March 20, 2020
The Breakfast Boys are back for a one time Quarantine Gentlemen's Friday. Here's the full two hours from this morning. Enjoy!
November 22, 2019
Lightweight professional boxer Teófimo López stops by the studio ahead of his December 14th fight against Richard Commey for the IBF belt. 
November 15, 2019
The guys recount being pushed by their parents in middle school and what it's like acting in school plays. Barbara Corcoran joins the podcast to chat about everything from her real estate business to sex. 
November 8, 2019
Pat sits down with Paul Lo Duca to talk about how he got to Barstool, what his plans are, and how he fell in love with gambling. Plus, Paul tells a WILD story about betting the ponies as a twelve year old and what he had to do to get his money...That and more!  
November 1, 2019
Willie and Large sit down with Derrick Lewis ahead of his fight against Blagoy Ivanov for UFC 244. Pat sits down with Danny Lopriore & Joe Santagato (34:46) to talk dicks, drinking, drugging, Halloween, Stern, Instagram, Joe's pre-tax income and more! Like, subscribe, and rate. Welcome On Back!  
October 25, 2019
Chris Bosh swings by the studio to have a few beers and talk about the current state of the NBA. We get into Zion, MJ/Steph, how the game has changed since his playing days, and what it was like creating the 'Big Three' in Miami with Lebron and D-Wade. Hard Factor Mark & Hard Factor Wes also stop by the studio to talk about their political podcast, 'Hard Factor.' That and much more! 
October 18, 2019
Ben Bailey stops by the studio to discuss the resurgence of the Cash Cab and ends up tells us some of the craziest experiences he's had behind the wheel. Entrepreneur David Meltzer talks spending habits, the keys to success, and how to stay 'centered and balanced' while dealing with stressful situations. That and much more! Welcome On Back! 
October 11, 2019
Tito Ortiz swings by to discuss his return to the octagon against Alberto El Patron as well as his thoughts on Oscar De La Hoya's foray into MMA. Later, comedian Andrew Schulz stops by to discuss the Knicks, cancel culture, comedy, and the dreadlock controversy coming out of Penn State. Uncle Chaps and Leger Douzable finish off the week discussing the Antonio Brown saga with the boys. That and more. 
October 4, 2019
Oscar De La Hoya stops by the studio to discuss Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He also responds to Dana White calling him an 'asshole coke head' and dishes on the future of boxing as well as his involvement MMA. That and much more! 
September 27, 2019
Glenny Balls and Lisa Ann talk fantasy football. Paul Bissonnette and Willie compare their times in Pittsburg and chat about the origin of the Pink Whitney. 
September 20, 2019
UFC Heavyweight Champion, Stipe Miocic stops by the studio with some of Willie's old college buddies to talk fighting, football, and married life. Danny Lopriore and Joe Santagato of 'The Basement Yard' podcast hop on the mic to discuss titties, strippers, and cancel culture. That and much more...
September 13, 2019
Large recounts his 9/11 experience. Later, Willie and Large discuss the latest Kobe Bryant drama and break down what it means to be a good coach.
September 6, 2019
Ruben stops by the studio to give us an update on this life. We talk women, sex, and dental hygiene. The entire conversation went completely off the rails...Welcome On Back!
July 26, 2019
This week, Willie and Large dive into the Adrian Peterson news and get into a heated debate over who is ultimately at fault when athletes lose their money. 
July 19, 2019
This week on Second Helping, Willie and Kirk try to resolve their issues and end up making things worse. Young Pageviews swings by the studio to talk 'Barstool Outdoors.'
July 11, 2019
UFC welterweight legend Robbie Lawler swings by the Barstool Breakfast studio ahead of his August 3rd fight against Colby Covington. 
June 29, 2019
This week, Lisa Ann stops by the studio to chat about "the biz" with Willie and Large.
June 21, 2019
This week on Second Helping, the guys discuss OJ Simpson's newfound internet persona and which notorious murderer they would most want to interview on the show. Season one Big Brain Winner, Evan Waldenberg, also stops by the studio to discuss his product, 'Junk In Your Trunks' shorts. 
June 14, 2019
Heavyweight boxing legend Gerry Cooney swings by the Barstool Breakfast studio for a special edition of Gentlemen's Friday. 
June 6, 2019
Large and Willie Sit Down With Boxing Legend GGG for an exclusive interview on his past and future in the sport. 
