As a long time fan of BSG, this podcast is a treat. I love the chemistry between the hosts. I look forward to this each week and I hope they continue on with the other shows set in this universe. I’ve seen people complain about spoilers, which I think is foolish. They’ve had years to watch this show and can spend a weekend burning through it, if they wanted. The occasional mention of future events, helps convey the story and lets us fan have a glimpse into the bigger picture of BSG.
Great podcast
Great podcast. What’s great is going back and watching the episodes before the pod. Great to rewatch the series and then hear about the episode first hand. Any chance you can review Razor? While it came out afterwards, in the timeline it fits around the lay down your burdens or captains hand. Would be great to hear your thoughts. Love the pod!!
Stop talking politics and WOKE!!!
You both do a very good job with the podcast but it is really annoying to Mark go all “WOKE” about things on the so or off, like talking about Apollo punching Starbuck, they are friends and soldiers. Also saying that the word Hysteria is gender shaming because of it’s origins is stupid! Most things have a bad origin one way or another. Stop talking politics and stop talking WOKE.
Love this show!
I heard about this when I mentioned that I was going to rewatch BSG, so I’ve been following along episode by episode. I love the chemistry between Marc and Tricia, but I REALLY love getting to know something about Tricia’s real personality. I think if I knew her IRL I would want to be her friend. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with Marc either!
Too many spoilers
If you’re thinking of this podcast as a companion to watching the show for the first time. DON’T DO THAT. They drop major spoilers with no warning. Ruined big parts of the show for me. They’re charming and fun but I had to stop listening. Kinda wrecked it.
Fun podcast, entertaining insights
epee fencer
Trisha, Marc, and guests look back on one of the great tv series of all time. Really entertaining discussion about the story, themes, actors, and insider background. The Edward James Olmos episode is really interesting in particular as he gets into the director’s perspective of putting an episode together.
Awesome show!
Tricia Is the hottest cat lady ever! Love the show! :p and the cats!
Great show
Battlestar Galactica has a huge following and having this podcast with its insight into the characters/actors is incredible to have! So say we all.
Love, Love, Love!
I love this podcast. Guess you could tell by my title. I am not one for ha ha laugh laugh podcasts about my serious shows, but...Trisha and Marc blend the funny with the serious and it's so insightful. The special guests have been amazing, Edward James Olmos, and I look forward in going all the way with them to the finale! Bring on more wine and Claritin for Marc's cat allergies!
No filters! Thank goodness!
Listening to a conversation between friends about a subject we all love. No filters, which is refreshing and entertaining. Thanks Syfy for supporting this. More! More!
Love listening to this podcast and remembering one of my favorite all time series. The playfulness between everyone especially the guest stars shows how much they all enjoyed this special show.
Love the pod
Marc and Tricia are great and it’s a good recap of nostalgia and rewatching with them is a great joy
On end of Season 1
CPR Trainer
Glad that this podcast exists. The show was a very unique telling of the story of humanity. Bringing the other cast members on for stories is rather fun for me. Hopefully this continues to season 3 and 4, and the specials.
Big fan
What a great idea for a podcast. Loved the show and I like the way Marc breaks down the episode. A lot of the fine points go right over my head and Marc points them out. AWESOME
Fun podcast.
Really enjoying the podcast. Both hosts are great as well as the guest stars. I wish they would get more spoilerific. Most listeners have seen the show at least once. I feel letting the hosts engage in “spoiler” discussions would add more fun.
Hosts 50/50
Love hearing the stories and back stories of the BSG episodes. Tricia is amazing and enjoyable to listen to but her cohost Marc at times tries way way too hard to be funny, laugh and crack jokes to the point where I have to fast forward because it gets too annoying.
I'm rewatching along, but...
...there have been a couple of egregious technical errors, and Mark Bernardin, while knowing his stuff and meaning well, needs to realize he's not the star of the show. The episodes with other guests from BSG are always exponentially better.
