Update: Teen Mom Amber STILL an abuser
The Real Chef Penny
Hey Dr Phil Hey Robin Everyone knows how seriously you both take DV, you have one of the biggest platforms on the planet to help survivors. A few years back you interviewed Amber Portwood from Teen Mom & she claimed to have changed. Guess what? She’s gotten exponentially worse, and now there are many leaked audio tapes of her admitting to being a serial abuser, and the worst part ( besides her infant being held at the time of the abuse) is that MTV & Viacom have the entertainment and press too afraid to report it. Don’t fail DV victims and baby Janes by being another person protecting Amber with more coddling and silence.
I have enjoyed listening to the Dr Phil episodes but please spare me Robin. Her first podcast was so boring and her voice grates on my nerves. I tried to give her a chance but had to switch off after 10 minutes.
Living by Design 6 made the pieces fit
Listened to Dr. Phil’s Episode 6 while in traffic. As I listened it was If everything started to make sense and fall into place. It’s that feeling you get when you solve a puzzle.
Robin has to drink to have a girls’ night???
Too bad Robin has to first off day that drinking is necessary for her to open up and have a girls’ night. Many of us can’t do that and it’s hard to listen to.
Insightful and Thought provoking
I absolutely love Dr. Phil and his psychological knowledge applied to various circumstances.
I watch Dr. Phil when get home from work early enough. You kept talking about this podcast. I thought that might be interesting. I finally downloaded it today. I started with the first episode and I can’t stop listening. It is very refreshing to hear You, Dr. Phil, speaking as a normal every day individual. I am so glad I downloaded this! I knew you were funny because from time to time you let some break out on your Dr. Phil Show. It is also very interesting to learn about what you do in your personal life. I find your guests very interesting. The material is relevant and you do your homework on your guests. Awesome podcast!
Seriously Please don’t think oh it’s Dr Phil! Each one of these PodCasts have something of value for every human alive! I even have my impatient Hubby hooked and my POP with Levy Bodies Dementia! He asked can I make a change on my life? This late in the game? With my mental problems? I responded we don’t have to stop growing until we are dead! I personally believe that to be true and I think anyone could be touched by any of the podcasts, educated by many of them, and inspired if you have lost the twinkle in your Eye! Dr Phil used to scare me but I’ve grown and now everyday I learn more and more from him and his shows and podcasts and those he chooses to include on his team! He is a real Hero to me and I encourage every single human to engage him one way or another! He’s giving it away for free , this information people pay thousands of dollars for! LISTEN, Please it will make a difference in the life of yourselves and others I Promise!
I watched a show where a four month girl was abused by her kidnapped parents and her preacher dad got 114 years and mother got 65 years... Of all your shows that one has stuck in my mind I have had nightmares and can’t get the poor girl out of my mind... The torture and the abuse that she had to Indore is unthinkable. Please, please keep us updated as to her progress. I am new to podcast so hopefully I am doing this correctly. Sincerely Josephine Logiudice I personally rescued a little boy who was abused and later we adopted my brother that is a story in itself... A friend of mine when I was 16 years old asked me to give her a ride to get money from her‘s sister-in-law which was my adopted brothers mother. There was a two-year-old and a three-year-old locked with a padlock inside the house. I asked my mother if I could bring home the little boy because nobody wanted him they just took the sister. It was only supposed to be until they were able to locate the mother which was two weeks after the fact it turned out the police were going to put him in child projective services because nobody wanted this little boy. It was in the middle of the winter during a snowstorm and it was on the third floor with the window open eating raw macaroni and no heat or electric in the apartment. Who knows how long he was there prior to us finding him I climbed up onto the third floor through the window and rescue of the two children how could people be so cruel? To make a long story short we adopted Jesse and saved him...Laid her to find out that his sister was a prostitute it out as a young child. Anyway it’s a whole long story but Jesse is married and has children of his own and he’s an excellent father and husband. Well hopefully I will pray for the young girl that she finds healing sincerely Josephine
Absolutely Wonderful
Practical tools and guidance to lead successful lives. Exactly what this world needs to hear. Thank you.
I’ve always loved Dr Phil...
Shelly dog lover
And that hasn’t changed! Dr Phil is the best! I love his snappy personality- and I love hearing him use a few curse words on the podcast! My favorite episode is the one with Jimmy Kimmel. You really can’t ask for more than Jimmy and Dr Phil!!
Selling out
Capella University? Really, Phil? I am shocked after having been a fan since the beginning🙁
Great content!
Great content yet the audio seems off.
