Jimmy Johns
I ordered jimmy Johns one time to be delivered to me at work...when I got it I opened it and it was the wrong sandwich when they brought me the correct sandwich they made me give them back the wrong one which was weird most places let keep the mess up order! I just wondered what they were going to do with that order take it to the person that actually ordered it because at that time I had already touched it!
Just listened to the accountant saga! Five Whiskey Patrick needs to hear a this mess! He’s good at fixing these nightmares. It made me so mad for Tracy. Love listening to you both.
Love Love Love
I feel like a fly in the wall. I honestly feel like guys aren’t supposed to be privy to some of this info. Keep it up!!! I feel like an overweight James Bond...spying on “the other side”
Drinks with friends!!!
I love this! I feel like i am at drinks with you ladies and just listening to the conversation! I even interject my comments to my phone while listening!! Keep them coming!!!!
Love it!
Ceep D. Peep
Love listening to Traci and Carsen!
Carsen! Love hearing you with Big D & Bubba but I LOVE your new podcast! 😊
Grease 2
Carsen rocks!
Carsen rocks so this podcast also rocks! Keep me coming!
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