I never listen to podcasts
But I’m addicted, as a BSG fan. I just finished watching the series, probably my 4th time through.
So much fun!
I’m watching this show for the first time along with the podcast and it is wonderful to have these two deep diving on these episodes. Marc’s enthusiasm and Tricia’s on set knowledge are a great combo. Add in other actors, writers, and producers getting to geek out makes it even more special. So much so that I’m ignoring the sound issues, tho I do hope they get fixed. ~signed A Very Happy Blerd
So much fun
Bracy Knight
A bit less of a scene by scene dissection of the show and more of a real and fun behind the scenes dialogue. If you know the show this is a fun way to relive it
Love the guest stars
I love BSG and I love the little insights in to the show from the guest stars. I like the hosts but could do without the constant drinking references. The last episode had such poor sound quality throughout I almost stopped listening. Had it not been for the guest star I would have deleted it. The hosts obviously love the show but I agree that this needs a little more structure.
Season 2, episode 4
I, too, was really disappointed with this episode. I enjoy the conversations and only mind the “drunk” podcasting a little, but the editing on this episode was really awful. I love that they are doing the podcast. I’m listening first so I can look for things they talk about when I re-watch the show, and that has been great. I love the guests. Please pause comments when you play scenes from the show. It’s terribly disconcerting to try to sort out which is which when everything is played at the same time and same volume.
Great content. Tech? Hmmm
This is a great show but they’re doing something really awful with the audio this season. For the love of the Gods, stop playing audio from the show at the same time as the hosts and guests are talking. It makes it hard to concentrate on either one and the content is lost. Also, the audio quality for Trucco was super spotty.
He’s so fracking annoying!
Ravens 40
Love Tricia but hate what’s his face laugh, voice and his domination of conversations! Don’t care about you or your input. Let Tricia talk! 5 stars for Tricia and 0 for him.
This is weird because I actually really like the podcast. I'm a fan of Marc's and, of course, love that Trisha is hosting. Huge fan of the first season of the podcast too. Unfortunately, with the second season they have started editing in dialogue from the show at the same time the hosts and guests are talking. They are both at the same volume so it becomes an audio mess and they are doing this more and more each episode. I like the drunk hosting... I'm so annoyed at the drunk producing that I unsubscribed... and that is disappointing...
I want to love this so much
I really want to love this podcast. It’s such a great idea with having Tricia onboard and having guests from the show on. I disagree with some of the others saying that Marc is annoying... I don’t find him to be. What makes me not love the podcast is that there is no structure at all. I don’t mind listening to podcasts that are basically a conversation (like this one) but all of them have a bit of structure to it. I just listened to Season 2, Episode 4 and had to shut it off. There was no beginning/opening and there were show clips being played over Tricia, Marc, and the guest talking. They said the sound guy was there. What is he doing? It doesn’t seem like there is any editing at all. I’m just disappointed in this podcast because there is so much potential here and it’s really a train wreck.
The best
I just loved these two talking about BSG
I love Tricia and Battlestar but Marc makes this podcast grueling to listen to. He’s not funny and thinks he is. I might only listen to this again as a last resort and only for the reason of the guest stars. It’s a shame for Tricia.
Good but Not for Me
This show went from "must listen" to "listen last." I love Tricia and the fresh and fun approach she brings to the podcast. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to connect with Mark. His jokes fall flat and I find myself cringing at most of his commentary. Overall the BSG content is good and insightful but his and I's personalities just don't mix. I will move on from this podcast but would certainly recommend others give it a try!
Excellent way to revisit one of my favorite shows of all time
I LOVE this show. This is the perfect companion to go back and revisit and relive all of the things that make this one of the best TV shows of all time. Both Tricia and Marc do a great job. Marc is a superfan of the show. He does great research and has a good and unique prespective as a writer. Tricia shares all of her personal and in-depth experiences from being a star of the show. And the many guests that they've had on the podcast take things to an even higher level. It's extremely cool to learn so much about what the actors were thinking and feeling as they helped create this show. They've already had maybe half the cast on at least once. And I think they plan to have more on the podcast as well as some more repeat visitors. If you love the Battlestar Galactica you need to be listening to this podcast.
