Club Baddie For F***** Life
Ash jack 89
I’m so grateful for this podcast! These girls have given me so many laughs and tears! It feels good to know I’m not alone and the Club Baddie is amazing to be a part of! Thanks, ladies for being there for someone you don’t even know!
Three stars because..
Bird Sloan
I’m giving this podcast three stars and unsubscribed (as much as I hate to, especially since Jess is expecting) because I can’t stand how Tracey NOT only talks over Jess but she puts on a “tough guy persona” which isn’t appealing. I was looking forward to season 3 so much, but I really feel as if Tracey took over the season premier and completely made the episode about her (which I’ve NEVER seen with a baby announcement). I definitely wish the girls luck because I genuinely like them but they definitely need to work on “sharing the mic” so one doesn’t over talk the other (cough cough Tracey)
The show isn’t the same
seymour seller
I absolutely loved this podcast from season 1 and 2. I’m just not impressed with season 3. It seems like the show has lost it’s fire. I’m going to try to listen to a couple of more episodes in season 3 to see if the show gets better. I still love how Tracy keeps it real and is raw with her discussions. She’s like the sister I’ve never had. However, the show just doesn’t seem the same for season 3.
Most Relatable Podcast
2 Weeks Nicotine Free
I am sooo happy for you, Jess! I’m so happy that you are having your rainbow baby. I experienced a pregnancy loss at 20 weeks last year. I had to be induced into labor and have a vaginal delivery. It was the most terrible experience of my life. If anyone would’ve told me I would be okay in 5 months, I would’ve said they were liars. But I am. I’ve cried, prayed, and listened to you miscarriage story. Listening to your story was so therapeutic for me. Fast forward, now my husband and I are trying again. I just listened to “Over the Rainbow” and it gave me the hope and joy I needed. Thank you Jess and Tracie for being so awesome ❤️
Keep Doing What You’re Doing
Hal theeeee b
My absolute favorite podcast of all time! I’m so invested and usually relisten to older episodes after I have finished the new ones. It is so funny but also has hit on serious subjects that are often overlooked. Both Tracy and Jessica are so inspiring!
BuzzFeed rocks
Tray and J give me life, Tracey reminds me its ok to be a mom and a freak too, the cover a wide range of topics and some that some are not comfortable talking about but still want questions answered, they make my work day fun, I started to listen in the middle of season 2 and I’m currently catching up on all their episodes! These girls are HILARIOUSLY real!!
The Best
Never have I connected and laughed so hard to a podcast! These girls crack me up and get me through life❤️
love this podcast
I like the short clips of in-studio recording on the YouTube. Can we get more for season 3!? ☺️☺️
Baddie for liiiife!
I never listened to podcasts until this one. It’s like having girl time with your best friends, catching up talking about REAL LIFE situations. Those topics you’d never feel comfortable talking about with anyone— Tracy & Jess will hit the nail on the head with it all! Bad Examples but the best advice out there!
Love Love Love
This is one of the realest podcasts, I feel like I’m having my girls over for some wine and conversation! Surprised at the bad reviews lol you act like you don’t talk about random topics and BS with your girls lol. Don’t like, don’t listen! As a grown woman in her 30s a kid and a family to raise, personally it gives me a great laugh, an escape from traffic or just the craziness of being a mama. They are heavily involved with their listeners and the episodes are based off the feedback from fellow baddies which is a big reason I am a loyal listener. Keep it up Tray/J.. both strong amazing women I look forward to listening and laughing with every week!!
My absolute favorite podcast!!
Let me just say...Jess & Tracy as the sweetest! Legit sweet and down to earth....Baddie Nation! But in all seriousness I look forward to listening every Tuesday to Jess and Tracy. They give the best advice and they listen to what we want to hear them talk about. They’ve done two meet & greets and they throw bomb parties- they care about and love their listeners. Give them a shot and you’ll love them!! You may even learn a thing or two 😉
Love the girls, they make my 2+ hour school commute bearable and fun! They always have me laughing or crying right along with them, let’s get that season 3 baddies!
