Mcconnell has driven the senate to dust but don’t forget that Ron Wyden is also a senior member of finance and he works like almost the lion like Ted Kennedy
Biased , lacks facts but good topics
Good topics but reported through a left leaning lens . More facts , history , and less opinions of young liberal college educated reporters would earn more stars from this listener .
So not funny that our birds are going extinct. That it got a big laugh is offensive.
I need new things to think about!
& I personally appreciate whoever says wait...what does that mean? exactly when I think it! (& yes do knock on wood!) And I appreciate whoever says okay...let me deconstruct it for you... that’s perfect You’re in my feed and I look forward to listening everyday. I feel bad for the local radio stations... I pod all the way home :)
Very informative & interesting podcast.... EXCEPT that creepy bell at opening. Lose the dinner bell.
Very informative & interesting podcast.... EXCEPT that creepy bell at opening. Lose the dinner bell.
Really disappointed by impeachment episode 12/18
I usually love this podcast but by adding “In the Hall of the Mountain King” when the democrats were giving their impeachment condemnations, you made a mockery of their decisions. This is in very bad taste and furthers the DJT slanderous message that this impeachment is just a witch-hunt. Not cool.
Always look forward to your reporting
I always look forward to listening to your reporting, I just wish you uploaded them in the morning so I don’t have to wait to the end of the day. Keep up the good work
Post Reports
wildcat barney
Great podcast! Love the way Martine keeps things flowing! I listen everyday on the way home from work.
Turkey carcass!?
I like to listen to Post Reports while cooking dinner and today was shocked (shocked!) at the turkey carcass story. What kind of person DOESN’T save their turkey carcass for soup? Of course I save the carcass - I always save poultry carcasses and beef scraps and root veg tops, etc. etc. Why is this funny? I also buy my coffee in bulk from CostCo. Perhaps we would all be better off if we threw away less.
Post Reports Washington is not a scary circus
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I look forward to pressing play afterwork and hearing that bell at the intro. Martine’s voice is so inviting. NYT’s daily podcast set the bar for me for a newsy podcast, but you guys really make me feel like I’m in the newsroom. Your stories really inform me of what’s going on and you make Washington not sound like a scary circus. The “one more thing” segment is how love to end my day. Keep up the excellent work.
Favorite place for news
This podcast is a cant-miss part of my daily routine. The topics are well-selected, and the reporting is succinct, informative, and entertaining. I recommend it to anyone that is looking for a brief podcast to stay informed. Perfect for the commute home from work!
Good when not repetitive with politics
I really enjoy this podcast when it’s stories outside of Trump/politics but when it’s political stories for weeks on end I just start tuning it out, it’s not the bias that really gets annoying it’s the repetitive nature of the stories when they revolve around the left vs the right constantly. I keep it in my library because I enjoy the reporting and stories outside of politics but it’s very political heavy frequently.
I’ve subscribed. As a result there are several hundred “back issues” of Post Reports cluttering up my phone. I wonder how to get rid of them. I’ve worn a blister on my index finger trying to delete them one by one.
Other news podcast have better stories and more information
They could do a lot better. There are other news podcasts that cover the same stories with better info and less bias.
No drama
This pod cast will keep you informed about current politics, environmental and social issues. It unfolds in a pleasant conversational mode. It lacks the breathless statements of facts that raise my blood pressure while staying current and relevent. The choices of and transitions between stories are simply easy to listen to. . Martine Powers as host, sets a curious, polite, and calm tone regardless of the nutty news . A fav podcast. I wish I could hear it first thing in the am.
Nice Cross Story Summary & News Beyond the Headlines
As an avid reader of the WAPO I wasn’t sure this pod cast would provide value but was pleasantly surprised. I love how they link multiple stories over time to talk about the bigger picture in ways I often hadn’t connected. I feel like They’re teaching history in real time. Secondly the headlines tend to be too focused on the tweet or knee jerk event of the day. I love listening and hearing about that story I must have glossed over in the paper. There’s actually more time spent to the second tier stories than the headlines. Thank you for Making News Great Again!
WaPo supports ISIS.
rjc (the dude)
Headline speaks for itself.
Came for the news, stayed for the journalism
Allie R P
I don’t watch news on tv, so I like to stay informed by listening to 2 daily news podcasts. I always hear the summary at the top of the show and think “meh, I’ll just listen to the actual news at the beginning then turn it off” but EVERY DAY the journalism is so outstanding and the stories are so beautifully told and intriguing that I stay for the entire episode. In fact, I love the journalism so much that this podcast made me get a full subscription to the Washington Post. As a 25 year-old woman ready to start a career, it’s great to hear from a confident, intelligent woman everyday. Keep it up Martine!
Great podcast
The production is excellent and it’s a great add on to my Washington post subscription. You won’t be let down. Thumbs up 👍🏽 Bravo 👏🏽
Best part of my day.
the great white rasta prophet
I look forward to listening every afternoon. Drop of knowledge that is informative and fun. Keep it up, Post team. And subscribe to the WP, listeners! 🙌
Quality podcast
Really enjoyable podcast, beats reading the newspaper if you don't have time. Only negative is that the same sponsorship commercial is played after every episode. It's quite a turnoff in my opinion.
Don’t tell Ari
I never thought a news podcast could compete with my beloved NPR, then there was you. Don’t worry, I’ll always be a monthly supporter of my local station and still catch All Things Considered when I can. (I’m a WP subscriber as well).
America did not support the Kurds! The United States of America did! It matters to me.
Important views
I particularly appreciate the efforts reporters make to interview ordinary people outside the corridors of power. The reporting is thorough, thoughtful, and respectful.
Worth your time!