Thank you. ❤️
I can’t thank you enough for being one of the main guiding compasses in my life! I’m almost 40 and have watched you half of my life! You’ve been my life coach during my formative years in high school and college and as a teacher and a mother. I’ve waited forever for you to have a podcast but didn’t think you had the time with how hard you’re always working! I haven’t missed an episode (podcast or tv)! You’re amazing and I’m glad you have chosen to use the gifts God gave you to remind the world about COMMON SENSE! I’m always sharing your episodes with family and friends who need to hear what you have to say!! I will always look up to you! ❤️
Background Noise
The content of podcast and Dr Phil delivery is awesome. The background noise/sounds takes away from the story. In my opinion it’s distracting, loud and annoying.
Everyone should listen to this episode
Phil in the Blanks- Justin Paperny: College Admissions Scam and Federal Sentencing. OUTSTANDING!
Love Dr. Phil
Anne HW
I remember when he started with Oprah. He was good then, and has probably gotten better over the years. I haven’t had regular TV in years so lost track of him until seeing him with Joe Rogan recently. That’s when I discovered he had a podcast, and I subscribed immediately. As always, lots of common sense along with a great sense of humor and compassion. If you’re a fan then you won’t be disappointed.
Waiting patiently.
South Dakota Music Lover
Please please anxiously awaiting Living by Design part 5?????
Robin Interview
10 bagger
It’s obvious that Robin has had many plastic surgeries over the years along with Botox and fillers. And she obviously has an extreme eating disorder. When are you 2 going to get real about that? I’m sorry, but she looks like she’s dying. And when she speaks on your show, her speech is slurred. Being real about Robin would give you credibility. If for nothing else, help Robin recover for your own credibility if you won’t do it for her.
So happy Robin was a guest!!!
Love the show
But that Adam plantinga guy you interviewed exposed how corrupt cops are— what he said about profiling people for the “felony smoke” and “jacket with fur” was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Furthermore, when he spoke about open carry, he talked as if citizens should conform to police needs, rather than vice versa. Honestly screw this guy 😂😂 and since you disable comments on YouTube I figured I’d come on here. I hope Adam reads this. If you do, your mother should have swallowed you.
Good podcast but?
Phil, can I call you Phil? You don’t need ads.
Love your interviews! Quit bleeping!
De. Phil, Please quit The “bleeping.” I want people To do as you say and keep it real. Surely people aren’t THAT sensitive theses days. The bleep is annoying and takes away from the feelings of the conversation ! Keep up the good work you always do!
Soooooooooooooooo lame
No politics
Political views are thrown at us constantly. I loved Mitch Albom
I have loved everyone of these until Mary Lambert came on. I could not believe how disrespectful she was and how if anyone doesn’t agree with her views they must be horrible people. I will be paying more attention to the music I listen to and it won’t be her. She is to triggered and hateful for my taste.
I had the sleeve surgery and I was in a size 20, and 3x shirts and now I’m wearing a 10-12, according to what company makes them, I can wear a 10 in Levi’s, now I feel just as bad about myself as I did before. I have all of that skin hanging down and it hurts so bad and rubs on the skin below and it makes a rash and it’s bleeding now. I’m on disability and I have Medicare and Humana but they won’t do the surgery because it’s considered cosmetic surgery. Im BEGGING YOU Dr Phil, please help me find a dr who will do the surgery and use my insurance and I will pay the difference to the dr monthly!!! I’m not asking for free surgery im asking YOU to HELP ME! I also have MS and severe anxiety and depression and I am at the point that I don’t go anywhere when invited I have pushed everyone away from me and I want my LIFE BACK! I feel like your my friend and I watch you EVERY DAY, reruns on OWN channel because I feel like you are my friend even though you don’t know me, I feel like I know you and robin. PLEASE HELP ME! I’m not asking for anything to be free, I just need help from a great FRIEND! I love you guys and I hope you read this because I’m trusting you to help me because I can’t find any help here and I can’t afford to do it financially. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Sue Benefield 256-224-2588 Athens, Alabama
Interview with Robin
Kat from OK
Loved your interview with and about Robin. I lived in Duncan for many years and did not know she was from there. Thank you for sharing secrets to your obviously happy marriage. Here’s to 43 more! Cheers! Kat
Dr Phil’s interview with Robin
Omg, These two are such an inspiration to me and how to treat my spouse! The love and respect they have for each other and their sons. I laughed and cried during this interview.. what a wonderful couple they are..
Cancer/MD liar
I appreciate your compassion Dr Phil, but this pathological liar Sarah needs to serve time in jail and much restitution for all those she has harmed!!!! She does need the law to come after her, I had someone lie he was in the military and stole much money from innocent victims, he faced the law, and so should this sociopath!!! I do hope the victims will also file their own civil suits against this unremorseful, idk how she is a even worthy of being even called a woman.
Previous show
chappy agee
I had my phone, computer,TV,and hack for over two year many details Adrienne Capers
Love Phil in the blanks!
It's Sofie's momma
Catchy name and great way to watch more.
