Thanks for sharing the uplifting story about Barbara's lung transplant. 😊
Typical media reporting on partial phrases
Countless times this podcast has played part of a phrase to try and spin a narrative. This is reckless and attempts to force a belief. It is disgusting that this behavior continues.
Sly Like a fox
I tried for 6 months. Just can’t take the one sided perspective anymore. I am in the center on most things. I want to understand both sides. It’s subtle, but listening for many months, the true colors of the Washington Post shines through. BTW, I still listen to The NY Times podcast every day. While still liberal, it’s not so blatant and doesn’t pretend to stand behind race and gender to further the liberal cause.
July 28 post
mark from the midwest
In your mistaken approach of focusing on balance, you again equivalized truth with lying without reporting which was which. In today’s instance, you quoted Barr lying about the reason for sending unlabeled federal agents to Portland to protect the federal courthouse. Please dig deeper and either report the truth or call out the lie. Protesters completely ignored the federal courthouse prior to these agents arriving and assaulting them without provocation.
TikTok and privacy
Jorge Parasol
This report came dangerously close to dismissing concerns about data-gathering on TikTok as mere xenophobia. So there’s not a lot of evidence the Chinese government is actually accessing our data now, but of course not. That won’t happen until we have been lulled into allowing TikTok to become as deeply embedded in our culture as Facebook is now, by which time it will be too late to convince anyone they should get the hell off of it.
John Lewis
Beautiful piece about John Lewis by Michele Norris. We so need politicians to follow in his footsteps, especially right now, when the integrity and courage that defined him, are in such short supply. Thank you
Always disappoints
As slanted and biased on the left as Fox is on the right.
Antifa at Gettysburg
Great show, but I wish the media would say the obvious: we do know in fact that Antifa never conforms to this sort of online behavior. This is not Antifa modus operandi. You spent a minute reporting that there were clues this might be a hoax, but the most obvious one goes unsaid. Why can’t you say that Antifa, whatever you think of the movement, does not work this way. They don’t put out posters to invite the organization to picnic and burn flags at national monuments. They aren’t even an organization. That seems pertinent to the reporting, because Antifa is slandered by this sort of politics. That seems to me like it belongs in the story, because people think Antifa is equivalent to armed militias and racist groups on the right. I agree with the local official who said that the far right already looks idiotic without such trolling. But you have left in place the Antifa straw man. Why not report also on what Antifa is and isn’t, so people can have a reasonable sense of what anti-fascist politics means and how it works? Thanks.
Gettysburg Troll
It’s reports like this that make Post Reports such a great podcast! The best daily news podcast there is!
Functional, reliable
When I want to hear Post Reports and remain informed and connected to the world around me, the app provides me with dependable service. I enjoy the autonomy afforded by quality reporting available on the go.
Art of the deal was written by tony Schwartz not Donald
Thank you
Thank you for delivering all the news we need to stay informed in this crazy world. I listen everyday while I'm at work.
Smartest podcast out there!
I am so glad I discovered Post Report. I feel much better informed of our current affairs and well armed to discuss issues. Not easy in 20+ minutes a day.
Not enough variety in news, MARTINE.
Twinkie Beyond
Even before the very recent BLM movement, Martine Powers slips in a story about African-American whatever any time she gets the chance. Might as well rename the podcast to "if it ain't black, I ain't reportin' it." I still listen. I just fast-forward through it. The rest--national and international news--is well reported.
Bravo, Martine and WP
Martine Powers is a flawless presenter. Obviously cable news hosts have long been unwatchable, with their canned mannerisms and phony cadences. Podcasts tend to be much better, more natural, but can go too far, with speakers casually hobbling every other thought, needlessly qualifying and un-saying simple declarative statements with incessant "sortofs," "kindofs," and "likes." This is an annoying enough affectation on an entertainment podcast, but for reporters? Actual examples include "sortof, rape" and "kindof, genocide." Drives me crazy. Martine, however, guides each story impeccably, with genuine warmth and humanity as well as expert elocution. Thank you for all the vital information, beautifully conveyed.
I Never Miss It
John in Rat City
Martine Powers sounds like your smart buddy who helps you figure things out.