I listen to “Post Reports” daily, and highly enjoy the content. The podcasts give a great explanation of current events happening everywhere in the world. From politics to fashion to health “Post Reports” can find something interesting for everyone. I highly recommend.
Hunter Biden
Two many topics in a 30 mins podcast. Doesn’t make for in-depth reporting. For instance, the Hunter Biden story was poorly done with lots of innuendos. It would’ve been helpful to explain the contest surrounding this story. It sounded like Joe Biden did something wrong when in fact, this was under the direction of prez Obama and the rest of the world thought the same thing.
Great podcast
Love that it includes both the major news stories of the day, while also including some more light hearted / arts and culture stories at the end, which I likely wouldn’t have otherwise heard about or read
Good stories, good reporting
I enjoy listening to this podcast at the end of the day. It is informative and always ends on an uplifting note. I even like the triangle. I read the Post at lunch, but this is a good way to bring the day to a close.
Some people are awful....
Boy Genius (of Lab fame)
Specifically, those nasty commenters who are complaining about a free daily podcast. Keep doing your thing, Martine + co. Democracy dies in darkness.
Great work
J. Freeman
Always interesting and informative. Great job everyone!
This is the way to get your news!
I LOOOOOVVVVEEEE this podcast. Completely addicted. It is so well done, easy to listen to and to understand. The level of investigative work done is remarkable and while it brings you awareness to very relevant news, it also does it in a way where you feel you learned something. The news are so “doomsday”, this podcast is the only way to get your news.
Fantastic way to end a day
I love listening to the post review before going to sleep. The music and the triangle chime let’s me know it’s time to relax and enjoy the next 28 mins. It is the only time during my day that I can disconnect from all the urgent matters going on here and abroad. Thank you for the great topics and interviews. I am subscribed to the post news paper, which I do enjoy reading, but the report is still the best 28 minutes of my day. Great job and please keep going.
Short, deep dives
I rely on "Today Explained" and "The Daily" to get a very deep dive into one topic. But, Post Reports gives me a broad view of news in the world (here and abroad) and, usually the first of the three segments especially, I get more than the snippets of a topic that I'd here on a newscast. Love the variety of voices included in the reporting - to hear the voices of reporters I've read in WaPo always makes me smile!
Keep up
regima hackett
I’m a subscriber. Why is it that the NYT can reliably produce its podcast five days a week in the morning and you can’t? It’s Friday late morning West Coast time and you still haven’t posted Friday? After the debate? Taking Friday off for some reason? Try harder.
Excellent but...
Needs stories by Amy Wang!!
One Interesting Story After Another
Each morning I listen to post reports while getting dressed. I hear one interesting story after another. I enjoy the variety of content and the upbeat way it is presented.
Low rent version of NYT’s The Daily
The WaPo always seems like the striving younger brother who can never quite catch up with its older sibling, the NYT. The interlocutor asks childish questions, in a childish voice, and they repeat basic news.
Must Listen!
Perfect balance of detailed information and entertainment Love this podcast, a Must Listen! And besides, who doesn’t love a well-rung triangle?!
One of my favorite podcasts
When I listen to Post Reports, it’s almost as if Martine Powers and I are sitting in comfy chairs in a brightly lit sunroom, sharing a lovely pot of tea while we discuss the news of the day. It’s just wonderful. Except for that blasted ringing triangle. But hey, nothing’s perfect.
Love it!
Such a great podcast. Interesting topics and people with just enough time spent on each issue. Martin is an excellent host!
Like thoughtful!
I’m like really enjoying this podcast like so much. The (seemingly young) reporters offer like thoughtful and thorough pieces. But like, can young people like get over like inserting the word like in between like every other word? Like seriously!
Great podcast
This podcast is a great snippet of news. I love the main story and then the few side stories that I would have never heard about during the day.
Always interesting
There has yet to be an episode that did not teach me something new or introduce me to a new perspective. And I’m pretty news savvy! Martine is a great host with a perfect voice for the show. Even the music is on point. I appreciate you, Martine & company! ❤️
Well done!
You have created an extremely high quality pod cast that is absolutely useful and informative. Love Martine’s voice and the sound design. Thank you WaPo!
My favorite podcast
I listen to a lot of different podcasts and productions, but Post Reports is by far my favorite. I appreciate it so much for keeping me up to speed on current events, the state of our politics, and what’s happening around the world. I just wish it was longer! I could listen all day.
Brilliant reporting
I love this podcast. Martine is an excellent host, and this show does an amazing job of featuring a handful of important stories every day that is both informative and digestible. Great interviews and segments all around. + thank you for covering important national and international news that is not always covering Trump!!! Truly great journalism.
Stephen Miller
Excellent report. The just “following orders” Miller sounded as if he was giving the orders. Quite revealing
Extremely informative
I look forward to each new episode. I appreciate the wide ranging topics that are presented each day. I enjoy listening to Martine, I feel like I’ve learned something new at the end of each podcast
Best episode yet
Your podcast of Weds August 21st moved me to finally write a review. Weds was the perfect mix - trump’s flip flop position on gun control, voting, education and the Taliban (the 10 year old moved me when she defiantly said that the taliban was jealous of education) and the beautiful story of the same sex penguins desperately trying to hatch an egg. I am a huge fan of your podcast and look forward to listening each day during my evening commute. Thank you so much for a fantastic show.
And now one more thing....
G00bers Mom
I initially subscribed knowing I would get an excellent and thorough insight into a top news story of the day. You did not disappoint! The more I listen though I have really started to value the “and now one more thing” segment. After listening to the more heavy news part of the podcast I like the stories that are more light hearted, thought provoking or just introduce me to people or things that are little known. Keep up the hood work!
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