April 15, 2019
You're supposed to be able to trust your family, this wasn't the case for Celine Dookhran, Her uncle Mujahid Arshid, took two women one being his his 20-yr-old niece, to a six-bedroom house he was renovating in Coombe Lane West in Kingston where he killed his niece and stuffed her body into a freezer. This is the unbelievable story about a crime of obsession and jealousy after finding out that Celine and her friend had boyfriends. Join the Facebook Group: Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Acast: Stitcher: Google:
April 8, 2019
In 2016 Nigel Wilkinson was convicted of sedating and raping male models who he lured to his house by offering them free photo shoots. He pleaded guilty to the crimes and was handed an 11-and-a-half year sentence. In this episode Bronwen Weatherby tell the horrific story of a man who posed as a photographer to target straight men in order to sexually assault, drug and rape them. NOTE: Sexual abuse victims have a legal right to lifetime anonymity. Any person, including members of the public who identifies any victim of sexual assault could be held in contempt of court. Join the Facebook Group: Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Acast: Stitcher: Google:
March 5, 2019
We will be taking a short season break as Bronwen is going on a much needed holiday! We will be back with another unbelievable story to tell you on Tuesday April 9th. All the previous episodes are available to listen to and share with your friends, and our Facebook group is free to join!
February 26, 2019
Quhey Saunders was on his way back from a three day wedding celebration in Wales when he and his family decided to stop at a service station for some refreshments. By chance his cousins were there, they'd heard a rumour and wanted to clear things up with Quhey, however things go heated and what was supposed to be a clearing of the air, turned into Quhey being killed with a builder's whisk. After an 11 day trial, the two, charged with Quhey's murder, where found not guilty. Join the Facebook Group: Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Acast: Stitcher: Google:
February 19, 2019
Here's the full interview that featured in Episode 5. Bronwen speaks to Tristan cork about reporting on the Bijan Ebrahimi case, institutional racism and what he learned during his time reporting on a such a horrific crime. We go into deeper detail about Bijan's history in the 10 years leading up to his tragic death and how the police failed Bijan multiple times. Listen to EPISODE 5: Murdered by a Neighbour Join the Facebook Group: Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Acast: Stitcher: Google: Articles & Research What life is like in Capgrave Crescent four years after Bijan was murdered Seven years of abuse and discrimination, the horrific story of Bijan Disgraced policeman jailed for gross misconduct over Ebrahimi murder Investigation into how Bristol City Council staff dealt with Bijan Ebrahimi IPCC Commissioner Jan Williams says Bijan Ebrahimi 'failed completely' by police No officers from Bristol City Council who dealt with murdered Bijan Ebrahimi have been disciplined Council to launch internal investigation into Bijan Ebrahimi’s murder Two Bristol police officers sacked following the murder of Bijan Bristol men Lee James and Stephen Norley jailed Bijan Ebrahimi IPCC investigation: 'Residents feel guilty for not stepping in'
February 12, 2019
This week, we take a look at the murder of Thomas McKendrick. Killed by his best friend Allan Menzies when watching a film, Allan brutally murdered Thomas because of a fascination with the film ‘Queen of the Damned’. Why Allan killed Thomas is a grotesque story of a twisted mind, which led him to Drink the blood of his victim, and even eat his skull. Join the Facebook Group: Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Acast: Stitcher: Google: Articles and Research Body found in shallow grave Vampire killing was murder say jury I’d Kill Again Killer who wanted to be vampire dies 'Movie vampire told me to kill' murder suspect tells court vampire queen ordered him to kill friend man killed friend to become vampire Man convicted of vampire murder Queen of the Damned novel - Wikipedia Queen of the Damned film - wikipedia house where vampire killer struck to be sold
February 5, 2019
Episode three looks at the horrific murder of  8-year-old Mylee Billingham. Covered by Birmingham Live, Mylee was stabbed to death at her dad’s house, the crime shook the country and Mylee’s local community came together to show their support and their sorrow for the bright young girl. Bronwen explains who Mylee was, and what happened in the moments leading up to her killer committing such a brutal crime. This episode includes clips from the Police, Mylee’s funeral and her headteacher. Social Media Facebook: Join our FB Group Twitter: @BronWeatherby Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Google: Articles and Research Police mugshot reveals wild and staring eyes of child killer William Billingham William Billingham found guilty of murdering eight-year-old daughter Mylee As it happened: Updates as Mylee Billingham's father sentenced to life for murder Jurors not told reason why Billingham couldn't attend court for part of Mylee murder trial Judge's comments in full as he sentenced Billingham to life in prison for Mylee's murder Dad of Mylee Billingham, 8, fails to appear in court over date of birth error Who is Mark Billingham? SAS Who Dares Win star and ex bodyguard of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie What it was like living next door to killer Who is William Billingham? Revealed: Whining letter from prison of dad who killed daughter 'I realise my Smiley Mylee, my baby has gone' Harrowing 999 call made by Mylee's mum Stabbed Mylee Billingham shouted 'no daddy' as father dragged her into house Post mortem reveals Mylee Billingham died from single stab wound to the chest Mylee had 'defensive' wounds 'as she tried to ward off knife' Mylee Billingham's uncle and SAS TV star speaks out over heartbreaking murder Mylee Billingham's father waved knife and 'screamed 'I'm going to slice your neck off you dirty lesbian' at former partner Chilling texts killer dad sent to his ex-partner before stabbing their daughter to death Mylee Billingham's devastated mum: 'I was helpless outside unable to hold her hand to comfort her' Mylee Billingham: Dad murdered daughter in 'revenge' attack
January 29, 2019
After The death of her husband, Helen Bailey met Ian Stewart, the man she hoped would help her to continue her life after such a difficult loss. The pair were planning for marriage, but Stewart wasn't the person Helen thought he was. Over a long period of time, Stewart was planning a much more sinister future for his wife to be. Social Media Facebook: Join our FB Group Twitter: @BronWeatherby Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Google:
January 22, 2019
Welcome to the first episode of Unbelievable, where Bronwen tells the story of Joseph McKeever a man who was murdered because of missing drugs. Joseph McKeever was responsible for importing the drugs, but when they couldn't be found, suspicions were raised... Had Joseph stolen the drugs? Or was this all just one huge mistake? Social Media Facebook: Join our FB Group Twitter: @BronWeatherby Listen on: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Google:
December 21, 2018
Welcome to Season One of Unbelievable, a brand new true crime podcast that will introduce you, week by week, to another often horrific, sometimes baffling, but always unbelievable story of murder, and deceit. Hosted by Bronwen Weatherby, this true crime series hopes to bring you some of the most strange and/or brutal crimes.
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