Schaub is just not funny
And for the love of god get rid of the eating segments the sound of Schaub eating and talking makes me want to put a revolver in my mouth.
Theos cool
But come on Brendan!?!? And ads in the middle f podcasts that’s weak.
No Thanks
Brendan is not funny. He was careless and passed the virus to the staff behind the podcast.
Just follow theo.
Theo=Funny+humility. Brendan=a little funny+zero humility. Enter a moment the country asks almost nothing of people but a mask and a few feet distance - guess which one of them takes the bait of politics instead of public health. Theo looking forward to your long career. Schaub looking forward to you headlining the texas state fair.
🐀 👑 🐝
Theo, Brendan, Cat, Chin, Shapel, and the fans who call in are all a goofy good time. Plus they have the best outro song. Appreciate yall. Gang gang buzz buzz
Theo & Brendan- Gang gang Buzz buzz
Gang Gang Buzz Buzz- These two alway make laugh, along with Cat & Shapel!
Schaub ruins yet another podcast.
Theo, lose the dead weight.
The only problem is
Brendan is a moron
The Best showcase of the Rogan crew
I have listened to all the Rogan crew podcasts since the beginning. JRE, MMP, Bert’s, Theo’s past weekend, TFATK, Skeptic Tank, Lavender hour back when, YMH, etc. This podcast is the most fun and my favorite out of all those, and I still listen to those too. Something magical happened when Theo and Brendan first riffed off each other and they have managed to keep it going without getting stale and overdone. It’s Brendan’s best work, and Theo’s as well. They laugh for real so much and so will you. Gang gang, listen UP!
Brendens gatta goo
Schaub stinks!
Dear K&S,
Let me begin by saying that I am a white man. As an 8-year-old boy my buddies and I from the neighborhood would play cowboys and Indians. 🕯 I always wanted to be an Indian (Native American) because I thought they were way cooler than the cowboys. If I could go back in time and explain to that young man— that he was participating in cultural appropriation ...dammit I would. I wanted to announce this to the world because I’d hate my checkered past to rear its ugly head. 🥴forgive me🥴 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
One of the best podcast out there
Love the podcast it’s quickly become one of my favorite ones to listen to can’t wait for the next one
Ads Mid Show
Still lovin the show but the ads in the middle of the show blows
Look about to go on blast
Matt seal from melb Florida
So I want to dip my toe into the podcast because I love you both from JRE[bren and theo]. Y’all have a great crew and after a few YouTube videos of the show; it was clear you two hit a stride in this podcast. I have a problem: the episodes on the podcast app don’t have guest names in the episodes which is why I took off 2 stars. Full Karen. Bird up. No disrespect. Please consider adding them, I plan to start at episode one but looking through each description is so taxing to see guest appearances. Gang gang.
Love them, but don’t listen to the Burger Boys sode!!
Brendan and Theo. The fighter and creole. Love them so much. Best part of my week! However, do not have eating challenges ever again!! Brendans big ass chewing and talking into the mic made me want to vomit!! ASMR is for a type of person that wouldn’t listen to this type of pod anyway. Brendan, you relate to me with the misophonia, so you should understand the disgust and anger running through my veins right now!!
Best Comedy pair
You guys are amazing. The chemistry is legit and it’s one of the only podcasts that have me laughing out loud. I immediately scroll back to parts just to laugh harder. Pure joy for this middle aged gal!
long neck bottle
Y’all crack me tf up when y’all start roasting. Btw Hannah is a dime and quarter. Keep it up boys!!!! Calico Mohawks and Leopard print jorts. #ganggangbangwang
Not good anymore.
Dickle Girlfiend
I really only listened because Theo is so funny with just about any other person but this whole setup is clunky and lame. Schaub is the most unfunny and unlikable people I’ve ever heard on a podcast.
big stv
Every week, gets better and better!!!! Episode #11 “Dunkin Dahnuts!!!”
The underdog
Chuck E Cheese segment had me dying, routing for the under and that how no one has died at Disney. The way you two just go off is unmatched in any other podcast.
Literally his FIRST WORDS OF THE SHOW were corona times. Listen to your fans Schaub, were tired of hearing it
One of my fav comedy podcasts
I like Theo and Brendans energy man, a good listen everytime!
Best of the best!
