Fantastic Podcast!
My go-to podcast every week. They always talk about very nuanced topics in a smart way.
The plus is that both hosts have a friendly dynamic, are candid about the industry and give decent pop culture recommendations. The minus is that I just listened to an episode where they said “the best advice I got was that the Bible did it first and Shakespeare did it best so just be free” and I was so embarrassed for them that I unsubscribed. Tbh that’s just a glaring recent example of their overall tendency to stridently double down on things that require more nuance.
Every episode is fascinating
The Grey Wacke
It seems like I learn 20 new things with each episode.
This podcast is wonderful! Super interesting deep dives on the entertainment industry that provide context and education for the average consumer. Really fun to get ‘behind the scenes’ takes on the film & tv industry in Hollywood. Listen and support these great writers!
This is different
This is great: two really smart women with a great scaffolding of knowledge doing deep takes on movies and other pop culture bits and bobs. This is the antidote to “two guys talking about a thing” genre that dominates so many podcasts in this genre. These are also deep dives into their topics and they’re insightful, funny, angry, and smart. Give it a go.
It's great
This is a great podcast.
I’ve discovered that I’m not the biggest podcast fan and, honestly, I’d much rather listen to music but I absolutely LOVE this podcast! As someone who works in the entertainment industry, this podcast keeps me up to date and fascinates me. Such great content and topics and I find myself agreeing and talking back to the podcast all the time. Such a great podcast that does not get boring. Sometimes I sit in my car, long after the horrible LA traffic, because I want to finish the episode!
The Hollywood Podcast I Didn’t Know I Needed
I’ve always loved movies but I can say that this podcast has literally changed the way I think about and consume cinema. It is a must-listen every week and I talk about it constantly with my movie loving friends.
Thoughtful and funny
Kayleigh and Sarah delve smartly into celebrity culture and its surrounding landscape.
Smart & Entertaining
I am really enjoying this weekly podcast, I hope it continues. I loved that you opened the podcast with the rankings of the "Best Chris", but it became much more interesting than I originally thought. I also loved your episodes on Fandom and Celebrity Profiles. Both were interesting and I liked your take on how it takes a really good writer (no question) to make an unwilling celebrity (i.e. Bradley Cooper) seem less like a jerk. All in all, it is a really good podcast and I hope it continues. My only complaint is the audio. I know you're both in different locations, so I don't think there's anything to be done. Again, hope you continue! You're one of the only few podcasts I don't "skip through". Thanks! P.S.: Would it be to much to ask to have an AN ENTIRE EPISODE DEDICATED TO ADAM DRIVER!?!? OR, you could do an Adam Driver, Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal episode. That would be a good episode.
So far, so good!
Really enjoying it so far! I mean, I completely disagree with your rankings of the Chrises, but you almost convinced me (Evans, Hemsworth & Pine share spot two, Pratt is still 4th even tho there’s no 3rd). Looking forward to new episodes.
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