July 1, 2020
Welcome to Season 2, episode 7 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast. This month, joining Matt, Jillian and Kristen is the unstoppable Susan Kennedy. She guides us through all the history surrounding, saving and protecting the environmental resources...
June 1, 2020
Welcome to another episode of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This week the marvelous Susan Kennedy joins the regular group of Matt, Jillian and Kristen and we have a very special guest, former Palm Beach County Commissioner of District 1 Karen...
May 1, 2020
This month we're again maintaining social distancing so please excuse the sub-par sound quality of the podcast. Once again we're recording from our homes using Zoom. The good news is, we're able to virtually connect with most of the winners of the 2020...
April 1, 2020
We discuss what's going on in Jupiter Farms during this pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. For suggestions on what we should talk about next month, email us at safe and be well!
March 1, 2020
This month we’re happy to welcome Jim Kovalsky of   When an emergency strikes, there’s nothing more comforting than having the support of your friends and family. eFirstAlert’s single address notifications can automatically notify...
February 1, 2020
Soccer Complex
January 1, 2020
We have with us a very special guest, Doug Wise, the Director of Palm Beach County’s Division of Building. There is a huge amount of information and a huge amount of misinformation regarding the Building Division and what needs a permit and why permitting is important. Don’t get your information from some guy or gal on Facebook – let’s go straight to the source. The Division of Building is where you get your permits when building on or changing your property.For any additional information, questions, concerns go to  or  Or EMAIL: pzb-building@pbcgov.org01:58 – What needs to get permitted and what can I do without a permit? Like fences, sheds, driveway paving, pond filling, patio paving, pool decks and much, much more. 08:39 – Getting a permit is not optional. It’s the law (even in Jupiter Farms) and you wouldn’t want something to come back to haunt you.10:15 – What does County do if they discover something on my land that wasn’t permitted or that has expired permits? When is it possible to get a variance? 16:32 – What you should do to protect yourself when buying a home. Here’s an example of an ideal way to go about buying a home. 19:07 – What do you do if you are aware of unpermitted work going on? 20:07 – What are my setbacks based on and how do I know what mine are? 22:08 – Why can’t I fill my pond or bring in fill to prevent yard flooding without a permit? 27:47 – What do you do if you witness illegal filling, especially on the weekend? 30:38 – Why is permitting important. Spoiler alert – it saves lives & increases home value. Insurance also won’t cover some work without it being permitted. 32:44 – Guess what, water heater replacement needs a permit.33:44 – Some items like water heaters, burglar alarm and electric fences have stickers as “pre-permits” to get the permit faster and for less money. 35:32 – Are “Mother-in-Law” dwellings legal, and do they need to be attached to the main home?36:50 – Doug shares some of the scariest things he’s ever encountered. 43:28 – Email Doug if you think you’re getting bad information from regular channels: dwise@pbcgov.org44:00 -  COMMUNITY CALENDAR: JFR Meeting January 13th at 7pm, Talking Trash Saturday January 11th at 8am at the pavilion, and tickets to the 3rd Annual JFR Shootout tickets for February 8th are ON SALE NOW on the website www.jupiterfarmsresidents.comSupport the show
December 1, 2019
This month we have a very special Holiday edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast… well sort of. If you’re looking to give the gift of environmental friendliness, litter activism and reusable gift ideas then you’re in the right place. We’re very fortunate to have as guests this month Kathy Moore of Talking Trash and Elana Smith and Stephen Smith of One World – Zero Waste in Tequesta. You can find more or visit their store located at:One World Zero Waste354 S. Cypress Drive Unit 1Tequesta, Florida 33469Or call them at: 561-285-8511 TALKING TRASH does trash cleanup around the Farms once a month, most of the year. To get involved and get community service hours call 561-523-755000:34 – We’re looking at polar opposites of trash in the Farms this month. Removing trash in the Farms with Kathy Moore and Talking Trash, which goes out there each month picking up trash around town and preventing trash from being created talking to Stephen and Elana of the retail store, One World – Zero Waste. 01:24 – Stephen & Elana explain what One World – Zero Waste is all about – providing the community with alternative products to stop using single use plastic products that create so many problems in our environment (and end up getting picked up by Kathy). Items like reusable un-paper towels, and cloth diapers are some popular items in the store. 08:45 – Kathy Moore cleans up the plastic and trash thrown out on the roads in Jupiter Farms. Where is this trash coming from? Is the problem getting worse? And thanks to Kathy’s sponsors she offers great prizes and rewards to the kids and adults taking part in her monthly clean-ups. And boy do they find some crazy things when doing the clean-ups. And for kids needing community service hours it’s a great way to get those accomplished as well. 17:23 – Elana and Stephen have attempted to live their lives at zero waste – here are some of the hardest things to give up. For instance, they don’t have a garbage can in their house – how do they survive?!? You don’t have to go zero waste – just start with a few things and see how much less you can waste.20:02 – We can all get a few bags and use them when shopping at the super market. 22:28 – Can we go towards zero waste because it’s the right thing to do or do we need government intervention? 25:07 – Going zero-waste ends up saving you potentially hundreds of dollars annually. 30:02 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: NO JFR Meeting in December, Sat. Dec. 7th JFR Christmas Tree sale goes on at 9am, Dec. 15th Jupiter Farms Christmas Parade at 1pm with craft fair, Dec. 19th SIRWCD Board Meeting at 7pm in the pavilion, watch out for JF Shootout tickets going on sale (we’re also looking for more sponsors for this amazing event).Support the show
November 1, 2019
On this month’s edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast we feature John Meyer, from the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD).