Great source for in-depth reporting
Devoted in Hawaii
I appreciate the breadth of the topics covered, especially many that others ignore (e.g. childcare as work). I think Marine Powers is a fantastic host and great intervewer. Thanks for the good work!
Cursed Platoon
Just finished listening to both parts of “The Cursed Platoon”. This was a particularly power story. As someone with PTSD, I thought the description of having PTSD was spot on. I wish I could tell the men who were interviewed that there others who have been betrayed by authority
Horrible host
Will PHX
I just can’t do it anymore as the hosts’ voice, questions and verbal cues distract from what could otherwise be great WP content. Please try again with someone else.
informative but not timely
it generally covers most of the daily news. but each episode is posted on the second half of the day, when the news is not new anymore. that’s why i found contents from this podcast too repetitive. and unlike the daily, this podcast didn’t really touch on the unknown side of news and stories, and questions are generally expected.
Sharp, focused and unpretentious
Post Reports is now my favorite daily news podcast, with special kudos to the excellent Martine Powers, whose interviewing and presentation style is warm, curious and extremely intelligent. And it hasn’t become pretentious or overly ‘cute’. I was an early fan of the NYT The Daily, but it has become mannered, including production flourishes and those irritating outtakes. Barbaro endlessly reiterated his interviewee’s responses and asks fey, naive questions. I lost interest and patience with The Atlantic’s podcast. Might just be my opinion, but I’ll stick with Martine!
Best of it’s kind but...
Post Reports is by far my favorite daily news podcast. I like it better than the NYTimes The Daily. However I will not listen to a single episode sponsored by Facebook. The instant I hear Facebook has sponsored the episode, I turn it off in disappointment.
Martine makes my day
F Douglass
I love to listen to Martine’s voice. She digs into stories and questions the subjects well...albeit sometimes a bit predictable. I really enjoy listening to this podcast.
Martine Powers is a great host
Ryan C@
I’ve been a fan of her reporting and am so happy to hear her voice on a daily basis!
Need to present two sides
Where is the report on crime? Why are people shot? Not just they were shot. Ride along with the police and see what they have to deal with., what they have to solve. I know many police who in twenty years have never fired their gun - not even once. Maybe the balance has to shift to make some changes but this podcast was one sided.
Legacy of American Riots
I found the erasure of the lines between Peaceful Protests, Rioting, and Looting that repeatedly occurred in this episode very disturbing. The implied acceptance of harming property, possibly harming people, and theft was alarming. I have participated in peaceful protests several times and view it as a constitutional right. Trashing buildings, burning autos, and outright stealing is unacceptable. If this makes no sense to the leaders of a protest, they must realize that violence and unlawful behavior only helps the opposition. At this moment, it simply helps Trump.
“Clearly” he wanted to talk to the people
MAS in Mass
Martine’s use of “clearly” is wrong and misleading. There was nothing clear about what the President wanted to do and there was no clear indication he wanted to talk to the people. We need to be careful with language. Here, the use of the word “clearly” makes me feel Martine had expectations herself and I can help but infer from it a bias.
Great Daily News Podcast
I’m a news junkie as a former journalist and I appreciate the format and breadth of issues covered with this podcast. I enjoy ending my workday with an update on the news so I can stay informed and this podcast presents the news in an easy-to-digest and entertaining format. Well done!
Thank You
good game 🤩
I’m a 13 year old and i’m just starting to care about current events and this is my go to early morning podcast thank you so much. I especially look forward to your weekend specials they always brighten my day!
A daily go-to
H Kotala
This is my favorite news podcast! High quality reporting on the current headlines and issues, but also some stories that are a little more obscure but still relevant. The “one more thing” segment at the end always offers really interesting tidbits.
Ginagina Smith
Just finished reading & enjoyed it!
Post Reports continues the good fight against tyranny, darkness & corruption.
