Super good
Really good. Definitely worth the listen!
Well done!
This was very well done/ completely infuriating
Murderville ga
Not well written. They repeat the same FEW audio clips in every episode. I suffered through several episodes but couldn’t finish.
Well produced podcast
Gary zenker
Well done. And although I can imagine which voice some people don’t like, I think she sounds fine. Well spoken and good enunciation, no monotone talking like some podcasts. Decide for yourself. Well done, ladies.
SSB 2008
As soon as the sister of the ex girlfriend said she lied about where the suspect was that night I was out.
Interesting but had to stop bc that voice!
Story is so interesting but one of the host’s voices isn’t for podcasts. It grates on you. I tried to listen months later but nope still couldn’t listen. Sad because I wanted to hear the rest of the story.
Great podcast
First, this great coverage of a terribly botched case. It is frightening how hard it is to get an innocent person out of prison. Second, I can’t believe how critical people can be about someone’s voice! Don’t like the content, fine. Don’t like the reporting fine. But to post a review based on the voice?! The downfall of our society is the ability for people to anonymously insult another person and not think twice about it. The hate that is spewed through social media (and now podcast reviews) will bring us all down.
Couldn’t get through 5 min..
I love true crime and I live in Georgia, but the voice of one of the hosts was NOT for me. The way that she talks just doesn’t project intelligence, it was like listening to a high schooler. I’m sure she’s a great person, but not a voice for podcasts!!
Having dated someone that sounds like this guy, I couldn’t get passed the first 10 minutes. Bad guy. Hard to find sympathy. Cleary, I didn’t listen to the podcast..I listen to a lot of podcast regarding innocent men in the system. I hope, whatever the case may be, he has his justice. If innocent, I hope he’s freed..if guilty served justice. If you have a past of dating a violent person, this isn’t the podcast for you.
Very interesting, sad story
I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story, although it is very sad and frustrating. I disagree with the review regarding Jordan’s voice, I actually enjoyed the podcast more because of her voice. She sounds like home to me.
Put together by people with an agenda
These crime podcasts are so much more interesting when the story is just told without the slant of negativity toward the investigators. It's a miracle that anyone spoke to these "journalists". After this podcast no one else in their right mind would try to help them. Real amateurs with an agenda that made me not care about the real story.
Are they journalists?
The hosts do not explore anything new. The worst is I CAN NOT STAND how BIAS these so called journalists are. Let’s the information and crappy investigation speak for itself. Too much attitude, not enough actual story.
“So he’s a woman beater, but he’s awesome!”
I loved how the “reporters” try to dismiss all the crap he did to women. He’s obviously a lying jerk who can’t be trusted. I wonder what he tells his riding buddies about these silly women who are patting themselves in the back trying to be good social justice warriors. 😅
Jordan’s voice ruins it!***PLEASE REMOVE HER VOICE***
I get into the storyline and become interested until Jordan speaks..and I lose track and my mind wonders. Please remove her voice from the podcast. It would be a much better listen and I would stay subscribed if her voice was removed.
Just another podcast about how all white southerners are racist. All cops are crooked. And all black people are victims... Absolutely terrible.
Just ok
An Ab
Not very interesting and a lot of time is spent over explaining. Only made it through the first episode.
Another bland southern murder mystery
I’m a huge fan of the Intercept so I hoped this podcast would be good. There’s a lot of mediocre podcasts about murders and injustice, many of which recently have been about race and the South. It’s excellent that people are talking about this large scale issue of wrongful conviction. The case deserves air time, but nothing about this podcast is interesting. Its analysis and story telling are lacking due to hosts who fall flat. I also think their position as outsiders limited their insight into the town and the story. Overall it was boring as all get out.
Frank story telling.
Seriously funny...
I love a bit of nuance from time to time but sometimes the word play takes away from the story. This series was not that. The writing and narration was straight forward and logical.
Very interesting
So glad these ladies are exposing the injustice done to the innocent.
A Voice for Silent Movies
The voice of one of the narrator’s is very hard to listen to.
Breakdown already did it
Just confused as to why an entirely new podcast was made about a story the Breakdown podcast covered the year before. Once I realized that I just stopped listening 🤷🏽‍♀️
Not unbiased reporting
These “reporters” clearly have an anti cop, cops are racist agenda. Wish they could just report the story and let us decide for ourselves.
Honestly, not very good.
They do their best to portray Adel as a hot bed of racism and corruption, and the GBI as completely inept and inherently racist, but they don’t really offer anything but their opinions and then more opinions and speculation to back up their opinions. There’s no real facts to be had. Their circular reasoning leads them to repeat their opinions ad nauseam. In episode 3 they state the GBI investigated and got the wrong man. Unfortunately, I don’t disagree that the wrong man was arrested and convicted but they did NOTHING to prove that in that episode or the previous two. The items they point out as proof (witness recanting statements, false statements by other witness) are widely known already but they happen in lots of cases that result in convictions. It’s as if these two have never seen murder investigations before even on television. This just isn’t a very good podcast despite being fodder for an actually GOOD story that could help overturn possibly a wrongful conviction. Two stars
Took them until the end of episode 5 to mention any tangible evidence for their thesis, and they weren't responsible for its revelation - someone else entirely uncovered it. Also, they got interviews with almost nobody they attempted to contact.