I’ve tried really hard, but I can’t.
Tricia Helfer is great on this. Marc Bernardin is not, for a variety of reasons but I don’t want to trash him. I’ve pushed through because I appreciated hearing from the cast of this show and the love and care they have for this amazing creative endeavor, which you should watch regardless of this rating. All that said, I gave up today after hearing what was essentially a prison rape joke about “don’t drop the soap.” It wasn’t funny and never should’ve made it to the final released episode. Please do better and learn from this review. Thank you.
Fracking excellent!!!!
I will never get tired of listening to Marc and Tricia talk about BSG!! I love the variety of guests they’ve had from the show!!!
Sheer awesomeness
Sergeant Damien Scott
As a big Marc Bernadin fan, and an even bigger BSG fan, this podcast is like the gift that keeps on giving!
Latoya Love
I hadn't watched the show before, but I discovered Marc on Fatman Beyond and really enjoy his views. So I decided to follow along with the podcast while watching the show. I must say, I MSSED OUT! This si a great show with wonderful actors! Loving every minute!
I want to love this show so much; Marc Bernardin is such a smart, insightful commentator on 'Fatman' -although much less so on live shows, where Kev gets too caught up in trying to get laughs. So I was super excited about him doing a podcast-with a cast member! on my favorite show, BSG...but ultimately, I just don't love it, and I just don't understand the tone of the show. There's a lot, like a LOT of laughing, but it's not particularly funny. Sometimes it's really insightful, but a lot of digressions which can make it hard to follow at times. I hope they find the tone and rhythm soon, because this really could be the best podcast ever.
A MUST for BSG Fans
I loved BSG when it first aired. I’ve rewatched the series before. Re-watching it in conjunction with Marc and Tricia’s commentary is the podcast I never knew I needed.
Love it
high b1
I am simply a battlestar galactica fan. I love this podcast. Marc and Tricia great pair
So glad Marc got another show
X-phile J
Marc Bernardin is one of the most thoughtful and analytical pop culture critics around. Any fan of the show will love this pod. 5/5.
The most fun you can have while other people are watching Battlestar Galactica. ;) No really, it is. You can tell Marc & Tricia really know and love what they're talking about. I only don't watch along because I'm usually at work when I listen. And the frequent guests are great! I just learned that continuing the podcast into the second season isn't a given. Please, Syfy Wire, keep this going into season 2,3,& 4. It's a fantasitc way to celebrate the 15th anniversaries of the miniseries and the series proper.
Frakking awesome!
The Blue Ninja
I am truly enjoying this relaxed and laid-back walk-through of the Battlestar Galactica story! Mark and Tricia are working very well together, and between them and the guests we are getting a great multi spectrum scan of the series! I really hope we they cover all the seasons and spinoff series and mini series! I would like to eat them see them go back and take a look at the original series!
Great podcast. Exactly what you’d want 10 years later
This podcast has been great so far. I love the frequency of special guests, as it gives it the feel of a con panel, producing spontaneity and reminiscences among what are obviously close friends. As someone who has been to most of the big BSG reunion panels (ATX, Fedcon, Galacticons and more) I feel this is more personal and gives another dimension to the cast’s thoughts on the show. As for any criticism about spoilers or not discussing the specific plots, well there are scores of other podcasts that do that, some even still being created now. Very easy to find. Some good, others a bit out there. The difference here is that a pivotal cast member and her extended cast family are bringing you something special, and it should be embraced for that uniqueness. Thank you to Tricia and Marc.
Ty SyFy...
