast to the Sunset Strip and recorded the show LIVE on the Sunset Strip. Joining Riki is Taime Downe singer of the band Faster Pussycat and Fred Coury the former drummer of Cinderella . The three of them share stories that have NEVER been told. These are not journalists reporting on heresay These guys were there. Jaw dropping confessions. UNCENSORED. UNFILTERED and entirely TRUE   Despite being in front of an audience no punches were pulled.
March 26, 2019
Episode 7 Riki Rachtman former host of Headbangers Ball and owner of the Cathouse nightclub brings the podcast to the Grafton Hotel on the Sunset Strip for a LIVE show. Riki shares the history of the Sunset Strip and brings on Keith Cooper and Joey Meade both witnessed some of the most notorious events from that era. Never before told tales of rock decadence and excess. Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Blind Melon, Suicidal Tendencies, Body Count, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains. Stories that have never been told
March 23, 2019
Riki Rachtman former host of MTV's Headbangers Ball and Gilby Clarke get together to share a few stories about Motley Crue and review the NETFLIX Biopic "The Dirt"
March 15, 2019
We pick up where Episode 5 left off. Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and TV Goddess Heather Locklear have hired Riki Rachtman to DJ their wedding. which may have been a spark that ignited Riki to come up with the Cathouse concept. We take a trip to the wedding then Riki comes up with the name Cathouse. Now all we need is a location. The decision is an unlikely run down night club that once was the most popular disco in the 70's..   This is the stepping stone to what led to the opening of CATHOUSE
February 26, 2019
Riki Rachtman created the Cathouse and after that he became the host of Headbangers Ball. What about before 86. It's a history of hustle featuring many known players you never expected to be in this tale. Riki's first punk rock show in 1979 with a friend that started a fashion empire that had a tragic ending. We talk to Keith Riki's High school buddy ,about promoting there first night clubs What metal album turned it all around? . It's the story you NEVER heard told by the guy that experienced it all
February 13, 2019
In episode 4 we go back to the night Riki Rachtman wanted to thrash things up a bit. Megadeth bass player David Ellefson  shares a few Cathouse memories Even though Megadeth had never played any of the Hollywood nightclubs they decided to play the Cathouse at the peak of the bands success.We recall that night in 1991 Episode 4 also addresses the very public feud that was played out on MTV between Riki and Dave Mustaine. You will not believe what band opened up for Megadeth at the Cathouse.
January 29, 2019
No greater rivalry in Rock than Guns n Roses Axl Rose vs Motley Crue's Vince Neil. . Did you know it all stemmed from one night at the Cathouse. We break down what led to the epic battle that never happened . Riki shares the Role Axl played in not only the Cathouse but his job at MTV.  .The Cathouse attracted so many beautiful women Where did  the girls come from?  The Hollywood Tropicana. We visit the Trop & are introduced to the "The Broad Squad" PLUS RARE AUDIO of Vince wGuns n Roses at Cathous
January 15, 2019
Riki Rachtman former host of  Headbangers Ball  and creator of the Cathouse shares some of the never before stories from Hollywood's most notorious rock club. We go back to 1986 BC (Before Cathouse) How did Taime Downe from Faster Pussycat even meet Riki. Riki takes us back to the Hollywood scene when dance clubs ruled the town.  .If it wasn't for one drunken night in a hotel room with a B movie about a jailbreak there may not have ever been a Cathouse. On episode 2 we go back to when Riki met Taime
December 30, 2018
It was February of 1990. In one year one band went from obscurity to becoming one of rocks biggest acts. They were also the only band to pay to play the Cathouse. Patrick Muzingo from the band Junkyard was at the Cathouse that night and recaps his "Night at the Cathouse"
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