A bunch of blowhards
These women come off as nothing but a bunch of know it all blowhards who think they know better than EVERYONE. They come off presenting as LA elitists who just have to set country bumpkins straight. I ended up stopping this podcast. This podcast could have been done well, but these women allowed their bias to get in the way of professionalism.
Could have been so much more
The story is very interesting, the podcast is NOT. It’s storytelling not an investigation (which was what I was looking for). The hosts are merely telling things that has already been reported and told. It is not until the epilogue that they drop tidbits of information not included in the story that really should be followed up on and investigated. They do a disservice to the subject matter by not truly doing any real investigating. They repeatedly call what they are doing “investigating” but it is not. It’s storytelling only and mediocre at best.
Interesting but
Chaz Devine
Engaging story but the hosts are childish and don’t conduct themselves like professionals
Scum bag.
The guy you’re trying to defend, even if he is not guilty of murder is still guilty of beating women and slashing her car tires, sounds like a great guy let’s make sure he gets his justice.
Creaky voice...vocal frye
I enjoyed the content but I couldn't stand the Britney Spears/Kardashian way of talking
If only the police had an investigative journalist on staff...this would have never happened
I hope it gets better.
High production values but I can smell the bias right off. Too much talking and judgment from the host. Stop using “apparently” and laughing at your perceived wit. This was someone’s life.
Fantastic investigative journalism!
Great work in finding the gaping flaws in our criminal justice system!
Wish this were better
This story just doesn’t come together for me. Feels like there is more there, poorly constructed and even frustrating at times. I listened to the end hoping it would het better so I can’t say it’s not interesting.
Great Podcast
Compelling and heartbreaking all at the same time . Definitely hooked me from episode one ! Do yourself a favor and check it !
Shoddy work
Interesting story that would be a good one hour television show. Presenters mention repeatedly their experience in exoneration cases in an attempt to bolster their many unfounded opinions. As a lawyer, I was disappointed in the one sided story telling. It was somewhat hypocritical that podcasters criticized law enforcement in the legal case and proceeded to do same thing in their phantom defendants case. I wish NPR had done a much shorter version of this story.
Hardcore Vocal Fry
Story is not bad, evidence is not compelling.
Extremely bias unsupported journalism
Tanasi Honey Company
This could have been a great story except the creators tried to race beat the entire story this is strictly propaganda perpetuated by the author to drawl the conclusion that they wanted trying to vilify police almost seems as a black lives matter hit peace
Poor Journalism
Extremely biased as the entire podcast is focused on salacious story lines rather than hard facts.
Vocal fry
Vocal fry of Jordan is hard to handle!
So Unhelpful
podcasts are my me time
This is the worst kind of journalism. The subject of this story deserves his story told, and likely a new trial. Unfortunately, the hosts have approached the telling in such ridiculously biased and immature way that it is unlikely to help him win support in any way. They are merely trying to capitalize on a salacious story. They approach the different people they talk with, on both sides, in a manner that is intended to draw the response they want. They are condescending and belittling to all involved. Truly sad.
Keep up the great work
This is a great podcast I could listen for days
Makes it political
I’m tired of these real crimes always being blamed on race when that’s not the case.
Unfortunately this is extremely biased and takes away from the overall story.
Biased Narrative
I’m not finished with the podcast, it’s well produced. I like listening to the hosts. Problem is, this is the same kind of story we hear all over the US. Mom and family say he’s a loving, caring good boy. Yet his girlfriends talk about how he’s an physically abusive monster. The police describe him as a murderer and thief. It certainly sounds like the GBI dropped the ball everywhere, but this man, the key subject is NO saint.
Couldn’t make it passed Ep.2
Sleep don't come easy
Biased. Tell me the facts on both sides, let me formulate my own opinion.
Off Putting, Narrator!!
Jenni bean
Love the story but the two narrating distracted from the story line. It seems it’s more about their narrative then the story. Journalist need to learn to just tell the story and let the reader/listener make up their own mind.
Skip This One; Listen to Breakdown
This podcast is subpar. I suggest listening to Breakdown Season 4. It is about the same case and done much better.
I wanted to like this
but the tone set by the host/narrator was offputting and distracted from the story.
Y’all Are Blind
Great podcast that gives a true look into life in the deep rural south of Georgia. This podcast presented enough information for any sensible person to realize that the legal system completely failed this young man. It’s very typical of ‘y’all’ to take offense to some light being shown on the ever present culture of racism & discrimination that often leads to innocent black men being stripped away from their families. As a GA resident I know for a fact that if you piss off a klansman with a badge (aka a police officer) you might as well have a target on your back and the backs of your family members as well. Shame on all of you who listened and concluded that this podcast sheds a negative light on the south. Racism and unjustified incarceration is an American problem with deep roots in the south. That is a fact PERIOD!! If you say otherwise you should take some uninterrupted time to work on dislodging your head from your backside and take a look around.
Good story
Good story, just wish you would stop piling on Southern states. Some of the stereotypes are real but most of them aren’t.
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