July 17, 2019
“It’s about how far we’ve come and how much we’ve changed.”
July 10, 2019
“The entire world came together to get the Jamaican bobsled team to the Sochi Olympics.”
July 3, 2019
“All of the dreams on my list had come true, but I still felt empty and without purpose.”
June 26, 2019
“Athletes burn out before their talents give out”
June 19, 2019
“I got famous for all of the wrong reasons, and then I was at a crossroads.”
June 12, 2019
There is power when you care more about the team that you’re performing with rather than yourself.
June 5, 2019
“If running is my ultimate source of satisfaction and identity, then I won’t ever be satisfied.”
May 22, 2019
“The voice of doubt is so much louder than the voice of positive affirmation.”
May 15, 2019
“I work so hard for a result, but in the end I have to be able to give it up.”
May 8, 2019
“When I swallowed who I was to perform, I lost my identity.”
May 1, 2019
“If our purpose is winning then we’ll never be satisfied”
April 24, 2019
“Sports became fun again because I was ok with failing.”
April 17, 2019
“I wasn’t going to let one ‘no’ define me.”
April 10, 2019
“God gave me a gift to be a bobsledder, but that’s not the only thing I am going to do. There’s much more that I want to accomplish.”
April 3, 2019
“Success - no matter how you define it - is usually just a fleeting moment.”
March 27, 2019
“You get to write your own story. You get to decide who you are.”
March 20, 2019
“Every time you challenge yourself you get less fearful.”
March 13, 2019
“If you use your sport to make you a better person then you’ve won.”
February 27, 2019
I had to speak truth into the lies that I was thinking.”
February 20, 2019
“I am going to keep cycling because I love it, not because people are expecting something from me.”
February 13, 2019
“There are times in life and in sports that all you have to worry about is the next 10 seconds; what is the best step that I can take right now.”
January 16, 2019
“Emotional health always determines performance even when physical health is at its peak.”
January 9, 2019
From entrepreneur to social media star to pro football player -- Andrew East has learned to take advantage of change.
December 4, 2018
“This isn’t a conversation about wins and losses. This is a conversation about purpose.”
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