May 20, 2019
Tyson Fury calls into Barstool Breakfast to talk about upcoming fight with Tom Schwarz, give an update on Wilder talks, and shit on Anthony Joshua.
May 17, 2019
This week on Second Helping Large and Willie discuss the ups and downs of marriage with Anthony and Deidre Scaramucci. Later in the week, Andrew Schulz and the Flagrant 2 boys stop by and chop it up with Willie about sports, social media, and everything in between. Welcome on back! 
May 10, 2019
This week on Second Helping, the Breakfast Crew gets controversial. Willie advocates for bumping the Cousins for a third hour of Gentleman's Friday, but Francis comes to their defense. Things get HEATED...Welcome on back! 
May 4, 2019
Large sits down with IBF champion Daniel Jacobs ahead of his fight against unified middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. 
May 3, 2019
This week on Second Helping, comedians Mike Cannon and Aaron Berg stopped by the office to shoot the shit with the guys. We talked wives, comedy, steroids and more. We'll be back next week live from the new office! Welcome on back!
April 26, 2019
This week on Second Helping, Ebony the security guard comes in to talk parenting, spring break, and who she would fight in RnR with Francis. Willie and Large discuss peeing in pools and golf etiquette and Brandon Walker makes his BSB debut. That and much more!
April 19, 2019
This week on Second Helping, the guys are joined by radio legend, Rude Jude. Jude talks drugs, his start on the Jenny Jones Show, and his career as an author. Later in the week, two-time Super Bowl Champ and former Willie Colon teammate, Ike Taylor, stops by to share locker room stories with the guys.
April 12, 2019
This week, the crew recaps Francis' birthday extravaganza and what they tried to steal from the house. Large and Willie then go over what they stole as children and Large reveals that he may be a closeted kleptomaniac. Willie and Francis critique the new Lion King trailer.
April 5, 2019
This week, the crew discusses Game Of Thrones and how much money it would take to get your dick chopped off. They also get into some serious drug talk on Gentleman's Friday and sample CBD products live on air. That and much more... 
March 29, 2019
This week on Second Helping, Zah continues his crusade to convince the office that playing 'train simulator' is a normal activity for twenty-eight year old men. He then doubles down and vows to become a real life conductor. Francis turns thirty and addresses the controversy over his birthday party guest list. Jetski surprises Francis with some on-air treats.
March 22, 2019
The crew recaps their epic St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour, Francis revisits the time he almost became a cocaine king pin, and comedian Nate Macintosh stops by the studio talk all things comedy. Keep an eye out for the Vlog dropping tomorrow at 10:00 AM. 
March 15, 2019
This week, the crew prepares for their St. Patrick's Day Happy Hour party. Large and Willie debate over whether or not they want a DJ or Live Band. Kate stops by the studio to describe her experience in the military and accidentally ends up telling the story of when she got caught writing dirty letters overseas. Also, Francis reveals his childhood Halloween costume that had Willie in tears. That and much more! 
March 8, 2019
This week comedians Andrew Schulz and Theo Von stop by the studio to talk all things comedy. Schulz gets into his rise and fall in the industry then takes aim at the recent controversy surrounding Pitbulls and their owners. Theo Von swings by to talk soul food, southern rap, and his upcoming comedy tour. That and much more!  
March 1, 2019
Willie and the crew tell Francis they're planning his birthday party. On Wednesday, Large fills in for Willie and the crew dives head first into a Zah Story about crocodile infested waters in Zimbabwe. Zah explains why he never joined the crew team in high school, and then lets us know where the tourist hot spots are in Africa. That and much more!    
February 25, 2019
Barstool's MMA expert, Robbie Fox, joins Willie and Large in studio to interview Anthony "Lionheart" Smith, and Kamaru "The Nigerian Nightmare" Usman. Both of whom will challenge for their respective titles at UFC 235 this Saturday!
February 22, 2019
This week on Second Helping, Willie and Francis discuss fellatio and the act of road side intercourse. Large and Willie detail their upcoming college reunions and Zah gets caught deleting footage for #TeamPortnoy. That and much more... 
February 15, 2019
It's day FIVE of the Barstool Breakfast ‘Love Week' and we had licensed therapist Hilary Scheer in for some relationship building/analysis of the hosts. Be on the lookout for tomorrow's Vlog as well as some new merch dropping Monday....Have a great weekend!  
February 14, 2019
It's day four of the Barstool Breakfast ‘Love Week' and we had former Fire Safety Director/Security Guard Reuben in to talk all things love. Tomorrow, a relationship coach will be in studio to help Willie, Large, and Francis work through their issues. Happy Valentines Day! 
