One of my favorites!!
This podcast speaks so much truth into my life. It has helped me see things in such a different light. Thank you for such an amazing ministry. Sad to see if end, but excited to see where God is taking you next!
Fantastic podcast!!
I love this podcast and what they are about/talk about. I related with both of the hosts quite a bit! I didn’t think it’d end so soon though. But good luck on your new ventures ladies!
Just what I was looking for
I’m a mom to three young children and have been struggling with finding the joy in all of the day to day moments motherhood brings. I have also been trying to get closer to God and this podcast really helps me with both. ♥️
Pure Gold
So life giving and encouraging! Thank you for your obedience to your calling 💓
My favorite podcast for all things in my daily walk!
Thank you
Hannah Ertl
Thank you for your realness and for helping this mama see life through a more Godlike perspective. It has helped me so much and I look forward to each new podcast!
Love listening to these ladies!
Such truth in every episode with very practical applications for my daily life!
This podcast is SWEET
This podcast is full of wonderful words of encouragement for new mommas. I love listening to the down to earth stories Lindsey & Amaris share. I feel like I learn something new from the gospel every time I listen, and it has had such a positive impact on my life in this season.
Humbling Messages from the Lord Himself
Every single episode had brought me to my knees in humble prayer before God. Each episode relates to my life and cuts me to core so that God can speak something into me and begin His healing, whether I’m ready or not! I just love these podcasts for their genuine honesty, Biblical knowledge and guidance and love for all things motherhood. I can’t even put into words how much they have helped shape me as w wife, mother and child of God. They resonate so well with what I’m going through. It’s like God himself has sat me down each time and said, “Listen. You need to hear this today.”
Milk and Honey
A friend of mine told me to look up Milk and Honey, because she thought I would resonate with it. I had never listened to a podcast before this, and wasn’t sure if I could stay focused long enough to listen well. Let me just say, that hasn’t been an issue! The wisdom and real life journey that Amaris and Lindsey invite their listeners into is not only inspiring, it’s healing. It’s wonderful to hear women of faith speak out about so many subjects, in a way that is full of grace and full of encouragement, no matter where the listener is in their walk. I love this podcast and I’ve recommended it to almost everyone I know! I am encouraged, convicted, and feel seen whenever I listen. Thank you, ladies.
I’m new to the podcast world and went to Facebook for suggestions what to start listening to, the name Milk and Honey caught my eye so I gave it a try. Episode 1 is where I went to and literally both of their stories are soooooo similar to mine it hit me right in the sweet spot, WOW, so excited for what the rest of these podcast have in store. Thank you ladies for your openness and honesty it impacted me!
Just what I needed!
I don’t remember the title of the podcast, but I needed it.. I have been overwhelmed since, I don’t know what day and ask I sat down to eat lunch and make these 1000 hairbows and think of the time and what after school activity was first today.. I was thinking .. I need to get away.. I need time for myself.. when actually I just needed Jesus.. to settle my heart my mind and help me breath, because I am okay. I was going to listen to my true crime stories when I was having my break down, but I needed Jesus and your podcast was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you ❤️
Fabulous podcast!
Kt Wick
Absolutely love this podcast! Lindsey and Amaris are real people sharing their journey. I also enjoy all the guest speakers. Definitely recommend The Milk and Honey podcast!
Excellent Podcast
The social media podcast was incredible challenging for me as a mom. Thank you for being so honest and real.
The Podcast you never knew you needed
Listening to Amaris and Lindsey is like chatting with best friends. They love, teach and correct in such a loving and honest way. I listen while I wait for my daughter in the school pick up line and it is the perfect way to spend time to listen and reflect on what God is saying through them.
This podcast is so good!
So much truth and light
Thank you
Thank you for helping me open my eyes to how God sees me, how my husband sees me, and how I should have been looking at myself all along. Through the Holy Spirit, you’ve both changed my life <3
Favorite Faith based Podcast
So encouraging, so relatable, so raw. I love listening to these ladies.
My favorite podcast!!
I listen to y’all every morning, it is so encouraging to listen to while I start my day!
Best Podcast for Christian Women!
