What a fantastic podcast.
I just finished listening to Barbara Butler’s episode for this podcast and I am feeling so inspired and enlightened to continue to work my hardest and smartest on my musical career and life journey. This podcast really gets to the root of not just the background and stories from great musicians and teachers, but really gets to the root of who these people are personally and how they’ve overcome obstacles to get to where they are today. I’ve only listened to two episodes so far and I plan on listening to all of them. We as musicians and people can all relate so much more then I think we really truly realize. And this podcast really reminds me of that. We all are on our own beautiful unique journeys and we can learn so much from each other. On your next long commute, coffee break, or walk in the park, do yourself a favor and listen to these podcasts. Conversations and honest life discussions. 😌👏❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Excellent Resource
Ryan has created a place where musicians of all levels can come and learn about designing a career or practice routine, or at least get excited about making music.
Very Valuable Conversation
These podcasts are done extremely well and are very helpful!
Candid, Honest, Insightfull
One of the best podcasts of any type I have heard. Thanks!
Excellent Insight, A Must Listen Podcast
Mytchell W
This podcast is one that I’ve been meaning to listen to for months now, and I’m kicking myself for not listening on day 1! Now that I’m almost caught up, I cannot wait for the newest episodes to come out. Thank you for putting in the time to make these happen. I love getting in the mind of other musicians and seeing their thought processes and experiences, and how they parallel and differ from my life. Every single episode I find nuggets of wisdom that not only keep me motivated, but help me keep my routine fresh. Keep ‘em coming!
If you are a trumpet player and not listening to this podcast you are missing out on some great insight! Maybe we all don’t have the opportunity to study or hang out with Ryan Beach yo talk about our trumpet needs but this is pretty darn close! Keep em coming Ryan!
Fantastic Podcast for artists/people of all kind.
The CJ12
In this series Ryan Beach delivers a refreshing, thought-provoking perspective on how to become a better musical artist. His high profile guests share enlightening information about their growth throughout their lives as both musician and person. This podcast is useful for ANYONE looking for growth in their life. I look forward to each podcast and cannot wait to see what Ryan brings to light in future discussions!
Listen to this podcast (but you still shouldn't drink it)
Two episodes in and I'm hooked. Amazing introductory material, closing themes, and world famous guests. The host has the kind of voice that makes you feel warm inside. Comfortable. Safe. Not at all threatening. If you happen to be a trumpet player, the content is first rate. You can learn a lot if you can get past the distraction of the super high production value.
Great podcast
Good quality guests,host and discussion
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