Post Reports is simply wonderful. The programming is both elegant and “down home.” The opening theme music includes the recordings of various reporters on the phone - that aural blend stokes me with anticipation and fills me peace. It’s a peace that is rooted in the enduring legacy and integrity of the Washington Post. Martine Powers, the host, has a lovely voice that invites listeners to settle in for a good cup of tea and enjoy a deeply informed conversation. The team of producers and engineers consistently deliver a weekday program that is on par with any quality news broadcast available. As a nation, we are starved for real information and platforms of integrity. I’m grateful for the young brilliant people that sacrifice, endure false claims, track the truth and nourish our nation. Hosts, producers, engineers all are heroes, devoting their lives to that quintessential 4th Branch of government. Post Reports presents high quality word smithing that continues the good fight against tyranny, darkness & corruption. David Barrow Wiley, Tallahassee, FL
Excellent range of daily topics
This is my go-to podcast for my daily (long) walk. I get solid in-depth reporting on a wide range of issues related to the pandemic and thus feel better educated and more aware of the state our world is in. Thanks.
In depth reviews of usually 2-3 Reports
I love Post Reports because of the interesting subject matter, and usually has 2-3 in depth, but short, reporting of what’s going on around the world as well as in the US. Great way to start my day. Thank you, Lori Hartz
Surprisingly entertaining!
I decided to listen to the podcast because I used to read paper years ago. Every single episode has been refreshingly surprising to my ears!! Thanks! Magelan
My favorite time of the day
Listening Post Reports at the end of the day is one of my favorite pastimes. Thoughtful stories and to make you ponder and learn. As a fellow Trinidadian I am proud of the job host Martine Power's does in asking the questions that often produce insightful answers. It is a must listen and should be a part of anyone’s day.
Washington Post
Thank you!
Morning go-to
Ever since I found myself working from home in mid-March, this podcast has been my morning go-to. Post Reports is excellent, and its in-depth reporting in unbeatable. Thank you Martine and team! Love it!
Great when it’s relevant!
awakened citizen
Because the WP reporters are great, this podcast can be great when it takes on important topics and often, the ‘one more thing’ topics are surprisingly informative. However, in many cases, the episodes headline with fringe topics that, while they might be an interesting, aren’t very relevant to the day’s news.
Uptalk undermines authority of report
Pocono Prof
I was intrigued by the topic of how the pandemic is effecting Gen Z. The reporter’s use of uptalk was so distracting that I had a difficult time focusing on her findings. It sounds like she is questioning them. that infection seems to say “don’t hurt me”. Or this information is tentative. She needs to read Deborah Tannen’s analysis of factors that undercut the power of women’s statements in the professional environment. Please claim your power young sis!
Post Reports!!
Great journalism and is well presented. A short and clear podcast of important news that can be easily digested, especially for me as I do my exercise routine or menial tasks like folding laundry. If I miss some, it is still easy to catch up. I look forward to these everyday.
The Daily is Nothing
What is the NYT even?! I am a lifelong New Yorker and 7-year Washington- you can rely on my impartiality. Post reports is HIP
I began listening to podcasts while our shelter in place trials have made it a challenge to stay informed. I have my favorites which number 8 to date and have even begun a podcast of my own. The reporters, story lines and professionalism here is what keeps me coming back. Listening is now a highlight of my day and I have recommended this podcast to my family as well as work associates. Keep up the quality. Thank You for the ride B. Belkoski
I love this podcast!
hairstylist artist
I listen to this podcast all the time!!!
Excellent reporting
I look forward to Martine Powers and the teams take on daily events. Usually very insightful and in-depth despite its brevity.
Best American News Podcast
Sunshine Sheep
This is my favorite American news podcast (and I listen to tons of them). Martine is a great host, she’s got a soothing voice, she’s a great interviewer, and she’s not overly biased. I like that they will deep dive into a handful of topics per episode and explain in a way that a layman can understand and I love how they will remind viewers about sources of potential bias. Friendly, professional, and interesting. Love this podcast.
Poor reporting and analysis of what happens outside USA.
Make sure I listen to all episodes
Nikki in California
This podcast gives me a detailed report of news, no hype.
Fam from the OG
I was held in solitary confinement for 6 days after being wrongfully arrested in Tarrant County Texas.
Awesome daily news podcast
Katherine Lewin
High production value and it’s Monday - Friday. I listen to it every day for an overview of what’s going on.
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