February 13, 2019
It's day three of the Barstool Breakfast ‘Love Week' and we had wellness and relationship expert Mara Schiavocampo on to talk all things Valentines Day. We've got Rueben tomorrow and a surprise guest Friday so stay tuned! 
February 12, 2019
It's day two of the Barstool Breakfast 'Love Week' and Willie's wife, Aikisha, stopped by to play the Newlywed Game. They ended up crushing it, but Willie was SWEATING. We've got three more days and three more guests so stay tuned... 
February 11, 2019
In honor of Valentine's Day, we've created 'Love Week' on Barstool Breakfast. We'll be bringing in a new guest every day for a series of love-related competitions and conversations. Today was round one of the Newlywed Game and Mr. & Mrs. Large scored 93 out of a total 100 points. Tomorrow Aikisha and Willie will try to beat them with Francis as a moderator. We've got a ton planned so be on the lookout for a daily recap dropping a every day at noon!
February 8, 2019
Welcome on back! Willie makes his return from Atlanta only to lock himself in the Barstool HQ bathroom, Large and Willie debate Pat over who is a better lover: Leo DiCaprio or Tom Brady, and Francis dissects the difference between having sex and making love. Willie also sits down for a conversation with Dr. Oz. That and much more. 
February 1, 2019
Welcome on back!  Zah recaps his wild trip to Gasparilla and debates his popularity as a celebrity little person. Large and Francis interview NFL legend Dan Marino and Willie sits down with his former Hofstra roommate, Super Bowl Champion Marquis Colston in Atlanta for an exclusive interview.
January 25, 2019
Welcome on back! This week on Second Helping, Willie and Francis compare and contrast their dueling trips to Puerto Rico. Large takes us through the origin of the "Winecorn" and then explains the importance of Porn in The Woods.  Nick Mangold joins the show to tell the story of how Willie got fined 35k for fighting the entire Patriots sideline and the gang sabers some champagne. That and much more! 
January 18, 2019
On this week's second helping, Willie and Large discuss their different experiences when getting fired. Francis and Willie talk dating, and Francis vows to try gas station boner pills. Then, Boxing Legend Gerry Cooney joins the show along with Large's parents (Mr. & Mrs. Large) to discuss Gerry's past fights and his plans for the future. That and more! 
January 11, 2019
Welcome on back! On this week's Second Helping, the crew recaps Paddy's night at the rodeo, the recent R. Kelly news and how it effected Willie. They also talk about the new "cuddle-for-pay" industry and Large picks his choice for best cuddler in the office. Francis talks weed suppositories with Jetski, then Willie and Francis get into what it means to have a "ride or die" friend. Make sure to like, subscribe, and rate! 
January 4, 2019
Welcome on back! This week on Second Helping the crew makes their long awaited return from the Holiday break. Large and Willie hash out their New Year's resolutions and contemplate cutting back on the booze. Francis explains "snooze button etiquette" and Kayce Smith joins the show to end the week with a little porn talk and some college football.
December 21, 2018
On this week's Second Helping, the crew talks Patriots/Steelers, Willie recaps a wild night in Vegas, and Andrew Schulz stops by to talk proper wedding etiquette. They also talk, "To Catch A Predator" and discuss who their celebrity dream host would be. That and much more...Like, subscribe, rate, and review! 
December 14, 2018
On this week's Second Helping, the crew sits down with MMA legend Georges St-Pierre in an exclusive interview. They also talk baby making music, R&B legends, and office holiday parties. They also interview Unified Lightweight World Champion Vasyl Lomachenko to recap his recent victory and talk about what's next for his career. That and much more. Like, subscribe, rate, and review! 
December 7, 2018
On this week's Second Helping the crew talks weddings, secret santa, and PETA. We also discuss the do's and don'ts of office Christmas parties, handling your kids in public, and the importance of "bro code." We get into some Barstool drama and touch on the unusual dimensions of our resident little person, Cousin Producer Zah. The Three Headed also discusses their relationship dynamic. That and much more. 
November 30, 2018
Check out the first episode of Barstool Breakfast: Second Helping which drops every Friday.
December 31, 1899
It's day four of the Barstool Breakfast ‘Love Week' and we had former Fire Safety Director/Security Guard Reuben in to talk all things love. Tomorrow, a relationship coach will be in studio to help Willie, Large, and Francis work through their issues. Happy Valentines Day! 
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