Hello Tricia & Marc, TySm for hosting this podcast... Love this series, I carry all of the episodes on my iPod along w/the score to every season, I love to let the score play in the background throughout my work day...I’m loving the hosts & the guests & I’m hoping the guests will be returning for multiple episodes, can’t wait until Bear is on, the score made this series what it is right along side the acting & production, top notch...& Ty to EJO & RM for being true commanders to stage & set performance alike, enough to usher in a fresh well received podcast over 10yrs after the series wrapped, beyond well done all, beyond well done... And for those who complain of spoilers, seriously..? This series is over a decade old, try not listening to podcasts on series you haven’t watched or rewatched b/c you’ve forgotten...
Good - But Long and Meandering
I like the idea. And often I like the execution. But these episodes drag on and on for what seems like forever, barely keeping to a point. I watched the show when it first came out, re-watched the whole thing a year ago, and was very excited for this podcast, to dig deeper. But that’s not what it’s really about. It’s more about anything BUT the show, with tidbits thrown in between the conversation, which streams far and wide around its intent. I’m just a little disappointed that it’s not more to the point. Love the guest appearances and inside insight. But it’s just too off-topic for me to rest enjoy, especially when I’m committing to over an hour of my time, each episode.
Great For Viewers to Revisit the Series!
It’s been ten or so years since I binge watched the BSG series. Honestly, I had forgotten it had such a huge impact on my life. I’m so thankful that there is a current podcast going through every episode. Sometimes you forget the little moments that build up to what the series is all about. Both of the hosts do a fantastic job pointing those scenes out. Trisha adds a fun perspective of behind-the-scene tidbits and discussions on set. It feels less formal than an actual commentary track so it’s more relatable and there are tons of laughs. Mainly due to wine. The comments about the wardrobe always have me running to Google images. Marc has an amazing writer’s outlook on the series and adds so much detail to the story and conflict aspects. He explains things you may have missed in a perspective that makes you feel less dumb. As Marc always does. I wouldn’t recommend this podcast to people who haven’t seen the series, but it’s great for people who are watching along or older fans of the show who want to relive the magic. But mainly, I’m giving this five stars because of the cats. And wine.
Good, not Great
I love Battlestar Galactica, and having the podcast run by one of the actors in the show is amazing! And I love Tricia Helfer! I like the podcast so far, but I would love it better if the hosts would talk more about specific scenes in each episode, instead talking about things that happen later on in the series than the episode they’re supposed to be discussing. But even so, this podcast is pretty cool.
Love it!
My favorite thing about this is that you guys assume listeners have already watched the whole series and talk about how storylines unfold in future episodes and seasons. Great insights, great commentary, great BTS stories.... I’m excited whenever you upload a new episode!! I love to see this series get the appreciation that it truly deserves and that there are other ppl out there that see its genius.
Love this so much!!
It’s great revisiting one of my all time faves with such a great perspective. Cool behind the scene stories and great hosts. Thank you for this!!
Good Podcast with Great Potential
What attracted me most of this podcast was that it was being offered by a former cast member and an industry insider who had followed the show back when it aired. As with most things people do for the first time, they have had their growing pains - to much tangential chit-chat, off-topic squirrel moments, and the laughter that comes off as annoying. Nonetheless, when they remain focused they have provided insightful discussions I never considered when I first watched the show. I think as time progresses and they get more of these episodes under their belt (and maybe even read a few of the comments on their cast) they will improve and provide an even better and more entertaining product. I plan to continue to listen and will update this review once we have a larger sample size of casts to critique.
Love it!
So much fun. I rewatched the entire series last year and doing again!
Needs a little polishing
I really wanna love this, I absolutely LOVE Tricia! But there’s a lot of rambling about things that are really off topic, they had a guest star who wasn’t on the show yet so couldn’t really add anything, and they really only hit on what’s happening in each episode about four or five times. The rest is just them having a good time. Which is great, but not really what I’m tuning in for. They also don’t introduce who the guest star is, so I have to google every time to see who they played. I’m sure with time they’ll streamline a bit and it’ll get better. Lots of potential, can’t wait to see how this turns out!
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