Seriously one of the funniest podcasts out there. Theo Von is a gem and just brilliantly hilarious
Nikko H
This pod is better because Theo doesn’t entertain that corona talk that Breanna is obsessed with on TFATK.
Theo is our King
Another podcast ruined by Schaub. He used to at least be tolerable but lately I feel like I’m getting an ear beating every time he opens his mouth. He’s an unfunny know-it-all that thinks he’s some big shot. HUMBLE YOURSELF. Can someone please read this and give Theo and the culture corner their own podcast.
Profit Prophet
Theo is alright. Brenda is the worst. Maybe change the name to The King and The Leech.
Gang Gang Buzz Buzz
I’m relatively new to podcasts. Joe Rogan was the first one I listened to, it was there I heard Theo. So I subscribed to his podcast. But I have to say my favorite was The Jeselnik and Rosenthal Vanity Project. Until I found this, y’all’s chemistry is like nothing I’ve heard before. Y’all are the true definition of “ brothers from another mother”. Keep it coming! Gang Buzz Buzz Gang
Years ago
full spectrum podcast
Is this live
Years ago
Years ago
Always looking forward to listen to this pod. Keep up the great work and making many people laugh, hard.
Schaub leeches onto another funny comedian.
I tried and Schaub has ruined another comedy podcast for me. I love Theo and Brian Callen but Schaub talking over every person constantly gets old. He just isn't very funny, relatable, or likable. Schaub was most likable after getting punched in the face...let's see more of that. Theo seems like a good dude and derserves better than this.
Dingus O'Doul
Kudos to Theo for having the patience and understanding to worth with a mentally disabled man
You guys are amazing !
Kk Beck
Definitely my go to podcast during these rough quarantine times ! Keep it up boys , love you guys! 🤟🏻🤟🏻🐝🐝
Love you guys
Y’all need to give lil brows a record deal.
These 2 wooden nickels are funny as f@&$. Gang Gang Buzz Buzz
Gang gang
Spark plug ;)
Love you guys! I am a mom of three, so I’m over here secretly the same style a dad sneaks some porn. Struggle is real
Two tards and a mic
Road Rules meets CTE... cool
Awesome dynamic, very funny
At first I thought this was a strange duo, but after the first episode I knew they had something good. Both guys are funny and their style contrast each other very well. Definitely worth a listen!
We get it your thicc
Ricky Gabriel 1989
I’m giving it 4 stars bc I absolutely love theos mind but Schaub drags this show down SO much I wish Theo did this show with another comedian that could keep up Schaubs comedy consists of talking about how thicc he is or attempting to burn someone... where Theo has far more range and can mindlessly do this at a far superior level
Brandon gets offended
Funniest Podcast!
You guys are hysterical. Thanks for the laughs! Hope this continues foreverrrrrr!
Brendan is trash
Theo you are the funniest comedian I know, and overall just a good, positive dude. I don’t get how you can stand working with Brendan. He’s gotta be one of the worst attempts at comedy I’ve ever seen, and on top of that is completely self centered and unlikable. It’s painful to listen to that guy try and mimic your jokes and ride the coattails of his other actually funny friends. Please get out now before he brings you down with him.
One of my favorite pods
Love this podcast! The whole group cracks me up. Theo and Brendan make great hosts and bounce off each other well. I wasn’t super into podcasts before but these guys are so easy and fun to listen to
I’ve been a Howard Stern listener for over thirty years. I still like him. That being said these two are ten times funnier. They are both so quick witted, and the banter that goes on between them is absolute comedy genius. I never miss a show and get so excited to see a new episode. I It is by far the funniest podcast on the market. FIVE GLEAMING STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Group Effort
The show is way more fun when everyone is involved. They shouldn’t force themselves to be involved with Theo and Brendan but it should be just natural. Nick and Chin make it fun when they jump in from time to time on each episode. Loved the show before but its so much fun when everyone gets involved and it feels like a group hangout.
Everything is scripted!!! Word for word!!!
Willy Wander
you mostly won't stop laughing but if you do, you probably got CTE and if you don't, you definitely got KATS large positive light collective interconnected grind noise bi-product ganggang, buzzbuzz thank you for all the love and laughs!
It’s entertaining!
Squirt lover
It’s funny and wild.
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