October 1, 2019
SWA tells us all about the new (10/1/19) trash rules taking effect for the next 7 years
September 1, 2019
This month we’re speaking with Benji Studtof Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, or ERM.
August 1, 2019
Meet the SIRWCD Candidates
July 1, 2019
This month we discuss what it would be like if nobody cared. If you go to the Jupiter Farms Residents website, you can find a slider picture that says “If Nobody Cared” and it has information about all of the different projects that over the last couple of decades were proposed and either fought against or mitigated by JFR.  If not for actions taken, Jupiter Farms would closely resemble the likes of PGA or Northlake Blvd.  So, this month we discuss many of the current and former battles the current board has waged to keep Jupiter Farms the community you know and love.01:30 – Surf Ranch – Why can’t I drop my kid off at this gigantic pool this (or any) Summer?07:51 – Soccer Club - Why can’t I drop my kid off at this gigantic field this (or any) Summer?12:15 - Sober Living Home – What’s up with this place and its proposed expansion?14:04 – Reynolds Ranch – Why wasn’t that turned into a Jupiter Farms High School or Park?19:59 – The Bears Club – Is that project dead?22:02 – Will we ever get another signal near the Shopping Center to help prevent accidents?27:38 – Community Calendar– Not much happening folks – enjoy the Summer!
June 1, 2019
When Water Rises SIRWCD is Our Knight
May 1, 2019
Two Grande Dames of the Farms, Kathryn Fleming and Sandra Mellen-Wakefield join us
April 1, 2019
Today we’re talking about all the great organizations out here in Jupiter Farms you can take part in and you can support.  00:29 - Jupiter Farms Residents02:12 – Jupiter Horseman’s Association - Purpose is to promote knowledge and skill in horsemanship, participate in public functions, parades, horsemanship contests and shows, and develop in the community the interest of the general public in the field of horsemanship.www.jupiterhorsemens.org03:03 - Gaited Trail Riders - The purpose of gaited trail riders of south Florida is to provide an enjoyable, social, safe and responsible platform in horsemanship for our club members. April 5-7thPoker Run www.Gaitedtrailriders.com04:45 - Pet Connection by Melanie Willey - If your Pet is Lost or if you have Found a Pet call and leave a message at Pet Connection 561-743-8511. FB Group Jupiter Farms Lost and Found Pets06:57 – The ​Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) - A volunteer unit of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. The program is comprised of over 80 individual COP units from neighborhoods much like your own. The phone number is 561-433-2003. If you apply drop Lt. Frances Mullane an email to inform her you are in the process ( – North Everglades Trail Association (NETA) -  Goal is to get people out into the natural areas. Annual OTL Last full weekend in February Fundraiser www.evergladestrails.org12:49 - PBCE Hike and Bike Facebook group13:15 – CERT- Jupiter Farms Community Emergency Response Team, is a community based non-profit organization consisting of volunteers whose focus is on disaster preparation, mitigation, recovery, and communications for the communityHurricane safety day April 6 at the park 16:25 - TALKING TRASH by Kathy Moore – Our group to do trash cleanup around the farms once or twice a month most of the year. To get involved and get community service hours call 561-523-755018:07 – The Community Calendar!   The next JFR Meetingis April 9that 7:00pm at the Pavilion at the JF Park. On April 13ththe annual Spring Family Fun Day at the JF Park from 11-3pm. 
February 1, 2019
We discuss what makes Jupiter Farms so special & unique
January 4, 2019
Susan Kennedy explains the history of the Jupiter Farms community
November 21, 2018
Jupiter Farms is getting its very own podcast
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