Fluttering Breeze
I usually do not listen to podcasts specifically designed for Christian women because the content is usually sappy, overly sentimental, and just downright weak. I was pleasantly surprised (shocked!) to find out that Milk and Honey is deeply biblical. It cuts to the chase. It is loving and direct and super helpful. I am so happy my friend recommended this podcast to me. The women who run Milk and Honey are relatable without being mushy, and they are biblical. There is no vague, self-help mumbo-jumbo here! All the best to these women as they continue this podcast.
A blessing to my life and my car time!
Love these ladies! They are wise beyond their years and so real and truly practical but always in a way that is consistent with Scripture and glorifying to God. I am at least twice their age but always learn valuable things from every episode. I’m back in the parenting saddle with a 2 yr old grandson my husband and I are raising while juggling ministry during retirement plus long-distance responsibilities for an aging parent. These podcasts are not just helpful they are fun to listen to and always encouraging. I share them a lot!
Thank you
These ladies are amazing and what they have to say is incredible, it was a special treat to hear one of our youth pastors at my church. Please continue to bless us with your amazing word. God is shining though you!!
Encouraging and NOT pithy!
So many writers and podcasters attempt to serve Christian women through encouraging content, yet forsake Biblical truth in the process. Not so with this podcast. Here you will find real, honest encouragement that is rooted in scripture and spoken with grace. These women have got it right, and I recommend this podcast as a wonderful tool to any woman seeking guidance from a Christian perspective. Keep it up, Amaris and Lindsey! 💗
Must hear!
This podcast is so relevant, encouraging and inspiring! I’m glad I came across it on Spotify! Must hear for any woman regardless of their season in life. Thankful for these ladies!
Best Podcast out there!
What a blessing the Milk and Honey Podcast is to me. I look forward to it every Tuesday! The topics covered are relevant, honest, applicable, and encouraging. I’ve shared it with several friends. Thank you Amaris and Lindsay for sharing your hearts and allowing God to use you in this way to bless me.
Encouraging and powerful
Thank you for your honesty and openness. This podcast has been such an inspiration!
Kianna .A.
These women have been such a blessing to me through their podcast! I am in a transition season right now (engaged & planning a wedding) & the Milk & Honey podcast has been a helpful resource for preparing my heart for this new season. I am so excited to be my best friends wife & love him as Jesus has called me to - & I’m grateful for the tips & truth that these ladies share on how to do that well. #recommend
So so good!
These ladies get real and provide practical tips and advice on how to navigate and lead a Christ centered life. Thank you guys for being vulnerable and sharing your wisdom! I am blessed with each episode I listen to! :)
Love this podcast!!!!!!!
This is my first ever podcast and I’m obsessed!! You both are so encouraging and everything that is talked about is so relatable!! I would definitely recommend this podcast!! God Bless you both!! ❤️
Love it!
Even though I’m not really religious, I love listening to this podcast for the non-religious content and educating me/exposing me to new ideas!
must listen faith podcast for women
I’d been searching for a faith inspired podcast that would be soothing and relatable on my walks when I stumbled upon this podcast. Enjoy listening to these gals and their faith filled perspective on topics we all can relate to.
Genuine and women of faith!
Bi Stalder
I love Lindsey and Amaris. Their hearts are so authentic and passionate for God. I love their inputs and talks about marriage, parenting, faith, and all!!! This has been my daily podcast that I listen to and truly feel me with faith!!!! Thank you both of you so much!
This podcast is such an encouragement in my life. Thank you ladies for being vulnerable and real. I’ve been so encouraged in my faith and relationships through your podcast. Thank you!!!
Real life, real topics
I have really enjoyed this podcasts! Amaris and Lindsey are real, genuine, and talk about everyday life in a way that is relatable no matter where you are in life. So positive and uplifting, I totally recommend giving them a listen!
I’ve just recently discovered Milk and Honey and I’ve been so encouraged and challenged! They’re love for the Lord is genuine and their conversations are raw and uplifting.
Phenomenal, real, and raw
Bekah Kemper
I wish I could put 10 stars! I have absolutely loved and enjoyed everything about this podcast and the wisdom, advice, authenticity that just flows from the heart of Lindsey and Amaris. You two are women I admire, respect and adore listening to each week. EVERY one I have shared your podcast with raves about the amazing content you guys bring to the table each week. Thank you for pouring your hearts into me and so many other women. I am so grateful!