Best Podcast Ever!!! 😂🙌🏻
Let’s just say Tuesdays can’t come fast enough!!! Been following these two girls since the beginning and it’s seriously the highlight of my week! Every episode has me in tears from laughing so hard! Much needed for a wife and a mom! Xoxo 😘💜
Bad examples
Girls are hysterical and definitely make you laugh. Jess deserves her own talk show. I loooved season 1 and season 2 hasn’t been the same. Tracy interrupts everything, podcast has become less relatable and more judgy with “tips” from one perspective. Love listening to genuine fun stories from the girls, laughs, and jokes. No need for weekly topics just be genuine and talk about a few things don’t limit.
Best Podcast Ever!!
This podcast has me feeling like I have an entire universe of support and best friends! We laugh, we cry, we talk about porkswords like it’s no big deal 🤷🏼‍♀️ If you’re looking for a podcast to start out with, THIS IS IT. They’re changing the whole game!!!
Don’t waste your time
Oh my gosh. Where to start? They are so immature. Usually the podcast is just rambling on and on and please don’t take any advice from these girls. It’s scary to think they are giving advice to young girls. Tracy really needs to grow up. Don’t wasn’t your time.
Baddie here! 💁🏽‍♀️🍆
Tray & J never fail to make me laugh! I absolutely love this podcast! So relatable between both girls’ everyday life experiences! My husband loves when I share the nastys with him that I learn from these baddies! Looking forward to my road trip this weekend so I can catch up on the last couple weeks episodes! Thank you baddies for being you!
raw real honest
The truth you don’t want to hear BUT NEED TO. Thanks for being the besties I’ve never had girls XO
Love these girls
So honest, real talk. I love all their advice. Listen all the time.
so funny !!!!!
Love tray and J. Their advice has changed my life. BADDIE LEVEL 100
I really like this podcast I’ve followed Tracy for awhile and have grown to love Jess. Sometimes Tracy can make some uneducated comments especially about parenting and marriage but I try to look past it so I can enjoy the rest of the content.
Salt n peper
Season 1 was SO GOOD season 2 is just not worth any hype! It just seems so judgmental and not open minded. It also seems super repetitive... Tracy is just to strong if a person to even listen to it feels like the Tracy show and Jessica is just there to boost Tracy. Also there “tips” are so inaccurate I had my boyfriend listened to a few episodes and was like what the hell are these women talking about how they have zero clue and don’t know what men want... I agree
They’re your friends..via Podcast
I don’t have much time to chat with my friends like I used to after being married with kids...but listening to them every week ..I feel like I’ve known these girls forever & they crack me up. They’re conversations are fun, deep, they give good tips on everything and some episodes may make you cry but it’s all good. This is the real “girl code stuff”. I look forward for every Tuesday to listen to new episodes!!!
Sassy Fun
Papillon Grace
Love listening to these two ladies. So fun, so candid and they’ll teach you a thing or two as well!
Love it!
These women are beautiful & candid. loved every episode! laugh every time
I’ve downloaded every episode
Tray and Jay are my best friends in my head.
Love it!
corgi lover 101
Oh my goodness I’m so glad This podcast exists. I’ve been following Tracy since the Jerseylicious days and I remember I started listening the day the first episode dropped and have been obsessed ever since.
Classy sassy and fun!
Whether your 20 or 100 I think there’s something in this podcast for EVERY WOMAN!! Obsessed. Not only are Tracy and Jess wicked funny but run it home with the topics they choose to discuss. (Helllloooo Sugar Daddy episode!) Tune in... you wont regret it ;)
I love my juicy baddies
La Bella Esthetics
I love your podcast I even got my mom listening to you girls she calls you juicy Jess and truthful Tracy that’s her names for you guys we looooooveeee you I follow both of you on fb,ig, and Snapchat always love you girls keep it going
I was a Tracy fan since her Jersey days! I never listened to a podcast till she made this one! Tuesday's don't come fast enough! 😁
Podcast Virgin
Ms Kris 23
You all are the first podcast I've listened to and I'm hooked! Love you both!
