Courageous and Brave
Leah Remini is courageous and brave for doing this show. The former members of Scientology are just as brave for sharing their stories. Love the show AND the podcast!
No research
I agree these folks whelming well-meaning and seem nice have not done yearly amount of research and investigation into the coverage of this hideous cult to talk intelligently got a put in the time to do the research and come with better and more informed opinions.
Zero Stars!!
The hosts did no research on scientology before taping the podcasts. They have no idea what they are talking about. Instead of being informative it's lame.
Episode 2 demonstrates the insidiousness of Scientology! The guy on there is nothing more than a shill for Scientology and does the dance of not answering questions....oh and the pathetic justifications! The fact that the producers allows it, tells me to run away, and I will!
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