Furthering the Kingdom!
Carly Cakes
Amaris and Lindsey are truly furthering the Kingdom with this website & podcast! I’m so thankful for their wise insight and knowledge about the Bible and our God! They feel like friends even though we’ve never met! I love them to pieces!
Love it!
This podcast is a weekly listen for me! I’m always encouraged and convicted, I laugh and I cry, it’s just so good! And no matter what the topic is, these ladies ALWAYS bring it back around to the truth of God’s Word, how desperately we need Jesus, and how much He loves us! ❤️
My fav go-to, pick-me-up podcast!
Where do I even start when there is SO much goodness?! The Milk and Honey Podcast has exceeded my expectations in providing sound, life-giving truth to apply in every stage of life for women of all stages. Every episode, God is the center, and from there, very tangible, practical, REAL and RAW truths and advice that transcend all areas of life. The transparency and vulnerability of Lindsey, Amaris and guest speakers are such breaths of life giving air to those who may be struggling or experiencing the same things in their own journeys. I can’t stop telling others about this podcast and will forever be grateful for the practical, honest, and God-centered encouragement and wisdom that these two Godly women and their efforts have provided. I am a better disciple of Christ, wife and mother, thanks to the work that the Lord is doing through this podcast. Thank you SO much Lindsey and Amaris!!
Positive vibes in a world of comparison
Thank you ladies for starting this podcast! I stumbled upon it totally by “accident” but I’m sure that was God’s way of leading me to connect with other Christian ladies. You brighten my week and pour truth in a way that feels real.
emily bedsted
Love the Godly encouragement, convictions, & loving messages from Amaris & Lindsey. Thank you ladies!
Uplifting, truth!!
This is just so honest and raw, the heart of these ladies are there for God; they will fill you with truth and uplift you to make you a better woman of God. They don’t sugar coat things and they are so real, they never act as if they are perfect and make it so clear that it is okay to fall and fumble but God still loves you and that you are still worth. They have great guest speakers as well that share the same morals and values. This is just so good No matter where you are in your faith you should listens because God is working through them to give us these words!! I’ve even listen to a few with my husband, and he said it was a good listen he’s not a huge podcast fan but he doesn’t mind when I play this one while we are driving around. I highly recommend you all take a listen 😘
I love them!!!
Aqua Sky
This podcast is so helpful and inspirational! I look forward to every new episode and send them to anyone who will listen!
Love this podcast!!
Destiny Hobbs
I listen to this podcast every Tuesday when I’m in the car and I love it!!! I’m always anxious for a new episode to come out. Lindsey and Amaris talk about relevant topics such as motherhood, marriage, and Jesus! So refreshing. And as a bonus they always feature really great guest speakers. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!!
So relatable
Love this podcast! The topics are so relateable and God centered! Love this podcast!
Women in each & every season!
I started listening to this podcast through a friend’s recommendation and was immediately hooked! At first I thought this podcast was just for wives & mommas, but I found myself able to relate as a twenty-something who is still in the dating world. I love that this podcast gives me the ability to learn from so many wise women during my preparation season and that I leave each episode feeling encouraged! I’m constantly recommending the Milk & Honey Pod to my friends!
One of my favorites!
Such a good podcast. These girls address everything in life, marriage, parenthood, all from a Christian perspective. I love listening!
Really Loving This Podcast
I just started listening, and I love how they keep pointing me to Jesus!
Wow! This is a MUST listen.
Amy Entrekin
I love listening the these episodes and will continue to. These are always uplifting no matter the topic. Speaking of topics the wide range is very beneficial for so many audiences. Not only do I benefit from listening to these ladies, but I have been able to share many of these podcasts with others to encourage them in their situations. I would 100% recommend checking it out.
Real and honest
I started listening to the milk and honey podcast. I’m a stay at home mom of four and I listen to it when I’m cleaning and doing my daily duties. It’s so uplifting and refreshing to hear from women who don’t pretend to have it all together. It’s nice to listen to women who are just women and not try to be something that they are not. I love how it’s all biblically based and inspires women to turn solely to Jesus because He is our source. Thank for your vulnerability and just being real
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