Crystal Balls
Love this episode!! Alice was amazing!!! Flip them Anal cards!
I love them
This is my first podcast ever listening too. And i am obsessed. I always listen while I’m at work and it just makes that one hour go by so quick!
Love you Tracy
I’m going to listen to all these episodes
Tracy is the bomb!!
Emilia Nuni
Tracy has always been my favorite since jerseylicious!! I seen how much she has matured !! Her style and her advice is awesome!! I’m obsessed!!
bad examples ❤️🦋
I love bad examples! I listen to them at work, and I get so excited every Tuesday when they drop a new episode.
Great modern day chick fun. Loving it so far
Love you badddiesssss ♥️😘
You ladies are HILARIOUS! I crack up with you baddies constantly. I listen to your podcast when I’m cleaning my apartment. Please continue your podcasts. I need to listen to you baddies, BADLY. HA! Love ya!!
Love this podcast!!
I look forward to Tuesday mornings so I can listen on my way to work! This series is what got me into the podcast world so thanks. My only critique would be that Tracey slightly dominates over Jessica and I wish she was more vocal. It might be her personality but it doesn’t seem 50/50. Other than than I love every episode and can’t wait to hear more💕
Bad examples of what?
I am shocked this show is considered raunchy? Both hosts are actually really conservative in their sex advice and seem a little closed minded. Tracy talks over Jessica constantly and Tracy talks over guests. I guess I am confused by the concept? Maybe it’s Relatable to much younger audience but not myself.
I wait all week for Tuesday to come I wake up at 5 am and listen while I get ready work and every week I laugh, cry, and feel like I know the girls more and more each week. I even recently rewatched jerseylicious just to have more Tracy in my life! Seriously never stop ❤️
So good and relatable
This podcasts covers everything and is so relatable. It reminds me of being back home with my bff’s just talking about life, beauty, dating everything. Highly recommend I listen every Tuesday while I do cardio and it’s it keeps me distracted so I can get through the workout lol.
Rosé all day
Terrible podcast - I couldn't even make it through 1/4 of the way without feeling like I burned a few brain cells. Horrible advice, probably based on high school opinions. I've been married for quite some time now (longer than both of the hosts put together) and I would never use a single piece of advice they give. Pop rocks and blow jobs have been a thing forever, not sure why Traci thinks she invented it... the ignorance is real with these two. Pick a better podcast, just because you want to gain knowledge, not lose it.
This is an amazinggg podcast. I have always supported Tracy and then the podcast came along and I was like bam we have another version of Tray in Jess & another Scorpio! This podcast is truly the best I’ve ever listened too and cannot wait for the upcoming episodes and what topics your going to bring up!! Both inspirations! 2 similar yet different perspectives! You make me spill my coffee in the morning, pee myself from laughing to hard at night, & keep me curious ab these crazy asf topics throughout the day🤣
Best uterus
I’m a 66 year old women and my 32 year old daughter had been after me to listen to you guys for awhile. I finally have and I’m so happy and grateful to my daughter that she pushed and convinced me to listen to you girls. I love the episodes I hear you girls while I’m cooking. And next while I’m cleaning. You girls came into my world when i needed to laugh . Thank you a new fan Alicia from California
So good!
Hilarious, raunchy and informative! Love these two together!
Love this - great for girl time alone in my car!!
My fav!!!!!
My favorite podcast! This was the podcast that got me into listening to podcasts, and it’s still my favorite. Tracy and Jessica do not disappoint! It’s never boring, I feel like I laugh along with them every episode.
Kentucky Baddie ❤️
ky baddie
Love love love this podcast! Listen to it on my way to and from work! I even listen to past episodes just in case I missed something!
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