Death at University Club Tower, Tulsa, Oklahoma
I lived in Tulsa for 25 years. The Tower was a matter of curiosities for the students of the University of Tulsa. It was new, round and right off the river. I only visited the apartments one time, the window glass was of inferior grade. Some of the owners of certain units paid for the glass to be replaced. Whether the young wife actually pushed the husband out of the window on purpose or if was an accident I have not seen, read or otherwise know of any tests on the glass in the building. I worked at the city of Tulsa for a very short time in the early 70’s and talked with the building inspectors for the city. I did ask about the standards of large windows. I would like to know if anyone has investigated the integrity of those windows. Other high rises have to have enough strength to withstand an very strong impact on the windows.
Let’s get honest!
Dr Phil..... having your wife on as a guest without discussing “eating disorders” was a real missed opportunity!
Happy Anniversary 💞
Loved, loved, loved this podcast!! I cried and laughed all the way through. Robin is that one person that I’ve always looked up to and consider my mentor. I can’t wait for her new podcast!! Happy 43rd Anniversary!!
Body language.
dianne, longtime okle
I enjoyed this interview and looked at myself of how I act. I agreed with most but when it came to cavanaugh I disagree. I think anyone who sits there and is accused, called liar etc all day, everyday, hurt my wife, children and cause school friends to mock your dad, see your children cry and shunned, and on and on and on, cameras in your face, trying to ruin your Career you’ve worked so hard to make,etc, for something that may or may not have happened over thirty years ago, think anyone would reach their limit and get mad and say, I’ve had it and this needs to stop. I think any normal person would react like he did. There is no one that hasn’t done something stupid when in college or as a teenager and to try to ruin you is a horrible thing to do. I’ve worked in police work and healthcare and if they knew some of the things I did when young and stupid, wow, we all would be ruined. I don’t know if he did it or not but don’t base your view of him as to what happened thirty years ago. I would blow my top too. Thanks for the podcast.
Eating disorders
I watch yor program daily. Robin looks as tho she may have an eating disorder. Will this b a topic of discussion n the future?
Satisfaction achieved
I listen to you at work, makes my days go by fast, I was not aware you spent time in Kansas City, thank you for sharing and congratulations on your success.
Thanks for bleeping the swear words
I appreciate the editing of the swear words. There have been many podcasts I quit listening to because of the foul language. Thank you!
Good but could be great
Leave the swear words in! This isn’t on TV this is your podcast. Was more enjoyable when there was no bleeping every time someone curses! Great content with great interviewees
Great interviews of all kinds!
This is NOT a continuation of Dr. Phil’s show on tv, helping people/families w/ various issues. Each episode is a thoughtful and incredibly insightful interview of stars from every walk of life: sports, comedy, business, music, etc. My only problem is that I skip many shows, waiting for a time to let my husband listen as well!
Clean - no foul language
Thank you for not filthying up the topics with foul language! As always, top of the line Dr Phil! Respectable.
Stop bleeping the swear words!
Leave the swear words in. The bleeping is annoying. Otherwise, great podcast!
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
I suffered oxygen deprivation when I was boring. I have ADHD among other things. I am smart enough to know that I am slow. I so desperately want to learn. Please help me if you can. Thank you
New episodes
Hi Dr Phil, when will we get some more episodes in the analysis of murder series??
5 Stars
Very raw & real podcast. “Phil on the blanks.” Has defiantly made Dr. Phil more open and real. Love, love the podcast .
Anti conservative
I love Dr Phil, but he has turned his podcast into anti conservative, only inviting liberal leftists on the show and asking political questions to guests who have no knowledge of politics (ex.: comedian Jimmy Kimmel). If he’s going to bring politics into it, he should at least invite some famous, successful conservatives on to tell their stories. Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Dr. Michael Savage...there are many he could invite.
Robins collections
I too wish the viewers got those amazing collection Toons too. I for one am 60 now and need all the help I can eat. I’m employed and can’t just go order one. Oh well I’m still going to watch the shows! 😊
Very depressed woman.
Mental health person. I have major depressive disorder, and Bipolar 1
On speed?
Dr Phil during interview with Melbom than with Jonas Brothers I swear you all sounded like you were on a substance. The urgency to get through interview was very apparent. I listen to quite a few different podcasts. It’s very distracting to have the interviewer and interviewee speak so rapidly, concentrating is lose. Less said in a calm , flowing subject matter is so much more beneficial. Slow down , sounds like a runaway train.
Dr Phil... Stop Bragging
I love who you interview and getting to the heart of the matter. I appreciate that you came from so little and STILL feel inadequate. But... stop bragging. Stop giving your resume. Stop trying to prove to your guests that you’re worthy. Do the work. Get over it. It’s shallow and beneath who you are.
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